Vin Zhang (Chinese Actor)

Chinese Actor

Vin Zhang (Chinese Actor)

Vin Zhang


  • First Name: Bin Bin
  • Surname: Zhang
  • Anglicised Name: Vin Zhang
  • DOB: 19 January 1993 (26)
  • PoB: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
  • Height: 1.83 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy
  • Career: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Work Period: 2014 – Present


Dramas & Films:

Vin Zhang is a very charismatic actor, hence, he makes such an impact in dramas that he was in including Love O20 and Pretty Li Hui Shen.

Facts & Factoids:

  • For more Zhang Bin Bin gorgeous photos which Global Granary Facebook Page
  • He wears contact lenses.
  • Vin’s girlfriend criteria as found out by Harper Bazaar: He likes tall, big eyes with double eyelids, bare oval shaped face, long hair, who can be sweet but quite tough at times, younger or older than him (he is currently 25), someone who will go with the flow, attentive when needed and laid back as required and can cook.
  • Vin Zhang has a sort of sobriquet. He is known for being the most beautiful man in a historical drama.  I tend to agree actually.  He absolutely looks flawless in his latest drama ‘Legend of Hua Bu Qi.’
  • Storm Eye will be opposite Yang Mi and produced by Jay Walk Studio.
  • Had his first kiss with his first love at the age of 16 in the school playground. Awww






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