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Princess Silver (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019


Princess Silver (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Princess Silver poster


  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Romance
  • Release Date: 15 May 2019
  • Origin: China; Based on a novel by Mo Yanshang
  • Cdrama: 60 Episodes


  • Zhang Xueying (Sophie Zhang) as Crown Princess Rong Le
  • Aarif Lee as Prince Wu You
  • Luo Yunxi as Western Qi Emperor
  • Jing Chao as General Fu Chou
  • Gao Shuang as Xiao Sha (Rong Le’s Bodyguard)
  • Mi MI as Shao Ke
  • Gaou Guangze as Xiang Yin
  • Wang Yu as Ling Yue
  • Ashin as Wu Yu
  • Chen Xin Yu as Hen Xiang

Apparently the story is about a crown princess with amnesia who was sent to marry a neighbouring prince for alliance.

The princess was declined admittance to the prince’s palace and so was the marriage alliance was aborted.

The feisty princess went incognito as a commoner and opened a tea-house.

She then became fascinated with a legendary book that would bring greatness to a nation.  The book is missing and the search goes on.

In her adventure in the search for the book, she met Wu You, the prince who turned her down.  As drama would have it, they fell madly in love with one another but the course of true love never did run smooth because by this time the Princess had been ordered to marry someone else, the powerful General Fu Chou.

Episode 1

Rong Le was being chased by masked men in black.  She managed to overcome them one by one until the last one overpowered her.

He then told her that she cannot escape from them.

She then woke up, with no memory.  She did not know who she was or where she was.

Until her brother who doted on her came to say that she is his sister, Princess Rong Le.  He is the Emperor of Western Qi.

The young emperor doted on her until she started trusting him.

But then the Empress Dowager, who does not like her and said that she was to marry the Prince Wu You of Northern Realm.

Rong Le resisted at first and she had the backing of the emperor but the Empress Dowager used emotional blackmail.

She told Rong Le that most of their guards and soldiers are either old or ailing.  They need to form an alliance with the Northern Realm, otherwise, the soldiers will be all dead and gone and Western Qi will be in a state of Chaos.

With not much choice, she finally agreed.

Episode 2

The Emperor had told her that there is a legendary book left by the Qin Family that was purported to bring greatness to a nation.

Prince of Wu You was apparently an expert about it.

The emperor made her take with him Xiao Sha to protect her.

When she got to Northen Realm, she was welcomed by the king who asked her to remove her mask but she refused saying that only her husband can remove it on their wedding night as per the custom of  Western Qi.

But her betrothed cannot be bothered to get out of bed, so the king ordered to bring him to him at whatever cost.

So Prince Wu You was brought in still in his bed and all.  Then he categorically refused to be used as a pawn for an alliance.

As a compromise, Rong Le said that she would give him six months to get to know each other, if he still does not want to marry her then they will call it quits.

Episode 3

Rong Le was given a Princess Manor to reside in and a retinue of maids but she declined most of the maids preparing those she brought with her from Western Qi.

Rong Le had the idea of pretending to be a commoner to go about her business while her young maid, Ling Yue pretended to be her.

Rong Le started running a tea house where another girl is a direct conduit to her brother.  The girl helped her locate the the legendary book of Mountains and Rivers.

Prince Wu You had a phobia of being touched by a woman, which Rong Le found out when she was doing her investigation in a brothel.  The number one courtesan is a witness that she wanted to speak with but the girl has a condition before she helps Rong Le.

She wanted to leave the brothel but the madam would not let her go.

Prince Wu You happened to be at the brothel drinking with his friends.  Rong Le used him to get the courtesan fired.  She made the girl accidentally touch the prince on his shoulder,

He immediately threw the girl out of the door and then called the madam and instructed that the girl’s hand is amputated.

Rong Le, dressed as a man said that the girl was his girlfriend and she would pay the prince for her.

The prince said that Rong Le can cut ‘his’hand instead of the girl and gave ‘him’ a sword.

Rong Le was about to cut her hand when the prince stopped her with a pebble thrown at her.

Episode 4

It was unfortunate that Ling Yue was almost assaulted by the son of a minister.  Thank goodness Rong Le arrived just in time to stop the assault.

It was the death anniversary of Lady Yuri, Wu You’s mother.  The king went to visit the tomb and found Wu You keeping vigil.

He told the king to go away and not to be a hypocrite as he caused his mother’s death.  The king was so ambitious that he married another which broke his mother’s heart.

Prince Wu You ended up at Rong Le’s tea house.  They ended up having tea together and playing a game of chess,which was interrupted by a gang of assailants.  Prince Wu You’s bodyguard was fighting off the men in black masks.  It got too hectic that the Prince had to protect Rong Le.

During the chaos, Rong Le unconsciously touched the prince on the shoulder, which he noticed immediately and also noted that he did not find it abhorrent.

When the fight had died down with the dead assailants, the Prince help Rong Le on the shoulder for several minutes until they were interrupted by the arrival of the other princes, who commented that Wu You can now touch the ladies.

Wu You was embarrassed and left suddenly.

Rong Le also left but she was accosted by another bunch of men in black.  She was fighting them off over the bridge, beneath was a gondola with a mysterious man listening in on what was going on up above.

He immediately heard that Rong Le was being overpowered by more assailants coming in.  He flew into the bridge had help Rong Le who was injured.

Episode 5

The mysterious man who saved Rong Le was General Fu Chou, who was just returning from war and stopping the current insurgents.

He took the wounded Rong Le to his house and had a doctor see to her wounds.

The next morning, the princess left after thanking the General profusely and promising to return this favour tenfolds one day.

She was on her way to the teahouse when she was arrested for being complicit to the attack on Prince Wu You.

It was the crown prince doing.  In prison, Rong Le also met the young courtesan and the teahouse manager.  They were both arrested and beaten up.

They forced Rong Le to sign a confession and not satisfied with this the crown prince decided that Rong Le was his type and started to abuse her.

Prince Wu You came flying in and beaten the crown prince and took Rong Le in his arms.  He warned the crown prince that he will never go easy on him ever again.

Episode 6

Prince Wu You is falling for Man Yao.

He tried to see her at the tea but she was always out on business until Prince Chen cornered her and had tea with her.

He then drugged her to get her to tell her background because they find her mysterious.

As he blows the vapour from the wine towards her she became sleepy and sleepier.  She would have fallen on the ground but Prince Wu You suddenly appeared and took her away.

She then woke up in a very scenic place: on a raft by a calm lake.

When then return to the shore, they were met by soldiers fishing out bodies of people, including children.

Man Yao said don’t these dead people get justice?

Wu You replied that it is a turbulent time, there is not much justice to be had.  He then asked her what does she want him to do?

Episode 7

On their back on horseback, they met the crown prince on his carriage and were forcing them to give way to him.

Prince Wu You did not do no such thing and the carriage ended up toppling over.

Prince Wu You took Man Yao to his manor and told her to stay with him and lie low for a bit as the vengeful crown prince will surely had her arrested for toppling him over.

Man Yao told him that she did not do it but Wu You said that the crown prince was vindictive.

Prince Chen came to find Prince Wu You and asking to seek justice for the victim of pseudo-shipwreck which they both knew was all work by the crown prince.

Again, Prince Wu Yuo said that he does not do justice as he had witnessed the type of justice they use in the palace court with his mother and his teacher, Master Qin.

Prince Chen was idealistic, without getting the support from Wu You, he went to the Crown Prince alone and showed him his documented evidence.

Prince Chen was prepared to fight but was not prepared for the guard who was on the Crown Prince’s command.

Prince Chen ended up in prison for the attempted assassination of the crown prince which is punishable by death.

Now, Prince Wu You made history, for the first time, he attended morning court and was tasked to investigate the shipwreck.

Episode 8

Prince Wu You confessed to Man Yao that she resides in his heart.  He had already a bedchamber for her in his manor.

He might like her but he had not mentioned about making her his consort.  Perhaps he was thinking of making her his concubine and marry Princess Rong Le. 🙂

Rong Le found out that she has a spy in her midst. One of her most trusted maids from Western Qi had been passing secrets to her lover.

Anyway, it was the 50th birthday party of the minister of defence, who now lived at the old Qin mansion.

Man Yao as well as Prince Wu You found out that the book of Mountains and Rivers is hidden at a secret vault at the old Qin mansion.

Fortunately, Shao Ke was invited to the party to provide the music.  Man Yao tagged along and quickly found a secret door, she was trapped, with the son of the minister of defense sniggering gleefully.

Episode 9

The birthday party turned bloody. The son of the minister of defense sniggered that he has Wu You’s woman so he cut his arm off.  The minister was obviously very upset that he ordered his guard to surround the prince but General Gu was there and had pre-planned everything.  They had more soldiers.

At that precise time, the king issued a warrant of arrest for the father and son for corruption.

While in prison, the minister said that he had insurance for their safety as he had secretly made a list and a copy of it of all the monies paid to the crown prince as his share of the corruption.

But the crown prince had already hired the Creed of Vengeance, a mercenary group, to rid him of the father and son.

Wu You has fallen for Man Yao but he can’t help himself suspecting her of being part of the Creed of Vengeance.

Episode 10

Wu You suspected that Man Yao and Rong Le are one and the same but in the end Ling Yue played being the princess Rong Le very well and Wu You was satisfied.

Rong Le and her brother, the Emperor had a happy reunion.

Episode 11

Legend of Hua Buqi (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Drama 2019

Legend of Hua Buqi (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

I Will Never Let You Go, Poster

AKA: I Will Never Let You Go


  • Genre: Wuxia, Historical Fiction, Romance
  • Release Date 8 January 2019
  • Original: China, Based on the Novel
  • CDrama: 51 Episodes


  • Ariel Lin as Hua Bu Qi
  • Vin Zhang as Chen Yu//Lian Yi Ke
  • Austin Lin as Dong Fang Shi
  • Xing En as Mo Ruo Fei
  • Caihong Hu as Madam Mo
  • Sun Kris as Yun Lang
  • Bella Bao as Liu Mingyue
  • Meng Huang as the 7th Prince
  • Tiara Huang as Liu Qing’er & Liu Qingwu
  • Xiangfei Xiang as Yuan Chong
  • Xin Liu as Zhu Zhou (Fat Zhu)
  • Huan Zhang as Zhu Fu
  • Fuxiang Zhong as Master Zhu
  • Bo Peng as Xiaoxia (Shrimpy)
  • Jiayi Guo as Hei Feng
  • Lesley Lin as Lin Dansha
  • Kaiyuan Gao as Lin Yuquan
  • Zibo Wang as Xiaoliu
  • Ang Li as AFu
  • Wenzuo Song as Bai Jianfei
  • Meng Huang as 7th Prince
  • Yijia Wu as Jiangsheng
  • Ruolin Wang as Emperor Chongde
  • Haocheng Zhang as Uncle Jiu/Zhu Jiuhua
  • Viann Zhang as Xue Fei

I am super excited for this drama as it starts two reliable leads.  Ariel Lin, a Taiwanese actress, who was last seen in Old Boy last year but five years ago in a historical drama, Prince Lan Ling Wang.  She is very charismatic.

The male lead is Vin Zhang or Zhang Bin Bin is equally charismatic that he often steal the scenes when he appears.

However, he had made several dramas, whether in the lead or as a supporting cast, and he tends to lose the girl in the end.

Hope this drama has a happy ending, but then again when there is a legend in the title it usually means the life and death of the character. 🙂

Be that as it may, I am looking forward to this drama which is coming this 8 January 2019.  Please subbers, I beseech you to translate the episodes in English!

7 January 2019

It has been announced that this drama has been licenced to Viki.  Yey, we are assured of subtitles.  Rejoice.

Episode 1

Currently reviewing this drama in its raw form, did not understand a word but hey action speaks louder than words.  LOL

Anyway, the drama started with the Xue Manor being ransacked.  A heavily pregnant woman and her older brother barely got away.

After running in some hazardous terrain from their pursuer, they got into a shack where the woman gave birth to a baby girl.

Their situation was rather grim.  The woman said that it was karma.  Her newly born daughter apparently is rather special.  She will cause chaos unto herself and others when she has grown up because everyone would want her usefulness.  The mother decided that it would be kinder to kill the baby but her brother stopped her and took the baby away from her.

The soldiers and their chasers are getting nearer so the man left with the child as the woman was bleeding profusely, too weak to move.

She dies as the soldiers got to her.  Apparently, the woman was in some sort of relationship with her pursuer (the 7th Prince).  He wanted her to be his concubine but she cheated on him and got pregnant.

Six years later, Uncle Jiu and Hua Bu Qi lived a very sorry life.  To make a living, they would busk in the street as the girl sings like an angel.

Unfortunately, the other beggars were not happy that they were making money.  Uncle Jiu was beaten up but luckily a dog, Aqua, (ah Huang) came to their rescue.

More years later, the girl is now a young lady, dressed in rags from head to toe.  But she seemed the most cheerful and rather opinionated girl.

She has a good head for business.  With her cart, she delivers and procures goods like wine, food, and clothes to be sold.

While pushing her cart, she got waylaid by a storyteller, who was recounting stories about a folk hero. Lian Yi Ke.  He had his audience spellbound with his stories how Lian Yi Ke had a 10-arrow bow.  She can’t help but stay and listen.

Among the crowd was a gorgeous man, our lead,  who was rather intrigued by the rag girl who corrected him when he said that the stories are exaggerations and lies.

The gorgeous man is Chen Yu who has a persona which dresses up in mask and ninja warrior attire.  He becomes Lian Yi Ke, champion of the people.  Chen Yu is newly arrived at this market town.  He had been tasked by his father to look for his illegitimate daughter by Xue Fei.  Of course, the purported daughter was Hua Bu Qi.

From the window of his room in an inn, he saw that bandits will be hijacking caravans of medicinal herbs which were to go to Feiyun.

