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Painting Heart Expert (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Painting Heart Expert (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Painted Heart Expert

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama Fiction, Romance, Action, Martial Arts, Wuxia, Fantasy
  • Date Released: 2017
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 20 Episodes


  • Dylan Xiong as Ning Wei Yu
  • Zhu Xu Dan as Cen Huan
  • Sun Bo Hao as Jui Si
  • Bao Tian Qi as Lu Xiao Man
  • Huang Tian Qi as Si Xi

Quick Precis:

Apparently, this drama is about two opposing groups; one collects the superego or pure essence of people while the other side is after the id or the negative or dark nature.


Room Laundering (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)


Room Laundering (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

Room Laundering poster

  • Genre: Crime, Comedy, Supernatural, Romance
  • Date Released: November 2018
  • Origin: Japan; Continues on from the film of the same title
  • Dorama:  XX Episodes


  • Elaiza Ikeda as Miko Yakumo
  • Ito Kentaro as Akito Nijikawa
  • Joe Odagiri as Goro Ikazuzi
  • Eita Okuno as Terada
  • Kiyohiko Shibukawa as Kimihiko Kasuga
  • Tomorowo Taguchi as Seizen


Episode 1

The first episode is charming, it has that very Japanese feel of storytelling and the cast is so good; it has got Ito Kentaro in it. Yey!

Elaiza Ikeda plays Miko Yakumo, who can see ghosts.  Her boss is Goro Ikazuzi, who is a realtor/estate agent cum detective.

Anyway, Goro specializes in renting out properties which are the ‘unrentable’ ones, with histories of violent deaths and suicides.

What he does was to room launders the place by having people, who usually work, for him to stay there for a few months to build up a new history, clearing or hiding the violent previous event.

Miko is usually the one to stay/rent these places.

Her current place is Room 101, where a member of the Yakuza was tortured and killed by his group because they caught him running away with some of the proceeds from their drug sale.  The dead man was then locked under the floorboards of Room 101.  The money he took was never been recovered.

The owner of the house/room was having a problem renting out the room so he went to Goro.

Nijikawa works in the local mini-mart and has a crush of Miko.  He told her that she can rely on him to help her out whenever she needed help.

The help she asked him to help her with was to find Candy, the girl the ghost of the dead Yakuza had been pining about.  He told Miko he wanted to know how Candy was.

Candy works at the Sao Paulo Samba Dance restaurant.  When Miko and Nijikawa saw her, she was rather too friendly with another man.

How can they tell the ghost that Candy is anything but bereaved?!!!

Love this drama, Joe Odagiri is ruggedly handsome.



Feel Good To Die (KDrama Review & Summary)



Feel Good To Die (KDrama Review & Summary)

Feel Good to Die poster

  • Genre: Romance, Office, Business, Fantasy, Comedy
  • Release Date: 7 November 2018
  • Origin: South Korea; based on a webtoon
  • Kdrama: 16 Episodes


  • Kang JI Hwan as Baek Jin Sang
  • Baek Jin Hee as Lee Roo Da
  • Gong Myung as Kang Joon-Ho
  • Ryoo Hyoun Kyoung as Choi Min Joo
  • Kim MIn Jae as Park Yoo-Deok
  • In Gyo Jin as Kang In-Han
  • Lee Byung Joon as Na Cheol-Soo
  • Jung Min A as Lee Jung-Hwa

Episode 1

I have to say that the leads are so good.  Kang Ji Hwan always delivers something fun and interesting and Baek Jin Hee is so cute and energetic.

Anyway, this drama started so well.  Baek Jin Sang is one horrible boss, not popular at all. He would humiliate his subordinate without any qualms, he takes no prisoner!

Lee Roo Da is an assistant  manager to the Marketing Department team and she had had enough of his temper and being cold and bolshy.

Something went wrong in their presentation of introducing their new product to the public testers.  It was stressful for everyone, so stressful that Roo Da chanted again and again that Baek Jin Sang should die during their company dinner.

Baek Jin Sang did not die during the dinner, what happened to him was he got so drunk, he was catatonic. Unfortunately for Roo Da, all her teammates had gone so it was left to her to take responsibility for her boss.

She asked the help of Joon Ho, who happens to be a newbie worker but secretly he was the heir to their company.

While they were walking Baek Jin Sang out, he emptied his stomach into Roo Da’s clothes, Joon Ho left to look for something to clean her up.

Roo Da was trying to clean herself up but got destructed by her ringing phone.  Before she knew it, Baek Jin Sang was in the middle of a busy road and had gotten struck by a truck, bleeding and dead.

The next thing she knew was it was morning.

She found out that it was 7th November.  She was not sure whether it was just all a dream.

It was a dream. because Baek Jin Sang was in the office, alive and kicking.  For some reason, what happened in her dream seemed to mirror the same pattern as what was currently happening.

Again the day ended with Baek Jin Sang dying.

Roo Da was more prepared the next day as it was the 7th again but still, Baek Jin Sang ended up dying.  His way of dying varies from day to day as Roo Da does everything she can to prevent him from passing away.  But he always does at the end of the day.

This happened again, then again, and then yet again.  It was like the American film The Groundhog Day.  It kept repeating itself.

Roo Da got so physically exhausted from preventing Baek Jin Sang from dying that in the end, she let loose.

When he complained again refuses to take responsibility for his own mistake Roo Da, pulled him by the collar on his shirt and shook him again and again while screaming at him.  She reckoned that she had nothing to lose as this would happen again tomorrow.

How wrong she was!

She woke up and it was the 8th.

