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Emperors and Me (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

Emperors and Me (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Emperors & Me poster

  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Time Travel, Historical Costume Drama, Modern
  • Release Date: 9 January 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes


  • Dai Wen Wen as Luo Xi
  • Gao Tai Yu as Qin Zhang
  • Liu Zhao Hong as Mo Rong Yu
  • Gao Ji Cai as Guo Yan

Quick Precis: Young lovers looking for each other for a thousand years through succeeding dynasties in the land of Xia.

Episode 1

It is a cute drama.

Anyway, the time god Pan Huan fell madly in love with a mortal girl that he performed a forbidden magic ritual to ensure that they’ll find each other through eternity.

A faceless black-cloak specter saw the ritual and castigated the time god and sent a fatal force, which the girl run into to save Pan Huan.

The Time god chased the specter around through the cloudy heaven.

After vanquishing the spectre, he went back to his lover, who was now with a shattered soul.  As a final sacrifice, the time god gave some of his essence to the girl and promised her that wherever she would be, he will find her.

Now, in the modern time, the girl has been reincarnated as an ordinary college girl called Luo Xi.  She is into money making and made website as a match-making site.

She has a best friend who supports her in most things.

One of their clients in the dating website was having a bad time but Luo Xi nowhere to be found because she was in a middle of a dream being saved by a handsome emperor from a falling boulder.

She was really into the dream when her friend found and woke her up.

After checking her weibo account she rushed to find their client, who was sitting at the very edge of the rooftop.

Lou Xi and her friend, Le Xue, tried to help the girl get up from where she was sitting.  The girl tugged them a little too hard and both Lou Xi and Le Xue fell from the roof and found themselves somewhere unfamiliar in front of a palace.

They then witness the return of the emperor who was being stopped from coming into the palace by the Queen Dowager who was having it off with the Prime Minister.

The emperor commanded the arrest of the Queen Dowager and then he slit the throat of the Prime Minister, which shocked Lou Xi and Le Xue which got the attention of the emperor.

The emperor remembered Lou Xi from when he was saving her from a falling boulder.

He invited them to the palace and after quickly interrogating them, he declared that he will make Lou Xi his queen.

Lou Xi replied that Le Xue is refined and more suited to be a queen.

The emperor said that he will have them both.

Episode 2

Lou Xi and Le Xue wanted to leave the palace as the emperor gave them only three days to make a decision about the marriage.

The girls thought that the best person with the layout of the palace was the queen dowager.

So they went to see her and convinced her that it was for the best interest of her son that they should leave the palace with her.

They sneaked out but a guard had advised the emperor that the two divine ladies were visiting the empress dowager.

The emperor went to the look for them immediately but they were no longer within the palace ground.

With his guard they went hot in pursuit.

The three ladies were cornered and the emperor was about to strike his mother with his sword but Luo Xi intervened.  A guard then tried to stab Lou Xi but the emperor held on to her and then the next moment they were both in the street of modern times.

Lou Xi panic and left the emperor who brandishing hs sword to the people around him.  He ended up being arrested by the police.

Lucky for him he picked up Lou Xi’s ID.

The police took the strange guy to Lou Xi’s house.  Thinking that she might get into trouble, she said that they were doing cosplay.

After the police had left, Lou Xi tried to make the emperor leave as well but he was adamant that he had to stay with her as she was their queen.  He spoke in the third person as royal does.

Lou Xi ended up feeding him with ramen and chips which she had to taste first before he partakes. So cute.

They ended up sleeping in the same bedroom and Lou Xi was so scared to let her parents know.

She told the emperor that it was better if he blends in so she gave him some clothes.  The best she can do was to provide him with a white tee-shirt and a long midi skirt.

They woke up with the emperor having a fever.

Lou Xi decided to take him to the hospital and called Le Xue’s boyfriend who was an intern doctor at the hospital.

Episode 3

At the hospital, they found out that the emperor was suffering from severe allergies.  Le Xue’s doctor boyfriend believed about the time jump and tried to help out by sneaking the emperor to the girl’s dormitory.

Lou Xi was asked to wine and dine the sponsors of their dating websites.  She ended up drunk from a number of shots she was forced to drink.  One of the sponsors where sexually harassing her that Feiyun sent a photo of the deed to the doctor.

The emperor saw the photo and went to rescue Lou Xi with the doctor.

The emperor was so annoyed he beat up all the men and once again ended up at the police station.

When they got back at the dorm, Lou Xi asked the emperor to shower and they had a tender moment in the shower. ahhhh

Episode 4

The emperor is getting used to modern life.  Lou Xi sold one of his jade and got 500,000 for it.  They went shopping and Lou Xi saw a Birkin bag which was too expensive she thought.

The next time she was in school, the emperor walked in with a big bunch of flowers potted on the Hermes bag.  He said that it was his betrothal gift to her.

Luo Xi was a bit embarrassed.

As they were walking along a promenade, Lou Xi gave him his own mobile phone.  She taught him how to use it by demonstrating it crossing the road to call him.

She was telling him that in the modern world you cannot be bethrothed immediately, you have to date and say to her “Wo shi ai ni”

“Wo shi ai ni” he said fervently and she melted.  Unfortunately, men in a van stopped by and kidnapped her.

The emperor run after the van leaving the Birkin behind!  OMG.  Give me the bag!

Episode 5

The emperor managed to save Luo Xi from the kidnappers but the leader got to his gun and was about to shoot Lou Xi and the emperor when they vanished.

Lou Xi and the Emperor went back in time to 600 years after the Qi Dynasty.  It was the An Dynasty.

It was a chaotic time as Murong Yu had just overthrown the current emperor,

Lou Xi and the emperor saved the crown prince but they were surrounded by the soldiers when someone suddenly commanded the soldiers not to touch them.  It was the Royal Princess who is actually Le Xue.

Le Xue had found eternal youth. She had been living for 600 years.

She invited Lou Xi into her manor.  They were having tea when Luo Xi lost consciousness.  She then woke up next to the dead body of the the Royal Princess.  It so happened that Murong Yu was just coming to see his sister.

He asked that Lou Xi is taken and locked up.



I Hear You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

I Hear You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

I Hear You poster

  • Genre: Modern, Romance, Reality Tv Drama, Comedy,
  • Release Date: 28 January 2019
  • Origin: China; Based on a  web novel by Shi Xiao Zha called The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear
  • CDrama: 24 Episodes


  • Zhao Lusi as Bei Er Duo
  • Riley Wang Yilun as Ye Shuwei
  • Yuan Hao as Yu Sheng (Nephew)
  • Zhang Jiong Min as Le Tian
  • Zhuo Ning as Li Zi

Quick Precis: A musical genius meets a goofy energetic girl in a romantic reality tv show.


Episode 1

Bei Er Duo is a 23-year-old woman who desperately wanted to become a Koe Girl. She dreams of going to Japan to study voice-overs and become a voice actress for her favourite cartoon characters.

Anyway, she was persuaded by her friend Li Zi to partner someone tall and handsome in reality tv and be the pseudo-love interest.