As Lian Yi Ke, he was fighting with the bandits when the rag girl with her pushcart got into the middle of the fight.  Lian Yi Ke ended up using her as a part weapon to high-kick the bandits as well as to protect her.

When the fight was over, he noticed the rag girl without her hood.  She was a beautiful young lady.  For a minute or two he just stared at her and fell in love (I think)  She stared back and worshipped him for being her hero, Lian Yi Ke.

He rewarded her with a tael of silver.  She wanted to be with him longer but he had to go.

Well, the first episode is already interesting with enough action that you can follow the story despite the lack of subtitle.

There is also sizzling chemistry between the leads.  It is hard to believe that Ariel Lin is 36 while Vin Zhang is only 25.  Ariel Lin is so well preserved.   She gets more beautiful as she ages.  Hope this drama is subbed soon.  Come on Viki!

Episode 2

Rag Girl Hua Bu Qi’s Uncle Jiu had been suffering from a chronic cough for years.  He collapsed while trying to eat after getting really upset and worried at having found out that Hua Bu Qi had been flouting all his instructions.

Time and again he had told her to stick to begging, always dress in rags and keep her face dirty or covered.  She must not make herself stand out.

Hua Bu Qi cannot understand why she and her uncle needed to live like paupers, eat proceeds from begging alone when she can now make a living by buying and selling and everything else.

Rag Girl went to get the local doctor, who cannot do anything anymore for her seriously ill uncle.  She begged the doctor.

He recommended that perhaps she should approach the kindly Master Lin of Youlon Manor. who is a master herbalist and pharmacist.  Master Lin has apparently concocted a herbal pill that can ressurect someone from the dead.

Rag Girl wasted no time, she went to the manor and begged to see Master Lin.  She was so desperate she even offered herself as part payment for the expensive herbal pill.

But the guard won’t let her into the manor.

The intrepid Rag Girl climbed up a wall to get in.

At that moment gorgeous male lead, Chen Yu, was with Master Lin.

Master Lin has previously found out that Chen Yu was a prince.

The Rag Girl without further ado threw herself prostrate in front of Master Lin.  She then asked if she can have the herb that could make the Ninth Uncle better.

They all looked at her as if she was mad.

She ended up being thrown out of the manor.

She was crying over her very ill uncle when she noticed the masked man at the doorway.  He then threw a vial towards her.  It was the rare herbal medicine she wanted.  She quickly gave the meds to her uncle.

The masked man disappeared as fast as he had appeared when she went to look for him.

Her uncle got better, he had become the spritely man that he was.  Her uncle told her that it was about time that they return to the capital. She was old enough to find out about her background.

They were preparing their stuff to bring to the capital when a large number of assailants came barging in into their hovel.

They were determined to terminate both uncle and niece, despite their order to keep the girl alive.

The ninth uncle was prepared to defend his niece as he promised his dying sister.  Despite being really good in martial arts, in the end Zhu Hua, the ninth was defeated as there were just too many of the assassins.

But before he drew his last breath he left instructions to Hua Bu Q that she has to stay alive and not let those people get her.  He also said that she should take the begging bowl pottery and go to a pawn shop located in South Lane in the Capital City.  She should look for Mr Zhu and hand him the pottery.

Episode 3

As Uncle Jiu was dying, Hua Bu Qi was running for her life and being chased by the black cloak people who attacked her uncle.

They were able to corner Hua Bu Qi by a cliff.  She would rather die and join her uncle in death than be captured by the black-clad people.  So she jumped into the cliff but immediately rescued by Lian Yi Ke, who took her to a cave to rest and hide after he hurt the First Miss, the leader of the black cloak people, who has a crescent mark on her chest.

Hua Bu Qi was very upset and concerned that her uncle’s body might become dinner for wolves so she tried to get back to their shack.

She was stopped by Lian Yi Ke, who said that everyone was looking for her and if she does not want to get caught then she had to stay put while he goes to find her uncle’s body.

She waited but she saw a couple of black-clad men heading towards the cave.

So she left and saw her dog Aqua (Ah Huang) who led her back to the Yaoling Manor.

She saw the madam of the house and with the help of Aqua, they put up a very sad and dramatic story that the madam instructed to the servants to give Hua Bu Qi a room to stay.

It was quite a nice room too.

At the dead of the night, she left the manor to meet up with Lian Yi Ke where he led her to the grave he made for her uncle.

She thanks Lian Yi Ke profusely and told him that she was heading to the capital soon with the creepy, playboy and arrogant Chen Yu, the exact opposite of Lian Yi Ke.  Lian Yi Ke/Chen Yu does not know whether to be insulted or not.

Back at the manor, Hua Bu Qi had been given a maid’s uniform and now part of the household as a servant.

Master Lin found out the Hua Bu Qi was the missing daughter of the Seventh Prince, so from being a maid, she was immediately upgraded as part of the family with her own plush room.

Unfortunately for her, she felt like a prisoner as she was guarded by her own maids everywhere she goes.

One night she tried to sneak out but her maids were there.  She told them that she wanted to go for a walk.

They then noticed a commotion in the courtyard.  A ninja warrior was surrounded by the manor guards.

The maids run away leaving Hua Bu Qi alone.  She took her chance and left but she got caught up in the fight between the Ninja man (Long Qing in Ever NIght) Yun Lang and the manor guards.

A most unfortunate thing happened, Aqua protecting Hua Bu Qi was killed by Yun Lang.  So sad.

Sorrowful, Hua Bu Qi buried Aqua, feeling that she is now completely all alone in the world.

Episode 4

Thinking that Yun Lang is dead, Hua Bu Qi went back to remove the mask from him to find out how he looked like, the man who killed Aqua.

He grabbed her and took her into one of the rooms in the Yeolong villa.  He then asked her to help him bind his bleeding shoulder.

She got away from him pretending that she was complacent.  She locked him in the room and then she started shouting for the guards saying that she’s found the thief.

She really made him miserable and told her that he will be back and she will pay.

With all the commotion, Hua Bu Qi quickly got away and ended up in her old shack she shared with her 9th Uncle.

She found a very pretty man tending to his injured servant.

As the guard from Yeolong was upon her, she made out that the thief was those inside the shack.

She then got away and ended up in the cave once again, where the pretty man, the young master of Mo, Mo Ruofei found her.

Mo Ruofei became interested in her being the purported illegitimate daughter of the Seventh Prince.

The promise of a golden bowl from Mo Ruofei convinced Hua Bu Qi to go back to the Yeolong Villa with him.

Master Lin had a conversation with Hua Bu Qi, where she told him that she is not suitable as his concubine.

Master Lin laughed.  He told her the truth.  That she was the daughter of the seventh Prince and he will be sending her to him once all the confusions are sorted out.  In the meantime, he told her to stay at his villa, where she will be safe.

The Fourth Sister. Dan Sha of the villas started instructing Hua Bu Qi in etiquettes and manners.

Episode 5

I love this episode.  I love the action bit.  The choreography is amazing and an absolute delight to see.

It was agreed that Mo Ruofei will escort Hua Bu Qi to the capital.

On their way,  they were attacked by the Black Clad people, where Mo Ruofei was severely injured.

At the last minute, Lian Ki Ye appeared to the rescue and took Bu Qi away to escort her near the capital.

If Bu Qi is the daughter of the seventh prince and Chen Yu is also the only son of the seventh prince then that would make Bu Qi Chen Yu’s half-sister?!!!


Episode 6

Thank goodness, it was made more clear in this episode that Chen Yu and Bu Qi are not blood-related.

The Seventh prince (duke) first appeared in episode one where he was pursuing Xue Fei.  He told her that she could have been his royal concubine but she won’t have it and instead had to have an affair resulting in her pregnancy.

Xue Fei did say (Episode 1) that she did not matter to the seventh prince because all he wanted was the Bi louTian (whatever that is?)

Hooray, Hua Bu Qi and Chen Yu can have a loving relationship if they wanted to but of course, this is a drama so it would be during the halfway period before they find out.

At the moment, Chen Yu is fighting his attraction to Bu Qi but he just can’t help himself.

Poor Bu Qi was confined to the firewood warehouse by an extremely annoyed Jiangsheng, the close confidant/manservant of Mo Ruofei because he blamed her for the injury suffered by his master.

Ruo Fei was in bed being treated for a serious stomach stab/slash wound by his mother.

Ruo Fei had once told Hua Bu Qi that they have a history together.

Apparently, Ruo Fei’s father fell in love at first sight with Xue Fei.  Xue Fei had such an impact to Master Mo that when his first child was born his wife was happy to have their child named after Xue Fei, that is how Mo Ruo Fei got his name.  It might be possible that he and Bu Qi are siblings.

It doesn’t look as the mother is really happy about her husband’s attraction to Xue Fei because she was looking at Bu Qi rather suspiciously.

The news that Hua Bu Qi is now in the capital has reached the Seventh Prince.  He called his concubine and Chen Yu to an audience.  He told them that he plans to have Bu Qi live with them.

The main concubine agreed immediately but Chen Yu said ‘over his dead body’ because having Bu Qi in the manor is a mega-slap to his dead mother who suffered from the seventh prince obsession of Xue Fei and his ‘illegitimate daughter’

Despite moaning about Bu Qi, he can’t help himself checking up on her whether she was doing fine or not and later found out that she was far from ok

He saw Bu Qi left starved and locked in the dirty woodshed.  She was so desperate she was about to eat a mouse but Lian Yi Ke hiding in the roof said that he would bring her fried chicken and he did.

Ruo Fei is getting better and the first thing he thought of was Bu Qi.  Having found out that Bu Qi is being locked up as a prisoner, he got up to find her.  He is so cute.

Bu Qi’s life is continuously being threatened by so many.

Episode 7 (Who is Bu Qi’s Real Father?)

I love, love, love this drama.

Anyway, this episode is the revelation of Hua Bu Qi’s real father.

The Seventh Prince had come to meet Hua Bu Qi.  Upon seeing her, he declared that she was his beloved missing daughter, the spitting image of XueFei.

Bu Qi was trying to reach some berries when she almost fell into the pond, but Chen Yu was just in time to fly down to save her.

He warned her not to even think of going to the Duke’s  Manor.  He then pulled her belt and pushed her into the pond which his father had witnessed.

His father shouted at him.  He dove into the pond to rescue Hua Bu Qi.  He told her that was just a taster.  If she goes to the manor, she is dead.

Anyway, seeing that there’ll be trouble if the Duke takes her back to his manor, the Duke told Bu Qi to stay at the Mo Manor for now.

Mo Ruofei liked her so much that he said she will be his true little sister.  He would ask his mother to adopt her into the Mo family.  She will be the Second sister of the family.

Unbeknown to them, Ruofei’s mother secretly hated the idea and hated Bu Qi even more.

Once upon a time, Lady Mo was the most beautiful woman in the capital.  She was so beautiful that many wanted to marry her, including a handsome young man, Mo Baixing, who came to beg her father her hand in marriage.  He promised that he would only love her and would never take a concubine.

But XueFei happened.

Zhu Xua left Xue Fei for Mo Baixing to look after as the Duke had been after her.

Unfortunately, the married Mo Baixing fell in love with Xue Fei.  One drunken night, he forced himself to XueFei and made her pregnant.

Devastated and jealous RuoFei’s mother sent her back to the Xue Manor.

Seeing that her husband continued to be obsessed with XueFei, that he even named their precious baby after the woman, RuoFei’s mother instructed that Xue Manor should be burnt to the ground.

After the death of Xue Fei, Mo Baixing was a different man, he pined for Xue Fei and in front of his wife, while clutching his drawing of Xue Fei, he drew his last breath.

Now she instructed Uncle Mo to poison Hua Bu Qi.

Episode 8

There are four very influential ‘families’ who were at truce but behind the scene were fighting each other.  At the moment, these families (Mo, Youlong, Mingyue, & Feiyun) were after Bu Qi.

The leader of Mingyue has ordered the massacre of Master Lin and his family (Youlong) but at the last minute he let off the son and daughter of Master Lin and tasked them to ensure Bu Qi’s good health.  He knew that his own clan would like to kill Bu Qi.

Bu Qi had been getting tonic from the eunuch of Madam Mo.  The tonic regularly given to her was being poisoned.  Thank goodness Bu Qi found out almost immediately when she unexpectedly saw the eunuch adding some powder to her tonic.  Though she cannot really refuse the tonic as it was specially ordered by the Mother Mo to prepare for her, Bu Qi had become rather inventive in getting rid of it.

It was the nearing the New Year, Mo Ruo Fei showered Bu Qi with gifts including clothes, hair accessories, pieces of jewelry and rouges.  Ruo Fei was really excited about the present he brought in.  He was telling Bu Qi the exact colours of the blushes and helping her with the hairpins.  He was really excited more than Bu Qi.  🙂 .  He really loves his little sister.  I think he was really a girl but had to dress up as a boy so he can continue with their family business when his father died.

Xing En who plays Mo Ruo Fei is just the handsomest woman.  She is so beautifully androgynous.

The Mingyue family has twin assassins.  One of them has infiltrated the Mo family in the guise of a new maid, Qing’er.

She arranged that the New Year fireworks that would go off from atop a totem pole where it would spew coins as bonuses for the servants had an added surprise to it.  Qing’er and her couple of minions put some explosive balls with it.

Bu Qi was given the honour of lighting the firecrackers and she almost died when she fell from the top of the totem.  She was going to be finished off by the Qing’er if not for Ruo Fei being quick to get to Bu Qi.

Qing’er was quick-witted.  She pretended that she was so worried out Bu Qi that she rushed toward her immediately.

Episode 9

Ruo Fei found his mother telling Bu Qi to get better but Ruo Fei suspected that the accident was all his mother’s doing.  He went to speak to his mother who confessed that she does not like Bu Qi deep down but she would not kill her.

Ruo Fei found Qing’er trying to put ointment behind her sore bruised elbow.  Ruo Fei helped her to do it.

Upon hearing that Bu Qi was hurt, Chen Yu volunteered to visit her instead of his father.  But the visit did not go as well as they always end up fighting.