Episode 2

This episode is even better.  The leads are so adorable.  Though all they do is bicker, their chemistry is showing so brightly.

Anyway,  Roo Da woke up on the 8th and of course she has to account for what she did to her Team Manager.

And account she did.

The police were called and arrived while Baek Jin Sang had Roo Da pinned against a wall.  He was arrested in the middle of his complaint that he was the one who called the police.

At the police station, where the police could not believe that he was lodging of complaint of office violence against Roo Da, who is just a slip of a girl compared to his stature, Baek Jin Sang added Sexual Harassment as well.

The police advised Baek Jin Sang that his case has not much merit and may be thrown out of court.

The sexual harassment was what really got to Roo Da. She can’t believe it.  She had it clarified with Baek Jin Sang, who said that when she grabbed his collar, she touched his neck.  He then said that she never once apologised for what she did to him.

Roo Da concurred immediately and apologised but Baek Jin Sang said he wanted it in a form of public apology where it has to be broadcasted.

Roo Da realised that her situation at work is really untenable. She started researching the process of giving out resignation when Baek JIn Sang saw it.  He was harking that it was the best news.  She wished that he dies and hey presto the big clock just on top of him fell straight over his head, instantly killing him.

She woke up the next day, having to do repeat everything of the previous day.  This time she tried to stay away from Baek Jin Sang as much as possible.

She then got a message for an interview with another company.  She did not get it at first but at the same time Baek Jin Sang got electrocuted while doing a company conference.

It seems the death of Baek Jin Sang is what makes a day repeats itself.  And it repeated.

She has to undergo the interview again and this time she was successful but Baek JIn Sang still dies.

So again, everything is repeated but she had to do thinks from her end extra fast to get to Baek Jin Sang before he dies.

And she saved him.

Can’t wait for the next installment.  This is so enjoyable.

Ever Night (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Ever Night (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Ever Night poster

  • Genre: Historical, Fiction, Romance, Action, Fantasy
  • Release Date: October 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 60 Episodes


  • Chen Feiyu as Ning Que
  • Song Yiren as Sang Sang
  • Adam Cheng as Confucius (FuZi the Master)
  • Zhu Tao as Cao Zhifeng
  • Leon Lai as Li Zhongyi
  • Shi Shi as Xia Tian
  • Tong Yao as Li Yu
  • Dylan Kuo as Jin Bai
  • Sun Zujun as Long Qing of Yan
  • Andy On as Chao Xiaoshu
  • Crystal Yuan as Mo Shan Shan, the Book Maniac 🙂
  • Huang U. Lin as Lu Chen Jia, The Flower Mistress
  • Ni Da Hong as Grand Master of Light
  • Zoey Meng as Ye Hong Yu as the Dao Mistress


Episode 1

Ning Que lived during the apocalyptic version of the Tang Dynasty, where there was a legendary prophesy that Yong Ye would bring chaos (change) to the period.  There is a race to find Yong Ye.

Ning Que went with 7 other comrades into the desert but they were attacked by an opposing faction.  Only Ning Que survived and got back home.

Episode 2

No one was really surprised that he returned unharmed.  He was a good fighter, their best fighter despite his young age.

The person most happy to see him was his ward/slave Sang Sang.

Sang Sang is like a family to him.  They were very very close.  He got her after digging her out from bodies of dead people, which made her eternally grateful to him.

The Tang Princess was married off to a chief of Golden Horde to create an alliance.  But after just a couple of years, the chief is dead.  Unfortunately for the princess, it was customary for the wife of a leader to die with him.

During the burning of corpses ceremony, the princess escaped while one of her ladies in waiting sacrificed herself.

The Princess reached Ning Que’s village.  Incognito as a lady’s maid, she asked the village elder to provide her with an escort to Tang City.

Of course, Ning Que was it, who at first was not interested but his mind was changed when he was reminded that he would be a step nearer of realising his ambition of enrolling at the best academy of the empire.

Episode 3

The Princess was lucky in choosing Ning Que.  He saved her from assassination.  She was so grateful that she told him to call her Ling Yu and to affiliate with her.

Alas, he had to turn her down for his dream.

Episode 4

Ning Que and Sang Sang explored the capital.

There they met Ning Que’s friend, who saved him from a massacre that killed his entire family.

That was fifteen years ago.  The two boys then found a crying infant next to a dead woman.  This was how Ning Que got Sang Sang.

The Princess was aghast at how her manor had turned into disrepair just after two years that she had been away.

Episode 5

Ning Que and Sang Sang are homeless.  Ning Que rebuked her for not getting them an inn.

Sang Sang said that they cannot afford an inn as we would need every single penny they have to pay for his tuition at the academy.

As luck would have it, they found a property which going cheap to rent as both abode and a calligraphy shop.  Their landlord is the enigmatic, Chao Xiaoshu.

Ning Que’s longest friend, who saved him when he was young was killed as he had been found out to be a double agent for the Yolong Sect headed by Chao Xiaoshu.  He is also the leader of Ichthyosaur gang. 🙂

Before he died, he left something, a clue, at Ning Que’s house pointing an influential politician who frequents the Red Sleeves Invitation brothel.

Episode 6

This is my favourite episode so far.  The fighting scene was glorious. 🙂

Chao Xiaoshu saw how NIng Que was able to run so fast when he was chasing the corrupt official at the Red Sleeves Invitation brothel. So he went to see Ning Que to ask him to be his second as he was about to embark on a death-defying one-man band against hundreds of soldiers from all opposing sides.

Chao Xiaoshu remarked that he was on a revenge mode as his brother had been assassinated today.

Ning Que reliased that  Chao Xiaoshu was talking about his childhood best friend.