The guy is Shuwei, 27 years old, is a genius musician from an affluent musical family. He just came back from Italy after studying violin.  He is now the owner of a shop specialising in high-end violins.

Shuwei was begged by his nephew who was the reality tv producer to join his new show.  Yu Sheng used every emotional blackmail he could think of.

Finally, Shuwei agreed provided that Yu Sheng tells him the hidden sound from a disc he gave him.

Yu Sheng at first was reluctant because no way in hell can he guess the answer.

He was complaining about this to Li Zi, who had an amazing idea.

She called Bei Er Duo to listen to the disc.  This was, of course, inspired because who better than a voice-over artist who can listen and know the littlest sound?!!!

Yu Sheng went back to Shuwei who was surprised that he got the correct answer.  Having lost the bet he now had to participate in reality tv.

Bei ER Dou and Shuwei appeared on the stage and they were both awkward, almost antithesis to the lovers that they were supposed to be.

After some uncomfortable moments, Shuwei rescued the situation by pulling Er Duo next to him and showed a bit of PDA which the public lapped up.  Online audience was loving it.

They were trending in Weibo.  Even Er Duo’s mother got to find out.  She was not happy.  She had been telling her mahjong friends that Er Duo is a teacher and will be marrying a rich man.  Her friends told her that Er Duo’s boyfriend, Shuwei is just a carpenter.

After the show, Shuwei dropped a bombshell.  He said that he cannot continue with the show until ER Dou had apologise to him in public.

Er Dou was flabbergasted!  She can’t think of a reason for the apology.

But looking at him, it suddenly clicked that she had met him before.

She was an audition to do a smurf voice-over where Shuwei was one of the judges.

Shuwei was impressed with her performance and recommended her for the job.

She did not know this.   She heard someone talking about having gotten the job without even auditioning because she was in a relationship with one of the judges, Er Dou went wild.

She created a scene telling everyone who cared to listen that the company was just wasting their time because even before the audition took place, someone, already got the job.  Without knowing everything she had embarrassed Shuwei for recommending a shrew like her.

Er Dou agreed to apologise but Shuwei said it had to be in public and took her to the company where she created athe scene.

When he finally signed the reality tv contract, he used Er Dou’s head as a desk to prop the contract document while he signs.

Li Zi was so annoyed with Shuwei for bullying Er Duo.


Episode 2

Er Duo and Shuwei went on a dinner date.  While Shuwei was answering a phone call, an old schoolmate of Er Duo suddenly turned up.

She was the annoying Lu Lu who comes from a rich family. She was rather a bullying woman.  She kept touching Er Duo on the head rather roughly.  She was pinching and patting Er Duo on the cheeks when Shuwei came back.  He quickly removed the woman’s hands which were still firmly clamped on Er Duo’s face.

He then tenderly touched Er Duo’s face and told the woman to not touch Er Duo ever again.

Er Duo introduced Shuwei as her boyfriend much to the shock of the envious Lu Lu seeing that Shuwei looks handsome and prosperous.

As soon as the woman had left Shuwei was back to being cold.

It was the first couple challenge which will be held in a fairground.

Er Duo picked the challenge of going through the horror house.  She was excited as she said she had never been.

They were just by the doorway when Er Duo was catatonic with fright, she was so over-acting that even the ‘ghost’ said that she had not done anything yet.

As they progressed into the horror house the more Er Duo got terrified that in the end, she jumped into Shuwei’s arms.

Episode 3

They also had to go to a dance class where they had to do the waltz.  While they were dancing they accidentally bumped lips together.  They were both shocked and embarrassed.

But not as embarrassed as when Er Duo’s mother came to Li Zi’s agency/work place and started to scream at Er Dou.

When she saw Shuwei, she started on him as well, telling him that he was a no-hoper, being just an ordinary carpenter, who will not amount to anything and not good enough for Er Duo.

Er Duo was mortified but there is no stopping her mother,

But in the end, Yu Sheng who was also there mentioned that if Er Duo leaves at the middle of taping the show, she will be fined 3Million.  That ended Er Duo’s mother’s tirade.

There is no stopping Er Duo’s mother aspiration for a rich son-in-law.   She immediately arranged for Er Duo to go on a blind date with the arrogant Dr Chen.

Shuwei got a little jealous as he was following Er Duo after he just bought a whole wall of anime toys for her.  So cute.

He rescued her from the boring Dr Chen.

Er Duo previously asked Shuwei by text if she could go with him to his school reunion?  She had to ask him as she was provoked by Lu Lu into saying that she was going with him.

Shuwei kept Er Duo hanging on for a few days for his answer.

When he finally gave it, Er Duo was confused as she had forgotten all about it.  She thought that he was taking her to a hotel room for some nefarious reasons.  LOL  In the end she remembered and she had a good giggle.

Episode 4

The next couple challenge was archery.  Unfortunately, Er Duo was absolutely hopeless with the bow and arrow.  They came third which determined what costume they would be wearing during their dance presentation of the waltz.

Er Duo was beautiful as Belle while Shuwei was still cute as the beast in a dragon/unicorn onesie.

After the dance, Shuwei took Er Duo to his class reunion.  One of his schoolmate’s girlfriend had it in for Er Duo.  She asked Er Duo if Shuwei was her real boyfriend.

This girlfriend was a friend of Lu Lu.  As the class reunion was finishing and they were walking out, the girlfriend wickedly stepped on Er Duo’s shoe with her spikey heel, causing pain to Er Duo.

Shuwei quickly took off Er Duo’s shoe and looked at the damage.  He then insisted on carrying Er Duo on his back.  Aww

Despite this occasional sweetness, their relationship was trending online as being fake.

Li Zi and Yu Sheng thought of a damage limitation by making Er Duo and Shuwei check in a hot spring as a couple.  There they played lovey-dovey for the journalists watching their every move.

Episode 5

Li Zi and Er Dou had a bit of a girlie chat by the pool.

Er Dou was playing a prank on Li Zi by pretending to drown.  But it did not have the decided effect as the person that came running to rescue her was Shuwei.

He got so annoyed and went off in a huff when he found out that Er Dou was just pretending.

Yu Sheng who was with Li Zi, smirked when both Li Zi and Er Dou showed concern for the very irritated Shuwei.  Yu Sheng said, “He hides his heart with anger.”

Dr Chen had been joining the internet trolls who were saying that Shuwei had a fake relationship with Er Dou.

Dr Chen mentioned that he was out on a blind date with Er Dou just a couple of days ago.

Yu Sheng begged Shuwei to let Er Dou move in with him to show that they are already cohabiting.

Shuwei was very reluctant at first but he did consent in the end.

Er Dou moved in and she was surprised how clinical the house was as if no one was living in it.

They cannot decide how to organise things to show that they are living together.

Episode 6

Two vloggers came to see how Er Dou and Shuwei as a cohabiting couple.  They were put through under a microscope.  It was only when they found a used packet of condom in the bedroom bin that the vloggers finally believed that Er Dou and Shuwei were in a real relationship.