Chen Yu told her that she was so uncouth with no manners whatsoever.

Bu Qi was equally upset and told him to go to his mother for etiquette because he will not find it with her.

Chen Yu saw red for Bu Qi having mentioned his mother.  He grabbed her by the throat but Bu Qi said that it was not her fault that his father loved her mother more than anyone else.

To punish Bu Qi, he took her most precious begging bowl and then left much to the anger of Bu Qi.

She can’t be parted with her bowl as it was her only remember from her beloved Uncle Jiu and it would also reveal who she really was.  With this in mind, she tried to get out of the Mo Manor to go to the Duke’s Pavilion to retrieve the bowl.

She climbed a wall but she fell and lost consciousness.

The Mo Manor was again in upheaval looking for Bu Qi.

Yun Lang of Feiyun, is a cousin of Ruo Fei.  He came for a visit to evade his father who would skin him alive for his latest misdemeanor.

Yun Lang helped in the search of Bu Qi and found her by the bottom of a wall.  He realised that she was the girl at Youlong who almost got him killed.

Episode 10

At last the Duke’s ill-health and emotional blackmail finally worked on Chen Yu.  He agreed that Bu Qi could move in the pavilion.

Meanwhile, Bu Qi was well enough to meet her rescuer.  She was surprised and angered to know that it was the man who killed Aqua, her beloved dog.

Ruo Fei left Bu Qi to Yun Lang not knowing about the history of the two.

Bu Qi told him that he killed her dog, he said he did not but she almost got him killed.  They were having an almost flirtatious altercation that it ended with Yun Lang giving her kiss on her cheek and told her that he was going to marry her.  Awww

Full of bravado, Bu Qi once again thought of a way to escape the Mo Manor and she did it by hiding under a rubbish cart, which was being wheeled out of the manor.

She asked a beggar girl to exchange clothes and then she proceeded to the pawn shop to seek Mr Zhu.

She managed to find the pawn shop but did not have much lack without her begging bowl.

Ruo Fei and Yun Lang finally found Bu Qi again and brought back to the Mo Manor.

She was then told to get clean up as she was being fetched by the Royal Concubine to go to the Duke’s Pavilion.

When she got to the pavilion, poor Bu Qi met the same fate as when she first got to Mo Manor.  She was locked in a deserted storage room.

Chen Yu found out about it and was rather concerned.  He said to the concubine that if anything happens to Bu Qi, she will answer to the Duke.

The concubine said that she was just taming Bu Qi and will let her out in a couple of days.

Bu Qi can’t be tamed, she found a way out by escaping through the roof.  She would have hurt herself badly once again if Chen Yu did not catch her falling down.

He pretended that he was annoyed that she was in the pavilion and warned her not to get too comfortable because she will be out soon.

Bu Qu reassured him that she would not want to stay but she was rather hungry.

Chen Yu dismissed her request for food but secretly went to the palace’s kitchen to get the cook prepare a snack for her, which she enjoyed tremendously.

The next day, she got her revenge with the servant who locked her in.  She locked them back when they came to get her from the room.

Bu Qi finally met up with the duke who was so happy to see her.

Chen Yu said he will look after his little sister.

Episode 11

It was the lantern festival and the emperor was in attendance.

Everyone had put their money on Mingyue winning the lantern contest but Bu Qi was ever so loyal to Ruo Fei that she tried to sabotage the presentation of the Mingyue float by going on board and tried to interfere with the heavenly dancing.

What Bu Qi found out was that the main dancer was the first sister of Mingyu, the twin of Qing’er.  The dancer was Qingwu and she was the leader fo the black-clad people who almost killed Bu Qi.

Qingwu threw Bu Qi out of the float and Chen Yu was there to save her.

In the end, Mingyu won the contest.

Episode 12

The Seventh Prince is getting worse especially after witnessing the song and dance of Qingwu during the lantern festival.

The seventh prince said that he was not too sure whether Xie Fei did die as they can’t find her body afterward.

Apparently, it was only Xie Fei and the prince, who knew of the song and dance she did to bid him au revoir before he went into battle on a moonlit night many years ago.  Has Mingyue taken Xie Fei’s body?!!!

Apparently, Xie Fei is a man-magnet, even the leader of Mingyue fancied her rotten.

Qingwu was invited to dance and sing for the seventh prince to make him well or at least to cheer him up as Chen Yu suspected that there is something in the song and dance that made his father worse.

Qingwu danced beautifully and enticingly but there was no effect to the prince, he remains poorly.

Qingwu was asked to stay for a few days within the 7th prince palace as the Chen Yu was investigating her as the assassin leader who wanted to kill Bu Qi.

Bu Qi tried to get the proof from Qingwu, She sneaked in while Qingwu was having a bath but she can’t really see clearly from she was hiding.

BuQi was rescued by Chen Yu from being found out by Qingwu.

Qingwu though suspected that it was Bu Qi who was spying on her and they ended up having a fight.  Bu Qi slapped her, Qingwu kicked Bu Qi rather hard.

Bu Qi fell a few steps.

Chen Yu found them with the noble concubine.  Bu Qi was going to be punished but she pretended to faint.

Chen Yu was ready arms for her.  She pretended a couple more times and then she was really feeling faint which alarmed Chen Yu.  The leads have oodles of chemistry.  So cute.

Episode 13

Liu Mingyue said that she has the know-how to wake the comatose 7th Prince.  He woke up but only partially cured.

Ling Mingyue made a deal with him to put a needle into him that would make him function quite normally again for 4 months tops and then he dies when the needle has reached his heart.

The Prince said he was willing to do it and curious to know what Mingyue wanted in return.  She said she would like to destroy Mo Manor and to get the tenure of managing the government money as well as the dealer for the palace ceramics.

The Prince said ok.

He was really curious what Mingyue real motive.  Apparently, Xue Fei was her half-sister.  Xue Fei had a noble mother while Mingyue had a servant for a mother.

But she knew that Xue Fei was killed by Ruo Fei’s mother and she wanted revenge.

Episode 14

Bu Qi finally brought the begging bowl to Xiulong Pawnshop and spoke to Mr Zhu Fu, an agent of the Zhu Manor.

He took the bowl from Bu Qi to have a look at it and then smashed it to the ground.  Obviously, Bu Qi was heartbroken as it was the last remembrance from her Uncle Jiu.

From the shards of the ceramic bowl was a huge black pearl which is estimated at 5 million taels.  Bu Qi was flabbergasted and sad to realise that they could have used the money to get a better physician for her uncle, then he would have lived.

Apparently, Uncle Jiu is the only son and heir of the Zhu Manor.  He had a fight with his father and left vowing to live on his own means.  He became know as Zhua Xu or Uncle Jiu.

Mr Zhu Fu wanted to take Bu Qi to Zhu Manor but they are both wary that the 7th Prince would come after them and would find out the real identity of Uncle Jiu.

Mr Zhu Fu said that he will try to get hold of a Death Faking Pill for Bu Qi to pretend that she had died and therefore they would not find out that she had gone to Zhu Manor.

She was deep in thought when she got accosted by the black clad gang, led by Qingwu.

Thank goodness Lian Yi Ke came to the rescue but sadly he got hit with an arrow by Qingwu.

Both Lian Yi Ke and Bu Qi fell into the lake but they got to a hut, where Bu Qi removed the arrow on the shoulder of Lian Yi Ke.

He was ill all night but Bu Qi looked after him.

When he woke up he found that Bu Qi has a high fever.  She has a weak immune system as she was just recovering from flu and slowly being poisoned by Madam Mo.

To keep her warm, Lian Yi Ke back-hugged her.

She then deliriously said that she like him very much and can she marry him.

Episode 15

Lian Yi Ke came to visit Bu Qi with a rabbit lantern.  He only meant to leave the lantern for her to find in the morning but he can’t help himself checking up on her when he heard her coughing roughly.  He brought her a cough medicine because despite Bu Qi calling her maid for some water, the maid remained asleep.  She slept even more soundly than a log.

Bu Qi is badgering Lian Yi Ke about liking him so much and wanted him to visit her often.

It was as heartbreaking for him as he was very much attracted to BuQi even from the beginning.

But it was a forbidden love as they are siblings.

Lian Yi Ke decided to show his true self to her but Bu Qu turned around and covered her face at the last moment.

Like The Wind by Joker Xue (episode Ost)

This is also the moment when Yun Lang realised that he loves Bu Qi.  Bu Qi then became aware of his feelings when her maid teased her about Yun Lang.

Yun Lang was very tender towards Bu Qi.  He was not pressuring her to like him.  He was treating her as a delicate flower and doing things that would cheer her up.

Episode 16

Bu Qi finally found out that Lian Yi Ke is none other than Chen Yu.

She forcibly removed his mask and shocked to find out that Lian Yi Ke is her half-brother, Chen Yu.

Bu Qi was devastated.  She adored Lian Yi Ke.  She had told him she likes him several times and even begged him to marry her.

They are both in bits knowing that they love each other more than brother and sister.  Ariel Lin was so good as a broken-hearted girl, she looked so frail.  She made me cry.

Vin and Ariel’s chemistry is undeniable.

Dansha Lin who had a crush on Yun Lang was telling him that Bu Qi used to be a poor beggar.  Hoping that he would be repulsed, Dansha said that Bu Qi used to drink dog’s milk.

On the contrary, Yun Lang became more fascinated with Bu Qi. He also understood why she was inconsolable with the death of Aqua (ah Huang), the dog.

After playing meek and gentle servant girl, Qing’er grabbed her chance and slashed Ruo Fei with a poison knife.

Poor Ruo Fei is now on death’s door.

Episode 17

With Ruo Fei being gravely ill, he had only three days to live, this became the last straw for his mother.  She invited Hua Bi Qi to pray in their family shrine.

Mother Mo with her devoted manservant served soup to Bu Qi.

Bu Qi knew the soup was poisoned so she made every excuse not to partake and to leave but they won’t let her until it became rather physical.

They forced fed the poisoned soup to Bu Qi.

They told her that she was an illegitimate daughter of Ruo Fei’s father.

Mo Ruo Fei was miraculously cured by the Youlong boy who came to live at Mo manor with his sister.

Ruo Fei was as good as new.  He noticed his mother’s manservant coming out of Bu Qi’s room.  There he found Bu Qi weakened and death-pain.

Ruo Fei was desolate.  He really loved Bu Qi and taken her into his heart like a real sister.  He was so ashamed of what was done to Bu Qi by his mother, he could not even look at Bu Qi.  This scene was so heartrending.  Crying time.  The Youlong healer boy said that he could not do anything for Bu Qi anymore.

Bu Qi was all forgiving and said that she was happy Ruo Fei was her real brother,

It was just a matter of time for Bu Qi.

Yun Lang went to visit Bu Qi and found her spewing blood on the floor.  This is another sad scene.  He was holding Bu Qi tightly and he knew she was dying and there was no one on hand to help.

Until a servant came to feed Bu Qi a tablet.

The tablet made Bu Qi rest in peace!  Is our Hua Bu Qi dead?

Episode 18

The maid was from Mr Zhu pawnshop.  She quickly explained to Yun Lang that Bu Qi is safer ‘dead’ than remain at the Mo Manor.

Bu Qi ‘died’, she was not breathing, no pulse nor heartbeat as confirmed by the manor’s physicians, including the Youling brother.

Mo Ruofei was very upset but still has to cover his mother’s crime.

She went to the 7th Prince to relay the sad news which was overheard by a disbelieving Chen Yu.

He handsomely rode his horse to the Mo Manor to see Bu Qi, who was already laden in a coffin.  Chen Yu was absolutely heartbroken for someone who made Bu Qi’s life rather miserable at times.

The 7th Prince also came to view the body and asked for the second opinion that Bu Qi is indeed dead.  He was very surprised at how emotional Chen Yu was.

The Lin sister examines Bu Qi by using acupuncture needles.  She looked puzzled when she inserted the needle into Bu Qi’s heart, which was noticed by Chen Yu.  But in the end, the Lin sister declared that Bu Qi is dead from a poison which came from the most poisonous viper snake.

The 7th Prince had a talk with Afu, his trusted companion.  He mentioned to Afu that Chen Yu must not be allowed to go to the funeral because people might start to talk.  It was obvious, even to him that Chen Yu had a very strong feeling for Bu Qi.  It was more than those of siblings but that of a lover.

He was right too as Chen Yu went to Yuan Chong to bring out all the feelings he had hidden for Bu Qi.

When everyone left with only Yun Lang remaining on a vigil, the Lin sister came to kneel by him.  The Lin sister, who has a massive crush on Yun Lang somehow managed to get the truth out of Yun Lang but she promised to keep it as a secret but he had to do something in return for her.  He had to marry her.

Poor Yun Lang did not have much choice.  He loved Bu Qi deeply that he would do anything for her.  He also agreed that Bu Qi being out of the Mo Manor and from the Seventh Prince would be good for her.  So he promised the Lin sister a marriage.

Bu Qi was buried.  Ruo Fei was very sorry and ashamed.  Ru Fei intoned that he will visit Bu Qi often.

Again Yun Lang stayed at the grave site.

But a ninja warrior gang came to disturb the peace.

The leader was the maid from Mr Zhu’s pawnshop.

They quickly took Bu Qi’s body.

Episode 19

Poor Chen Yu was desperately sad, demented with grief.   He was crying his heart out, in front of his friend, Yuan Chong, from Yuan Manor, the son of the commander general.

All of a sudden he wanted to see Bu Qi.  They rode to the grave site, where Chen Yu saw the rabbit lantern, beloved by Bu Qi as it was given to her by Lian Yi Ke.  He noticed that there was some writing underneath.  He visibly cheered up firmly believing that it was a secret message from Bu Qi.

He started digging the soil with his bare hands, his friend tried to stop him but it was no used.

The finally got to the tomb and opened Bu Qi’s coffin, which was empty.