I have to say that Andy On looked so charismatic and gorgeous and he reminds me of that Japanese actor, Yamashita Tomohisa. 

Andy Oh plays Chao Xiaoshu, the master of the swords. and has the ability of astral projection. It was quite impressive, I must admit,  He absolutely owned the scene.

Episode 7-8

Ning Que had received 2000 tael in silver (but looks like gold bars) from Chao Xiaoshu for having helped him out during his battle.

He also told him to enter the palace the next day.

Chao Xiaoshu is thought highly by the emperor that he considers him a younger brother.  He wanted him to stay nearby but Chao Xiaoshu declared he can’t and then took his leave but beforehand he arranged for Ning  Que to be a part of the Imperial Court as a secret bodyguard to the emperor.

I think Chao Xiaoshu will enter the academy as he had always wanted to be a college boy.  Attaining your dream is never to late. 🙂

Episode 9

It is the day of the entrance examination at the academy.

Ning Que realised immediately that he should have studied for it.  He did get an A+ in Maths but a D in Governance because he wrote a beautiful love story which the girl who was checking the test papers deemed almost perfect and therefore he might be untrustworthy.

They also had to play a musical instrument which he sadly fails as he concentrated on sword fights.

Then all the examinees were sent into the forest to engage into some sort of paintballing exercise but using blunt arrows.

Grimly, their paintballing was interrupted by real assassins who tried to kill the students one by one but their real target was the princess who was attending the examination day as a proxy to her father, the king.

Quick-minded Ning Que used one of the students blunted arrows to shoot the princess so that she falls back to the ground and therefore missing the real arrows that were coming her way.

During all this drama, he met JIn Bai, who was a master cultivator of arrows 🙂 🙂 🙂  Ning Que was so impressed that he implored Jin Bai to take him as a follower.

Jin Bai refused but in the end, said that if Ning Que can climb a two-story building then he might consider him as a follower.

Ning Que was left perplexed.  He shouted, “where can I find the building?”

Episode 10

Ning Que was not confident at all that he would pass the examination so he told Sang Sang that it was time for them to go back to Wei City.

Sang Sang told him that he had to stay put and she like it where they were.

The result of the exam was published.  Ning Que was listless.  But Chu, his friend that he met at the Red Sleeves Invite surprised him by telling him that he topped the three of the tests.  He was first in Maths, Governance and archery.

He started in the academy and was quite popular with both the boys as well as the girls already.  He also begins to show great logical mind during class with Master Cao.

Episode 11

It is the start of term and Ning Que is an able student.  He wanted to proceed with cultivation immediately but he is lacking stamina.

For seventeen days Sang Sang is left looking after Ning Que in an unconscious state after throwing up.  But not once did it ender his mind to quit.

Episode 12

The princess invited Ning Que and Sang Sang to have dinner with her on her birthday.  Apparently, she does not usually celebrate her birthday because her mother died on her birthday she was still very young.

Ning Que was not in the mood to seat over a birthday banquet right after killing the blacksmith, who used to be his father’s right hand but who ended his father’s life.

Finally, Ning Que is making progress at the academy. He made an anonymous pen pal who started guiding him at how to read the mystical books that can be dangerous to health.

It is also a freshman party which was held at the Red Sleeves invites.  Before the Ning Que arrived his classmates had arranged for the dancers to make Ning Que and object of humiliations.

Instead, Ning Que had a whale of a time being feted by the beautiful women.

Episode 12.5

This is a prologue to the drama.  20 years ago (drama time) the demon sect got into the human realm.  At that time war was ongoing between the Yan Empire and Tang Empire.

General Lin (Ning Que’s father) stopped his deputy as well as other soldiers to complete massacre all the people from Yan Empire including the two princes.

General got executed for his trouble as ordered by the Tang Royal prince.

At the same time, the Grand Master of Light visited the Royal prince to order him to find the child of Hades, which has entered the Tang empire. He declared that the child of Hades heralds the coming of eternal darkness (ever night) that would result in the withering of every living thing.

The child could be found under a dark cloud and swarm of crows.

The mansion which was directly underneath was the residence of General Lin, where a young Ning Que was happily gambolling with his friends.

Immediately soldiers were disposed to the mansion and killed everyone they saw.  They did allow a midwife with a baby in her arms to leave the mansion before they commenced the massacre.

Young Ning Que also got away from hiding in a barn.

But the child of Hades has yet to be revealed.  Is it Ning Que or Sang Sang?!!!

Episode 13

Ning Que woke up in a bed at the Red Sleeves Invites with a smile on his face.  The proprietress who had taken a rather motherly stance on him advised him not to make it a habit to come to the brothel and endanger his academy life.

She told him that getting into the academy is a sure ticket for a bright future because people love every who is a scholar whether they come from the poor or rich background.

Ning Que got home and prepared to have a bath.  Suddenly he does not want Sang Sang to help him undress or scrub his back.  He told Sang Sang that she was quite grown up and shouldn’t help men undress.

This upset the innocent Sang Sang.  She had always scrubbed her master’s back.  It looks like Ning Que had lost his own innocence at the Red Sleeves Invites.

Ning Que’s next in his revenge list was the master correspondence or writing appraiser of the army, who presented and authenticated three letters from the king of Yan to General Lin.  The letters were proof that General Lin was a spy.

The master correspondence became bitter with the army as instead of being promoted he was sidelined so he left and open a tea house.

The two princess are grown up, the younger brother had been ordered by his father to go to the Tang Empire to enter the academy.  He had to study hard and be a disciple fo Fu Zi and then destroy all those at the Tang Empire.  FuZi, according to the King of Yan Empire is the strongest man in the world not the Grand Imperial of Light.

