Old Boy (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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Genre: Romance, Family

Released Date: 2018


  • Liu Ye as Wu Zheng (Captain)
  • Ariel Lin as Lin Xiao Ou (Teacher)
  • Hu Xian Xu as Xiao Han (Son)
  • Guo Shu Tong as Ye Zi (Boyfriend’s sister)
  • Lei Jia Yin as Shi Fei (Captain’s Best Friend)
  • Lin Peng as Lu Da Zhi (Ex-wife)
  • Tan Kevin as Captain Zheng
  • Li Zeng as Xiao Wei
  • Li Guang Jie as Xiao Yue (Captain’s Best Friend, Restauranteur)

Old Boy (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

The story is about a very handsome carefree late 30s pilot captain, who goes from fleeting relationships after another.

He was previously married to a flight attendant but unbeknownst to him, his ex-wife was pregnant when they divorced.

16 years later, his ex-wife passed away and suddenly he is now faced with raising a rather spoilt but sad stranger.

Mix into the equation is the boy’s teacher, who happened to be the young woman, the pilot met in Australia and had a series of misunderstanding with.

Reason to watch this drama is Ariel Lin.  Just love her.  I have to say that she has a great chemistry with Liu Ye even from the first episode.

She is a feisty independent young woman, while he is very masculine gorgeous guy.  T

he actor, who plays the son is a perfect choice, he looks so much like Liu Ye.

This drama has a very strong cast and the mature men were so good-looking.

Episode 1

The captain was flying to Australia from China with a three days stopover.

Lin Xiao Ou is a teacher and flew to Australia from America to be with her nerdy boyfriend of many years.

The captain and the couple were going to the same resort.  And on the way, Xiao Ou and boyfriend stopped by at a store.  The boyfriend got out to get provisions leaving Xiao Ou napping soundly at the backseat.

The captain also stopped at the store.  He was driving a similar car.

Xiao Ou went to use the toilet and came back to the wrong car.

The boyfriend drove away without checking his car, whether the passenger was still in the backseat.

She then harassed the captain by telling him he was a car thief.  The captain proved that he rented the car and told Xiao Ou that she was a hot-tempered foul-mouthed young woman.  He then left her to hitch-hike in the middle of nowhere.

But after a couple of minutes, he went back for her and returned her to her boyfriend.  At the resort, when they meet, disaster happened, including him falling over the swimming pool with his passport in his pocket and therefore, can’t fly back the next day.  Disastrous for a professional!

Upon his return to China, he got invited to a current girlfriend’s birthday bash.  She said that she even bought the gift he had to give to her.

At the party, he duly gave her the big box of roses.  She then took out the huge diamond ring amongst the roses and put it on her finger and pretending it was a perfect fit.

The captain said that it should be a perfect fit because she bought it herself and nothing to do with him.

He went to the restaurant and met up with his ex-wife who was with a young man, who was asking for more money to buy a new guitar.

The captain had a stilted conversation with the ex-wife.

Episode 2

Xiao Ou is now in China with her best friend who happens to be the sister of her boyfriend.  The sister asked if her brother asked her to marry him.  She said that the brother had not but wanted her to move in with him to Australia.  She cannot persuade him to return to China.

Also, the initiating forces for a break-up with the boyfriend have been set. 🙂  A woman at her school, where she taught had asked her for help.  The woman said that her daughter Shan Shan is going to Australia and can she asked her boyfriend to meet the daughter at the airport.  The daughter has no place to stay yet.  Hmmmmm

The ex-wife suddenly died because she had not been taking her medication.  She was writing a letter to her son that she had put away some money for his education.  But the letter and the cash card were found by the stepfather, who went to tell the boy that he was going away and he had to learn to fend for himself.  He was not his real father.  The boy was absolutely heartbroken. 🙁

Episode 3

Wu Zheng found out that Xiao Ou is a teacher at the Wharton International school and she was the teacher of the two kids they have befriended at the bar/restaurant.

It turned out that one of the boys is Wu Zheng’s son after Shi Fei compared the timeline of the boy’s date of birth and Wu Zheng’s divorce with ex.

Shi Fei brought the now homeless boy to Wu Zheng’s apartment.

Episode 4

Wu Zheng can’t get used to being a father of a teenage boy so he is denying that Xiao Han is his son.  He said that even if he happens to be the father, he can’t live with him.

So Xiao Han is left living at his best friend’s house for now.

Episode 5

Poor Xiao Han was more or less told by his best friend’s mom to leave as she thought he might be a bad influence to her son.

Xiao Han was left with not much money and had to wait on the doorstep of Wu Zheng’s apartment.  Pitiful.

Episode 6

Xiao Han had started living with Wu Zheng, who is still very resistant to this new development.  There are cute together.  Xiao Han is Wu Zheng’s mini-me.

Episode 7

Xiao Han and Wu Zheng are learning to live with each other, finding out each other’s idiosyncrasies. Wu Zheng had to learn to live with a roommate.

This week Wu Zheng bought a huge bunk bed and Xiao Han ordered a new automatic toilet to replace an ancient loo.

Xiao Wei, Wu Zheng nosy ex-girlfriend took it upon herself to secretly gather specimen for DNA testing for Xiao Han and Wu Zheng.

Episode 8

Xiao Han is missing his mother so much and to a certain extent his dad (stepfather).  Wu Zheng sympathised with him but he wanted Xiao Han to grow up like a man and leave his spoilt life.

Episode 9

It is really touching to see the growing bond between this father and son.  It was funny with really strong touch of realism the collapsing bunk bed that nearly killed Wu Zheng and maimed Xiao Han because Wu Zheng ‘DIY’ed the bed rather than pay extra 300Yuan for professional installation.

Xiao Han also brought home his huge dog much to Wu Zheng annoyance being canine allergic.  Xiao Han said the dog is family to which Wu Zheng asked “what am I, the wallet?”

Episode 10

The result of the Paternity test Xiao Wei had organised came out as negative.   Wu Zheng and Xiao Han are not blood-related.

Also there is some issues that Xiao Ou’s boyfriend may be playing around with little Shan Shan.

Episode 11

Xiao Wei took it upon herself to pack Xiao Han’s belongings and threw him out of the apartment.

Episode 12

Wu Zheng investigated the DNA result and convinced that the result was wrong as the cigarette butt was not his as he hadn’t smoked for months inside the apartment.

Xiao Ou’s boyfriend is playing around.  She continues to trust him.

Episode 13

Wu Zheng was offered a retest of the DNA sample but opted not to take it as he was convinced Xiao Han was his son.

There was a poignant but rather hilarious scene where Wu Zheng tried to comfort Xiao Han for having parted with Oscar, the dog.

Wu Zheng said that he can sympathise with Xiao Han about Oscar, because when he was a little boy, he had a pet, a turtle, which he called ‘Lightning’.

As both his mother and grandmother were often busy at work, his only companion was Lightning, whom he told all his secrets and woes.

An elderly neighbour got sick and his mom read that a good tonic for the sick was turtle soup. So without telling him, his mother gave his turtle away to the neighbours.

He came  home looking for Lightning but was told he was now a soup 🙂

Wu Zheng said he cried so much he got smack on the bottom as well.  The pain of losing… 🙂

I really love these father and son.

Episode 19

Xiao Ou went to Australia to see her erring boyfriend.  They finally break up.

Episode 45

Wu Zheng asked Xiao Ou to marry him while flying a plane to Hawaii.  It did not run smoothly as the captain can’t find the ring.  All the same Xiao Ou said ‘I do” ahhhhhh

The end







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