Chen Feiyu (Chinese Actor)

Chinese Actor

Chen Feiyu (Chinese Actor)

Chen Feiyu
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  • First Name: Feiyu
  • Surname: Chen
  • Anglicised Name: Arthur Chen
  • DoB: 9 April 2000 (19)
  • PoB: China
  • Height: 1.88 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Tabor Academy; Been admitted to Beijing Film Academy
  • Occupation: Model, Assistant Director, Singer, Actor
  • Work Period: 2010 – Present


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  • Chen Feiyu has an excellent pedigree as far as being in the entertainment business is concerned.  His father, Chen Kaige, is a renowned film director and his mother is an actress.
  • I first saw Chen Feiyu in Happy Camp when he had a very cute mini skit with the actress Shen Yue, reenacting a very popular scene from the massively successful drama, A Love So Beautiful.  I thought then that they would make a good pairing in a drama with the right vehicle.
  • I heard that Chen Feiyu did want to do the second season of Ever Night but the offer came too late.  He was already busy with other work commitments.
  • Feb 2019 Update: Chen Feiyu is currently busy with the Performing Arts entrance examination at the  Beijing Film Academy.  Good Luck!
  • For more gorgeous photos of Arthur Chen, visit our Global Granary Facebook Page.


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