The vloggers were just leaving when Le Tian suddenly appeared.  He had a crush of Er Dou and wanted to sabotage the make-believe relationship but he cooperated in the end because he knew Er Dou would be upset and annoyed with him.

Episode 7

Shuwei parents came to visit Shuwei and Er Dou.  They got along so well.

The mother asked Er Dou to encourage Shuwei to lighten up.  Er Dou agreed immediately.

But poor Shuwei contracted flu from food poisoning.

Er Dou showed him her caring side and he began to appreciate her more.

As their relationship seemed to get better, Li Zi is getting hopeless from her one-sided love for the playboy, Yu Sheng, whose current girlfriend is the new office assistant.

Episode 8

Shuwei found out that someone has been sending some threatening items to Bei Er Dou which were covered in blood.  This made him feel protective of Er Dou, which is annoying Le Tian.

Episode 9

On their way home, Er Dou went on ahead while Shuwei noticed that they were being followed.  He caught the stalker, who turned out to be Lu Lu.

Shuwei called the police to have Lu Lu arrested but Lu Lu countered his complaint with sexual harassment.

The sexual harassment trended online.  Bei Er Duo asked Li zi to do some investigating with her to prove Shuwei’s innocence.

They did find a video of what occurred from a cyclist’s black box.  Shuwei is in the clear.

Episode 10

Li Zi was running late for a dinner conference.  It did not help that Yu Zheng was hurrying her.  She crashed her car on the way and ended in the hospital with a fractured arm.

When Yu Zheng got to the hospital, he was alarmed to find Li Zi had been taken to the Emergency Room.

As the doctor needed consent from a relative, Yu Zheng said that he was the patient’s boyfriend.  Awww

Episode 11

Shuwei helped Er Dou get over her fear of heights.

Episode 12 – 13

Season 1 of the reality Tv was over and Er Dou moved out of Shuwei’s house.

Poor Li Zi, she was only away from the office for a few days and when she came back the flirty new assistant had already taken over her job and wearing the same diamond necklace given to her by Yu Sheng.

Li Zi told Yu Sheng that she will take a holiday.  As she was walking out of the office, she looked at the company name and removed her necklace.

Meanwhile, Er Dou is having the worst time.

Her severance pay from the reality tv was given to her mother who pretended that she was very ill and needed hospitalisation.

Er Dou then found out that her mother was actually got seduced into a pyramid scheme and lost all her money and those of their neighbours.

Er Dou’s saved money for her Japan studies had dwindled.  She had to look for part-time jobs which made her so tired and affected her voice-over stints which made her so sad and embarrassed.

Episode 14

Shuwei kept hinting to Er Dou to come back and live with him.  Unfortunately, Er Dou was ignoring his hints.

He was desperate to see her, he locked Beethoven, the kitten in his cupboard so  Er Dou would come and help him find the cat.


Episode 15

Le Tian confessed to E Duo that he likes her but Er Duo turned him down.

Though he accepted that Er Duo did not like him back as a boyfriend, he accepted it fairly gracefully.  However he was not giving up easily.

Season 2 of the reality tv was about to commence.  Er Dou moved back at Shuwei’s mansions.

Li Zi was annoyed that the Season 2 has many parts plagiarised from reality tv around the world. The newbie assistant was saying that her ideas will work and will make money.

Li Zi ended up having an argument with the assistant and Yu Sheng failed to back her up.

Episode 16

Li Zi had had enough and decided to resign altogether.

LuLu continues to try and cause strife between Er Dou and Shuwei but it does not work.  Shuwei took the pain to explain that there was nothing between him and the exasperating Lu Lu. Er Dou knows that Shuwei is not a cheat and Lu Lu was a lunatic.

Shuwei and Er Dou are getting along fine.  Shuwei is becoming friendlier.

Li Zi decided to be more upfront with Yu Sheng and make her feelings official.  She went to his apartment but found the assistant with him while he was in the couch drunk.

The assistant said that she was leaving Li Zi to administer to Yu Sheng.

Li Zi confessed that she like him, but all Yu Zheng can say was “I don’t know”

Episode 17

Er Dou’s mother had an accident, she hurt her ankle.  Er Dou and Shuwei had to take her to the hospital.

When she was better, Shuwei took her to his mansion.  The mother was so surprised that the carpenter is filthy rich. Suddenly she was all for her Er Dou to be with Shuwei. And to encourage them more, she left the mansion as soon as she could so that she does not play the third wheel and give the couple time to bond more.

Li Zi’s love life seems looking up.   After she changed job, she became an assistant to a visiting Italian who is fluent in Chinese as well.

Episode 18

Shuwei is becoming frisky.  He wanted to snog Er Dou but she was playing hard to get but deep down she’s got a crush on him as well.

Er Dou went for an audition.  She was surprised that Shuwei was one of the judges.

LuLu was is the presentor covering the audition.  She really had it for Er Duo.  She was trying to humiliate Er Duo at every turn.

The Italian was flirting with Li Zi.  And the man also happens to know Shuwei and wanted Shuwei to compete with him head to head.

Er Dou was giving advice to Li Zi that foreign men are more upfront with their feelings so just go with the flow.

Episode 19

It was the finals for the reality tv.  Er Dou and Shuwei did not win because Shuwei did not show up.  What Er Duo did not know at that time was that Shuwei was involved in an accident by trying to save a child who would have been a victim of hit and run.

Shuwei was in an induced coma and Er Dou stayed with him at the hospital.

Everyone visited including  LiZi and the Italian.

Yu Sheng also turned up and got rather upset that the Italian seemed rather familiar with Li Zi

Episode 20

Er Duo and Shiwei are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.  He took her to watch fireflies 5:15 in the morning.

Li Zi had a heart to heart talk with Yu Sheng.  She finally broke it off with him completely.

Episode 21

When you think everything is all romantic, there is another woman in Shuwei’s life.  A violinist who has a history with him.  She moved into Shuwei’s mansion.

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

This is a happy ending but it did keep you waiting as it happened on the last two minutes of the story.

Er Duo is now engaged to Shuwei.  But the course of true love never did run smooth.

Anyway Er Duo passed the test to go to Japan to study on full scholarship.

While Shuwei has the chance to make his dream come true by going to Italy.

Er Duo can’t really pass up the opportunity to go to Japan and at the same time, she wanted Shuwei to realise his dream.

So rather a sad and painful thing to do, they decided to go their own separate ways.

They both left China on the same day and time.  Shuwei went to Italy while Er Duo flew to Japan.

Er Duo started her new life.  She was working in a restaurant where she got talking to a Japanese man who had a violin with him.

She told him that she has a boyfriend who was fulfilling his dream in Italy.

Suddenly a voice said, “You are my dream”

Yep Shuwei was there in Japan to see her.

