Piece of Cake (2015 Japanese Film)

Piece of Cake poster


  • Genre:  Romance, Mature
  • Released Date:  September 2015


  • Mikako Tabe as Shino Umemiya
  • Gō Ayano as Kyoshiro Sugahara
  • Tori Matsuzaka as Ten chan
  • Fumino Kimura as Nanako
  • Kaoru Mitsumune as Akari
  • Tasuku Emoto as Masaki
  • Masaki Suda as Kawatani
  • Tomoya Nakamura as Tada
  • Tamae Andō as Toshiko Kurosawa
  • Ryū Morioka as Kinji
  • Kazunobu Mineta as Chiba

Piece of Cake (2015 Japanese Film)

Woah another Mikako Tabe film.

The film is a bit mature as it is about sexual relationship.

Mikako Tabe plays Shino Umamiya.

Shino was in a relationship with Masaki, who would often turn violent towards her due to jealousy.

He had a cause for jealousy, plenty of it.

Anyway. Shino is a girl who was initially very afraid of the idea of being alone and therefore, though she had a boyfriend, she would still sleep with anyone, who showed her a bit of interest.

One day, after another violent confrontation, Masaki said that they were through.

Shino moved somewhere else, got herself a new apartment and a new job.

She was pleasantly surprised to find out that her new boss is none other than her gorgeous new neighbour, Kyoshiro.  But he was already living with a rather mysterious girl called Akari.

Shino did feel guilty but she just can’t help herself so she ended up sleeping with the boss as well.

Kyoshiro said that he loves Shino and he had broken off with Akira.

All’s well.  Shino has also found another part time job doing costumes for dramatic group.

Kyoshiro had told Shino that he had a friend who recently met an accident and he would often  visit this friend  Tanaka.

Shino and Kyoshiro are now quite happy together.  They decided to get a few days away in a spa.  At some point during their break at the spa, Kyoshiro received a call which he refused to answer.  After dinner Kyoshiro went into the men’s hot tub leaving Shino with the phone.

At first she was contented being alone but the sight of the mobile phone on the table was taunting her.  She gave in with her curiosity and checked the last call.  It was Tanaka.  She returned the call and it was Akari who answered.

Shino was so upset that she went and beat up Kyoshino in the men spa.

They ended up breaking off.

A year and a half later, Shino met up with her friend, Nanako who had Akira’s new novel.  Nanako said that Shino must read it as it about the three of them, Akira, Kyoshiro and Shino.  Apparently Kyoshiro really loved Shino but he felt he had to look after Akira as well, as he was all she got in the world, or rather in Tokyo.

Shino said that she is not interested anymore as she had not heard from Kyoshino.  No calls, no texts; not even one.

Her drama group was entertaining in a bar/club when she noticed Kyoshiro.  She run away immediately as she doesn’t want anything to do with him after reading the new novel.

But Kyoshiro run after her and ended up hugging her and telling her how much he loves her.

He then confessed that he wronged her in the past.

This is where the title comes in I think.  Their three-way relationship:  Kyoshiro was having his cake and eating it  too. Apparently Kyoshiro was having a relationship with both Akira and Shino at the same time.

You can’t have it both ways.  It is either you have the cake and keep it or you eat it and it will be gone.  You can’t have it as well as eat it.

Anyway Kyoshiro said that he has absolutely no contact with Akari anymore and he loves only Shino.  To prove it, he took her to a  house, where he planted the garden with her favourite green leafy plants.  He had always been thinking about her.

Once again they are happy and joyous with each other’s company,.

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