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The Secret Life of My Secretary (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Kdrama 2019

Global Granary Drama Recommendation!

The Secret Life of My Secretary (Kdrama Review & Summary)

The Secret Life of My Secretary

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Boss/Secretary, PA, Business, Mystery, Crime
  • Date Release: 6 May 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Kdrama: 16( 32) episodes @ 35 minutes running time


  • Kim Young Kwang as Dom In-ik
  • Jin Ki Joo as Jung Gal Hee
  • Kim Jae-Kyung as Veronica Park
  • Koo Ja Sung as Ki Dae Joo
  • Choi Tae Hwan as Eun Jung Soo
  • Jung Ae-ri as Sim Hae-ra (Min-ik’s mother)
  • Kim Min-sang as Sim Hae-young
    (Min-ik’s, CEO of T&T Mobile Media)
  • Jang So-yeon as Lee El-wang
  • Baek Hyun-joo as Park Seon-ja
  • Kim Byung-chun as Goo Seok-chan
  • Han Ji-sun as Mo Ha-ni
  • Son san as Goo Myung-jung
  • Kwon So-hyun as Ha Ri-ra

I am so looking forward to this comedy romance.  Lately Kdramas takes themselves too seriously.  Once in a while, a good traditional romance is in order.

This is coming soon.  Yey

Episode 1

I can honestly say that I was rewarded from waiting for this drama.  It has everything and more, including some unexpected twists and turns.

One Moment of patience may ward off great disaster.

  • Jung Family Motto

The episode started with the Jung Family who believes in hard work, giving everything you’ve got to your job.

Her mother was such that she gave her all to her job that she had forgotten health and safety for herself which cause her to have a fatal accident.

Despite her death, Gal Hee continued on living this ethos when it comes to work.  She doesn’t really have a choice as she was the main breadwinner.

Her older brother is legally blind and her young sister was just finishing high school and they have a great dream for her to study abroad.

Gal Hee work really hard for Dom In-ik, who treated her like a slave but she was only too willing to be treated like one because she was only a contract worker and wanted to become a permanent secretary in the company.

Whatever is needed doing, she did.  She was an exemplary secretary.

And then during the year-end evaluation of her work, she was unceremoniously let go.  She was no longer needed.

Apparently, Dom In-ik never had a secretary stay for more than a year.  There was a story that a previous secretary fell in love with him and it was trouble getting rid of her.

No matter how much she bed Dom In-ik he would just laugh off her plea.

On that last day, she was treated to a living do with her co-workers which involved a lot of drink.  While all the secretaries where merry they armed themselves and went to look for Dom In-ik to kill him.

When they got to the jetty, the other secretaries went home one by one except for Gal Hee.

She then heard Dom In-ik asking for help.  He was in his boat and being attacked by a masked man in black.

Dom In Ik saw the face of his attacker but still Dom In-ik ended up plunging into the sea as he was caught off-guard.

Gal Hee was there and called emergency services to help Dom-in-ik.

When he woke up in the hospital, Dom-in-ik was hysterical as the faces around him kept changing.

And then he saw a furious Gal Hee.  She looked normal to him.  But she was annoyed because she became a suspect to his attack.

Episode 2

Dom in-ik asked the doctors what was wrong with him but there were not sure yet.  So against their better judgement, he left the hospital with the help of Gal Hee, who told him that he needed to go to the police station to clear the matter as she had become a suspect.

Dom In-ik went to his office instead but promised that they would meet at the police station later that day.

In the Office Dom In Ik does not recognise anyone which was a bummer as he was known for his talent remembering names of everyone.

He did not even remember his cousin and best friend, Dae Joo.

It turned out that Dom In Ik was to meet Dae Joo at the Boat when he was attacked.

At the police station, they saw the CCTv and noted that Dae Joo.

Anyway, Dom In Ik was not the real son of the CEO.  She had always treated him indifferently and letting him stay in the family because he still has his uses.

Unfortunately for Dom In-Ik’s condition is getting worse fast.  He can see faces anymore.  It still is Gal Hee that he can see in normality, others were faceless.

Dom In Ik needed her so he went to her house to plead with her to come back.

Gal Hee did not have much choice because her sister had been accepted to study abroad and she had to pay the tuition fee.

At this point, the police found CCTv footage of Dae Joo talking to the assailant.

And now Dae Joo had arranged for the assailant to become Dom In Ik personal driver.

Loving this drama so much.

The leads were just the cutest.

Episode 3

Dae Joo was meeting Dom In Ik at the Boat when the police came with Gal Hee.

At the police station, the saw the CCTV footage.  Though Dae Joo’s alibi was on the suspicious side, Dom In ik said that he wanted the case dropped which surprised and annoyed the police as it was not up to him to decide if there was a case or none.

But Dae Joo said that it was better to drop the investigation because the election of a new president for the company was imminent.  If the press gets hold of the news of Dominik’s attack, all hell will break loose.

In episode 2, the chairman (Dominic’s mother) was holding an art exhibition.

Because of his face blindness hugged the wrong woman, who was not happy about it and saying it was sexual harassment.

Now a woman who can make the issue go away had a condition to make this happen.  Dominic must meet her daughter and make her want to get married.

The daughter was the famous Veronica Park who apparently loves fit young men.

DominiK’s mother told hm that if he married Veronica Park, he would get CinePark and then his mother can then add this to her property and she be the president for both.

Dominik had no problem with this.  He wanted to belong to a family.

A date was arranged.

Dominik was waiting at the Kingdom Hotel while Veronica ended up at Princess Hotel where Dae Joo was waiting for her.

Veronica was confused and spoke with Gal Hee.

Gal Hee told her to hurry to Kingdom Hotel but Veronica saw how fit Dae Joo was and was prepared to stay and be entertained by him.

Gal Hee had to hurry to Kingdom Hotel to update Dominik of what had happened.

The thing was that she was not wearing her glasses and red cardigan and Dominik did not recognise her.

So the sight of the food made Gal Hee pretend to be Veronica.

(BTW the doctor said to him that not that he recognise Gal Hee.  It was because she wore her red cardigan and glasses every single working moment that her ‘uniform’ was imprinted to his brain.  He was not seeing her but it was like a video of her is playing in his mind because it got used to seeing her in her red cardigan.

This was proven when Dominic told her to remove her cardigan, glasses and do something different with her hair.  Suddenly she was faceless to him as well.