The End




Kingdom (South Korean Drama)


Kingdom (South Korean Drama)

Kingdom, Netflix Original

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Joseon Period, Thriller, Horror, Zombie
  • Date Released: 25 January 2019
  • Origin:  South Korea, Based on a webcomic series, “The Kingdom of the Gods’ by Kim Eun Hee and Yang Kyung-il
  • Netflix Original
  • Kdrama: 6 Episodes


  • Joo Ji Hoon as Crown Prince
  • Bae Doo-na as nurse Seo-bi
  • Ryu Seung-ryong as Jo Hak Jo
  • Kim Sang-ho as Moo Young (Crown Prince’s bodyguard)
  • Heo Joon-ho as An Hyun
  • Jeon Seok-ho as Beom Pal
  • Kim Hye-jun as Queen Cho

Episode 1

The first episode is really exciting.  There are some gruesome scenes but hey, it is a horror genre.

The story began with the palace guards going into villages and removing pasted notices informing that the king had died.

The guards told everyone in the village that anyone caught putting up new or more notices of the king’s demise would be meeting a grim end.

Back to the palace, the guards rounded up their scholars and tortured them for making and writing the notices.

It looks like the king is rather unpopular with the masses.

Anyone the head eunuch accompanied a slave to bring the food to the king’s chamber.  He advised him not to look into the chamber but gently pushed in the bowl of food.

The slave though got so nervously curious that he started to peer in but quickly grabbed by someone from inside the chamber.  This scene was so good.  It made us jumped (I was watching it with my husband)

The crown prince heard of the gossip about the king.  So he went to see his father but he was stopped by the young pregnant queen, who rules with the king.

She told the Crown Prince that the king is unwell and needed the rest and must not be disturbed.  To highlight what she said the guards stood in front of him, preventing him to step forward.

The crown prince turned back but was just too curious so he asked Moo Young to steal the palace journal.

In the journal, it records the timeline of the king’s ailment.  He then sneaked into the king’s chamber and saw the figure of something not quite human, which stinks so much reflected by the light from the paper-thin walls of the chamber.

And then the light went off and the door opened and they were the guards, who interrogated him why he was loitering in the chamber.

The head guard was ready to strike him with his sword but the crown prince asked him if he was really prepared to kill a royal.

The guard put down his sword.  The crown prince said that he saw a monster in the palace.  They laughed at him and told him to seek medical attention for his delusions.

On the other side of the kingdom, people are starving and ailing.

A doctor, who just came back from seeing the king, arrived with a dead body which I think was the man grabbed from behind the screen door when he was pushing the food bowl.  The doctor soon after had locked himself in his study, while the nurses looked after the poor starving people.roo

Nurse Seo-bi just returned from getting root crops from the forest.  She was surprised to see that everyone in their hospital compound seemed to be enjoying a bowl of meaty soup each.

She asked the cook where the food came from and he said it was from a mountain deer, the cook then walked off into a warehouse, leaving Seo-bi in the kitchen.

A husband of a nursing mother wanted more soup for his wife which Seo-bi quickly granted.  She was ladling the soup when she saw a finger.

She got so frightened and went in search of the cook who told her that meat is meat and the people needed sustenance.

They were still arguing about the merits of cannibalism during food shortage when they heard a commotion outside.

The people were collapsing and then getting back up again and starving for blood and flesh.  The poor nurse was their first victim.

Meanwhile the crown prince had confessed to his bodyguard that he was trying to overthrow his father.  He is aware that his being an heir apparent is for a limited period only.  As soon as the queen has a baby boy, it would become the new crown prince.  He, on the other hand, will be downgraded as he is illegitimate as his mother is only a concubine.

The crown prince has decided to find the doctor that looked after the king and he was being hotly pursued by the guards.




About Is Love (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2018

About Is Love (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

About Is Love poster

  • Genre: Romance, Phobia, Corporate Romance
  • Release Date: December 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 30 Episodes


  • Yan Xi as Wei Qing
  • Xu Xiao Nuo as Zhou Shi
  • Li Xin Bo as Bi Qiu Jing
  • Cai Yi Jia  as Ning Fei

I am absolutely addicted to Chinese drama that I have been watching episodes without subtitles,  thus I have not fully understood what was going on.

Would that stop me?  Well, the drama and the cast had to be pretty interesting for me to continue watching/

This drama seems a good watch.  Apparently, it is about a president of a company who suffers from a severe form of OCD, which unfortunately affected the way he does not interact with the female of the species.

An incident when he was 18 caused this condition, but despite this, he sounded rather optimistic and on a mission to find his princess.

And he found her… and their adventure begins…

Episode 1 & 2

The university is giving out scholarship sponsored by a chain of hotels.  The CEO of the hotels is Wei Xing and one of the recipients of the scholarship is a young lady, Zhou Shi, who was in the Department of Arts.

Zhou Shi was absolutely surprised about the scholarship and more so when she saw the CEO.

She knew him…

A few months ago, she became an intern at one of his hotels.  At that time she has a crush on one of her seniors and was planning to confess to him on Chinese Valentine’s day.

She organised a room for him and put a confession letter as well as a ring under his pillow.

Unfortunately for her, the CEO came to the hotel and took the hotel room she already arranged for her would be boyfriend to stay in.

The CEO has a severe case of OCD and ensured the hotel room is perfectly clean, thus, he found her letter and other toiletries she bought for the ‘boyfriend’.  He threw them all away.

Becasue Zhou Shi was in charge of cleaning the room, she became the butler of the CEO.

The CEO was staying at the hotel with his girlfriend.  A girl he met a month ago when he was so depressed for not being able to keep a girlfriend. He has developed a severe case of allergic reaction when he touches a woman so he did not have a choice but to break up with the girl.

He was at the end of his tether and drunk.  He was about to jump off a bridge when a girl pulled him back up.  He fell on her on the ground and felt safe and realised not being allergic.

He was woken up by a beautiful girl, thinking that she was his rescuer.  He asked her immediately to be his girlfriend.

Now he brought her to the hotel and realised that she gives him hives.  She was not the one but Zhou Shi might be.

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

Episode 26

Episode 27

Episode 28

Episode 29

Episode 30 – The Finale


Flipped (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Flipped (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Flipped poster

  • Genre: Modern Romance; Supernatural powers, mystery
  • Release Date: 24 December 2018
  • Origin: Chine
  • CDrama: 24 Episodes


  • Gao Hanyu as Qi Xun
  • Chen Yumi as Feng Shuang Shuang
  • Gu Landi as Kun Lan
  • Lin YanRou as Qi Tian
  • Zhu Wen Chao as He Zhengchang
  • Jack Sun Keiji as Shi Lang
  • Jenna Wang Siping as Du Wan Tian
  • Miao Zijie as Feng Yun

Episode 1

Qi Xun is a genius architect, who is the CEO of MIST.  He has the power to teleport from one place to another but does cause him dizziness when he does it.  He has a sister, Qi Tian, who he doted on.

Qi Tian or Tian Tian has a terminal illness.  There was a doctor who could possibly help her but had vanished about 10 years ago.  Despite her condition, Tian Tian remains cheerful.  She has also the power to see into the future.  And she saw that her brother was about to start a romance with a girl who paints.

What do you know?  At that same day, he teleported himself into his office building where a girl was painting a huge mural.  He bumped into the girl causing her to leave a colorful stain on his face with her paintbrush.