Now more than ever he believes that his beloved Bu Qi is alive.

Well not quite alive, because Mr Zhu’s people can’t revive Bu Qi.  Doctors had come and go shaking their heads.

And then Mr Zhu went to look for another doctor, who was seeing a patient, a pregnant woman who was comatose, her baby was just too big to deliver.  The doctor said that it was impossible but was stopped by the arrival of a young good looking man, who took over from the doctor.  He took some acupuncture needles and used them on the woman, he then carried her into a room and locked themselves from the others.  From another medical pouch, he took a surgical knife and deliver a baby through Caesarian.

Mr Zhu was so impressed he begged the doctor to see Bu Qi but the doctor said he does not do visiting and he only cures the poor.

Mr Zhu went back to the manor and told them about the super-medicine man.  There was nothing that can be done but to kidnap him and they did by gassing him.

The doctor smiled while he was supposed to be unconscious.  Interesting.

The doctor was rather reluctant at first but he saw his patient, a beautiful lifeless Bu Qi.  He smiled and did his bit.  Suddenly Bu Qi opened her eyes but went straight back to sleep.

The doctor was Dong Fang Shi, who said that Bu Qi is just now sleeping and will wake up soon.

They paid him but he returned the money saying he was not interested but their Miss is a pretty one and he was interested.

Episode 20

Bu Qi learned that she was from the Zhu Manor as heir to Uncle Jiu.  For some reason, they advised her to pretend that Uncle Jiu is her illegitimate father.

She met Mr Zhu who became grief-stricken upon learning of the death of Uncle Jiu.

Uncle Jiu was Mr Zhu’s only son.  Who run away with Xue Fei when she reached her 17th birthday.

Apparently, when Mr Zhu was still quite young, he made a mistake that cost his family a lot of money and there was also someone who died.

The neighbours and other merchants began to ostracize them and Mr Zhu would have ended in prison if a mysterious man did not suddenly appear.

The mysterious man lent money to the Zhus and brokered with the government to clear up the murder charge against Mr Zhu.

But the mysterious man had one proviso.  He will marry the first daughter of Mr Zhu on her seventeen birthday.

Though the Zhus did not want to agree, they can’t do anything about it but agree to it.

When Xue Fei was born, they quickly allowed her to be ‘adopted’ by the Xue Manor.

On Xue Fei 17th the Mysterious man had appeared to take Xue Fei away.  Despite the Zhus carefully hiding Xue Fei the mysterious man found out.

So Uncle Jiu took his sister away and let her hide at the Mo Manor under the care of his good friend Mo Baixing.

One night Mo Baixing got drunk and abused Xue Fei which made her pregnant.

Uncle Jiu took her away and went back to Xue Manor.

The jealous and vengeful wife of Mo Baixing ordered that Xue Manor is burnt to the ground.

This story makes sense why Xue Fei wanted to kill her infant baby.  The  child in the end has to marry an old man to honour a family debt and gratitude.

And this was exactly what Bu Qi was worrying about.

Episode 21

Bu Qi started to settle as the young miss of Zhu Manor.

She was immediately given the complete responsibility for the running of Zhu Manor and its many lucrative businesses.

Despite this, Bu Qi under advisement decided to start a period of austerity to save 20 Million taels of silver to pay their debts to the mysterious man.

She wanted to go out in the market to inspect their various shops to find out who was honest and those who would turn against them.  She cannot risk being recognised so she pretended to be bodyguard maid to ShrimpyXiaoxan.

After shopping till they dropped, they decided to stop for a refreshment.  When entering the establishment, Bu Qi got distracted by her parcels falling into the ground, thus, missing Chen Yu, who was coming out of the tea house.

Inside the tea house, Bu Qi and the pretty Shrimpy attracted attention from the men led by a bullish Tiger Wu, who started harassing them.

Yuan Chong, Chen Yu’s best friend, came to their rescue.  He fell in love at first sight with Shrimpy.

Episode 22

Yuan Chong was not enough of hero though as he was only a mediocre fighter.  Shrimpy had to help him out in the end.

Yuan Chong was really in love.

Bu Qi and Shrimpy were only a few yards away from the tea house when they got accosted by white robe-flying ninjas.  Shrimpy was so good but there were just too many ninjas.

Bu Qi, who was hiding from behind a pillar was about to be attacked when an arrow came flying down with the trademark of Lian Yi Ke and hit the assailant.

Lian Yi Ke was faster than Dong Fang Shi, who was also ready to help Bu Qi, which he said was his fiancee.

Anyway, Yuan Chong wanted to see Shrimpy, who he thought was the elusive newly surfaced Miss Sun Hua Hua.  With his friend, the duke son, who is related to Bu Qi as being the son of Bu Qi’s Ninth aunt, they went to Zhu Manor but they were told that Miss Sun was so shocked of their adventure the other day that she had taken to bed.

Yuan Chong told Chen Yu that he was in love.  Chen Yu was still unsuccessful in locating the doctor to heal his father.  He can’t find Dong Fang Shi.

Some aunts of Bu Qi came calling.  Bu Qi had to pretend to be ill.  She found out though that she had spies in the manor who tells the aunts everything about her. She did warn them before of this unacceptable behaviour but they repeated tattling on her without thought.

Bu Qi had to punish them and had Shrimpy beat one of them in front of one of the aunts who came back when she found out that Bu Qi was only pretending to be ill.

In front of her aunt, she had Shrimpy beat the girl senseless.  This taught the other two girls a lesson.  When the aunt told them to stand up and leave, just one look from Bu Qi and the girls just remained kneeling on the ground.  It was only when Bu Qi finally told them to get up that they got up.

Episode 23

Lian Yi Ke suddenly appeared at the Zhu Manor.  Bu Qi looked at him longingly but it turned out he was a fake.  He was really Yuan Chong dressed us Lian Yi Ke to impressed Shrimpy.

Yuan Chong found out Shrimpy is not Miss Sun but the bodyguard.  Nevertheless, Yuan Chong said that he loved her at first sight.  He was ready to marry her.

Shrimpy beat him up with a twig.

Bu Qi who heard their commotion giggled.

Bu Qi had taken over the Zhu business.  She was ecstatic to know that her plan to save money from restructuring the allowances of concubines and sisters of her grandfather is paying dividends.

She was suddenly called up in one of their shops because a customer came in with his eyes blinded because of a firework he bought from the store.  He was being represented by Dong Fang Shi who is so cute but looked like up to no good as he was trying it on with Bu Qi.

Bu Qi is really good at business and solved the mystery and even created the mishap into a positive press for their shops.

Dong Fang shi sort of said that the Zhu owes his grandfather a lot of money.  It looks like that Dong Fang Shi may be the grandson of the Mysterious man.

Episode 24

This is probably after four months after Bu Qi ‘died’.  The Seventh Prince is dying.  He had a heart to heart with Chen Yu.  He said that he did not want Chen Yu to get married, to which Chen Yu replied that he already love someone.

The Prince said he knows and it was Bu Qi.

Chen Yu then said that he knows that Bu Qi is alive. The Seventh Prince visibly cheered up when Chen Yu told him that he believed Bu Qi is not dead.

Chen Yu told the Prince that Bu Qi is not his daughter.

The Prince said he knew for a long time.  He kept Bu Qi in the manor because she is the goddess of Biloutian.

He then recounted the story about the Biloutian.

It is some sort of enchanted place, where the goddess lives.  She was told that she holds the faith of the world in her hand by sacrificing herself, there will be world peace.

The goddess was so disconcerted that she run away from Biloutian and got reincarnated in Xue Fei and then Hua Bu Qi.

Apparently, the one that has the Biloutian orb, map and the goddess will rule the world.

Chen Yu became very unhappy with the story.  He said to his dying father that he will never ever use Bu Qi as a tool and then he walked off.

Afu, the Seventh Prince’s right-hand man had gone to the cave where the master of Mingyue had all his treasures.  Part of these treasures was half of the treasure map that goes with Bilotian.  The other half of the map was with the Seventh Prince.

When they got to the cave they noticed that it was alarmed with flying arrows.  But at least Afu found the map but Afu’s assistant was hit on the leg quite badly.  The guard opted to stay behind to get Afu a chance to get away.

Episode 25

The Seventh Prince was on his last leg, but before he died he spoke to the emperor to allow Chen Yu to leave the capital.

The Seventh Prince had died.  It was quickly announced that Chen Yu was now the Prince of Dongying, which is a small district that is so barren people and animals are not in plentiful.

Everyone knew that Chen Yu’s new title is more a demotion.  However Chen Yu was not bothered.

Afu, it turned out is a double agent.  He was working for both the Emperor, to spy on the 7th Prince, and for the 7th Prince to find the other half of the Biloutian map.

Afu worked for the emperor because he has his sister, Xiomei, the other survivor of the Biloutian massacre many years ago by the Mysterious Person, who has got the other half of the map.

Chen Yu had been asked by the emperor to investigate Mingyue Villa.  That was apparently the reason why Chen Yu was given the fiefdom of Dongying, because it is nearby the Mingyue Villa.

Yuan Chong and Jin Fei went to commiserate with Chen Yu for his father’s passing.  They ended talking about Hua Hua, the new mistress of Zhu Manor.

As soon as Chen Yu, heard the name Hua Hua he was excited.  He thought that this was probably his Hua Bu Qi.

Yuan Chong said that Hua Hua was being given a party on 15 August.

Episode 26

It was 15 August.  It was the day that Lady Sun (Bu Qi) or Zhu Zhu will be introduced to society as the 10th master of Zhu Manor which will be written in the Zhu historical records.

During the ceremony, where Bu Qi made a bow to her ancestors, many high-ups of society were invited.  They were curious to know the long lost granddaughter of Grandmaster Zhu, the wealthiest man in Souzhou.

Mr Zhu was proudly parading his granddaughter when a familiar face can be seen in the crowd.  It was a bemoustached Chen Yu.  He once and for all knew that Bu Qi is alive and well.

Not well for long as Bu Qi was kidnapped by Dong Feng shi.  He locked Bu Qi in his manor.

He told Bu Qi that he was just inspecting the goods as she is his betrothed.

Bu Qi told him that she will never marry him in this lifetime.  She will pay the monies owed to his family in two years.

Dong Fang Shi said that he will ruin her family business.

In the end, he let Bu Qi go.

Episode 27

Bu Qi woke up back in their manor.  Her grandfather asked her what happened, who kidnapped her.  Apparently, there have been rumours.

Bu Qi immediately said that she had been with Lian Yi Ke.  He kidnapped her.  And she announced that she would pay anyone 20,000 taels of silver who can bring her Lian yi Ke.  This was a message to Lian Yi Ke to keep away as he was in danger, remembering that Dong Fang Shi knew that she like Lian Yi Ke and had told Bu Qi that he would kill him.

Anyway, bad news for Bu Qi, in all of their major shops, new ones are opening up and undercutting their prices and profit margin.

Dong Fang Shi has some guts, he went to visit Grandmaster Zhu to formally introduced himself as the intended of Lady Zhu. The mysterious man was his maternal grandfather.  He told Grandpa Zhu that he had come of age for marriage, he does not have a concubine and he meant to marry Zhu Zhu in two years as agreed.

Grandfather Zhu said that in no way in hell would Zhu Zhu marry him, as his grandfather caused the death of Xue Fei and Jiu Zhu.

Bu Qi was listening outside the door, one of her assistants said that to be fair Dong Fang Shi is handsome and loaded. 🙂

Episode 28

Bu Qi finally found out Chen Yu was in Souzhou.  And how she found out!!!

They had long eye contact and smile so sweet but they were in public.

Then later on in her room, there was a presence.  It was Chen Yu.

At first, Bu Qi played it cool, hard to get and rather annoyed that Chen Yu took his merry time to come and find her.

Chen Yu hugged her and then kissed her and before you know it they were covered in a blanket in their underwear. It means they had done the deeds. 🙂  But isn’t Bu Qi supposed to be only 15 years old?

Afterward, they were sad to be parted.

But duty must!


Episode 29

Chen Yu is on a mission to investigate the goings on at Mingyue Villa and to revenge Bu Qi’s Uncle Jiu.

To accomplish this task, he was encouraging Liu Qingwu to flirt with him.  Leading her on.  A very touchy feely flirting as well.  What would Bu Qi say?  Just because he had Bu Qi, he had moved on already?!!!  LOL . Nah, he can’t leave Bu Qi.

But it would be problematic for him as Liu Mingyue had given a drug to help Qingwu get pregnant by Chen Yu.

Chen Yu, Liu Mingyu reckon is the type to take responsibility for his baby-mommy.  Chen Yu then can become her son-in-law.

Qingwu had saved Chen Yu after he followed Liu Mingyue in a cave ridden with traps.  Qingwu was hurt and Chen Yu had to treat her wounds.

Qingwu then asked Chen Yu if she could stay in his Dongying Manor in the meantime.

The guards noticed how caring Chen Yu was to Qingwu, cradling her all the way to his manor.

Also Mo Rou Fei is seen having an intimate dinner for two with Liu Qing’er.  What is going on?  Didn’t Qing’er almost killed Rou Fei.

Rou Fei had told Qing’er that she was the heir to Xue Manor.  Liu Mingyue had killed their parents and then snatched the twin girls.  This is the reason she was strict and cruel to them.

Episode 30

Dong fangshi had Shrimpy, Yuan Chong and JinFei abducted and kept in the dungeon because he wanted to interrogate them about Lian Yi Ke.

He was so jealous of Lian Yi Ke, the purple robe knight, because of Miss Zhu’s (Bu Qi) obvious attraction and attachment to the robed hero.

Dong Fang shi will not have his unwedded wife cheating on him.

Before Chen Yu left Souzhou and Zhu Manor, he gave a plan to Shrimpy on how to set up a trap.

Shimpy did just this and like a  mouse, Dong Fangshi walked into the trap.

