Ariel Lin (Taiwanese Actress)


Ariel Lin (Taiwanese Actress)

Ariel Lin Studio Release


  • First Name: Yīchén
  • Surname: Lin
  • Anglicised Name: Ariel LIn
  • DOB: 29 October 1982 (36)
  • PoB: Yilan, Taiwan
  • Height: 1.6 m
  • Civil Status:  Married to businessman, Charles Lin
  • Educational Background: BA in Korean and Literature and MA in Acting (for Screen)
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actress
  • Instagram: @linyichen.ariellin

Dramas & Films:

“She does not pretend to be cute, she is really cute.”
– Zhang Bin Bin









***Please note that the listed dramas and films above are not the complete body of work by the actor.  They are just those seen by The GG Team.


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