She is Feng Shuang Shuang, who is no ordinary girl.  It looks like she has a rather mysterious past.

And someone from her past was a boy of her own age who had been looking for her.  He was Kun Lan.

Shuang Shuang had to ask for Kun Lan’s help when a man, who she seemed to know, forced open her apartment door.  She was just able to climb into the next floor balcony with the help of Kun Lan as the man came to find her.

Meanwhile Qi Xun’s assistant who has a crush on his sister was able to find some news about the missing doctor.

Tian Tian teased her brother that he will be making progress with the painter lady.  He will end up kissing her.

So true, because he teleported straight in front of the girl with his lips gluing itself to the girl’s own lips.

Episode 2

For a few minutes, they remained in a kissing position, both too shocked to make a move.  They were still glued to one another when a few of the employees found them in this intimate position. When they finally got to their senses, they found that they can’t really entangle from each other because her hair was caught on his shirt button.  She had to use a blade to cut off the button from his shirt along with a few strands of her hair.

The man that broke into Shuang Shuang apartment had camped in her room.  It turned out that he was her father who had been looking for her since she escaped from being locked up.

Shuang Shuang said that she loves her father and he loves her but rather too much.  He was not always like this protective.  It was only after her mother died that his father had developed a pathological fear that something nasty might happened to her as well.  He used to lock her in the house or in a big chest when he was going out and can’t watch over her.

He even prevented her from going to university for fear of her running away.

And she ran away when it just got too much.  But however careful she was he seemed to always find her.

He found out that she was now employed by MIST.

Tian Tian can’t understand why she kept dreaming of  the same man (the man looks like Kun Lan) she doesn’t know.

Apparently, there were a few mutants who were created in the world.  They were called the Talented.  These mutants have superpowers.  In order that they can be kept in control or heal their pain, a healer is assigned to each Talented.  There is also another group whose aim is to protect the healer.  Kun Lan is a protector who had been looking for Shuang Shuang.  So is she a healer?

Episode 3

Shuang Shuang’s landlord was about to rent out her apartment to someone else because she was late with her rent.  Come Kun Lan to the rescue.  He paid her rent, unfortunately, she can’t really go into her flat as her father has been coming and going, often drunk.

Having nowhere to stay. Shuang Shuang was persuaded to share Kun Lan top apartment until her father leaves town permanently.

Shuang Shuang has become a permanent employee at MIST.  But she is finding it rather hard to do her job as she really doesn’t have the right background for it.

The vice president, Wan Tian, who is the co-founder of the company was rather jealous that the CEO personally picked Shuang Shuang to join the company so in her way she was making it hard of Shuang Shuang to settle down.

Thank goodness for the other employees who were ready to support and encourage Shuang Shuang as well as guide her along the way.  This was noticed by Qi Xun who became rather jealous.

Apparently, Shuang Shuang might be the healer they have been looking for to help his sister.

Was he after Shuang Shuang for his sister benefit or his?

Shuang Shuang and Qi Kun almost had another kissing moment but Qi Kun stopped himself in time.  So cute.

Episode 4

Shuang Shuang was in trouble again after disappearing from work without so much a by your leave.  Chief Inspector Wan Tian was in the middle of telling her off for her lack of good working etiquette when Qi Xun interrupted and said that Shuang Shuang was with him inspecting a project all day yesterday.

Wan Tian asked which project but Qi Xun told her point blank that he does not have to report to her.

Actually Qi Xun took Shuang Shuang to a place where he can’t cross the demarcation line protected by a spell.

To his surprise, Shuang Shuang can get in but became visibly upset after seeing a vignette of her own history with her mother in a house that suddenly appeared.  She fainted from the stress.  Qi Xun forced to get to her which caused him some harm.  He picked Shuang Shuang and then teleported to Shi Lang his assistant, house near a lake.

Qi Tian, who bunked off school, also happened to be there.  She wanted to ask Shi Lang about paragliding.

Wen Tian assigned Shuang Shuang to submit three reports, which meant SS would need to work overtime.  She was in the library when she saw Qi Xun again.

She said a quick hello and then she went back to her work.  Qi Xun followed her.

Episode 5

Kun Lan is becoming a permanent fixture at MIST.  He was often visiting to bring food to the group.  The first time was when he brought hotpot.  Shuang Shuang invited Qi Xun and  Tian Tian to join them to partake the ‘steamboat’ hotpot.  Qi Tian immediately declined but Tian Tian against Qi Xun’s advised followed Shuang Shuang.

She was thunderstruck when she saw the man in her dreams.  Kun Lan was there before her.  She was mesmerised.

Shuang Shuang met a woman who apparently is a doctor and a regular visitor to a nursing home, which is a current project for MIST.  While they are chatting on the way to the hospice, they were being followed by He Zhengchang, who was after revenge for the death of his beloved brother.

He was after a woman with a red mole on her neck, which the doctor has.

He kidnapped the doctor and was asking her why she treated his brother so appallingly when Shuang Shuang heard the cry for help of the woman.   Shuang Shuang followed the sound into the forest.  Before long she was captured as well and tied to a tree blindfolded.

He Zhengchang realised that he got the wrong doctor, and let her go.  He was also about to release Shuang Shuang when Qi Xun appeared suddenly.

After some fighting, he took Shuang Shuang away with him.

Shuang Shuang then noticed that he was hurt and bleeding.  They ended up in his house.

Tian Tian gave the first aid box to  Shuang Shuang and left her to tend to her brother.

Episode 6

Tian Tian was still thinking about Kun Lan.  She can’t help herself, she just had to take a peek at him in the future. She was giddily happy but in the process she felt her strength ebbing.

Shuang Shuang found her sleeping in the sofa.  She touched to wake Tian Tian up but it looks like they have a connection as a force coming from her has invigurated Tian Tian, who felt well once again.

Tian Tian asked Shuang Shuang if she felt weird.

Shuang Shuang replied in the affirmative.  It looks like Shuang Shuang might be Tian Tian’s healer, probably the daughter of her original healer, who disappeared ten years ago.

Shuang Shuang and Qi Xun are starting to get on well much to the disappointment of Wan Tian, who had loved Qi Xun since there were in college.

The episode ended with Shuang Shuang humiliated during a general product conference when her powerpoint was sabotaged by bitchy emails about bitchy Wan Tain and the love life of their boss.

Episode 7

Shuang Shuang was absolutely humiliated and was not helped at all when Qi Xun jealously told her that she if was doing her job rather that continuously flirting with every man she comes across with, then she might do her job well. This was because just prior to the project meeting, Qi Xun saw Kun Lan being chummy with Shuang Shuang.

To cheer her, Kun Lan took her to dinner, where Wan Tian was busy getting drunk having finally accepted that Qi Xun was just not into her.

Shuang Shuang also drank quite a lot.

While Kun Lan was paying the bill, Shuang Shuang went to the loo and found a drunk Wan Tian.

Wan Tian told her that she does like Qi Xun but her resolution was to keep away from him from now on.