He was then heavily chained in bed for a few days.  Zhu Bu Qi then made him drink a concoction to make him more amenable and put his thumbprint into a document she prepared earlier about trespassing and harassing her and therefore he would not be pursuing his marriage contract with her.  The Zhu would also be given enough time to pay off their debts.

Dong Fangshi was rather impressed with Zhu Bu Qi and he said he is attracted to her more and more.

Yeah, I am also attracted more and more with this pairing.  Dong Fangshi in his arrogant ways is actually too devoted to Zhu Bu Qi.

Meanwhile, Qingwu had gotten better.  Chen Yu was looking at her rather tenderly.  What is this?!!!  No

Qingwu said that she would like to back to Mingyue Villa and she wanted to know whether Chen Yu would be worried about her.

He said that if she had any problem, then she had to let him know.

When she has gone, even the guards noticed their sizzling chemistry.  Noooooo

Zhu Bu Qi was able to read Dong Fang Shi’s next step and she was ready for him with the town guards almost lying in wait.

Right before all their eyes, Dong Fang Shi who had tied a handkerchief on his face got away.

The next day, instead of Dong Fang Shi being in trouble, he was suing Zhu Bu Qi for conspiracy to blacken his name and reputation.

It turned out that Dong Fang Shi is super-talented, not only as a doctor, martial artist but also he is a scholar, who passed the Imperial examination.

He is really so interesting.  I really like him now.

Episode 31

Yun Lang heard about the current court case of Zhu Bu Qi and he wasted no time going to the court to rescue Zhu Bu Qi.

The case was going to be thrown out of court but Zhu Fu said that Dong Fang Shi was rather underhanded in his businesses.  He was killing free trade and affecting the economy of town businesses.

Several witnesses, including Yuan Chong and Jin Fei, came to testify for the House of Zhu.  There was also Yun Lang.

Dong Fang Shi said that he will be closing Dan Ji.  Case closed.

Yun Lang and Lin Dansha had a bit of a domestic, where Dansha said that she will not hold Yun Lang to his promise of marriage as she now knew how much in love he was with Zhu Bu Qi.

Dong Fang Shi heard about the Zhu Bu Qi and he got curious of Yun Lang as well.

Zhu Bu Qi was advised by the House of Zhu to be careful with Yun Lang because the situation might escalate and have the House of Mo targetting the House of Zhu.

But Bu Qi completely trusts Yun Lang.  So she prepared a fish supper herself and invited Yun Lang to dine with.

They had a lovely time but then the time came when Yun Lang asked her if the one who poisoned her was Lian Yi Ke?

Zhu Bu Qi categorically said no.

Yun Lang said that she might as well tell him because he won’t stop until he finds out.

Zhu Bu Qi did not have much choice so she had to confess that it was Mother Mo, who was pathologically jealous of her mother and Moxiang love affair.

Yun Lang refused to believe it at first as he does adore his aunt and this implicated Rou Fei for covering for his mother’s dastardly deeds.

He left Zhu Bu Qi fuming.  `He promised that they will not hurt her again.

Dong Fang Shi followed the angry Yun Lang and saw that he was a good fighter but was so distracted with his anger that it was too late for him to evade the sleep-inducing needle that Dong Fang shi adroitly threw at him.

He instructed Hei Fei, his assistant to take Yun Lang away but treat him well.

Dong Fang Shi then went to see Zhu Bu Qi and proposed to pay her 20 thousand taels per day just to keep him company.

I am loving Dong Fang Shi, he has so much character.  I love the scene when the romantic dinner for two he envisaged to be having with Zhu Bu Qi turned into a soiree with her Grandfather and various aunts, who each toasted Dong Fang Shi again and again until he looked so drunk.  But of course, he wasn’t.

Episode 32

Dong Fang Shi took Zhu Bu Qi to his place and asked her why she was not scared of being alone with him.  She said there was nothing to be nervous about as Shrimpy is just outside.

Also, she does not believe that Dong Fang Shi is seriously attracted to her because she has really nothing to speak of, she is not really that pretty, she doesn’t have elegance, she doesn’t have manners, she doesn’t read, etc.  She reckons that he was really after the money.

Dong Fang Shi just smiled enigmatically and told her that he would marry her no matter what.

He then showed her something of interest to her.  In a peephole, she saw Brother Yun Lang and Dansha huddled together.

Suddenly Zhu Bu Qi was not in a jokey mood. She dropped on her knees begging to let Brother Yun Lang and Dansha go.  She promised to not contradict him anymore and do whatever he says.

Dong Fang Shi was rather moved and even quipped that Lian Yi Ke might get jealous of Zhu Bu Qi’s devotion to Brother Yun Lang.

But he did call Hei Feng to release the two in the dungeon.

Zhu Bu Qi watched the two leave.  Dong Fang Zhi then tried it on with Bu Qi but she bit him and subtly took his jade seal which she noticed had been given to him by Prince Cheng.  (interesting)

Dong Fang Shi decided that they have enough for the day and offered to take Bu Qi home but she said she was an independent woman and can find her own way home.

Halfway, she met up with Shrimpy.  They went to the market town looking at knick-knacks when Liu Mingyue’s spy, who was disfigured assassin tried to kill Bu Qi with a poison arrow.  He would have failed because Dong Fang Shi was there to prevent this.

But somehow Bu Qi got ‘hit’ from an assailant from above the building.  She fell down into the strong arms of Shrimpy who protected her.  Their guards also suddenly appeared to hide Bu Qi from further attack, which was unfortunate for the very worried Dong Fang Shi, who offered his services as a doctor to see to Bu Qi.

Anyway, all his efforts were thwarted. He instead went to confront the scarred assassin, who he knew was from the Mingyue Villa, his clan.  He asked who sent him but the man chose to kill himself rather than betray Liu Mingyue.

Zhu Bu Qi was not really hurt.  It was all a ruse to prevent Dong Fang Shi to keep following her.  Being unwell would mean she can pretend to lie low for a few days without incurring suspicion.  She can then spend these days going to  Dongying to see Chen Yue and find out about Mingyue Villa.

Dressed like a servant boy. Zhu Bu Qi went with her fat assistant.  They went to Sui Valley instead of directly going to Dongying.

Along the way, they accumulated a lot of money by gambling.

But the days of freedom from Dong Fang Zhi are numbered.  He released some ‘wanted’ posters for both Bu Qi and the fat assistant.

Dong Fang Shi was actually really worried about Zhu Bu Qi.  ahhhh . Loving Dong Fang Shi.

Episode 33

Zhu Bu Qi and Fat Zhu’s first stop of business was the One Tael Gambling House where they sold a design of a gambling wheel.

Brother Yun Lang had reached the House of Mo and finally confirmed what Bu Qi had told him about the real person who poisoned by confronting Ruo Fei, who got excited when he sort of concluded that Bu Qi was not dead.

Ruo Fei was so upset and told Yun Lang that there was no excuse of what he did lying about her mother but she had to protect her as she’s her mother.

He told Yun Lang that he had visited Bu Qi’s grave several times.  He had noticed that it had been disturbed but somehow he hasn’t got the never to open it and check.

Ruo Fei immediately sent Jian Feng to see if Bu Qi is in the South.

Dong Fang Shi is hot in pursuit of Zhu Bu Shi. who was busy money making at Sui Valley.

Chen Yu was playing nursemaid to Qingwu and it looks like that he was feeling rather tempted of her because as she confessed to him, he told her that she reminds him of Bu Qi.  They both lived a sorry life through no fault of their own.

Time and again he would remind Qingwu that she is a friend to him though they started as enemies.

Qingwu, however, was not listening, she was flirting like a storm with Chen Yu and he wasn’t discouraging her in the strongest possible way.

I fact they have become like confidants, he even told her that he had only ever loved one person, which is Bu Qi and that he was also Lian Yi Ke.  And of course, she calls him familiarly as Cheng Qing.

Beast! 🙁

Episode 34

It may not look like that  Chen Yu was not as devoted to Bu Qi as he should be but there was one person who makes Bu Qi hs top priority.  He would drop anything and everything to be with Bu Qi.  He calls her his brat girl.  Sweet. 🙂

That man is Dong Fangshi, who was rather sinister at times but he does look after Bu Qi and would be enraged if Bu Qi is put under any kind of peril.  Hear that Chen Yu?!!!

Zhu Bu Qi got separated from Fat Zhu who had to stay behind so she can get away.

All alone in the desert, Zhu Bu Qi was finally located by Dong Fang Shi.

First thing first, he asked Bu Qi to return his jade seal, which she did.  When she asked why he had the jade seal, Dong Fan shi said that they did a lot of favour to King Cheng and in return, he gave them the seal.

For some reason, they were lost, they were just going round and round and ended up on their starting point.

They decided to rest for the night but Bu Qi got bitten by a large scorpion.

Dong Fang Shi was so sweet, he killed the scorpion and forced Bu Qi to take off her shoe and sock.  He then sucked the poison from her lower leg, causing his lips to swell up brightly red.

Bu Qi was grateful but she couldn’t help laughing at how incongruous he looked with his large lips which many women of today would pay a fortune to acquire.

Awww they were so sweet together.  Bu Qi even started to think that Dong Fang Shi might not be as bad afterall.

Episode 35

Zhu Bu Qi and Dong Fang Shi were starting to get along well.  They are developing a sweet friendship born out of a necessity for a mutual survival a well close proximity in the desert.

Out of nowhere popped Chen Yu.

Zhu Bu Qi suddenly had eyes only for Chen Yu much to the disgust and jealousy of Dong Fang Shi.

He then begun to suspect that Chen Yu must be Lian Yi Ke as Zhu Bi Qi had been saying that she already loves someone and that someone is Lian Yi Ke.

Chen Yu showed some jealousy about Dong Fangshi.  He was surprised to find Bu Qi with him in the desert.

But towards the end of the episodes, Qingwu also appeared and tried to show that there was more to the relationship she has with Chen Yu.

Obviously, Bu Qi was jealous and used Dong Feng Shi to make Chen Yu jealous as well.

With Chen Yu, why doesn’t he just tell Qingwu to go away!  He seemed to prioritise her over Bu Qi.

Chen Yu knows this too because he continuously apologised to Bu Qi about Qingwu.

Qingwu really thought that Bu Qi was dead but she thought Zhu Bu Qi was the spitting image of the ‘dead’ Hua Bu Qi.

When she asked Chen Yu/ Chen Qing if he likes this new girl, He said yes, he likes her.

Episode 36

Qingwu continued to cause division between Zhu Bu Qi and Chen Yu,

But I do blame Chen Yu because in front of Bu Qi he gives too much care and attention to Qingwu.  He even stayed watching over Qingwu while she slept.

For goodness sake’s he has not seen Bu Qi for months and yet he left her alone to be with Qingwu who used the moment to get him in bed with her even if using sleeping powder to do it.

When he realised what had happened and how Bu Qi might have suffered by an understandable misunderstanding of the whole situation, he was still rather lenient with Qingwu.

Seriously I like Bu Qi with Dong Fang Shi.  He likes her and quite faithful to her but of course, he is not a saint as he encourages Qingwu to do her worst.

Bu Qi was devastated to find her lover in bed with another woman, so she runs off into the desert but closely followed by Dong Fang Shi.

He gave her a drink, without knowing that is has been drugged by Bu Qi herself.  She wanted Dong Fang Shi to fall asleep so she could be with Chen Yu.

Having both drank the water, in no time Bu Qi and Dong Fang Si fell into a deep sleep.

Bu Qi woke up in the bandit cave and Dong fang shi was found by Chen Yu in the desert still asleep.

Episode 37

Bu Qi was able to mingle easily with the bandits because of her background as a beggar and her outgoing personality as well as a good business brain. She was comfortable with them and they were friendly with her.

It turned out that the bandits were a conglomerate for Mingyue Villa and Liu Mingyue was hiding within the cave.

Dong Fang Shi and Chen Yu had found the cave after torturing a bandit in the deset to make him talk.

Liu Mingyue noticed the new girl for being loud and friendly with the bandits.  She had asked to see the  girl (Bu Qi) afterwards, she had her properly locked up.

This was where Chen Yu found her.  Chen Yu was all guilt and apologies to Bu Qi.  Telling her that it was all a misunderstanding that he did not do anything with Qingyu because how could he?  He only loves Bu Qi.

Bu Qi played hard to get for one minute and then promptly forgave Chen Yu but she made up promised to cut off any contact with Qingwu.

He was he already sent her packing.

The sweet thing about Chen Yu was that he calls Bu Qi his wife.  Awww.

Bu Qi’s prowess with piciking locks came in handy when they were searching for the Biloutian map.

Somehow Bu Qi and Chen Yu got separated because to got out of the cave Chen said to Bu Qi to hide while he creates a sort of diversion.

Dong Fang Shi learned more of Hua Bu Qi’s history from Liu Mingyue.  She said that Chen Yu was her half brother but she had died and caused a bit of a talk when Chen Yu had a mini-breakdown when he found out that Bu Qi had died.

Dong Fang Shi was a bit puzzled with the siblings information because Bu Qi and Chen Yu are more intimate that just mere brothers and sisters.

Liu Mingyue explained that there was a high probability that they were not related at all because the Seventh Prince was away when Xue Fei, Bu Qi’s mother got pregnant.

Episode 38

From her hiding place, Bu Qi was found by Dong Fang Shi, who was dressed as a bandit.  He threw some clothes of the same kind for her to change into.

They quietly tried to get away but Liu Mingyue saw them and asked the guards to get them,   In comes Chen Yu who signaled to Dong Fang Shi to take Bu Qi to safety.

Poor Chen Yu was stabbed a couple of times by Liu Mingyue.  He just managed to get away from the thick of it but finding it almost impossible to completely get out of the cave.

Bu Qi and Dong Fang Shi reached the town.  Bu Qi immediately reported what was going on with Chen Yu to his guards, who were surprised that the Princess Bu Qi was alive.

Bu Qi passed to them the map of the desert and of the cave.