Episode 4

DoMiNik’s date with Gal Hee as Veronica Park left him with an interesting impression which unfortunately was rather tricky for Gal Hee.

Gal Hee thought that being Veronica Park would only be a one off but DoMiNik seemed interested in meeting her again.

Meanwhile DoMinik ended in hospital again because he was attack in his office by his driver who stole a USB which DoMinik thought he lost but found again at Dae Joo’s house.

Dae Joo is now being pursued by the real Veronica Parks.

At Gal Hee’s home front, she and brother had sent off their younger sister to Pensylvania.   But there is a mystery as the sister was still somewhere in South Korea.

Anyway, DoMiNik wanted to see Veronica Park so he used an excuse of returning a yellow umbrella she lent him.

Again, Gal Hee went as Veronica but said this will be the end but DoMiNik was just bae, so delicious LOL . Will she be able to resist?

Episode 5

Do Mi Nik is falling for the faceless Veronica Park because she was sassy one minute and then has a tender heart the next.

Poor Do Mi Nik was being wrung every where he turned.  He can’t trust anyone except his secretary.

It was a board meeting where they had an impromptu election whether Do MI Nik should resign or night.

Do Mi Nik reckoned that he will wing it, just!  But he was wrong, even his best friend Dae Joo voted for him to resign, which surprised not all his ‘mother’ but DoMiNik.

His mother advised him to resign in the end but Gal Hee told DominiK not to resign,  Because he was cool when he persevere and not give up.  If he is cool then as his secretary, she is cool as well.

During the next board meeting, Dominik announced that he was not resigning.  He was taking inspiration from his uncle who kept going even if his every turn is blocked.  (DominiK was being sarcastic as he knew that his uncle was the author of Dominik current predicament)

Anyway, Dominik asked Gal Hee what they had to do next.  She said that they had to find a new office where they cannot be interrupted or spied up.

They stayed in a six-star hotel.  Dominik, who was half asleep, told the surprised Gal Hee that she was pretty.  He then dreaming and he said it was only in a dream.

Meanwhile, the driver found out that DoMINIk copy of the SD reader was at Gal Hee’s house.

The real Veronica Park was auditioning young actors, one of them was Gal Hee’s sister.

Episode 6

This drama is so good.

As expected the SD reader was stolen by DoMiNiK’s driver.  The good thing though was that the content was already copied and stored into Gal Hee’s laptop.

It was the stockholders’ conference where they also voted for DoMiNik resignation.

The real Veronica Park attended.  DoMinik’s uncle had told her that if he vote for him he will vote for her as well in her next stockholders’meeting.

Gal Hee had a hard time keeping DoMiNik away from Veronica Park.

DoMinik was about to give his speech when he realised that he could see all of his audience faces as clear as day including of the lady sitting next to Gal Hee.

Veronica teased Gal Hee that she had the look of someone in love rather than a loyal secretary to her boss.

Gal Hee denied it of course.

Anyway, Dominik was curious who the lady next to Gal Hee.

DomiNik and Gal Hee ended up in the seaside after the election to eat grilled clams and for Gal Hee to drink soju as well.

Dae Joo called Dominik to tell him the result and Dominik got to stay.

Gal Hee spontaneously hugged DominiK, then she went shy, then Domink hugged her back.

He then told her that he has got a present for her in the boot of his car.

It was a revise contract (I thought it was money, the money that DoMInIk’s mother used to pay off Dae Joo to leave the company.  Dae Joo returned the money c/o Dominik).  The new contract says that it can only end when Gal Hee asked to leave.

Dominik then told her that his former secretary who he trust so much ending up betraying him to his uncle.

Gal Hee said that what if I was also keeping a secret from you.

“Then I will never trust anybody again.” (or something like that, LOL)

DoMinIk got a call from his mother saying to meet them, Veronica Park attended the meeting for him.

DoMiNik became excited and wanted to go back to Seoul immediately.  Gal Hee panicked and begged DoMiNik not to go.

But he was excited so he went to his car expecting her to follow.

She told him that if meeting Veronica confused him, just call her and she will explain everything.

She then walked away from the perplexed DOminiK.

Episode 7

Gal Hee refused the new contract because she was feeling so guilty deceiving him.

DoMiNik found out from the doctor that increased blood pressure would push the clip of his brain and would result in momentarily seeing the face of the one he had strong feelings with.

Knowing this he realised that he saw his Gal Hee’s face while he was cupping her face with his hands.

Dominik was shocked because it meant he has strong feelings for her.

The real Veronica Park was being forced by her mother to prepare for a wedding with Dominik.

She went to Gal Hee to say that she wanted to ‘break up’ with him and Gal Hee had to arrange it.

The uncle found Dominik wearing tights and got curious and found Dominik abandoned trousers in the bathroom door with a hospital note in the pocket.  He knew that something is amiss.

The driver broke into Dominik’s office again and stole the new SD reader.

Gal Hee arranged to meet Dominik to break up with him.

Dominik was so excited with meeting Veronica Park that he had heightened blood pressure.

Then Gal Hee in her red shoes with matching red grab bag appeared.

Dominik was hoping to see her face, and then she raised her umbrella…

Episode 8 -10

Nothing much happened but all of the same.

The highlights of these episodes:

  • DoMiNik’s fish died.
  • His uncle is not the biggest villain in this drama.  There is someone controlling everyone.

Granted that the real Veronica Park is adorable but the storyline is so stunted.  It was so sluggish, it turning rather tedious.

It’s episode 10 and nothing is really happening that is worth seeing.

  • The driver who had become an obvious suspect is still free to roam around, in and outside of the building.  He even managed to get hold of Gal Hee’s laptop and erase the excel evidence.
  • DoMinik is in love with both Gal Hee and the fake Veronica Park.  He does not know who to choose.
  • If there is a non-role in a drama, then it would be Gal Hee’s sister.  She is so forgettable that even her brother and sister had forgotten about her.  She really does not contribute anything worthwhile to drama.  Why did her role been written in?  It’s unnecessary.
  • 10 episodes, DoMiNik and Gal Hee are still playing stupid games.  I thought DoMinik would be more perceptive.  He should have realised that Gal Hee was Veronica Park from episode 6.  Surely because he suffers from face blindness, his other senses would have compensated for this type of disability.  He would have noticed the voice/timber of the voice, the expression, the smell, the feel of the body, etc.