Ning Que had warned the tea man that he was going to kill him for what he did to his father.

Episode 14

Ning Que had his showdown with the tea man, who he killed in the end after learning that the Grand Prince was the one who authorised the death of his father.

The weakened Ning Que was walking along the Vermillion Bird Passage when he was suddenly attacked by a roaring firey phoenix.  The bird was being controlled telepathically by the Grandmaster of Light.  But he did not expect Ning Que’s powerful umbrella that could withstand the heat.  He was nervous that Ning Que, who he thinks as the cursed child or the son of Hades is getting more powerful by the day.

Ning Que, though at death’s door managed to crawl up the academy library where Chen pipi found him collapsed.   Thank goodness Sang Sang arrived as she created so much racket that Chen Pipi was forced to help the best he can by providing his much treasured Heaven Channeling Pill that can cure most things and increase the power of cultivation.

Episode 15

The Heaven Channeling Pill had a major effect on Ning Que.  Not only that he lived but he also gained the power of cultivation, though the basic level.

With new power, he did a very human thing, he went to a casino to win some money.  He won big but got caught, only to find out that the casino belongs to him!

Episode 16

Aww Chao Xiaoshu had made a will leaving properties to NIng Que which included the casino.  He deeds the properties in order for Ning Que to not have problems with money and therefore would not be tantalised into turning in a paid assassin.

The king finally noticed that some unauthorised person had entered his study and even left him a little calligraphy.  He ordered that the trespasser is found.

Episode 17

Ning Que finally found his object of fate or totem, and it is Sang Sang.  He was overjoyed that Sang Sang was it.  He promised her that they will always be together.

The Princess approached her uncle, the Grand Prince, to moan about her father the king for banning her from entering the palace due to the poisoning of the sixth prince, which was blamed on her and her brother.

Episode 18

Prince Long Qing was sent to attend the Tang Academy by his father, the Yan King.  His mission was to become a student/followr of FuZi, the most powerful and intelligent person in the world.

Prince Long Qing is legendary for his perfect visage.  Upon arrival at the Tang Empire, he was met by adulation especially from screaming women, including a cute as a button Sang Sang, complete with red lipstick.

When Ning Que quizzed her whether the prince was indeed the most handsome man she has ever seen, Sang Sang could not answer in fear of hurting his master’s feeling. 🙂

Anyway, the academy bid goodbye to the first prince of Yan while his brother, Long-Qing is taking his place at the academy.

The ever thoughtful Ning Que smuggled Sang Sang into the dining room so that she can admire Prince Long Qing with impunity.  So cute.

Sang Sang, however, was really more beguiled with the amount of alcohol that was on offer.  She loves her alcohol second to her master.

19 November 2018

There is a rumour/newsflash from twitter saying that there is a season 2 for Ever Night but with a different cast.  Wang He Di is going to be the new Ning Que.

As much as I love Dylan Wang/Wang He Di, I would prefer Arthur Chen to continue on as Ning Que.  He is doing such a stellar job.

So hope this is only a baseless rumour!!!


Madam Cha Dal-Rae’s Love (KDrama Review & Summary)


Madam Cha Dal-Rae’s Love (KDrama Review & Summary)

Madam Cha Dal-Rae’s Love poster

  • AKA: Lady Cha Dal Rae’s Lover
  • Genre: Family, Romance, Marriage, Relationship, Work Life
  • Date Released: September 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 120 Episodes at 36 minutes each.


  • Ha Hee Ra as Cha Jin Ok
  • Kim Eung Soo as Kim Bok Man (Husband)
  • Ahn Sun Young as Oh Dal-Sook
  • Kim Hyeong Beom as Tak Heo Se (Husband)
  • Ko Eum Mi as Nam Mi Rei
  • Jung Wook as Kang Joon Ho (Husband)
  • Kim Ha Rim as Kim So Young
  • Ahn Jae Sung as Kim Dae Young
  • Kim Se Hee as Tak Il Ran
  • Kim Ji In as Tak Yi Ran
  • Jun Ho Young as Kang Dong Hyun

Synopsis:  The middle age women, best friends since middle school battles life and the travails of marriage.

Episode 1

I know it is a brave effort to start a 120 episode drama, but I have been hearing good things about this particular series ready to invest my time and hopefully, it would be a profitable venture. 🙂

The drama started with a death.  The mother-in-law of Cha Jin Ok had passed away.  Right after this event, Jin Ok’s husband was made redundant at work.

He had not told his family yet.

Episode 2

The other two of the triumvirate are Mi Rei and Dal Sook.

Mi Rei is a beautiful woman but lacking in housewifely skills.  She does not do the cooking, cleaning, ironing, or if she does, it is at its minimal.

Her husband is a vet, who she gets to hear was sleeping with one of his customers. The adulterous couple suffered such humiliation from the hands of the three friends that the erring husband may think twice before repeating his sin,

Dal Sook, on the other hand, is married to a lawyer, who had lost his libido.  The last time she tried to seduce him ended as a failure.

Episode 3

Mi Rae’s husband was very repentant and promises that he would help more in the house and also he does not mind that the house looks like a tip.

Mi Rae is beyond forgiving.  She wanted a divorce.

During the hearing, her husband produces a surprise evidence that they both committed adultery.  MiRae was photographed doing lovey-dovey things with another man.

Mi Rae wanted a divorce so that she can be with her first love, who turned out not interested in a long-term permanent relationship.

Episode 4

Jin Ok found out that her son, Dae Young, did not enrol in university and is currently nowhere to be found.