Dong Fang Si did a neck pinch on Bu Qi to make her temporary unconscious.  he then hurried to the cave to warn the bandits and Liu Mingyue, who all work for the Dongfang to evacuate immediately as the government guards were on their way.

Chen Yu’s guards went to the cave and found a heavily wounded Chen Yu; all the bandits had gone.  Dong Fang Shi was also in attendance and offered to see to Chen Yu’s wounds.

When they got to the Chen yu’s temporary lodging, Bu Qi was there but they were trying to delay her seeing Chen Yu who was still resting.  They did not tell her that he was heavily wounded.

Bu Qi though saw Qingwu purposely striding into Chen Yu’s room.  Bu Qi ignored Chen Yu bodyguard and forcefully marched into Chen Yu’s bedroom only to find Qingwu sitting on his bed looking lover-like towards the sleeping Chen Yu.

Bu Qi saw red and dragged Qingyu away.  At first, Qingyu was complaining that Bu Qi should be thrown out and would have struck Bu Qi if Han Se did not intervene.

Chen Yu’s body, Xiao Liu, told Bu Qi that Qingwu has a special relationship with his master, Chen Yu.

Chen Yu woke up with all the rackets going around him.   His first word was Qingwu.  Really?!!! He then said to stop making trouble and go back to Mingye Villa.

He firmly grasped Bu Qi’s hand which was seen and hurt the heartbroken, Qingwu.

Bu Qi and Chen Yu made up sweetly.

They were in bed together resting when the bodyguard came knocking.

Bu Qi was informed that that fat Zhu was gambling and may be being held under duress.

Bu Qi is loyal so she went immediately to the gambling den accompanied by Chen Yu.

Bu Qi rescued Fat Zhu.

They left the casino quite content.

Episode 39

Dong Fang Shi had ordered Hei Feng to kill everyone at  Mingyue Vila as he was annoyed with Liu Mingyue for having ignored his instruction not to attack him and Bu Qi.

Everyone was slained except for QingWu and her maid.

For the first time, Chen Yu took Bu Qi to his new Dongping Manor.

Bu Qi entered the manor arm in arm with Chen.  She was telling him that it was rather impressive.  She thought the Dongying was poor and derelict instead of a large manor.  She asked him teasingly whether he was hiding beauties in Dongping?

He said no but now he will, looking at her lovingly.

Her happiness did not last long because waiting for them was QingWu and her maid, who was asking for asylum from Chen Yu.

She told him that her manor was attacked and everyone was dead, they barely escaped.

Chen Yu said that they can stay, he then immediately felt Bu Qi ‘s arm dropping off him.

When they were alone he told her that she matters to him but he needed Qingwu to help him investigate Mingyue Villa.

Bu Qi is not just jealous because Qingwu fancied Chen Yu something rotten.  It was more than that.  Qingwu killed Uncle Jiu who looked after and cared for Bu Qi since she was an infant.

Chen Yu is so bad but so gorgeous.

Bu Qi made him promised not to see Qingwu, not to speak with her, not to touch her.

Again he promises easily not to see, speak, touch Qingwu, who was getting drunk at that very moment.

Bu Qi was playing good housewife.  She went into the kitchen to supervise as well as cook something delicious and nutritious for the recuperating Chen Yu.

She was happily chopping, cooking and stirring her concoction and when she was satisfied with it, she ladled some in a big bowl and took it to Chen Yu’s room. It was empty except for Chen Yu’s bodyguard who was so worried as Chen Yu was taking his time getting back.  He told Bu Qi that said Chen Yu was away for the moment but will be back soon.

Bu Qi’s cheating radar suddenly twanged.

He was cheating because he went back on his promise again.  He was tending to a drunk, not dying, Qingwu.  He was pouring her a cup of tea to sober her up.  He even gave her paracetamol (the herbal kind, LOL) for her headache.  He was so sweet to her.  No wonder Qingwu won’t let go of him.  He was not very discouraging!

Bu Qi had had it.  She dumped the bowl of food and her apron o the bodyguard and left

Bu Qi leaves and turned into a beggar again.  Dong Fang Shi found her and told her to leave with him and she will live the life of a princess.  Why doesn’t she?

Chen Yu is too nice to Qingwu.  I bet he wouldn’t mind making her his concubine.

Just walk away Bu Qi.

Of course, she wouldn’t as she was much too in love with him.

He found Bu Qi and just a quick pretend that he was feeling unwell and Bu Qi was again returning back to him.

And back she returned to the same old story.  Qingwu’s maid was waiting for them with the information that Qingwu was in a pretty bad way.

Chen Yu’s first thought was to go to Qingwu but just managed to stop himself.

Bu Qi then said that she will go instead.

Chen Yu assigned his armored guard to watch over Bu Qi. This guard is actually pretty loyal to Bu Qi.  He was on Team Bu Qi, unlike Chen Yu’s personal bodyguard who thinks Qingwu is perfect for his master.

Bu Qi went to Qingwu, who of course is quite healthy but sulky.  Bu Qi told her to stop her dramas and bothering Chen Yu.  She then gave Qingwu a knife to protect herself if she is that worried.

Qingwu quickly used the knife to throw at Bu Qi, who could have been hurt if the guard did not have a quick reflex action.

Was Chen Yu bothered about this kind of vindictive action from his Qingwu to Bu Qi,  It doesn’t look like it.

Episode 40

This episode is mostly about A Fu and his sister Xiaomei.  At last they arrived at the vicinity of Biloutian and was just looking for the entrance when the Mysterious Man appeared with his posse including Liu Mingyue and Qing’er.

Despite putting up a good fight, A Fu was fatally wounded by the Mysterious Man.  His sister was killed instantly by Qing’er.

Chen Yu came to the rescue but a bit too late for A Fu.

Chen Yu had a good shot of the Mysterious Man but Liu Mingyue stood in his way and got shot instead.

Qing’er at last had her chance to revenge her family from the massacre instigated by Liu Mingyue.

She told Liu MIngyue that she was always just a tool to the Mysterious Man, she was nothing then she slahed Minyue’s thoat,

The dying AFu gave the Biloutian orb and map to Chen Yu and requested that Chen Yu cremates his and Xiomei’s body and bring their ashes back to Biloutian.

For some reason, one of his firm friends, Jin Fei, seemed to have become rather a megalomaniac and had told the King that Chen Yu is working for himself, and he was Lian Yi Ke.  He also said that Chen Yu is having a complicated affair with his sister, HUa Bu Qi.

The Emperor was surprised by the information but a little more so of Jin Fei who was a friend and grew up with Chen Yu.

Bu Qi received a message from home that Lord Zhu was very ill.  Without much ado, Bu Qi and Fat Zhu decided to go back but were ambushed on their way.

Dong Fang Shi was there to the rescue, but really to abduct Bu Qi as planned with his grandfather, the Mysterious Man.

Thank goodness, Chen Yu was back in time and took Bu Qi away from Dong Fang Shi.

Back at the Dongping Manor, BuQi said that the attempt of her life was planned by Qingwu because her maid was seen talking to the assassins.

At last Chen Yu ordered that Qingwu be taken to the governor for investigation.

Qingwu was put in prison but not for long.  She escaped quite easily.

Chen Yu then got arrested and taken to the palace prison,

BuQi with Xiao Liu saw Chen Yu being carted away.


Episode 41

Bu Qi and Xiao Liu followed Chen in the capital.

Bu Qi tried to see Chen Yu in prison but she was not allowed by Junfei.

Chen Yu’s arrest was all due to his own plot so he can pretend he was locked up and be free to investigate the Mingyue Villa and who was behind it, who was the big boss.

He was naughty, he did not confide in Bu Qi, thus Fat Shu was also arrested as he was staying Dongping Manor at that time.

Bu Qi had to ransom him for one million as well as being forced to allow Junfei and the government to audit the Zhu Manor’s finances.

At the end of the episode, Bu Qi was in a doldrum when Shrimpy nudged her to get her attention and signaled that Lian Yi Ke is coming towards their way.

Bu Qi was so happy.

Lian Yi Ke opened his arms wide for an embrace which Bu Qi gladly went into.

She was deliriously happy but she noticed his hand.  It was missing the bite mark she gave Chen Yu.

She saw that Lian Yi Ke is a fake one.

It was really Dong Fang Shi.  Even knowing that it was Fang shi she still stayed in his arms.  So cute.

But Dong Fang Shi had to let her go in disgust because Bu Qi seemed to love Lian Yi Ke even if he betrayed her by leaving her.

Episode 42

Bu Qi was despondent, utterly defeated that she can’t see or know how Chen Yu was.

She also found out from Dong Fang Shi that Chen Yu can never return because he has two things that the emperor wanted.

If Chen Yu gives those to the emperor, he will end up dead; if he doesn’t give it to the emperor, Chen Yu will forever be a wanted man.

She was deep in worried thoughts, traveling alone in a horse-drawn cart when she heard some commotion.

She looked outside the curtained window of the sedan but she got hit on the head causing her to faint.

She woke up with evil Qingwu staring menacingly at her.

Qingwu told Bu Qi  to look outside which Bu Qi.  They were outside a brothel.

Qingwu said that she will sed Bu Qi to the brothel where her soft and delicate skin would be a hit with flesh-hungry men .

Bu Qi begged Qingwu to spare her but Qingwu was demented with vengeance.  Bu Qi had to use her hidden sleeve arrow and hit Qingwu right in the stomach.

Bu Qi was convinced she had killed Qingwu.

Bu Qi got away by quickly untying the horse from the cart and ride it bareback.

She was riding through a busy town when she saw a child squatted in the middle of the road.  Bu Qi stopped the horse suddenly causing it to rear.

Bu Qi was thrown off but expertly caught by a stranger, a Lhoba man, which she noticed had a rather familiar bite mark on his hand.  It can’t be Chen Yu as he does not look remotely like the Prince.

Anyway, Dong Fang Shi was suddenly at the scene and seeing to Bu Qi was about to faint from her adventure quickly took her away.  But beforehand she told them that she had killed Qingwu.  She told them where she left Qingwu.

When they went to the cart, they found that it was empty.

The Zhu clan were looking for Bu Qi but they can’t find him.

The Lhoba man who was a mute, came to see the Zhu clan and he signaled to them where Bu Qi was taken.

The Zhu clan went quickly to Dong Fang Shi to fetch Bu Qi,

The Lhoba man was indeed Chen Yu who came to see her in her bedroom.

Bu Qi was not particularly scared that a strange guy was in her bedroom because the Lhoba man quickly removed his prosthetic mask revealing the once again stunningly gorgeous Chen Yu.

After a bit of loving thumping of chest, etc. Bu Qi gave him a loving hug.

Chen Yu then asked her to run away with him but Bu Qi refused.  She said that if she disappears with him, everyone would know that Chen Yu is not in prison and therefore all his meticulous planning would to naught.

So she locked out Chen Yu and told him to go do his mission.

Episode 43

Bu Qi received horrendous bad news, Chen Yu is dead during an ambush.

A scorched body of Chen Yu was brought in for her to see by Dong Fang Shi.

She was so absolutely heartbroken and looking so frail that Dong Fang Shi was saddened as well as annoyed for her deep feelings for Chen Yu.

Bu Qi told him that he once had a conversation with Chen Yu about what she would do if he dies.

Bu Qi told Dong Fang Shi that she said to Chen Yu that she will marry someone else but at this moment she had changed her mind.

She then said to Dong Fang Shi that this moment clearly shows how different he was from Chen Yu.  And that is why she doesn’t really like him.  Just to make a point Dong Fang Shi had to bring in the scorched body of her beloved.  He did not think about how this would affect Bu Qi at all.

Bu Qi asked Dong Fang Shi if he really loves her?  Did he mean to kill her?  She admitted that she had now found out that she was the saintess of Biloutian.

Dong Fang Shi was completely in the dark of what Bu Qi was getting at.

Bu Qi asked him if he knew the full story of the legend of the Biloutian?

She told him that after the 5th generations the empire will end.  But whoever has the goddess of Biloutian will get to the treasure and rule the world.

She then said that to get to the treasure, the saintess will be sacrificed.

Dong Fang Shi was absolutely devastated.  He promised Bu Qi that no one will touch her nor kill her.

Bu Qi told Dong Fang Shi to protect Shrimpy at all cost.  Bu Qi will go to him, he can sacrifice her if he wanted to because frankly, she had lost the will to live with Chen Yu being already dead.

Poor Bu Qi was sure that the scorched body was that of Chen you and ended up hugging the dead smelly body.

Dong Fang Shi sought his grandfather immediately and asked if there was more to the legend of Biloutian.

The grandfather readily admitted that there was and that the saintess had to be sacrificed.

Dong Fang Shi said that he really like Bu Qi and would not have her killed.

The grandfather said that they needed the treasure to get to the throne.

Dong Fang Shi said he’d never wanted the throne.

It then came out that Dong Fang Shi is a real prince.  He is the son of Prince Cheng who married Dong Fang Shi’s mother.  Apparently, the grandfather was forced to agree to the marriage because his daughter threatened to burn the Ghost Valley just like what Dong Fang Shi was doing now if his grandmother so as much as touch a strand of Bu Qi’s hair.

His grandfather reminded him that he can never be married to Bu Qi.  With the rebellion, they’ve started, a powerful clan was helping them.  Dong Fang Shi, therefore, had to marry their daughter or princess for the alliance.

Dong Fang Shi blurted that even if does not get to marry Bu Qi, he won’t allow her death.

Awww Dong Fang Shi really adores Bu Qi.

Bu Qi was traveling back to Zhu Manor when they stopped for a rest.  Suddenly there was a commotion.

She went to look and saw the tall figure of the Lhoba man looking directly at her.

Bu Qi started running towards him and he then pulled her behind him on his horse and rode away from the Zhu people.

Qingwu was not dead.  She was locked up in the palace prison having been found in the abandoned carriage by guards.  She was able to have an interview with the Emperor who seemed to have lusted at first sight with her.