Episode 11

I hope the in the last six episodes, the script will be tighter and common sense are given to main characters.


Wait My Youth (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Global Granary Drama Recommendation!

Wait My Youth (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

  • Aka: Salute to My Youth

Wait My Youth poster

  • Genre: Youth, School, Romance
  • Release Date: 19 March 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes



  • Li Jiaqi as Can Can
  • Zhao Yiqin as Lan Tianye
  • Li Geyang as Lin Jiaze
  • Xu Mengyuan as as Xu Meili
  • Dong Yanlei as Tang Xingyi (Meili’s Boyfriend)
  • Wu Shuangyi as Tao Yating
  • Wei Tianhao as Zhou Lin (Music Teacher)

Thank goodness this youth drama is now slowly being subbed.

I think this is slightly older than that other excellent drama Just An Encore.

If you are still missing that drama then watch this one because I feel that it is its fraternal twin.  There are loads of similarities in the story as well as the characters.

And the bonus to this it that there both as good.  Highly recommended to watch.

Episode 1

This drama is so cute, in the same way as A Love So Beautiful.

Su Can Can is a first-year high school student who likes the handsomest and most intelligent boy in their year.

He was Lin Jiaze.

Su Can Can was finding ways to be close to him and confess to him but she seemed to be prevented from doing so by his best friend Lan Tianye.

Lately Can Can seems to get into trouble because of Tianye.

During their New Year’s celebration, she was being helped by her best friend to remove her long underwear, her mother insisted her to wear underneath her jeans.  She just managed to do it under the cover of some trees and decided also to remove her vest when a boy runs into her and they both fell on the ground.

They were immediately caught by a teacher who was running after Tianye.

The teacher said that they were shameless doing those things in the school ground.

Poor Can Can.  No matter what she said the teacher would not listen.

They were taken to the faculty room to write an introspection letter.   Tianye forced her to write his one.  He said that he was going to kill her if she doesn’t.  She was not concerned at first but when he mentioned that he will tell everyone about her long underwear, she back down and proceeded to write his promissory note.

Because of the trouble, she was in, her cousin, Tang Yating, got to read the poem Can Can wrote.  Can Can was supposed to do it.

She got into trouble with her parents when they found out that she did not participate in the poem reading.

There was a new programme at their school where the most intelligent ones are no longer put into their own class but rather assimilated to other sections.

Can Can was so happy to find out that Jiaze was in her class.

Her friend told her to get in there immediately to confess to Jiaze.

Can Can was just about to do it when the boy next to Jiaze woke up.  It was Tianye.  The boy who told her that he will never like a girl like her.

I finished watching this whole drama without any subtitles.  I may not understand fully what went on but I got the gist.

It is a very watchable drama despite lacking of sub for now!

It is a happy ending as well.

Seriously it is worth watching the drama without sub, it just the cutest.

Episode 2 

Can Can was so excited because their teacher had decided to completely rearrange the seating plan,  Can Can was hoping that she ends up sitting with Jiaze.

But no such luck as she ended up sitting next to Tianye.

Despite this, she continued to moon over Jiaze and would daydream being with him.  So cute

Tao Yating was playing the cello when a very handsome man interrupted her and told her she was doing very well.

Can Can found out that her mortal enemy wasn’t too bad at all.  He was actually quite considerate but he was convinced that she had the hots for him and kept telling her that he will never like her.

Can Can just smiled not caring or really understanding what he was talking about.  Because she was into Jiaze in a big way.

Episode 3

A small miracle, this episode is actually subbed.

Anyway, Jiaze is a school radio host.  Can Can imagined that it would just be perfect if she can be one as well and see Jiaze all the time.

So Can Can auditioned for the radio co-host.  But she stuttered badly.

Their radio adviser was the handsome man who complimented Tao Yating.

Jiaze had told him that Can Can was very good in literature and would be an asset as a scriptwriter for the show.

Meili, Can Can’s best friend was also recruited and Tao Yating and finally Tianye.

Tianye and Can Can are developing a cute friendship.  Can Can collects candy wrappers and the best provider of them was Tianye who was forever eating sweeties.

Now it was time for the parent-teacher meeting.

Tianye does not want to bring his parents as they will be moaning non-stop.

Jiaze had a brilliant idea of bringing fake parents.

During the meeting, two men attended for Tianye: his real one as well as the fake one.  He is in trouble.

Episode 4 

It was going to be their sports day and Can Can got recruited for the basketball team.  The thing was aside from being tiny, she can’t really shoot a ball.

She asked Jiaze if he could help her out, Jiaze was also too willing to do it.  He was always very kind and very accommodating to everyone.

Jiaze was just about to coach Can Can in basketball when he was called out for another commitment.

Can Can, though disappointed, understood that he had to go.

Jiaze met Tianye and told him to help Can Can practise basketball.

Though Tianye was rather reluctant at first, he went to help Can Can but she would not obey his instruction at first.

This was the episode where Tianye had to pull Can Can towards him to protect her from a flying ball.  So cute.

During the sports day, Tianye was participating in the high jump.  He was so good at it but Can Can was worried that he might hurt his back so she went to look for more thicker mats for him.

But it was too late, the contest was over and Tianye won first place.

Tianye won and quite chuffed that Can Can was looking after him so well.  She was so obedient.

Episode 5 

Can Can won the final shootout of the basketball game for her team.  She was so happy.

Can Can gave Tianye a jar of sweets.  But it went all wrong when she said that could Tianye do her a favour and give the sweets to Jiaze.

Tianye thought she was confessing to him and he was not averse to her confession so he was absolutely gutted to find out that she had the crush on Jiaze all along and not on him.

He asked when she started.  She said she liked him in second year.

Tianye was so annoyed he refused the sweets.  And then he turned cold towards her again.

Episode 6 (Unsubbed)

Though Tao Yating was Can Can’s cousins (Tao Yating’s father is brother to Can Can’s mother) they were not close.

Now Tao Yating’s mother left her and her father to go abroad.  The usually quiet Tao Yating became even more quiet.

Tianye was friends with Can Can again.

Can Can thought that there might be more between Tao Yating and Jiaze but as she was coming to terms that he was too far off from her, he would be there in her face like in the library, she was reaching a copy of Harry Potter on the top shelf when suddenly a hand got hold the book and gave it to her.  She then saw the smiling face of Jiaze.