Episode 45

Dae Young found out that he was not Jin Ok’s son.

It is a lucky day for Dal Sook.  Finally, she got what she wanted.  She had sex with her husband.

And not only that, she signed the contract to become a trot singer, much to the grievance of her daughter, who also audition for it.

Episode 46

Joon Ho realised the extent of his new wife’s jealousy.  She bugged his phone and knew wherever he goes and follows him.

Episode 47

Joon Ho buys another secret phone, and called Mi Rei and instructed her to call him in his new number whenever she needed him.

Their son, Dong Hyun, looks like he is addicted to computer games and had bunked off school.

Kim Bok Man is refusing to change.  He could not be persuaded to help out in the house.




Love Alert (KDrama Review & Summary)


Love Alert (KDrama Review & Summary)

Love Alert poster


  • AKA: Fluttering Warning; Seollemjuuibo
  • Genre: Romance, Celebrity, Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Release Date: 31 October 2018
  • Origin: South Korea; Viki Original
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Yoon Eun Hye as Yoon Yoo Jung
  • Chun Jung Myung as Cha Woo Hyun
  • Choi Jung Won as Hwang Jae Min (Love Rat)
  • Pyo Ji Hoon as Yoon Yoo Joon (YYJ’s Brother)
  • Lee Hye Ran as Joo Min Ah (Reporter/paps)
  • Han Go Eun as Han Jae Kyung (Manager/CEO)
  • Joo Woo Jae as Sung Hoon (YYJ’s Friend)
  • Kang Seo Yeon  as Kang Hye Joo (Heiress)
  • Kim Ye Rong as Na Hwa Jung (CWH’s Mother)
  • Kim Byung Gi as Cha Tae Soo (CWH’s


This is a comeback vehicle for Yoon Eun Hye after having been away from Kdramas for five years.  Coincidentally this is also a return to the small screen for Chun Jung Myung after two years hiatus.

Did you know?  Chun Jung Myung was offered the role of Choi Han Gyul that went to Gong Yoo as the Coffee Prince.  Chun Jung Myung had apparently said that he has always regretted not taking the part.

Now he is making the most of being finally paired with Yoon Eun Hye.  They do have a love rather poignant chemistry.  I am really rooting for them.


Episode 1

Yoon Yoo Jung was fresh from receiving a trophy from a foreign award-giving body.   After years of slogging, she is now at the pinnacle of success.

She seems to be unconsciously meeting Cha Woo Hyun almost everywhere she goes.  First at the airport when she was having a rather romantic moment with her boyfriend of almost 100 days, Jae Min.

Then when she went to a beauty clinic regarding the bruises at her back caused by a stunt from the film she was shooting, Cha Woo Hyun was a dermatologist doctor in the clinic.

Again, when she was at Jae Min’s apartment. Cha Woo Hyun just turned up to view the apartment.

A then the next day, she got into his car by mistake.

Cha Woo Hyun is a very good looking doctor with a conscience.  But he is saddled by parents who both wanted him off as a business transaction.

At the moment, Woo Hyun is resisting all their efforts.

Yoo Jung, on the other hand, is currently very popular as the nation’s sweetheart and the magic word there was sweet.  She had projected a sweet, pure and innocent image throughout her career, but she is finding it rather lonely.  She wanted to be in love, in a relationship and Jae Min seems to fit the bill of a boyfriend.

Despite her management warning her that Jae Min can’t be trusted, she was determined to reveal all to the public that they were in a relationship, perhaps then they could date in the open.

During the press conference, she was just about to reveal that she had finally found the one, her fated when the press got distracted by breaking news.  A known fashion personality had just announced her forthcoming wedding to Jae Min.

Episode 2

Yoo Jung was understandably heartbroken.  This is just the latest of far from stellar love life.  She had been so unlucky.

She went to the bottle and get herself inebriated.  Under the influence of alcohol, Yoo Jung went to Jae Min’s apartment to implore him to undump her.

Unfortunately or actually quite, fortunately, Jae Min had moved out as he had sold the flat to Woo Hyun.

Woo Hyun asked Yoo Jung if she thinks she hadn’t suffered enough humiliation?!!  He advised her to move on, forget about Jae Min.

Jae Min was a total bas***d to Yoo Jung.  He readily admitted that he used her to get himself as a lead actor.  He further said that she was a rubbish girlfriend who was so prissy and won’t let him get into third base.  She was also so tight with her money and gave cheap gifts.

Yoo Jung was consumed with anger and hurt at the same time and her popularity is also suffering because she was coming out as rather pathetic for being dumped.

She was told that she needs someone to save her ego, a stand-in boyfriend.

Woo Hyun had all the positive characters of the perfect boyfriend.  The management got to work and asked him if he was willing to pretend as the boyfriend?  He said he was having no part of the circus.

Yoo Jung was desperate, he begged him to be her fake boyfriend for three months.

Episode 3

Woo Hyun turned her down.  He was not interested.

Yoo Jung does not really know what to do.  She was on top of trending news and it was getting worse.  She was even rumoured to be a girlfriend of a son of a CEO of Suzaki Group (or something) who was actually the half-brother of Woo Hyun.

With all the stress and worries, she had an accident during a photo shoot that would mean going to the hospital.

Fearing the news would blow out, she chose to go to Woo Hyun’s clinic, where he treated her very carefully and almost lovingly.

Woo Hyun is having some stress of his own.  His mother who was on her fourth marriage had decided to leave her latest and moved in with Woo Hyun.

She then connives with her Woo Hyun’s father to force Woo Hyun into a business marriage with Kang Hye Joo, who was so an opportunist.