Qingwu also said that Hua Bu Qi was not the 7th prince daughter, therefore, not sister to Chen Yu.  Hua Bu Qi is, however, the goddess of Biloutian.

This got the emperor very interested.

Meanwhile, the King was absolutely lusting after Qingwu who was encouraging him at full force.

She laid down in her bed and looked at the king enticingly and expectantly.

OMG, so will she become the favourite concubine or queen of the king and then will make Bu Qi’s life miserable.  I don’t think I can take too much more of her nastiness.

Having said that, Tiara Huang is just a good actress.  She made her Qingwu so annoying you just wanted to give her a good slapping!  LOL


I have seen some of the trailers of coming episode up to 50 in youtube and it was so stressful to watch. Everyone seemed to have died or got badly injured.

Zhang Vin had such an adorable chemistry with Ariel Lin.  He looks like he truly adores her.  Awww I hope they do a modern drama together.

Probably a Season 2.  Apparently the novel this drama is based on is about Bu Qi and Chen Yu were lovers in modern times but time travelled in Ancient China.

Episode 44

The Feiyun Manor is in trouble.  They can’t supply the 10,000 steeds ordered by the king.  There was another plague killing the horses.  What Master Feiyun does not know what that it was by order of the Mysterious Man to poison all the rivers and lakes near the Feiyun manor, thus killing the horses.

The Mysterious Man then went to Master Feiyun and told him to rise up with him against the Emperor.  He told the Feiyun Master that his grandson is a direct descendant of Prince Cheng, who led a few battles with Master Feiyun.

Master Feiyun did not readily agree as it was committing treason punishable by death.

But in the end, they do not have a choice as the Emperor would be mightily annoyed that his 10,000 steeds were not being provided.

Yun Lang, though not really happy with what had happened had a few conditions of his own including being given the antidotes for the poison given to the Lin siblings.  Dansha was so happy to hear Yun Lang asking for the antidote for her.

Bu Qi and Chen Yu are like honeymooners in their little house in the prairie.  They have gone to the basic and foraging for food but they were happy and contented.

Chen Yu showed Bu Qi the Biloutian orb and map.  When Bu Qi touched the orb, it came alive.

Now more than ever they knew that she was the saintess.

Chen Yu said that he will bring his teacher’s ashes to Biloutian and return to them the orb and the map as well.  They were both content with this decision.

If they did not really have intercourse in episode 28, they certainly have had it now!!! 🙂

“Do you know that you are currently playing with fire?” asked Chen Yu to Bu Qi who was lying beneath him?  Awww

Go, go play away.

The morning (more like afternoon) after, he wakes Bu Qi and calling her Madam Chen!  Awww

Mind you, Chen Yu I am still very upset with you.  But seeing your gorgeous face, I forget until the next time you’re with Qingwu again!

Yes, Qingwu had now become the King Consort.

Bai Jinfei had kidnapped Grandmaster Zhu to make Hua Bu Qi come to his rescue and for Chen Yu to come back from the dead.

It was rather successful too as Chen Yu did come to the rescue without the knowledge of Bu Qi.

Episode 45

It was not a successful rescue.  Chen Yu was arrested and taken to the emperor, who questioned him on the two things about the Biloutian and the whereabouts of the goddess Hua Bu Qi.

Chen Yu pretended that he know nothing about the two things but said that he rescued Hua Bu Qi because he felt so sorry for her, she had such a sad life.

The Emperor was not buying it so Chen Yu said to just kill him.

The emperor took his knife and plunged it into Chen Yu’s chest.

Chen Yu seemed not to mind and quite resigned to dying in the hands of the emperor and also being loyal to him as did was his father, the 7th prince.

The emperor could not go through killing Chen Yu.  He removed the knife and called for the best physicians of the palace to patch up Chen Yu.

The Emperor watched rather concernedly why all the doctors were shaking their heads.  They told the Emperor that it was a lost cause.  He cannot be cured.

The Emperor went mad and told the physician that he will have them all executed if Chen Yu does not get better.  One said that the 100-year old ginseng should do it.

The Emperor was annoyed that they did not use it immediately.

Meanwhile, Qingwu’s maid had told her the news that Chen Yu was in the palace badly injured.

Qingwu wanted to go to Chen Yu immediately but her maid stopped her. If the Emperor gets to find out that she was visiting the prince of Dongping, they will be both executed.

So Qingwu waited.  Under the cover of darkness, she sneaked into Chen Yu’s room at the palace.

She confessed that she had become a concubine of the emperor because Bai Junfei found her in the abandoned carriage after Bu Qi tried to kill her.

Junfei then gifted her to the emperor.

Qingwu told Chen Yu that she would help him get away if he promises to abandon Bu Qi for her.

Chen Yu said he can’t do that.  He had told Qingwu before that Bu Qi is the only one in his heart.

Qingwu asked him what does Bu Qi has that he loves her so much.

His answer is what makes Qingwu continues to hope.

He said that love has its own reason, which reason knows nothing about.  Why couldn’t he say that Bu Qi makes his heart beats faster, she makes him happy, a better person, she gives him courage, and blah blah blah.  Instead of sounding like he does not really know himself.  Chen Yu ‘dislike alert’ here again.  He is such a tease.  He does really like Qingwu as well but does not want to admit to it.  He does not want to upset her.  She is really redundant to him now because Mingyue Villa is gone.

Qingwu said to Chen Yu that it was her who told the emperor that Bu Qi is the Biloutian goddess.

Chen Yu was so annoyed that he almost struck Qingwu but his wound hurt.  He then called the guards to distract them so Qingwu can get away.

Qingwu was really annoyed and went to the emperor to tell him how to get to Bu Qi.

She suggested announcing that Grandmaster Zhu and Chen Yu would be both executed within the month if Bu Qi does not show up.

Bu Qi showed up and asked the guards to take her to the emperor but guards of Dong Fang Shi fought off the emperor’s guards allowing for Bu Qi to get away.

She then gets rescued by Mo Ruofei who was so pleased to see Bu Qi.

Bu Qi was underwhelmed because she remembers that Madam Mo did try to kill her.  Mo Ruofei said that he is there now to make atonement for his mother.

Episode 46

Bu Qi was going to the Capital with Mo Ruofei and Jiangsheng when their carriage was stopped by fleeing folks advising them to turn back as well.  Apparently the grandson of King Cheng was revolting against the Emperor and everywhere was chaotic.

The Emperor had issued a very strict edict of stop and search and find the most wanted people, especially Hua Bu Qi.

Bu Qi was taken back to Mo Manor but before she can settle the emperor’s guards came to Mo Manor to confiscate it.

Mo Manor had been implicated with Feiyun Manor, rebelling against the Emperor.

Madam Mo was surprised to see Bu Qi being alive.  She was so confused as just saw her trusted bodyguard getting killed to save her.  She tried to commit suicide with a pair of scissors but Bu Qi stopped her.

Madam Mo did get her comeuppance in the end as the pugnacious emperor’s guards shot her with an arrow.

Ruo Fei was inconsolable but Bu Qi had to drag him away and escape.

Poor Jiangsheng was killed trying to protect Ruo Fei and Bu Qi.

Ruo Fei and Bu Qi escaped but they had to change their appearance as the soldiers are doing a rigid stop and search.  Photofits of both Ruo Fei and Bu Qi had been issued.

Bu Qi had the idea of Ruo Fei dressing as a woman and her as a boy.

Ruo Fei refuses at first but Bu Qi said that she had known since then arrived in the capital that Ruo Fei was a woman.  Madam Mo would not let anyone to touch or treat the wounded Ruo Fei then.  Also when Ruo Fei gave Bu Qi an array of pieces of jewelry and make-up, Ruo was more excited.

Ruo Fei dressed up as a woman and she was quite pretty as well.

I have to admit, I was thinking where did they get the make-up including the mascara.  Bu Qi must have a secret pocket for all of these.

Anyway, they passed the stop and search.  They agreed that it would be safer if they parted ways, anyhow Ruo Fei was determined to avenge his mother.  He was going to join Dong Fang Shi’s army.  Bu Qi on the other hand would try to save her grandpa Zhu and Chen Yu but meet up with Xiao Xia first.

Ruo Fei begged Dong Fang Shi to take him in.

Dong Fang Shi was reluctant at first but he told one of his generals to train Ruo Fei.

Ruo Fei was given a military uniform and had to change in a men’s tent. Ruo Fei refused to strip in front of the other men and he ended up fighting with them.  The general found out that she was a girl.

She was brought to Dong Fang Shi, who does not trust her at all.

Dong Fang Shi was surprised that the genius of Mo Manor was a woman.

Ruo Fei asked what she can do to earn his trust.

Dong Fang Shi said that he wanted Bu Qi brought to him.  Because Bu Qi going to the emperor would mean her death and he wanted to protect Bu Qi.

Bu Qi was hiding in a barn when Shrimpy and Yuan Chong found her.  She told them that she will save Chen Yu and grandad Zhu and wanted Yuan Chong to take her to the emperor.

She was just walking out of the barn when she saw Ruo Fei,

Bu Qi was pleased to see him but he was cold and serious.  Ruo Fei had guards with him who subdued Bu Qi, Shrimpy and Yuan.

Bu Qi was taken to Dong Fang Shi, who was happy to see her.

Yun Lang, who had joined forces with Dong Fang Shi’s army was happy to see Ruo Fei.

Episode 47

Bu Qi was captured by Dong Fang Shi’s army.

She was manacled in chains in both arms and legs to prevent her escaping.

She did try to escape several times.  She even hurt herself when she fell into broken crockeries.  Poor Dong Fang Shi was so worried about her that he called Dansha to treat Bu Qi.  Of course, he could have treated Bu Qi himself but he loves Bu Qi so much, he did not like to make her feel uncomfortable and ruin her reputation as a single girl as well.

Unfortunately, Bu Qi did become more than uncomfortable when she received a visit from the Mysterious Man, who force-fed Bu Qi with a pill that made her squirmed from stabbing stomach pains.

Thank goodness Dong Fang Shi appeared and killed the guards and then beg his grandfather to give Bu Qi the antidote.

The grandpa refused.  He was dismissive of Dong Fang Shi’s putting love for a woman over sitting on the throne.

Dong Fang Shi said that he had only loved one woman in is life and he will not sacrifice her for anything.

As Bu Qi was getting weaker and weaker, Dong Fang Shi tried to snatch the antidote from his grandfather who was too quick and strong for him.

As a last recourse, Dong Fang Shi unsheathed his knife and stabbed himself in the arm which surprised his grandfather.  Dong Fang Shi then said what was the point of it all without Bu Qi in his life, so he wants to feel the same pain as what Bu Qi was feeling now.

I am telling you if I had been Bu Qi I would have married Dong Fang Shi on the spot!  LOL  That is such a rare love. An all-consuming passion, faithful and true.

The grandfather was forced to give the antidote to Dong Fang Shi to give to Bu Qi.

He asked Bu Qi if she was moved by his confession.

This is the time when I became annoyed with Bu Qi.

She said categorically, “No” . She wanted to leave there and then to save Chen Yu and Grandpa Zhu.

What she does not know was that her lover boy, Chen Yu is getting better at the palace.  He often gets a visit from the evil looking Qingwu.  What happened to her. Her new style is just too severe but it looks like she can still turn on Chen Yu.

Chen Yu (despise mode alert again), despite Qingwu’s evil intention towards Bu Qi, he was still very accommodating towards her.  He said he loves Bu Qi.  He was sounding more like it was just lip service.  He did not really mean it.

When Qingwu said that they should leave the palace together before he got executed in the next couple of day, Chen Yu declined.

Qingwu persevered though.  She declared that if he leaves alone, she will never see him again.  But if he left with her, he would feel responsible for her and would never leave her side.

Chen Yu did not disagree of her conclusion.

Chen Yu was told by the Emperor to go and kill himself because Chen Yu would not denounce Bu Qi.  But seriously Chen Yu is all talk because he really cares and even secretly in love with Qingwu, who he gave a karate chop back strike to make her sleep so he can get away.

He took her in his arm to her room and tenderly put her to bed, then lingeringly stared at her.  And not only that he left her a goodbye letter, more like a love letter.

He said that he knew she likes him and knows that she had suffered a lot because of him and listen to this!  He said, “In our next life, I will pay you back.” (Meaning Bu Qi is history and he will be loving Qingwu only)

Meaning he does love her.  (the bastard!  LOL)  I hate you Chen Yu, you beast!

So the subtitle of this drama is really ” I Will Never Let You Go in this Lifetime only.” LOL

He should have killed Qingwu.  He has a very short memory when it comes to how Qingwu had tortured Bu Qi.  He has forgotten how Qingwu was going to sell Bu Qi into a brothel.  If Bu Qi did not have her sleeve arrow, she would have been easily overpowered by Qingwu.

He also chooses to forget that Qingwu told the emperor that Bu Qi is the goddess of Biloutian, which made Bu Qi the most wanted person in the empire.  To get to her, the emperor had to disband and arrest everyone at the Zhu Manor.

I really hate him at the moment!

Anyway, Chen Yu got away from the palace.

Episode 48

omg cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

Qingwu had advised the King to go ahead with the execution of Master Zhu and pretend that they had arrested Bu Qi and will be beheading her as well.

This news was widely circulated.

Yun Lang rescued Bu Qi from her shackles and was about to help her to get out of the compound when Bu Qi  was only half-hearted because she was worrying that she will get Yunlang into trouble.

Yunlang was very persuasive.  He created some distraction for the soldiers and Dong Fang Shi, who at that moment  found ou that Bu Qi had got away.

He they became worried because he heard the news that Bu Qi had been arrested and about to be beheaded.

So he went to see the King and there a girl was tied up by the wall with ‘Master Zhu”

Before he could do a rescue, Xiaoxia came flying through the air into where the girl was.  She cut the executioner but she got shot.