Episode 7 (Unsubbed)

It’s Can Can’s birthday.

Tianye was going to give her a book collection of Harry Potter but Jianze got there first with a beautifully boxed complete collection.

Jianze, in the end, did not give her his gift.

As it was her birthday, Jiaze, Tianye, Mei Li and Tao Yating bunk off school.  They climbed a wall and when both Jiaze and Tianye extended a helping hand to her, she had a bit of a hard time choosing whose hand she will take.

In the end, Tianye gave way to Jiaze.

Zhou Lin, their school radio adviser was leaving the school.

Poor Tao Yating has a massive crush on him as he was leaving she gave him a bowl of cactus/succulent while he gave her a CD player.

So cute Tianye and Can Can had their first kiss, although it was just accidental.  He took her notebook where she scribbles everything.  She was trying to reach it from his outstretched arm when he tumbled down.  She tripped on him and fell over him and her lips locked into his.  Awww

Episode 8 (Unsubbed)

Can Can was looking after his dad’s records store when a gang came in.  They demanded money which the frightened Can Can readily give them.

But they also wanted the latest cd of Westlife.

This was just too much for Can Can so she started fighting off the gang but take goodness Tianye turned up just in time and overpowered the goons who eventually run away.

Can Can brought Tianye to her house – into her bedroom to treat his bruises.  It was comedic to watch how she hid Tianye in her wardrobe when her father arrived home.

He found out about it and was very upset with Can Can.  They did manage to explain what happened that her father was so grateful to Tianye and invited him to stay for dinner.

Can Can became so upset towards the end of this episode because she had gotten a very low grade.

Tianye found her crying alone in a near dark corner of the school ground.  He gave her a lollipop to cheer her up.  So cute.

Episode 9 (Unsubbed)

As their high school year is about to end, Meili convinced Can Can to confess to Jiaze so that she will never regret that she did not do it.

She was about to give the confession/love letter to Jiaze but she found him with Tao Yating.

Instead, she put the letter to the book she borrowed from Jiaze and gave the book back to him.

Now the notification for college admittance had been sent to accepted students.

Can Can was so happy to receive hers and hug the bearer fo the letter, which was Tianye.

The five friends buried their most treasured item for posterity under a tree.  Can Can donated her precious lyric notebook, Tianye gave his Tamaguchi, Jiaze gave his walkman, Meili parted with her Little Kitty’s mirror and Tao Yating her cello thingy.

Episode 21

Can Can broke up with Tianye over the phone.  She was so frustrated that no matter how much she studied she still failed to be accepted at Berklee as well.

Episode 20

Tianye came back from Berklee to tell Can Can that he was not accepting the breakup.  They made up and were happy… for a while.

Wendy, Tianye’s schoolmate from Berklee called Can Can to advise her to send back Tianye immediately to complete his thesis otherwise he won’t graduate.  He just left Berklee without leave of absence.

Can Can was perturbed.  She was on her way back to her dorm when she got mugged.

Instead of calling Tianye for help and to console her, Can Can called Yating.

Yating spoke Tianye and told him to stop treating Can Can as a pet.  He should let her go as he cannot protect her or nurture her being so far away abroad.

Tianye was furious with Can Can for not telling him that she was mugged.  Wasn’t he her boyfriend?!!!

Tianye decided that he would completely chuck his studies at Berklee and stay in China to be with Can Can and look after her.

Poor Can Can was mortified.  She begged Tianye to go back to Berklee and fulfil his dream, she would feel forever guilty if he just cast away what he had always dreamed of.

Tianye said that she was more important but Can Can was having none of it.

Can Can just begged and begged him.

She went to see him off at the airport and after a stilted goodbye, they parted ways, both sad and crying.

Episode 21

It’s two years later (or was it four years?!!!) Everyone was now gainfully employed.

Yating was a lawyer.

Meili was working from home and was a complete slob.  Her boyfriend was going to be living with her and she had to change her way a be tidier.

Jiaze worked in research.

Can Can worked in a music magazine.

While Tianye was still in America.

Can Can went to America with her boss for a client meeting.

While there, she almost bumped into Tianye, who decided to go back to China as there was nothing to keep him in the USofA.

Jiaze still dotes on Can Can.

Their music teacher sent each of them a wedding invitation.

Poor Yating had quietly accepted that her crush will be legally unavailable.

At the wedding venue, Can Can was waiting for Jiaze when a taxi stopped right by her and Tianye got out.

Episode 22

After some longing exchange of looks, Jiaze arrived and whisked Can Can away after a perfunctorily greeting to Tianye.




The Fiery Priest (Kdrama Review & Summary)

KDrama 2019

The Fiery Priest (Kdrama Review & Summary)

The Fiery Priest

  • Genre: Priest, Action, Drama, Comedy, Legal, Police
  • Date Released: 15 February 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 40 Episodes
  • Global Granary Recommends!


  • Kim Nam Gil as Kim Hae Il
  • Lee Ha Nui as Park Kyung Sun
  • Kim Sung Kyun as Goo Dae Young
  • Go Joon as Hwang  Cheol Bum
  • Geum Sae Rok as Seo Seung Ah
  • Jeon Sung Woo as Han Sun Kyu (Young Priest)
  • Jung Young Joo as Jung Dong Ja (Head of Gudum Office)
  • Baek JI Won as Kim IN Kyung (Nun/Sister)
  • Jung Dong Hwan as Lee Young Joon
  • Lee Je Yeon as Kim Hoon Suk
  • Jung In Ki as Nam Suk Goo

Episode 1-2

This drama has 40 episodes but each lasting just over half an hour only.

I have to confess that I sort of lost a bit of my appetite for Kdramas, well because the last few ones I have watched were not interesting enough and plus the fact that China has really up the ante in their dramas especially the historical ones, which have been beguiling even international fans.

Anyway, enough said.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this drama.  It has the right amount of excitement, action and oodles of charms from the main leads: Kim Nam Gil and Lee Ha Nui (Lee Honey).  There is something rather satisfying, I dare say, about the story.

The Fiery Priest is none other than Kim Hae Il.  There was a quick flashback of a soldier fighting so I reckon that Kim Hae Il before he became a priest, was a former military man, who now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Bipolar Disorder.

