Koe Girl (Japanese Drama) Review

Koi Girl poster

Koe Girl! (Japanese Drama) Review

  • AKA Voice Girl!
  • Genre: Friendship, Family, Career
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Dorama: XX Episodes


  • Fukuhara Haruka as KiKuchi Makoto
  • Nakamura Yurika as Kuriyama Asami
  • Yoshikura Aoi as Ochiai Ryoko
  • Nagao Mariya as Inaba Ren
  • Tsurumi Shingo as Oshima Yuichiro

After the success of Good Morning Call 2, I wanted to see Fukuhara Haruka again in another drama and thankfully she is starring in a drama as the Koe Girl.

The story is about Kikuchi Makoto, a bright girl, who had been recruited to train as a voice actress.  The training will have its many downs and later ups.

Episode 1

Makoto is in her last year of high school and yet does not know what do or study in college.

However she has a knack of getting people to listen due to her fluency and persuasive speaking as she found out whenever she helps out her mother who’s a greengrocer.

During one of her sales talk,  Oshima Yuichiro, a manager for a talent agency spied her and subsequently scouted her to train as a voice actress.

Episode 2

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