Like Woo Hyun, Kang Hye Joo was also born on the wrong side of the blanket.  Her father had promised to make her claim to the family fortune legitimate if she can marry a chaebol.

Woon Hyun despite being only the son of his father’s mistress was told by his father that he would make him his heir instead of his brother, who had lost his father’s trust.

He has also found out that his mother has ovarian cancer.  She wanted to spend the day with him to bond and told him to meet her at her favourite restaurant, which happens to be within his father’s company/hotel.

He went there to indulge his mother that he found out that his father was going to hold a press conference to announce Woo Hyun engagement to Kang Hye Joo.

It so happens that he runs to Yoon Yoo Jung on the same hotel.  Yoon Yoo Jung had told him that she was having a movie press and she was likely to announce the name of her boyfriend.

Anyway, while Woo Hyun’s father started the conference and about to announce something major, Yoon Yoo Jung also ready with the microphone to name her beloved.

Then the door opened and Woo Hyun approached the stage and whispered to Yoon Yoo Jung was ready to be her fake boyfriend, and in fact, she was doing him the favour.


Episode 4

Awww Woo Hyun revealed to the gathered audience that he was the mysterious boyfriend of Yoon Yoo Jung.

Unfortunately, despite the big reveal, the lives of Yoon Yoo Jung and Woo Hyun refuse to settle down into a more sedate state where everyone can have a  sigh of relief.

Hye Joo is doing everything she can to make sure the two cannot get comfortable.  She has already promised that she will have Woo Hyun all to herself whatever it takes.

Woo Hyun’s mother had joined forces with Woo Hyun’s father to force Woo Hyun to marry Hye Joo for a business deal.  The mother went really low and pretended that she has cancer, much to her son’s worry.

Despite the many worries that almost coming all at once, Woo Hyun and Yoon Yoo Jung continued with their pretend relationship.

They went to a glamping holiday.  They are really getting closer because they seems so compatible and shares many of life vagaries like being both victims fo fire and having the same fear of fire.

But what do you have, during their glamping, the tent caught on fire.

Episode 5

Despite his almost pathological scare of fire, Woo Hyun braved the heat and rescued Yoon Yoo Jung.

I reckon the fire is also something contrived by Hye Joo.

She is using all the resources from the family company to ensure that Yoon Yoo Jung loses her comfortable leaving.  She had other companies pull out from sponsoring Yoon Yoo Jung.

She also had tried to have a bank renege from a deal of lending Woo Hyun $1.5M for machinery for his new.

Thank goodness everything Hye Joo has been doing is counteracted by Woo Hyun and Yoo Jung.

But in the end of this episode Hye Joo is becoming more evil.  She sent someone to stab Yoo Jung but wounded Woo Hyun instead, who ended up in the hospital.

Here, they shared their first kiss.




Marriage Contract (KDrama Review & Summary)

Weekend Classic

Marriage Contract (KDrama Review & Summary)

Marriage Contract poster

  • Genre: Fake Marriage, Romance, Melodrama, Family
  • Release Date: March 2016
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Lee Seo-jin as Han Ji-hoo
  • Uee as Kang Hye-soo
  • Kim Yong-geon as Han Seong-gook
  • Park Jung-soo as Yoon Seon-yeong
  • Lee Hwi-hyang as Oh Mi-ran
  • Kim Young-pil as Han Jeong-hoon
  • Shin Rin-ah as Cha Eun-seong
  • Kim Kwang-kyu as Park Ho-joon
  • Kim Yoo-ri as Seo Na-yoon
  • Jung Kyung-soon as Shim Yeong-hee
  • Lee Hyun-geol as Kong Soo-chang
  • Pyo Ye-jin as Hyun A-ra
  • Ahn Ji-hoon as Jo Seung-joo
  • Kim So-jin as Hwang Joo-yeon

Synopsis & Review

Marriage Contract is GlobalGranary’s weekend classic.  I have heard many good things about this 2016 drama.

Anyway, I can’t believe how much I cried in this film.  I love both the leads. They both acted their hearts out.

Uee was elegantly heartbroken with the unfairness of life while Lee Seo-Jin was so emotional with things beyond his control.

The story is rather contentious, it is not that run of the mill, rich boy meets poor girl and after so many misunderstanding lead a happy life together.

It would probably lead into that scenario for a while, but there is more to it than that because it involves organ trafficking.

Probably, selling of organs is too controversial to really tackle in a drama that in the end the script cower away from it.

Hye Soo was a widow, who lost her husband before their child was even born.

Seven years later, she was still struggling to pay off the debts incurred by her dead husband from a nasty loan shark.

She and her daughter are constantly on the move from pillar to post, trying to evade the loan shark.

She was at the end of tether after once again the loan shark had found her new home and was threatened to pay up 1M or else she will be sold off to prostitution.

She overheard the conversation between the manager and owner of the restaurant, where she works as a sous chef.

They were talking about finding a woman to have a fake marriage with and she would then be paid 1-2M to donate part of her liver to the owner’s mother, who suffers from cirrhosis and needed transplant.

Though grossly inappropriate, Hye Soo volunteered herself to be the fake wife and donate her liver for cash.

Hye Soo was immediately able to pay off the loan shark in full upon attaching her seal on the marriage contract with Ji Hoo.

Ji Hoo belongs to a dysfunctional family.  He is a chaebol, though he was a son of his father’s mistress, who was an actress and now needed a transplant.

His father controls everything with an iron rod or walking stick.  He was an Alpha male, though to be fair he does favour Ji Hoo more than his elder brother, Jeong Hoon, who was a womanising, violent and spoilt man.