His symptoms are excavated by the many harrowing, wrongdoings, criminal things that are happening around him and yet no one was taking responsibility or try to solve the problem.  It is frustratingly a ‘dog eat dog world’.

Kim Hae Il has a reputation of losing it easily and he did when he came upon a shaman pretending to exorcise a man for a fee, lots of money.  Kim Hae Il showed the people that everything was a fake to get their generous donation.

Kim Hae Il then asked the shaman who was his mastermind.  He readily squealed that it was a loan shark, who Kim Hae Il went to see immediately.  To get to the big boss, he had to beat up all the guards and then the loan shark himself.

Kim Hae Il ended up at the police station with the loan shark insisting on lodging a case against the priest for landing most of his guards in the hospital for serious injuries.

In the end, his diocese asked him to take a ‘vacation’ and stay with Father Lee Young Joon.

At that moment, Father Lee Young Joon was having a problem with some thugs who have been harassing him to sign contracts with the property developers.

Kim Hae Il was welcomed warmly by Father Lee Youg Joon and by the other priest and a nun.

He was then advised by Father Lee Young to be calm and not to seek trouble.  Just walk away.

During the following Sunday service, Father Lee tasked him to conduct the service.

One of the worshippers was Park Kyung Sun.  It was almost lust at first sight for her.  She found Kim Hae Il just gorgeous. Calm down, woman, he is a priest! 🙂

During his sermon, many of the parishioners did not find him gorgeous then because he was blunt and opinionated.  He said how can you ask God to forgive your sins?  His advice was to seek forgiveness from those you have wronged and then only then that you ask God to forgive your sins.

After the service, Park Kyung Sun immediately went to confession.  She wanted her sins forgiven for being short-tempered with her colleagues.

Kim Hae Il asked if she had sought forgiveness from her workmates?  He then ended the confession time abruptly.

Kyung Sun was not happy but one look at the priest handsome face and she was mollified.  She then asked if Father Lee had perhaps talked about her.

He said no but he saw her on tv; copying her look of rolling her eyes.

There was a press conference by the property developers which is being backed by the police.  The conference was interrupted by strikers and ordinary citizens whose housing and livelihood are affected by the development.

The Chief of police signaled to the police on duty to turn a blind eye and go and leave the thugs working for the property developers to beat up the people.

At that time Kim Hae Il and a young priest were passing.  They notice the brawl, as well as the posse of police marching away.

Kim Hae Il was thinking himself not to interfere as the advice from father Lee was still fresh from his mind

But the Powers that Be sent thunder.

Episode 3-4 (2)

In this back to back episodes, so many things are coming out.  Hai Il was a soldier and he carries the guilt of throwing dynamite to an underground room where children were hiding.  He was obeying orders from the platoon leader.  He did try to reason that they have not properly searched the room for any possible casualty but he was told to obey orders.

This incident had him so guilt-ridden that has resulted in PTSD.

There was also an incident at the church where the thugs once again harassing Father Lee.  It was turning violent when Hai Il turned up.

The thugs ended up in the police station but were released immediately as the case was decided as so minor it was not worth the ink on the paper.

Hae Il went to the station and created such a fuss.  Telling them that they are only affirming their reputation with the public as corrupt and can’t be relied upon for justice.

Hae Il woke up feeling at peace when she saw the breakfast hangover soup Father Lee had already prepared for him.

But where is Father Lee?

He had vanished, they cannot contact him on his mobile.

They were then alerted that Father Lee had committed suicide.

Everyone was sad, including the parishioner.

Hae Il was sure that Father Lee was the last one to commit suicide.  Being a Catholic, suicide is a mortal sin.

He went to the morgue for the autopsy and found evidence that he was dragged by his armpit.  It was not a suicide.

But the police said that it was because his shoes were arranged neatly by the cliff before he jumped down.

Hae Il was determined to find out the truth. He consulted Kyung Sun, but even she said it was a suicide.

Then it was reported on the news that Father Lee committed suicide because he cannot face a pending case of sexually harassing a parishioner as well as embezzling funds.

This is obviously a smear campaign from the property developers that even Kyung Sun thinks they have gone too far.

Episode 5 – 6 (3)

Because of the controversy about Father Lee, the number of churchgoers started to dwindle into a handful.

It also did not help that Hae Il is banning hypocritical parishioners, including Park Kyung Sun.

Park Kyung Sun is an ambitious prosecutor that she was kiss-assing her superior, knowing that there are corrupt.  She even accepted bribes to keep quiet and do what she’s told.

One of the things she was instructed to do was to put Hae Il in prison.  But she had developed a soft spot for the handsome priest.  She just can’t punish him as he was just too appealing.

Hae Il was repeatedly advised including by bishops to let the matters about Father Lee to die down, to forget about it, which only infuriated him even more.

He asked a pathologist to examine Father Lee’s body secretly as the police were having it guarded.  Hae Il is now sure that he was murdered.

And the suspect was Cheol Bum, who had asked to be given an award and received it from Dong Ja, Head of the Gudum Office.

The last part of these episodes was how Hae Il got to know the kindly Father Lee.  After being guilt-ridden from having instrumental in killing the girls in the underground bunker, he retired and had his records as a member of NIS was expunged.

But this was not the end of it, he can’t cope with the trauma and his only way was to escape through alcohol and brawling.

One drunk moment, where he could have easily frozen to death in the snow, Father Lee stumbled upon his inert body.

Father Lee took him back and gave him a sense of new purpose.  He studied the scriptures and went into the seminary and became a priest.

Episode 7-8 (4)

Kim Nam Gil is just so gorgeous.  Perfect posture.  He makes the cassock or soutane so fashionable.

Anyway, it was the day of Cheol Bum’s award ceremony & dinner.

Hae Il gate-crashed it and made such a scene that it became a talking point among the elite of the town.

However, this was not enough to really create a wave.

Hae Il, however, remembered what Kyun Sun sarcastically told him and that was why not contact the big man, contact the Pope.

Hae Il used his translation apps to write to the Pope in Italian about how Father Lee being a victim of a smear campaign which will not only impugn in the Korean local church where he served but all to the whole Catholic faith.

Hae Il waited and waited for the reply until he was beginning to being disenchanted.

But when the pope received the letter, he immediately wrote to the South Korean President to reopen and reinvestigate the case of Father Lee.

The president did just that and a fact-finder had been assembled.

