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Queen Dugu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Queen Dugu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Costume Drama, Romance, Martial Arts, Politics
  • Release Date: 11 February 2019
  • Origin: China; Huace Global
  • CDrama: 50 Episodes


  • Joe Chen as Dugu Qieluo
  • Chen Xiao as Yang Jian
  • Zhang Lu as Gao Jiong
  • Qi Ji as Yuwen Yong (Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou)
  • Hai Lu as Ashina (Wife of Yuwen Yong)

Huace Global has tweeted that this historical drama is finally going to be shown on 11 February 2019.

Unfortunately for us international fans reliant on YouTube,  Huace confirmed that Huace youtube channel will not be showing it.  It would be available via iQiyi, Tencent and Youku.

The story of Queen Dugu is not an unfamiliar one because several dramas have been made about her and her love life with Yang Jian (Emperor Wen).

Apparently, 13-year-old Dugu Qieluo was married off to a 16-year-old Yang Jian, who impressed Dugu Xin, father of Dugu Qieluo, who was then the great general of Northern Zhou.

The young lovers had a good loving relationship that Yang Jian easily promised Dugu Qieluo that she would be the only woman who will bore all his children. They did have 10 children together, five boys and five girls.

For a very long time. they loved and then plotted together to oust the child ruler, Emperor Jing.

Yang Jian successfully overthrew the child emperor.  He then established the Sui Dynasty.

Yang Jian had a mid-life crisis and promptly fell in love and bedded a Lady Yuchi, a beautiful granddaughter of Yuchi Jiong, who became destitute and subsequently died, leaving his granddaughter to become a slave in the palace.

When Queen Dugu heard about her hubby’s shenanigans, she promptly dispensed off Lady Yuchi and had her killed.

The besotted Emperor Wen threw a temper tantrum, he was so annoyed that he can’t be in the same palace with his Queen anymore and then went awol.

When finally his right-hand man, Gao Jiong, found him, he made the emperor see sense.  He opined, “Your majesty, how could you abandon the empire on account of a woman?”

This little gem of persuasion might have induced the emperor to return to the palace but when Queen Dugu heard that she was referred to as a woman, just a woman, she absolutely went ballistic.

She’s gone off Gao Jiong, who happened to her first love.

Gao Jiong now got caught in Queen Dugu’s radar.  Every little thing he does, she sees and found it wanting.

In the end, he lost a no-confidence vote from both the Queen and the emperor and he was demoted to being a commoner.

When the Queen was good, she was very, very good.  When she was bad, she can be evil.  LOL

When she died, the emperor was so sad and to help him get through the day without his Queen, what else can he do?  He created a harem of concubines. LOL

Joe Chen was so pretty in the trailer and Chen Xiao is gorgeous.  I think they delayed the showing of this drama because of the things Joe Chen did early in 2018 including drink driving.  But all is forgiven.  I love her!

I hope someone would add sub to this drama soon.  Anyone?  viki?  Netflix?

Emperors and Me (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

Emperors and Me (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Emperors & Me poster

  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Time Travel, Historical Costume Drama, Modern
  • Release Date: 9 January 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes


  • Dai Wen Wen as Luo Xi
  • Gao Tai Yu as Qin Zhang
  • Liu Zhao Hong as Mo Rong Yu
  • Gao Ji Cai as Guo Yan

Quick Precis: Young lovers looking for each other for a thousand years through succeeding dynasties in the land of Xia.

Episode 1

It is a cute drama.

Anyway, the time god Pan Huan fell madly in love with a mortal girl that he performed a forbidden magic ritual to ensure that they’ll find each other through eternity.

A faceless black-cloak specter saw the ritual and castigated the time god and sent a fatal force, which the girl run into to save Pan Huan.

The Time god chased the specter around through the cloudy heaven.

After vanquishing the spectre, he went back to his lover, who was now with a shattered soul.  As a final sacrifice, the time god gave some of his essence to the girl and promised her that wherever she would be, he will find her.

Now, in the modern time, the girl has been reincarnated as an ordinary college girl called Luo Xi.  She is into money making and made website as a match-making site.

She has a best friend who supports her in most things.

One of their clients in the dating website was having a bad time but Luo Xi nowhere to be found because she was in a middle of a dream being saved by a handsome emperor from a falling boulder.

She was really into the dream when her friend found and woke her up.

After checking her weibo account she rushed to find their client, who was sitting at the very edge of the rooftop.

Lou Xi and her friend, Le Xue, tried to help the girl get up from where she was sitting.  The girl tugged them a little too hard and both Lou Xi and Le Xue fell from the roof and found themselves somewhere unfamiliar in front of a palace.