She said she was going to do her own project.  Shuang Shuang drunkenly said that she wanted to be in the project with her.  She will follow her wherever she goes.

And she did because the next morning, Qi Xun wanted to find out where Shuang Shuang was but was told that she went with Qi Xun to do a hotel project.

At the hotel where they were staying in Wan Tian invited Shuang Shuang to go to the spa with her.  She told Shuang Shuang that she hates her because she got her job so easily without the proper background and accreditation.

Shuang Shuang, on the other hand, said that she admires Wan Tian so much she wanted to be like her.

Want Tian was rather moved but told her that she still does not like her.

On their project tour, Shuang Shuang seems to be in a world of her own, that is why she missed their transport back to the hotel.

It got so dark and she realised that she was alone and her workmates have gone. She runs in the rain and being chased by thunder and lightning.

Qi Xun heard the news about some inclement weather where his employees went.

He called Shuang Shuang several times but she was out of reach.  He then called Wan Tian who found out that they were missing Shuang Shuang.

Her hotel roommate was jealous of Shuang Shuang so despite knowing that Shuang Shuang was not with them in the bus, she pretended they were all accounted for as the bus was leaving the hotel project.

Qi Xun immediately teleported to the hotel but to his surprise, he was back in his office.

Episode 8

Qi Xun’s teleporting was being affected by the magnetic field of the thunder and lightning.  He got a precised location of the hotel and teleported again and this time he was successful.

He asked  a surprised Wan Tian if she had a car to drive to their hotel project to look for Shuang Shuang.

Wan Tian was very worried for him as he does not drive usually becasue there was a backstory where someone died while he was driving.

But as Fu Zi in Evernight said, “Affection is a great motivation”, so he drove the car like a maniac and did find Shuang Shuang alive and well.

He hugged her as soon as he saw her.

They had a heart to heart where Qi Xun confessed that he can teleport, he gave her a quick gist of Quantum Physics where with a wormhole, you can bend space and time.

She was so impressed with him but he told her that he might have been given by this talent by God but He took something from him in return.  So in reality is just ordinary person that can teleport.  He also mentioned that Qi Tian has talent as well.  She can predict the future but this was damaging her health and she needed a healer.

Shuang Shuang immediately volunteered to help look fo the missing healer.

This did it for Qi Xun, he can’t help but give her a long, very lonnnnng kiss.

Back at the office, everything went back to normal but Qi Xun seemed to have truly fallen in love with Shuang Shuang.  It brings him joy just to be able to look at her picture in his mobile phone.  Awww

Episode 9

This is such a cute episode.  They are officially going out together and they have plenty of skinship.  She kissed him just after he brushed his teeth.  He then asked her to shave his face, which ended in him kissing her and rolled around in bed.

But at work, Shuang Shuang wanted to keep their relationship a secret but Qi Xun was not too happy especially when he heard that she described him as just an ordinary friend.

Qi Tian had another episode when she was out with Shi Lang buying roses.  She hurt her finger with a thorny flower which drew blood and then she then fainted.

Poor Kun Lan texted Shuang Shuang that he made a feast for her and that she should come home immediately but she was just too focused on Qi Xun to answer her phone.

Episode 10

He Zhengchang is hell-bent on revenge.  He kidnapped Shuang Shuang’s father and beat him up.  He wants to know the whereabouts of Xun Xie, who was the mother os Shuang Shuang.

Zhengchang had a doppelganger brother who looked after him.  Both brothers have incurable disable.  The elder brother, though he was just 30 at that time 7 years ago, looked more like he was in his 60s.  He was aging so fast, just like their father before them.

Every day, the brother would go and knocked at Xun Xie’s house to beg her to cure his younger brother.  She doesn’t need to bother with him.

Xun Xie said that it was not that she does not want to cure them, she just can’t.

In the end, she died in a fire.  Who killed her?  it is yet to be revealed.

Anyway, Zhengchang seemed to have survived because of medicine that he had concocted himself.  Yet, he was out for revenge, targeting the whole family of Xun Xie.

After beating up Shuang Shuang’s dad, he left him near a hospital.

The hospital then called Shuang Shuang.

Shuang Shuang was really worried about her dad but at the same time wary that she gets sucked into his obsessive way of protecting her.

Kun Lan was with her to see her father.  Her father wanted her to come nearer but Shuang Shuang refused.

Shuang Shuang was scared.  She told him that she can’t go through being locked up in a box.

Her sad story was heard by Qi Xun, who was waiting for her with a tight hug.

In the end, Kun Lan assured her father that he will look after her, he will be her protector.

Her father got more bitter and worried upon hearing that Kun Lan belongs to the Kun family who was supposed to protect his wife.

Episode 11

Shuang Shuang and her father finally made up.  She remembered that he was really good to her in his own way.  It must have been hard to bring her up alone after her mother died.

Kun Lan was also able to convince the father that he is able to look after Shuang Shuang.

It was Shuang Shuang’s birthday.  Everyone seemed to know except her.

Episode 12

Shuang Shuang’s father found her in a tight embrace with Qi Xun.  As it was Shuang Shuang’s birthday he invited them, including Kun Lan to a hotpot dinner.

They got talking about the father’s background as a painter.

He told them that he was just about to open his exhibition of all his paintings when Luo Bao, his business partner, had stolen every single one of them.

He said that he was particularly sorry to have missed a painting of a girl by the lake.

Both Qi Xun and Kan Lun offered to help get back the painting.

They went to Liu Bao.  After tickling him he told them that the painting was in his van.

Qi Xun got in there first and found the painting and realised that lady was Xue Xie, his sister’s healer.  He then pondered that since her mother is gone, then Shuang Shuang must be the new healer.

At that time, his crazy sister, Qi Tian was day-dreaming of marrying Kan Lun but he appeared to be crying.

She then saw that he was not attending a wedding but a funeral, her funeral.

She was so upset, she fell on the swimming pool.

At that time Shuang Shuang with Kan Lun had just arrived and saw her falling.

They got her back from the pool almost lifeless.

Shuang Shuang gave her a CPR, including a mouth to mouth resuscitation.  As Qi Tian was becoming alert, Shuang Shuang fell into a dead faint.

Episode 13

Qi Xun realised that Shuang Shuang is a healer, the healer who they have been looking for to cure Qi Tian.

Shuang Shuang’s father found out about what had occurred and told her to rest for a few days.

When he found that she was on the phone to Qi Xun, the father went absolutely mental, even Kan Lun was rather shocked to find him going overboard, almost turning violent.

When the father calmed down, he recounted how his wife really died.

Apparently, Zhengchang brother came to beg his wife to cure his family, who suffers from an incurable disease.

The mother couldn’t really help as Zhengchang’s family are not the ‘talented’.  She could not really explain this to Zhengchang’s brother, who took the inability of the mother to help as a form of a slight, a snub to his lowly family.

The brother, as revenge, burned the house with him and Shuang Shuang’s mother still inside.

That’s how the father became wary of anyone approaching them.

Kun Lan also added that it is probable that Qi Xun approached her for her abilities rather than an attraction to her personally.  As proof, he reminded her that did Qi Xun bring her to her old house where her mother died to test that she was a healer?