Unfortunately, the investigator chosen was Dae Young, who was the most inept, naive and gullible member of the police squad.

The good thing though was the part of the investigation team was Hae Il.  They did not know that he was a former NIS.

This drama is so good.  Comedic in part and melodramatic in others.  It is all so thrilling.

2 March Update: Apparently, shooting has been temporarily halted as our intrepid hero, Kim Nam Gil suffered a rib injury.  Get better soon.

Episodes 9-10

Hae Il is working with Dae Young but he must as well be working alone as the latter was absolutely useless. The witnesses have disappeared and the police were giving contradictory information of their whereabouts.  The police said they were in Europe, but they also said in Dubai

Seo Seung Ah is still a newbie detective has not been corrupted yet.  She is still very idealistic, wanted to keep peace and order.

She volunteered to watch the CCTV pointing to the Church entrances at approximate time when Father Lee left the church.

What she found out was that the crucial moments had been deleted due to a technical error.

Hae Il so happened to know a hacker and went to see him and asked him to find the exact location of the two witnesses.

He found them easily.  They have not left for Europe but rather drinking French wine while planning how to spend their bribes.

Seo Seung Ah was told by Hae Il to go arrest the culprit/suspects.  It did not turn easily as a couple of minion from Russian Street were shadowing the witnesses.  Seo Seung Ah was an able fighter but so were her opponents and there were two of them.

Thank goodness Hae Il decided to turn up and beat up the Russian Street guys.

Episode 11 -12

Seo Seung Ah was driving the witnesses and Hae Ill back to the police station when Hae Il got an urgent call from the church.

He told Seung ah to go straight to the station while he’ll drop by at the church.

Poor Seung Ah was ambushed by more Russian Street guys and she got totally beaten up.

Meanwhile, Hae Il joined Father Sun Kyu and Sister In Kyung in a meeting with an official who was terminating their contract to run the old people’s house and children nursery.  The reason given was due to Father Lee’s misdemeanor.

No matter what Hae Ii, Father Sun Kyu and Sister In Kyung  said, the official was not interested.

Hae Il and Sister In Kyung went to see the Gudum Borough leader, again she was equally as dismissive of their protestation.

They later found out that the contract was given to a religious cult, Daegakgyo and they noticed that Cheol Bum was involved with the selection of the cult.

Hae Il challenged Cheol Bum to a fight at the car park and Dae Young was acting as referee.

Episode 13-14


Episode 15 – 16


Episode 17 -18

This is my favourite episode in this brilliant series.  It is so original, oodles of humour and gorgeous oppas.






Secret (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Global Granary Recommends! *****


Secret (Kdrama Review & Summary)

secret, still

  • Genre: Classic, Romance, Mystery, Melodrama, Prison, Crime
  • Date Released: Septemeber 2013
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes



This one of the best Kdramas out there starring the bombastic tandem of Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung.  This I think is their first and they should do more.

Kang Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum) was devoted to her boyfriend, Ahn Do Hoon.  They had been dating for seven years.

On their seventh anniversary, Yoo Jung was all excited because finally her boyfriend has now graduated from university and after years of slogging had become a state prosecutor.  Their dream was finally realised.

Hoping that they would now move to the next level, i.e. marriage, Yoo Jung baked a cake and brought in some shopping to his parents’ house to celebrate.

But it seems Do Hoon and family had marriage in mind but not her as the bride as she heard that precisely that time, he was on a blind date with a girl from an affluent family.

Though she was dying inside, Yoo Jung did not show it to his parents.

She just quietly went home with her cake, which she started eating sadly in her room.  She then saw the diamond ring it was tossed haphazardly to her by a playboy, Jo Min Hyuk (Ji Sung) when his intended refused to accept it.  It was a marriage as a business merger.

As Joo Yung was trying out the ring, her father came in and was all happy thinking that she was engaged.  He said that he was so happy, she deserved her prosecutor boyfriend as she had supported him all those years.  He then said that he was downstairs waiting for her.

And he was.  He took her to a restaurant.  He confessed that he was pressured into going into a blind date by his mother and promises not to ever to do it again.  He then presented her with an engagement ring.

Suddenly all is good in their world.

He was driving her home in that rainy dark evening when their world collapsed.

They had an accident with a lorry containing barrels.  When Do Hoon investigated, he found a collapsed woman, bleeding profusely.

Instead of helping, he left and did not say anything to Joo Yung about it.

They were later found out but Joo Yung offered to say that she was the driver as the car was registered in her name.

The dead woman was pregnant with Min Hyuk’s baby.  He had been looking for her. She was his true love.

Joo Yung ended in prison and the one who prosecuted her was Doo Hoon and he recommended that she be given five years in prison.

On her first day of incarceration, she had a form of hazing and beaten up.  A few days later she fainted as they were exercising at the prison yard.

She later found out that she was pregnant.

She settled in prison with her baby and made a core of friends who helped look after her baby with her.

She was due for parole and during the hearing one of her close friend inside testified that she was a violent mother.  They saw her baby was black and blue with bruises.

Her baby was taken away and she served her remaining term.

When she got out, she had a loving reunion with Doo Hoon which was witnessed by an aggrieved and vengeful Min Hyuk who had been watching her on the sideline even in prison.

Now his revenge begins.

But as Blaise Pascal said: ” The heart has its own reason which reason knows nothing of.”

He started falling for Joo Yung.





Memories of the Alhambra (KDrama Review & Summary)


Memories of the Alhambra (KDrama Review & Summary)

Memories of the Alhambra poster

  • Genre: Mystery, Gaming, Business, Si-Fi, Romance
  • Release Date: 1 December 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes
  • Netflix Original


  • Hyun Bin as Yoo Jin-Woo
  • Park Shin Hye as Jung Hee-Joo
  • Park Chanyeol as  Jung Se-Joo
  • Park Hoon as Cha Hyung-Seok

Quick Precis: Race against time:  the search for Jung Se Joo.

Hurrah Park Shin Hye is back and with the most handsome leading man as well in Hyun Bin.  They almost starred in Fox Bride, thank goodness they did not take the roles.

Episode 1

The drama started with Jung Se-Joo (Chanyeol) who was in Barcelona.  He was on the public telephone to Jin Woo.