They then witness the return of the emperor who was being stopped from coming into the palace by the Queen Dowager who was having it off with the Prime Minister.

The emperor commanded the arrest of the Queen Dowager and then he slit the throat of the Prime Minister, which shocked Lou Xi and Le Xue which got the attention of the emperor.

The emperor remembered Lou Xi from when he was saving her from a falling boulder.

He invited them to the palace and after quickly interrogating them, he declared that he will make Lou Xi his queen.

Lou Xi replied that Le Xue is refined and more suited to be a queen.

The emperor said that he will have them both.

Episode 2

Lou Xi and Le Xue wanted to leave the palace as the emperor gave them only three days to make a decision about the marriage.

The girls thought that the best person with the layout of the palace was the queen dowager.

So they went to see her and convinced her that it was for the best interest of her son that they should leave the palace with her.

They sneaked out but a guard had advised the emperor that the two divine ladies were visiting the empress dowager.

The emperor went to the look for them immediately but they were no longer within the palace ground.

With his guard they went hot in pursuit.

The three ladies were cornered and the emperor was about to strike his mother with his sword but Luo Xi intervened.  A guard then tried to stab Lou Xi but the emperor held on to her and then the next moment they were both in the street of modern times.

Lou Xi panic and left the emperor who brandishing hs sword to the people around him.  He ended up being arrested by the police.

Lucky for him he picked up Lou Xi’s ID.

The police took the strange guy to Lou Xi’s house.  Thinking that she might get into trouble, she said that they were doing cosplay.

After the police had left, Lou Xi tried to make the emperor leave as well but he was adamant that he had to stay with her as she was their queen.  He spoke in the third person as royal does.

Lou Xi ended up feeding him with ramen and chips which she had to taste first before he partakes. So cute.

They ended up sleeping in the same bedroom and Lou Xi was so scared to let her parents know.

She told the emperor that it was better if he blends in so she gave him some clothes.  The best she can do was to provide him with a white tee-shirt and a long midi skirt.

They woke up with the emperor having a fever.

Lou Xi decided to take him to the hospital and called Le Xue’s boyfriend who was an intern doctor at the hospital.

Episode 3

At the hospital, they found out that the emperor was suffering from severe allergies.  Le Xue’s doctor boyfriend believed about the time jump and tried to help out by sneaking the emperor to the girl’s dormitory.

Lou Xi was asked to wine and dine the sponsors of their dating websites.  She ended up drunk from a number of shots she was forced to drink.  One of the sponsors where sexually harassing her that Feiyun sent a photo of the deed to the doctor.

The emperor saw the photo and went to rescue Lou Xi with the doctor.

The emperor was so annoyed he beat up all the men and once again ended up at the police station.

When they got back at the dorm, Lou Xi asked the emperor to shower and they had a tender moment in the shower. ahhhh

Episode 4

The emperor is getting used to modern life.  Lou Xi sold one of his jade and got 500,000 for it.  They went shopping and Lou Xi saw a Birkin bag which was too expensive she thought.

The next time she was in school, the emperor walked in with a big bunch of flowers potted on the Hermes bag.  He said that it was his betrothal gift to her.

Luo Xi was a bit embarrassed.

As they were walking along a promenade, Lou Xi gave him his own mobile phone.  She taught him how to use it by demonstrating it crossing the road to call him.

She was telling him that in the modern world you cannot be bethrothed immediately, you have to date and say to her “Wo shi ai ni”

“Wo shi ai ni” he said fervently and she melted.  Unfortunately, men in a van stopped by and kidnapped her.

The emperor run after the van leaving the Birkin behind!  OMG.  Give me the bag!

Episode 5

The emperor managed to save Luo Xi from the kidnappers but the leader got to his gun and was about to shoot Lou Xi and the emperor when they vanished.

Lou Xi and the Emperor went back in time to 600 years after the Qi Dynasty.  It was the An Dynasty.

It was a chaotic time as Murong Yu had just overthrown the current emperor,

Lou Xi and the emperor saved the crown prince but they were surrounded by the soldiers when someone suddenly commanded the soldiers not to touch them.  It was the Royal Princess who is actually Le Xue.

Le Xue had found eternal youth. She had been living for 600 years.

She invited Lou Xi into her manor.  They were having tea when Luo Xi lost consciousness.  She then woke up next to the dead body of the the Royal Princess.  It so happened that Murong Yu was just coming to see his sister.

He asked that Lou Xi is taken and locked up.