Despite all these talks, she still firmly believed in Qi Xun.

She had to hear the truth from him.  Shuang Shuang quickly left the house to go to Qi Xun.

Qi Xun was missing her but feeling guilty of what he might have to ask her for his sister’s sake.

I think the sister is babied too much, too indulged.  They should sit her down and seriously tell her not to use her power for her romantic desires.  Tell her to go out there and mingle with boys.  Every time she uses her power she loses a bit of herself which weakens her.  But does she learn? No.

Anyway, Lan Shing was with Qi Xun and telling him that they should use the healer, who they have been looking for like eternity.

Qi Xun was reluctant at first despite Lan Shing asking him whether he wanted his sister cured or not.

Anyway, Qi Xun and Lan Shing was drinking brandy, neat, and was getting drunk when Shuang Shuang party heard what they were talking about.

It sounded that her father and Kan Lun were right all along that Qi Xun was just using her because she can help his sister.

Qi Xun was devastated when he realised that Shuang Shuang heard and misinterpreted what were said.

Poor Shuang Shuang.

Episode 14

Shuang Shuang and Qi Xun have not spoken as she was really upset while Qi Xun’s effort to contact her is being thwarted by both the father and Kan Lun.

Zhengcheng has now injected some chemicals into a probiotic drink that Shuang Shuang drank while blissfully imagining Qi Xun.

Episode 15

Shuang Shuang was about to leave with her father for somewhere where no one knows about them.  She left the protective ring of Kun Lan as well.

While she was walking with her father, she kept feeling disorientated and then eventually fainted.  She was taken to the hospital by her father.

The security at the hospital was very lax.  Shengcheng was able to get to her by pretending to be her doctor.  For a few days Shuang Shuang was out of it until one morning she came out of her ‘comatose’ state.  She seemed to have the ability to self-heal which puzzled and annoyed the thwarted Shengcheng.

At the hospital. she met another patient who was just a boy.  The boy is very upset and rather suicidal.

Shuang Shuang stopped him from jumping off the rooftop.  He said that because of his illness, his parents have abandoned him.  The only one who cares for him was sister Shen.

Right on cue, sister Cue was there.  As Sister Shen and Shuang Shuang shook hands, they both feel something.

Sister Shen is a healer and she has that ability to encourage one to spill one’s secret.

Before she knows it, Shuang Shuang was spilling her guts out.  She was telling Sister Shen about her aborted love affair with Qi Xun.  She told her that she was not sure whether Qi Xun loves her for herself or because she was a healer.

Shuang Shuang was well enough to go home and therefore missed Qi Xun, Kun Lan, Qi Tian and Shi Lang who came to find her at the hospital.

Qi Xun met with Sister Shen.  They shook hands and immediately he knew she was a healer.

Unfortunately, Shuang Shuang and her father had gone.

Qi Xun continued to roam the street hoping to find Shuang Shuang until he got a text from Sister Shen giving an address as Shuang Shuang would be there.

Qi Xun arrived at the place but he found Sister Shen in a bathrobe.  He told her to put something decent on.

They were having dinner when Sister Shen started seducing him. Asking why does he like Shuang Shuang?

Has Sister Shen have a hidden agenda?  Was she helping Shuang Shuang to ascertain that Qi Xun is true to her?

Episode 16

Who is Sister Shen Tong?  Is she perhaps Shuang Shuang’s mother in another body?

Shen Tong , though helping Shuang Shuang, is also secretly seducing Qi Xun.

Anyway, Shaung Shaung is back working at MIST.

Qi Tian took a chance!  She told Kun Lan that she likes him.

He was very surprised at how forward she was.

She said that she dreams of him and in it, he likes her too.

Kun Lan told her rather bluntly to stop dreaming as he will never like her.

She just smiled.

Episode 17

Qi Xun and Shi Lang can’t find much information about Shen Ton, who continues to flirt with Qi Xun.

Qi Xun met up with Shen Tong to ask her if she was really a healer and if she can really help his sister.

Shen Tong said that she will answer him if he kisses her first.

Qi Xun just can’t do it.

Meanwhile, Shuang Shuang was having dinner Kun Lan.

Kun Lan confessed to her that he likes far more than just a protector to her. That it was her fault that she made him adore her so much.

Shuang Shuang was starting to panic which Kun Lan noticed.  To make her less uncomfortable, he burst out laughing and made it confession like it was just a joke.

Shuang Shuang received a couple of packages at work which frightened her. Qi Xun was there to help but the situation ended up ridiculously funny as the second box was full of sanitary napkins.

Shuang Shuang noticed that she was being followed while on her way home.  She hid and then attack her stalker with her handbag but found that it was Qi Xun who was following her.

Episode 18

Shuang Shuang and Qi Xun made up after having a drinking bout.

Shuang Shuang confessed to Qi Xun that she likes him while Qi Xun apologised wholeheartedly.  And they really felt really loved by each other.

In the office the next day, Xi Qun wanted to buy Shuang Shuang a gift and took Wan Tian to help with the choosing the present.

Unfortunately Wan Tian mistook it as Qi Xun finally showing some interest in her.

In a birthday party arranged for her by her colleague, feeling giddy with happiness, she confessed her feelings to Qi Xun.

Qi Qun felt uncomfortable and said that there can never be more between because they are like to machine, they function and that it is.

Wan Tian then asked if it is because of Shuang Shuang, Qi Xun readily said yes.

Wan Tian what is Shuang Shuang to him.

Qi Xun said, “She is my heart.”  ahhhhh

Episode 19 – 20

Poor Wan Tian’s confession was a disaster and it was her birthday too.  She left her own party and had a good cry in the rain.

The next day, she can’t help taking out her pain and sorrow on Shuang Shuang.

Shuang Shuang went into the movies and watch The Notebook.  They were both embarrassed watching the torrid scenes but in the end, they went with the flow and kissed their faces off. 🙂

Shengcheng is out of control.  He emotionally blackmails the girl working for MIST to help him upload an apps to monitor Shuang Shuang’s phone.  He can then hear Shuang Shuang’s evert movement including when she was in the hospital with her father helping a terminal boy to pack his stuff to move to another hospital.

Shengcheng used the time to kidnap Shuang Shuang’s father and then her.

Episode 21

Shuang Shuang and her father were drenched in petrol by Zhengcheng ready to be burnt.

Qi Xun, meanwhile, was getting weaker and weaker after teleporting from place to place to find Shuang Shuang.

Finally, he found Shuang Shuang and her father at a very crucial moment when Zheng Cheng was about to light them with a burning torch.

But Qi Xun was too weak to beat up the deranged Zheng Cheng.

The girl working for MIST who was helping Zheng Cheng suddenly appeared and stopping him from hurting Qi Xun.

Qi Xun suddenly realised that he had was there when Shuang Shuang’s mother, Xun Xue, died.

Qi Xun started recounting the event that happened many years ago.  He was in a car with his mother and father when it crashed.  For the first time, he used his fledging power to get out from the car and teleported almost on the feet of Xun Xue, who gave him the kiss of life.  She then took him back to the cottage where a young Shuang Shuang was waiting.