Their conversation was cut short because Jung Se-Joo was being followed.  He ran for the train going for Granada and nervously sat on one of the bunk beds in the sleeper compartment, waiting and counting every mile until the train reaches its destination.

He did fall asleep but woken by the announcement that they were approaching Granada Station.

The sudden burst of thunder and rain worried him, he opened the compartment door and then there was a gun being fired and blood splattered all over.

(The other person in the compartment wondered why the boy (Se Joon) left the cabin without his rucksack. Strange that he did not hear the gunshot and there were no blood in sight!  Hmmm. – What is going on?)

Meanwhile, Jin Woo, CEO of Jaywon Holdings, was also in Spain after introducing a smart lens, which revolutionalises virtual reality programs, thereby putting South Korea in the gaming map.  Jin Woo also invests in games development.  He was the person Se Joo was speaking to before he caught the train.

Se Joo, during their telephone conversation, arranged to meet up with Jin Woo in Granada, whose most famous landmark in the palace of Alhambra.

When Se Joo mentioned Cha Hyung Seok being a bad man and he doesn’t want him to get his hand on his game, Jin Woo was more than intrigued.

He flew immediately to Granada and stayed at the Bonita Hotel as advised by Se Joo.

Hotel Bonita is a rat infested, derelict backpackers/student hostel.  It is run by Jung Hee Joo.

Seeing that Jin Woo looks very prosperous, Hee Joo tried to discourage him from staying in her hostel.

There was only one room that caters for a single traveller and that was located on the 6th floor.  To reach the room would involve navigating a long and winding staircase.  Jin Woo got a shock when they finally got to the room.  It has not been cleaned for months or even a year or two.  There were cobwebs everywhere and inch-thick dust covering the top furniture, rats are running loose, the toilet is blocked and there were no suitable sockets to charge his mobile phone.

But he did not overly mind as he was thinking of the game that Se Joo had sent him.

He called his programmer in South Korea, and then he was advised that everything has been arranged.

He went to the piazza and it then got mysterious and magical.  Suddenly there was an explosion.  Before he can collect himself together, he saw a knight in steel armour riding a horse coming towards him.  He noticed that the knight had about 5 arrows firmly embedded on his back.  The knight then collapsed in front of him.  He was aghast but his trouble was just beginning.  The hero on top of the monument suddenly came alive and ferociously jumped down in front of him and sliced his arm.  Blood started dripping and pouring into the ground … and then from his right eye, there was suddenly a message that the game was over, he is dead.

It was a game!  And He was mighty impressed.  It was so addictive. It was a 3D (3 Dimensional) – 4D holographic sort of a game.  You feel it, you do it.

He can reset it as many times as he wishes to increase his experience.

He was excited and wanted to meet the creator of the game immediately.

He went back to the hostel and hoping to see the creator of the game.  He was charging and answering his phone in the kitchen when the smoke alarm set in.

Hee Joo had trouble stopping the noisy alarm.

The tired and sleep-deprived Jin Woo took his frustration out of Hee Joo.  He made her cry.

He then learned that the creator of the Alhambra game was a minor at only 17 years of age.  So he needed a guardian to sign the contract for him.

Yep, you guessed it, the guardian was the crying Hee Joo.

Jin Woo then tried his most winning dimpled smile on Hee Joo.

So far so good but I have to be totally honest here as I always am: remember Honesty is the best policy.

Anyway, as much as I am loving this drama, I thought the gaming scene went a bit too long.  I have to be honest here, the gaming/fighting scene was boring.  I got it, it was trying to make a point that Se Joo was a genius boy who created very innovative and exciting virtual reality game but I realised that during the first instant that it showed Jin Woo, the gamer died at the hands or sword of the Nasher guy.

I hope this drama will be more on reality rather than inside a virtual bubble.

Episode 2

omg, Hyun Bin is just so gorgeous!  Whatever angle you look at him, he is perfection!  A real oppa! ha ha ha.

Anyway, this episode introduces the characters a little bit more.

Jin Woo is now on his second marriage, which only lasted a year as his current wife who is an actress wanted a divorce and half of his fortune in alimony.

His first wife, who he still feels a little tenderness but a lot of bitterness, was stolen by his friend and business partner, who co-founded his company, Jaywon Holdings.

This episode is slightly confusing because Se Joo was shown on his way to Granada as per the first episode.  Jin Woo took a plane from Barcelona to Granada that’s why he arrived in Granada ahead of Se Joo.

Anyway, after upsetting and making Hee Joo cry, Jin Woo used his cuteness to calm her down.  It did not work much. 🙂

He learned from her the time of Se Joo’s train arrival.

He went to the station to wait for him.  Se Joo never showed up .  He then found it strange that Hee Joo and her family seemed not overly bothered with the brother’s no-show.

While at the station, he bumped into his ex-wife, the first one, who he was so surprised to see was heavily pregnant.

She said that they had been in Granada since yesterday and that she was going back to Barcelona with her sister.

He put two and two together and realised that Cha Hyung Seok must also be in Granada.

Jin Woo’s programmer and his manager who were monitoring him in real time were surprised to find that Jin Woo commenced a game rather than look for the still missing Se Joo.

Through his virtual smart lens, he was advised that another person had joined in the game.  He and his minders thought that it might be Se Joo but Jin Woo was not surprised when it turned out that it was Cha Hyung Seok himself and he had a higher level, thus better weapons.

Jin Woo was ready to duel but his minder reminded him that one nik from Cha Hyung seok’s blade would kill him in the game.

So they postponed the duel.

Meanwhile, Hee Joo was informed that Jin Woo was far from being a poor man who wears knock-offs because he is actually the CEO of the biggest company in their area of expertise.

Thinking that he was going to sue her, Hee Joo agreed to meet Jin Woo in a nearby cafe.

He told her that she should renovate her hotel or better sell the current one and buy a better and bigger one because Granada will become a magic city, where tourists would stay for months.

One year later… Jin Woo was on a train, looking rather unkempt.  The train was just approaching Granada when he stood up and went into the lavatory where he sorted his guns.  He then went out and started shooting masked terrorists.

So exciting, that the minutes went so quickly.

Episode 3

Apparently the gorgeous Park Shin Hye is trending.  Some netizens think her acting only comprise of one expression:  confused with a bunny rabbit teeth.

So many mean people.  I think she is doing a good job.  I wanted to see more of her, or rather more of her and Hyun Bin together,

Jin Woo offered to buy the Hostal Bonita from Hee Joo for 10,000,000,000SKW which is about 7,794,000 Euros.