As Hye Soo prepares for the surgery, Ji Hoo starts to be charmed by Hye Soo’s daughter.  He likes having a young family and started to care for Hye Soo as well.

Unfortunately, Hye Soo fate is not one for happy ever after ending as she found out that she has a brain tumour which is inoperable.  A terminal illness that would only allow her to live for five years at the most.

It is not a bad story, it is not maudlin all the time, there are some lighter moments.

I totally recommend this drama as essential viewing.


4****(out of 5)



The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (KDrama Review & Summary)


The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (KDrama Review & Summary)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes poster

  • Genre: Romance, Mystery, Thriller
  • Release Date: October 2018
  • Origin: South Korea; the remake of 2002 Japanese thriller called Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi by Eriko Kitagawa
  • Kdrama: 16 Episodes


  • Seo In-Guk as Kim Moo-Young
  • Jung So-Min as Yoo Jin-Kang
  • Park Sung Woong as Yoo Jin-Gook
  • Seo Eun-Soo as Baek Seung Ah
  • Hong Bin as No Hee-Joon
  • Go Min Shi as Im Yoo-Ri
  • Do Sang Woo as Jang Woo Sang (Rich Boyfriend of Bake Seung-Ah)
  • Kwon Soo-Hyun as Eom Cho Rong


It is a psycho-romantic drama.

Episode 1 – 2

I have to say, South Korea is bringing all the big guns this October.

We are almost spoilt for choice with all the watchable and well-made dramas that are currently on show.

This drama especially has that cat and mouse storyline about it that promises to be an edge on the seat feel.  If it remains faithful to the Japanese version then this would have a rather sad ending, sadly.

The three main leads are brilliant in portraying their respective roles.  I have always been a fan of Jung So-Min since Playful Kiss.  She is maturing into a very watchable and versatile actress.

Seo In Guk is gorgeous as a rather creepy Moo Young.

Park Sung Woong is so believable as an over-protective, though chill,  brother to Jung So Min’s character.

The story goes that Moo Young, though still a young man, has been around.  He had affected the lives of many people even as a boy.

He is so charismatic that you cannot help but be drawn to him.  He is a very good-looking guy who is very professional as a brewery technician.  He has a killer dimpled smile that somehow does not reach his gorgeous eyes which makes him look very enigmatic at the same time he has a childlike/boyish cuteness (probably this is more because of the actor rather than his role).

Part of his appeal was his ability to anticipate what was needed doing or the help he can provide to people, which engages and intrigues everyone, he meets.

Including Yoo Jin Kang, who was on a blind date set up by her brother, Yoo Jin-Gook.  Her blind date was going well with Cho Rong when a waiter accidentally spilt sauce and drinks all over her blazer, which she took off and thereby flashing a huge burnt mark her right arm.  Moo Young was immediately there covering her shoulders with his hoodie.

Later on, we see that Moo Young has a shower scene.  Hurrah!!! Yip Yip Hooray!!! The camera then focuses on his back and he has a large burnt mark on his shoulder.

There was a young beautiful artist, Baek Seung-ah, who was nervous at holding her first exhibition, knowing that some of the pieces on display were not her own work.  Moo-Young, who was catering the beers and ales for the show had heard her conversation with her ‘boyfriend’ who was financing the show.  told her that she must not try to pretend that the works were hers.

But she can’t really go against her very controlling boyfriend who was sponsoring her.  To help her out Moo-Young purposely bumped into the boyfriend, who then knocked the contentious display.

Baek Seung-ah was so grateful with Moo-Young and felt drawn to him.  Before long she was his girlfriend and she tried to break off with her rich boyfriend, who would not let her go but told her to have her relationship with the Moo Young but ensure not to sleep with him.

Baek Seung-Ah is best friend with Yoo Jin Kang.  They met up one day and Baek Seung-Ah introduced her new boyfriend to Jin Kang.  It was Moo-Young.  Jin Kang pretended at first not to know him but Moo Young said not to be so formal as they have met several times and this is their fourth meeting.

It seems that they lived in the same neighbourhood.  Jin Kang spotted him and quickly returned home to fetch Moo-Young’s hoodie to give it back to him.  They got talking and Jin Kang asked him why he said that they had met four times before when she could only recall three times.

Moo Young said that they met a long, long, long time ago.  She was like the cute little sister that he had lost.

Jin Kang was on her first date with Chong Ro in the movies when she saw Moo Young also on a date with a woman, Im Yoo-ri.  She knows that he is a player.

Yoo Jin Gook was driving when he was momentarily distracted almost causing to run oven Moo-Young and his cat.

Jin Gook was all concerned and offered Moo Young to take him to the hospital.  Moo Young declined, saying he was unharmed.  Jin Gook then offered him a lift home.

Moo Young asked Jin Gook if he carries a gun.  Jin Gook said that he was not that kind of policeman.  Moo Young though asked if he can use a gun, Jin Gook said that he does as it is part of his training.  Moo Young continued with his questioning.  He wanted to know whether Jin Gook had shot anyone or killed anyone before, after all being a long time policeman he must have had instances when he had to use a gun.  Their interaction was amazing.

As we get to know the characters, there is also an underlying story where a girl has supposedly jumped to her death from her apartment’s window.

Though initially, it looks like a suicide, Jin Gook is thinking otherwise because of some inconsistencies.

Episode 3

The investigation regarding the suicide girl is ongoing, though they have arrested the girl’s boyfriend it looks like that he could be innocent.