She was boiling a kettle when she fainted and the bamboo window blinds caught on fire.

The fire grew rapidly.

At that moment, ZhengCheng brother turned up. He immediately takes control and took little Shuang Shuang out first, followed by a sleepy Qi Xun.  When he returned to rescue Xun Xue the fire had really taken over the whole cottage.  Xun Xue, being a healer disintegrated into small bits in front of the brother, who was trapped and died in the fire.

Even with this declaration, Zhengcheng refuses to believe and still vent on burning Shuang Shuang with her father.  With renewed adrenalin, Qi Xun runs into the Shuang Shuang and her father and teleported with them.

Episode 22

Shen Tong is dying.  She recounted her story.  She is a talented rather than a healer.

When she was in college, she fell in love for the first time.  The boyfriend was a good man, they were happy together and love being just going out together by themselves.

One day while they were out and about, her boyfriend collapsed and died of a heart attack.  She had never forgotten him.

After his death, she started helping in hospice and that’s how she met a boy with a weak heart.

Anyway, she knew that her life is ending.  She arranged for her heart to be donated to the boy she had grown very close with.  He was like a brother to her.

Qi Tian had another episode where she saw in a dream that her living is in exchange for Shuang Shuang’s life.

Shuang Shuang is her healer and a healer’s life diminishes as she helps a talented.

Episode 23

Kun Lan has finally given up on Shuang Shuang.  He left her alone telling her that his personal feeling for her was affecting how he looks after her as her protector.

He knew that she has a better protector now on Qi Xun.

Qi Xun had proposed to her to start a family with him.  While he is happily loved up with Qi Xun, Qi Tian is …

Seriously, Qi Tian’s character is the most infuriating.  She knew that every time she looks into the future and uses her power, she becomes weaker or a little bit of her dies.  And yet she kept looking until she exhausted all her lifeline and the only thing to save her is to find the healer that would sacrifice her all energy/life for her.

The healer was Shuang Shuang.

Qi Xun went to Shuang Shuang to persuade her to help cure his immature sister.

Rightly so, Shuang Shuang’s father did not take too kindly to Qi Xun coming round to get Shuang Shuang; to exchange her own life for Qi Tian.  The father told Qi Xun that his wife died for him already, wasn’t that enough?

Qi Xun surrendered to the logic of it.

Episode 24 – Final

It is the end and I have to say it was a bit lackluster.

Anyway, Qi Tian died but she had a convoluted plan of action to make her brother feel not too sad.  She pretended that she married Shi Lang and then are having an extended honeymoon around the world.  Shi Lang had been sending postcards of photos of him and Qi Tian posing in some of the landmarks of the world to Qi Xun.

Shi Lang is being helped by Kun Lan.

Qi Xun was near breaking point because deep down he knew his sister is gone.

After coming to terms with what happened, he went back to Shuang Shuang, who at first was annoyed at Qi Xun for having abandoned her.  But their love is so deep and total.

Shengcheng was praying to Buddha and looked lighter and more at peace.

The surprise ending was a possible happy ending for Wan Tian as well.

She was about to interview an intern architect who happens to be the spitting image of Qi Xun.  She was enamored!

The End


Like A Flowing River (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Like A Flowing River (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Like a Flowing River poster

  • Genre: Business, Historical, Romance
  • Release Date: December 2018
  • Origin: China; Based on the novel by A Nai called  Big River Goes East
  • CDrama: 47 Episodes


  • Wang Kai as Song Yun Hui
  • Yang Shuo as Lei Dong Bao
  • Dong Zijian as Yang Xun
  • Tong Yao as Song Yun Ping
  • Jin Chen as Liang Si Shen
  • Zhou Cassie as Cheng Kai Yan

Quick Precis:

Three men with their individual personality pursue their goals during the economic reform of 1978-1992.

This would be a lovely drama, it has Wang Kai and Tong Yao, who is currently playing the princess of Tang in Ever Night.

Episode 1

Song Yan Hui was a genius 19 years old boy who top the examination in their country, making him eligible for entrance to a university.

Together with his sister, Song Yun Ping, they apply to their local communist leader to submit their application to their ruling party.

They, however, received only negative feedback from the director and leader.  Apparently, they were not university material because they were too poor plus the fact that universities teach pro-social democracy mentality.

At the same time, a newspaper had published a new governmental edict that leading cadres of the community should support young people’s entrance into college in compliance with long-term modernisation of the country.  This was in 1978.

Despite being turned down, the brother and sister did everything they could to change the mind of Director Li.

Episode 2

Director Li changed his mind.  Unfortunately, from advisement of his elders, it was decided that only one from Ping Ping and Yun Hui can go to the university because of their family situation.

Ping Ping, though her heart was breaking decided to withdraw her claim and allow her younger brother to go to college.

When Yun Hui found out what his sister did, he was distraught and blamed his father for giving them such a poor life.

The father felt so guilty he was hospitalised.

Yun Hui promised his sister that he will study so hard to repay her and their parents and that was he did.  He hardly socialise his university but had his head buried in books.

Episode 3

Dong Bao has just come out of the army after many years of service.  He met Ping Ping who just came back from visiting her brother from the university.

Ping Ping heard from a woman seller that rearing long tail rabbits can be profitable.  So as a start-up, Ping Ping bought four rabbits.

Someone bumped into her causing her to drop the cage and the rabbits got away.  Dong Bao kindly caught each of the rabbits except for one that he stepped on and died.

He offered to pay Ping Ping for it bit all he has under his name is 20 cent. He does have the money until his army pension comes through.  Ping Ping said for him to just forget about it.

Dong Bao went to his uncle to ask for a job.  His uncle promptly made him his assistant secretary of their village commune and gave him a document, which he had to do a feasibility study on how to make their village prosper.  Compared to other nearby villages where the minimum wage if 32 cents per hour, their village only averages at 2 cents.

Dong Bao did not know where to start.

But as luck would have it.  He met Ping Ping again and Hun Yui was with her.  He mentioned about the land/village reform document which Hun Yui said he knew something about it.

Over a few hot boiled sweet potatoes, Hun Yui discussed the basics of the village reform.

Episode 4

With some insight from Hun Yui, Dong Bao went back to his uncle and advised him to adopt a new system of tenanting the lands equally to the people.  It would not be a group system because giving lands to individuals have been found to yield better harvest rather than if a group work on a land.

His uncle is very old school communist and very set on his way.  He likes the idea of progress in theory but actually, imposing is another matter.

Dong Bao then had to be sneaky and was economical with the truth so his uncle would approve their new land regime.

Ping Ping seemed to have become Dong Bao’s muse and when he brought her to the village centre with her brother, his comrade started teasing him and called Ping Ping as their sister-in-law.

Hun Yui was more upset than his sister, who actually asked her family before if they had someone like Dong Bao as a member of their family, would their standing in the community increase?

29 December 2018 update!

This drama is such a massive hit that a second season is already under planning stage!