After thinking over, she sold the hostel;  it was a no-brainer really.

What Hee Joo did not know at that time is that Hostal Bonita owns everything connected to the game her brother had created.  So Hee Joo unknowingly sold all the rights on the game and merchandising.

Oh come on, I would have sold the game for £100K. LOL  She got £7M+.

Feeling happy with himself, Jin Woo called Cha Hyung Seok to commence their duel.

Jin Woo had been practicing and improving his level all day long.  He has the assassin sword.

Within the game, opponents are not allowed to touch each other.  Fighting should only be carried out with the level allotted weapons.

However, the two ex-friends did have a bit of psychological warfare.  But in the end, Jin Woo prevailed.  He beat and cut up Cha Hyung Seok well and good.  He left him catatonic on a bench in the park.

He then caught a plane to Barcelona.

He was dog-tired when he got to his apartment/hotel room but woken up the next morning with a call from his assistant who stayed in Granada.

He bears bad news.  The police found Cha Hyung Seok cold and dead in the park.

Episode 4

Jin Woo raced back to Granada.  His ex-wife blamed him for the death of her husband.

He then went to the hospital morgue to see Hyungseok’s body.  The pathologist remarked that there was something weird with the body.  It looks like it had been drained of blood and yet there is no visible sign of wounds for the blood to drain.

Jin Woo then went to the park bench where Hyungseok died.  With his smart virtual lens he saw that Hyungseok inside the game was bleeding to death.

The most extraordinary happened.  He had to kill Hyungseok all over again within the game as he had come alive.

To investigate, he went to Hostal Bonita and asked if he can use a high specs computer, which of course Hee Joo would offer him the use of her brother’s gaming computers.

He stayed looking around at the brother’s bedroom and found some useful information.

He then told Hee Joo not to just lend her mobile phone to anyone as she will get into trouble, after returning the phone to her.

Hee Joo innocently smiled at him saying there is nothing of value on her phone.  Their chemistry is electric in this part.  So cute.  Hyun Bin had turned into a sexy wolf, momentarily only though.

He spent the night in his old room on the sixth floor.

He was just about to doze off when there was a loud knock on the door.

He opened it and it was the bloodied Hyung Seok  They ended up having another sword duel.  He tried to call his programmer but it was too late.  Jin Woo fell into the ground floor from the 5th floor at least.

Was he going to die in the hands of someone existing only inside a game?.

Can’t wait for the next episode.



Our Glamorous Time (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Our Glamorous Time (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

OurGlamorousTime poster

  • Genre: Romance, Business, Action, Drama
  • Release Date November 2018
  • Origin: China, Based from the Novel ‘Our Glamorous Time’ by Ding Mo
  • CDrama: 50 Episodes


  • Zanilia Zhao as Lin Qian
  • Jin Han as Li Zhi Cheng
  • Johnny Zhang as Ning Wei Kai
  • Meng Rui as Chen Zheng
  • Yu Hao Ming as Gu Ting Zhi
  • Cao Xi Wen as Zhu Han Jing
  • Lin Yuan as Ya Chen Yai
  • Zhou Yi Wei as Lin Mo Chen
  • Hawick Lau as Li Zhi Qian (Dead Brother)

Quick Precis

Two newbies learned to rely on each other to climb the top of the ladder of a very torturous but glamorous fashion industry.


“The scariest in a battlefield is not your enemy but your ally who betrays you.”
-Li Zhi Cheng

Episode 1

This drama started so well.  So much excitement in the first 15 minutes, lots of action with men in ARMY uniform.  So lovely, men in uniform. 🙂

Anyway, Lin Qian or Qian Qian was at the Yunnan province looking for inspiration and materials for her fashion company.  While browsing and haggling, she became a victim of a scammer and human trafficker.

Before she could breathe she was chloroformed and bundled van and deposited nto a hide-out in the mountains.

Concurrently, a group of young soldiers in their camouflage uniform, complete with painted/muddied faces were on their way to ransack the mountain hide-out of these traffickers and drug dealers.

The soldiers engaged in a bloody gunfire with the goons.

The leader of the soldiers was Li Zhi Cheng.  He came to the rescue of Qian Qian, who was gagged and tied up.

After so many beautiful almost balletic moves, Zhi Cheng firing an Armalite with one hand and the other holding on to Qian Qian managed to get away with bruises and minor wounds.

After a quick patch up at the hospital and making sure that Qian Qian was okay, Zhi Cheng left with his group.

Qian Qian was still barely conscious when she noticed that the army van was driving off.  She was rather perturbed that she did not get the name of her rescuer.

Back to reality and her shop, Qian Qian was anxious because she was not making enough to cover the rent of the shop.

She was also annoyed that the materials provided by their supplier, Wenda, was below par and she was getting complaints from her customers.  This was particularly daunting as she runs an online fashion shop.

What she does not know was that Wenda has a new boss.

He was the manly soldier,  Zhi Chen, she has been spending a few daydreams about.

Zhi Chen had to retire from the army to take over from his brother who died rather suspiciously.

Episode 2

One dissatisfied customer called Qian Qian because of the colour of the dress ran with the rainwater.  This client was particularly annoyed because she was just about to give a musical performance.

Portentously, Qian Qian brought with her a white dress as a replacement but it was too large.

With a pair of scissors, a needle, and thread plus the string from her own corset belt, she presented her client a rather ugly and ill-fitting dress.  LOL

Zhi Chen has been slowly taking stock of what he had inherited from his brother.  In the middle of this, his workers were on strike.  He noticed immediately that there was more to the picket line than meet the eyes.  There was someone instigating it.

Then Qian Qian was suddenly in their warehouse, full of woes against Wenda and the materials she received.

An old man, who had just been fired went into the rooftop with his banner, listing his grievance.  But he was actually paid by the rivals of Wenda!

Episode 3

This episode is probably sponsored by Christian Dior.  It was mentioned a few times and there was also a product placement.

Anyway, Qian Qian brother was worried about her, struggling on with her little company which was losing rather than gaining.  He gave her a choice of becoming an assistant designer for Dior or LV or better yet return to the States with him and continue studying.

Qian Qian declined to say that though her company is still barely making money, owning it allows her freedom to do what she wanted.

Episode 4