Seung Ah’s mother had found out that her daughter is dating Moo Young behind Woo Sang.  She warned Moo Young to stop as Woo Sang is rather scary, she shouldn’t upset him.

Woo Sang had told Seung Ah that he was officially introducing her to his parents in view of a marriage.  But during the dinner, Seung Ah was a no-show as she went to see Moo Young instead and they had sex inside the brewery.

Despite dating Seung Ah, Moo Young is still flirtatious.  He was beginning to flirt with Jin Kang.

Her brother, Jin Gook, warned Jin Kang not to get involved with Moo Young as he is bad news.  Jin Kang said that she’s not interested in Moo Young and he was already dating her best friend, Seung Ah.

Jin Gook was very surprised at this turn of event.  Jin Kang further detailed that Seung Ah was very impressed with Moo Young.  She thinks that he was a genius. He remembered precisely where each bead should go when her bracelet broke and each bead fell on the floor.

Moo-Young picked the beads one by one and rethreaded it in perfect order.

This declaration rung an alarm bell with Jin Gook.  He immediately remembers the order of the snowglobes in the suicide girl’s apartment.

Is Moo Young the killer?

Episode 4

Jin Kang got between Seung Ah and her mother and she got slapped by the mother for her trouble.

Despite being slapped, Seung Ah continued to beg her to be the go between between her and Moo Young as she had been grounded by her mother.

Moo Young and Jin Kang had lunch together over a hotpot.  They sort of bonded and exchange childhood history which was heard by a jealous Yoo-Ri.

Yoo-Ri purposely tried to run over Jin Kang, fortunately, Jin Gook was there to save his sister.

Episode 5

Jin Gook and Jin Kang took the collapsed Yoo-Ri to the hospital.  They were told that Yoo-Ri was in no immediate danger.

Jin Kang had pulled a ligament and she had to wear an arm support.

They called Moo Young for him to contact Yoo-Ri’s family but when turned up at the hospital he was more concerned about Jin Kang.

Jin Gook had a look at the SD card of Yoo Ri’s car’s blackbox and found that Yoo-ri purposely went for Jin Kang.

Moo Young confessed to Jin Kang, telling her to go out with him because he likes her.

Jin Kang of course blow him out.  She was actually annoyed with him because he should be thinking of Seung-Ah who adores him mindlessly.

Seung-Ah had put her studio for sale.  She needed the money to fund her plan of running away with Moo Young.

Moo Young, however, does not have plans of going with her.

Becasue of Seung-Ah, Moo-Young lost his job at the brewery where Woo Sang, a valued customer, uses his influence to get Moo Young fired.

I have to say Moo Young and Jin Kang are just too darn cute together!  I hope I am not going to regret saying this in terms of how the story goes.



Can’t wait for next week episode.









I have to confess, I found the above drama so intriguing and knowing that it was based on a Japanese 2002 drama, what can I do?!!!

I love thriller books, especially about serial killer stories. If I can’t finish the book in one sitting, then I have to know the ending and proceed to the ending.  The husband can’t understand this habit at all.  He said I lose the element of surprise if I read the ending before I finish the whole book. Well I need sleep more than the element of surprise.  I would lie in bed thinking who the killer might be and won’t be able to go to sleep.

It is the same case with this drama.  I googled the synopsis of the Japanese drama and here is what I found.


(Hopefully, the KDrama is not a faithful remake 🙂 !!!)

Miwa (Baek Seung-Ah) was being forced to marry the rich and influential Kashiwagi Naoya (Jang Woo Sang) by her family but she finds him rather controlling and perverted.  With the thought that she would get together with Ryo (Moo Young) without the hindrance of Kashiwagi, Miwa killed Kashiwagi.

But it was too late for her and Ryo as he had fallen deeply in love with Dojima Yuko (Jin Kang) who was almost killed by Yuki (Im Yoo-Ri) who was revealed to be the killer of the college/suicide girl because she thought that she was also sleeping with Ryo.

Ryo wanted to reconstruct his fragmented memory and in so doing remembered the faith of his father.

When Dojima Kanzo (Jin Gook) was a young policeman, through inexperience, shot and killed a murderer.  He was Katase Ryo’s (Moo-Young) father.

Further memory shocked him to the core.  Yuko is his real sister, who he already slept with.

Kashiwagi had a sister, who was bent on finding what had happened to her brother.  Her investigation also found out about Kanzo, Yuko and Ryo.

To show Yuko that he was evil and not at all good for her and to hate him, he killed Kashiwagi’s sister.

He then went on the run as his crime was all over the news.

Yuko learned from Ryo’s friend that he was after Kanzo for killing his father.

Yuko went to Kanzo’s house and found Ryo lying in wait.  Yuko ended up killing Ryo.  Heartbroken, she found a letter on Ryo’s pocket detailing their real relationship that they were siblings.

She then dragged Ryo’s body into the marina and then into a boat and set sail in the middle of the sea.

Kanzo was hot in pursuit.  As he neared them, Yuko in a Romeo and Juliet genre, clutched Ryo tightly to herself and shot herself.

Apparently, Miwa got killed as well.

With all the body counts, this drama is sure interesting.

One thing though, there are some obvious dissimilarities between the Dorama and KDrama.

For one thing, Moo Young (Ryo) seemed to have the talent for the photographic memory rather than Yuki (the killer girl)  Moo Young was able to put together that beaded bracelet he gave to Baek seung-ah when it fell apart.  In the Dorama, Kanza (Jin Gook) gave the bracelet to Miwa because he has a crush on her.

I am 75% sure that KDrama will not go down the road towards incest town.  They’ll stopped before crossing over.  The Japanese never shy away from this kind of topics.












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