This is when Bu Qi changed her mind because she saw Xiao Xia/Shrimpy with arrows on her chest astride a horse with Dong Fang Shi coming back into the compound.

Bu Qi ran into the tent to find out what had happened.

Bu Qi was heartbroken. She begged and begged Dong Fang Shi to cure Shrimpy but he admitted that it was beyond hope.  He was a magic healer gut not God, he told her.

Shrimpy was fatally injured.

This was so sad and she blamed Dong Fang Shi for it.  The still conscious Shrimpy said that it was not Dong Fang Shi’s fault, in fact, she did it to rescue Bu Qi.

Shrimpy asked Dong Fang Shi if she could see

Dong Fang Shi summoned his guard to find Yuan Chong to be with Shrimpy.

So sad, these two lovers had to say their final goodbye to each other.  Shrimpy finally told him that she likes him too.

Bu Qi was sobbing so hard.

Dong Fang Shi went to see Chen Yu and his small band of soldiers who were engaged in combat with Dong Fang Shi’s soldiers.

Dong Fang Shi ended up having a one on one with Chen Yu.

Chen Yu was able to unarm Dong Fang Shi but he threw a handful of soil into Chen Yu’s face.

Dong Fang Shi managed to get back his sword and was about to stab the still blinded Chen Yu when his most trusted bodyguard stood in front of Chen Yu.

Chen Yu’s guard might have protected him but in the end, he told Chen Yu that he was joining Dong Fang Shi’s army as the current emperor was a nutter and a despot.

Chen Yu also joined the army because he found out that Bu Qi was their captive.

Chen Yu now knew that Dong Fang Shi was the only one who can keep Bu Qi safe.  So he gave him Bu Qi.

Dong Fang Shi said that he had to see Bu Qi and tell her this.

Bu Qi was happy to see Chen Yu was safe.

Chen Yu, however, was very cold.  When Bu Qi tried to take his hand, he pushed her away.  He told her that he no longer needs her. Her situation was too complication and he could not be asked to be entangled with her anymore.

When Bu Qi won’t believe him and tried to hold on to him, he used his cape to swat her like she was a fly.

Bu Qi cannot take much more.


Episode 49

sad cry sad cry sad cry sad cry

Chen Yu was very upset with what he did to Bu Qi.  He was drinking heavily.

Awww Dong Fang Shi loved Bu Qi very much.  He did not hesitate to go to Chen Yu when Bu Qi refuses to eat.  She had been on a hunger strike for the last couple of days.

Chen Yu then went to see Bu Qi, who he found sad and frail as if the light had gone out of her life.

Bu Qi was not happy to see Chen Yu.  She told him to go away.  She was feeling so sorry for herself and with good reasons too.  She said her grandpa is dead, Xiao xia is dead and Chen Yu is also dead in her heart!

Chen Yu told her that he was with her grandpa who told him that he knew it was the end for him.  He also said that he was not embarrassed to meet his ancestors because he knew that Bu Qi is a very capable girl and that she will rebuild Zhu Manor again.

This made Bu Qi think.  She called Dong Fang Shi to feed her and not Chen Yu.  She also told Chen Yu to go away.  He was nothing to her anymore after he gifted her to Dong Fang Shi.

Dong Fang Shi happily complied but Bu Qi wanted to feed herself because she was really starving.

Bu Qi and Dong Fang Shi started a very awkward relationship, which is sweet and being watched by Chen Yu in the lurk.

Bu Qi started ignoring Chen Yu as if he doesn’t exist.  The only thing about Dong Fang Shi is that he turns into a boy every time his grandfather is about.

Meanwhile, the terrible, horrible twins met up.  Qingwu is plotting something with Qing’er.  They probably exchanged places.

Episode 50

There are plenty of things that occurred in this episode which I did not understand for lack of subtitles.

Anyway, Chen Yu, yes he had another meeting with Qingwu.  I did not understand what was said.

But Chen Yu had a change of heart, he tried to take Bu Qi away but they got found out by Dong Fang Shi.

Poor Han Ye got killed.

Chen Yu and Dong Fang Shi had a very aesthetically pleasing fight. They seemed balanced in skill and aptitude in martial arts, they ended up both internally bruised but Dong Fang Shi managed to spirit away Bu Qi. They ended up in a forest.  Dong Fang Shi bound Bu Qi so she won’t get away.

Dong Fang Shi went to get some food and he had a pheasant which he proudly showed to Bu Qi.  He also had a sprig of flowers to give her but she looks so sad, he dare not give it to her.

When he’d cooked the fowl, he gave both the legs to Bu Qi as she was partial to them, but Bu Qi ignored them.  They both fell asleep in the end.

Morning comes, Bu Qu woke up and found that Dong Fang Shi was still sound asleep.  She went next to him to wake him up but he was not lucid.  She knew he was ill.

Bu Qi managed to get into the sword to cut the rope binding her hands.

She then quickly left to gather herbs for Dong Fang Shi.  This was very tender and it really brought tears to my eyes.

When Dong Fang Shi got better and found Bu Qi free and untethered and was obviously administering to him, he had the sweetest, happiest smile in his face and I cried even more.  He was so grateful to Bu Qi.

In the meantime, Chen Yu was being looked after by Emperor’s general as he suffered badly from his fight with Dong Fang Shi.

The Mysterious Man had a good day, he finally found the Biloutian orb and map.

Ruo Fei had such an evil look when he saw Bu Qi and a happy Dong Fang Shi.

Episode 51 Finale

Cast Massacre

Ruo Fei was absolutely against Dong Fang Shi getting it together with Bu Qi.  Ruo Fei overheard Dong Fang Shi’s conversation with Bu Qi about her being safe if she was married to him as his grandad would not touch a family.

Ruo Fei wasted no time in reporting everything she heard to the Mysterious Man.

Bu Qi agreed to marry Dong Fang Shi despite Chen Yu trying to take her away.  She thought it was for the best.  She will use herself to smoke out the Mysterious Man and Chen Yu could then sort him out.

Dong Fang Shi was ecstatic and gave her a hug, which she returned after a fashion.

While she was getting ready, she was thinking about how she got together with Chen Yu.

She then went to Dong Fang Shi looking so beautiful and radiant in her red wedding dress.

They exchanged bows and were just drinking the wine, which symbolises being together forever when the Mysterious Man appeared.

Immediately Dong Fang Shi suspected that Mo Ruo Fei had blabbed about the wedding as she had been anxious during the wedding and giving Dong Fang Shi the evil eye.

The Mysterious Man said that Dong Fang Shi can’t marry Bu Qi.

They ended up having the mother of all disagreement which ended in a fight. The Mysterious Man then signaled to Mo Ruo Fei to beat up Dong Fang Shi.

Mo Ruo Fei was fighting Dong Fang Shi when the Mysterious Man gave Dong Fang Shi a super strenght right hook.  He then took Bu Qi with him.

Outside, Chen Yu turned up and had some balletic fight scenes with the Mysterious Man, who was too strong sending Chen Yu bleeding on the ground in his beautiful immaculate while hanfu.

Out of nowhere, Yuan Chong, turned up looking rather handsome in his purple robe knight outfit.  He had a match with the Mysterious Man but sadly Mysterious Man was inhumanly strong.  He held Yuan Chong like a rag doll.  He then broke Yuan Chong’s spine and then his neck.

Chen Yu was grief-stricken.  He held the dying Yuan Chong in his arms.

With his last breath, Yuan Chong told Chen Yu to go save Bu Qi. (Ep51 Fatality No 1: Yuan Chong)

Muo Ruo Fei and Dong Fang Shi continued fighting.  Dong Fang Shi did not really want to fatally hurt Mu Ruo Fei at first as he knows that she’s Bu Qi’s real sister.

Muo Ruo Fei, however, was like a man/woman possessed. Despite Dong Fang Shi’s explanation that he needed to save Bu Qi from his grandfather, Muo Ruo Fei continued to go berserk.  Without much choice, Dong Fang Shi plunged his sword into Muo Ruo Fei’s throat ( Ep 51 Fatality No2: Muo Ruo Fei) as time was the essence, Mysterious Man had already run off with Bu Qi.

Dansha and Yun Lang met up with Brother Lin YuQuan at Dong Fang Shi’s compound.

Waiting for them was Hei Feng (Dong Fang Shi’s female bodyguard but was loyal to the Mysterious Man) ready to fight to the death.  She was going to stab Dansha but her brother run towards Dansha and got stabbed instead. (Ep 51 Fatality No 3: Lin YuQuan)

Hei Feng then went for Yun Lang.  They were a match in skill and strength.  They fatally stabbed at each other.

Yun Lang was surprised and fell against a wall with the sword deeply embedded into his chest. (Episode 51 Fatality No 4: Yun Lang)

Dansha tried to hit Hei Feng with a pole.  Hei Feng fell backward with Dansha behind her.  The sword went through Hei Feng and into Dansha as well. (Episode 51 Fatality 5: Hei Feng) 

Poor Dansha, bleeding heavily, she crawled to her dead lover.  She was just inches from reaching his hand when she collapsed and died. (Episode 51 Fatality 6: Dansha) 


Chen Yu and Dong Fang Shi joined forces to rescue Bu Qi.  They had to find the entrance to the Biloutian.

Meanwhile, the Mysterious Man had already taken Bu Qi to the gate where the orb is already in place and the death well is already glowing ready to receive a human offering, in this case, the goddess.

The Mysterious Man was flinging Bu Qi into the well when Chen Yu and Dong Fang Shi arrived.

Chen Yu gave the Mysterious Man a good flying kick.   He then quickly went to Bu Qi who was already falling into the well.  Chen Yu caught Bu Qi while Dong Fang Shi held on to Chen Yu.

Dong Fang Shi worriedly called out to Bu Qi to hold on.

The Mysterious Man was shouting to Dong Fang Shi to let go of both Bu and Chen Yu but Dong Fang Shi ignored him.

The Mysterious Man stood up and was ready to use his sword to untangle Dong Fang Shi’s hand from Chen Yu’s but Dong Fang Shi gave his strongest heave and pulled Chen Yu and Bu Qi out of the well.  At the same time, his grandpa’s sword was plunging to his chest.  To the end, he begged his grandfather to spare Bu Qi, not to hurt her. (Episode 51 Fatality 7: Dong Fang Shi) 

Bu Qi was heartbroken.  She may not love Dong Fang Shi the way she loves Chen Yu but she had grown rather fond of Dong Fang Shi because she realised that several times he saved her life.

The Mysterious Man was not finished.  He ignored his grandson’s dying wish.  He was really determined to get the throne through the power of the Biloutian by sacrificing Bu Qi all in memory of Dong Fang Shi.

MM really had superhuman strength that Chen Yu was kicked around against the wall over and over.  Finally, he had Bu Qi to sacrificed.

But not if Chen Yu can help it.  With his last strength, he half pulled the Mysterious Man away from Bu Qi and dropped him into the well. (Episode 51 Fatality 8: Mysterious) 

Unfortunately, Chen Yu also went into the well. Bu Qi managed to hold on to him but she did not have the stamina to haul him out of the well.

But before he had free fallen, he told Bu Qi to live well.  They will see each other again in the next life where he would be her Lian Yi Ke once again.  What an absolute slut.  He already promised his body and soul in the next life to the bitch, Qingwu! LOL

But No Bu Qi…  You cannot let him go, it goes against the title of the story…

(Episode 51 Fatality 9: Chen Yu?) 

A few months later…

The war was won by the Emperor and everything started to settle down.

The king and Qingwu were having a walk-about in the market when they heard that the King’s approval rating had gone up.

The King seemed to have become a people-person now as he was quite happy just mingling and having a cup of tea in a little cafeteria in the market.

Qingwu however, still has that wistful look as she listened to the current adventure of Lian Yi Ke.  His legend is unstoppable.

At that time Lian Yi Ke was saving merchants and their caravans of goods from inept bandits.

The new Lian Yi Ke is Bu Qi.

When she had accomplished her mission, she remembered the first time she met the real Lian Yi Ke.  She was missing him so hard that she was able to make him materialised in person.

The real Lian Yi Ke, please stand up.

Yes, Lian Yi Ke was there, alive.

Is he really alive or just a figment of Bu Qi’s grief-stricken imagination?!!!

Mind you though, probably Bu Qi was able to make Chen Yu come alive after she cried copious amount of tears into the magic well.  Her tears, after all, were those of the goddess of Biloutian!  Yep I am happy with this explanation. hehehe



One thing though, the person I most wanted to die, lived.  Yes I am talking about you, Qingwu!

Well it was the end, not really a good one, but it made sure that this drama will be remembered by those who saw it for a very long time because of a so-so ending.  Many things left unanswered.  Why would Bu Qi choose to continue the work of Lian Yi Ke when she should be concentrating on rebuilding and restructuring at the Zhu Manor?!!!

I have never seen so much massacre of solid supporting characters in one episode.

It had the feeling that although the actors are still acting their guts out, the scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, crews, etc had already packed up and ready to go.

I was still reeling by the death of so many in this episode when I noticed that there was just a prop malfunction.  When Chen Yu and Dong Fang Shi were looking for the entrance into the Biloutian, they had to search these humongous boulders of rocks, which moves every time Chen Yu bumped into one. 🙂  obviously made of cardboard.

I supposed it became part of the charm of this drama.

The End

Legend of Awakening (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Legend of Awakening (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Legend of Awakening poster

  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Martial Arts, Adventure, Wuxia
  • Release Date: 2019 ???
  • Origin: China, Based on a novel by Butterfly Blue
  • CDrama: Web drama- XX Episodes


Quick Precis:

This drama is based on a novel written by Butterfly Blue who authored Yang Yang’s King’s Avatar.

Lu Ping is an orphan, who had been adopted by a martial arts academy.  He and his young friends became young heroes known as the ‘Awakeners’ who were determined to bring peace to their land.

After Ever Night (Season 1) we need another drama from Chen Feiyu, a young charismatic actor.  So looking forward to this.