Sweet Dreams (Chinese Drama)

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  • Genre: Romance, Flowers, Fantasy
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • CDrama: 45 Episode


  • Dilraba Dilmurat as Lin Ling Qi
  • Deng Lun as Bai Hai
  • Rang Rui Zi as Lu Bao Ni
  • Zhu Xu Dan as Zhou Zin Yan
  • Chen Yi Long as Mo Nan

Lin Ling Qi is a kind girl who has a degree in zoology but wanted a career in flower arranging because of a celebrity florist, Bai Hai.

It looks like they will have a deeper relationship because of a bracelet. 🙂

Sweet Dreams (Chinese Drama)

Episode 1

Lin Ling Qi or fondly called by her friend Bao Ni as Qi Qi is an ordinary girl, who was so in love with love.  Her brain is completely focused on love.

She was a very romantic girl, but got dumped unceremoniously by a boy.  Her tears was as heavy as the pouring rain.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers was handed to her by a mysterious trendy man in black.

Since then she dreams of working for Flowerplus, not because she particularly likes flowers but she like the company president of Hua Jia.  The man of her dreams is Bai Hai.  He is very personable, very handsome but rather lack empathy.  His emotional quotient is inversely proportional to his very high IQ.

Anyway, despite majoring in zoology, QiQi dragged her reluctant best friend Bao Ni to apply for a part-time job at Flowerplus with her.  Qi Qi was so heartbroken when Bao Ni got accepted but she wasn’t.  Her parents and Bao Ni encouraged her to reapply in a year’s time.  Again she did not get selected.

On the third time, Bao Ni gave her a comprehensive booklet about Flowerplus to study.

Concurrently to all these, Qi Qi applied and got accepted as a tester for a sleep aid in the form of a bracelet called Sweet Dreams.

It so happened Bai Hai also wears the Sweet Dreams bracelet.  He suffers from nightmares about dragons.

One night he dreamt of the dragons again but this time it did not end as horrific as before.  There was a girl in his dream who helped him vanquished the dragons.  A single drop of the dragon’s blood fell into a white rose which made it changed into reddish/pinkish hue.

This dream inspired him to solve a problematic issue with a client who hysterically insisted that the hundreds of white roses be changed into pink ones for her wedding to a Hollywood celebrity.

This part, I have to admit was so cringeworthy!

But the leads though have a great chemistry even from the beginning of this drama.  I just hope that the script is tightened up and be more comedic and dramatic at the same time.

Episode 2

After a few years Qi Qi finally get into Flowerplus but as a sales assistant.  Again her plan and fervent wish to meet her crush Bai Hai has been thwarted because he doesn’t go to small branch of flower shops of Flowerplus.

Episode 3

Bai Hai is consumed with worry at a proposed takeover of his company, Flowerplus, he established when he was 22 years old.

He was able to find a more suitable investor, which pacified his shareholders.

The episode ended with the almost meeting of Bai Hai and QiQi when Bai Hai tried to do one of his impromptu site visitsof his smaller stores.  At the last minute, he was a foot away from QiQi,  he got a call and had to return to the office immediately.

They still continue to invade each other’s dream.  Apparently this was due to the faulty Sweet Dream bracelets.

QiQi was asked if she was dreaming any unusual things, she denied any weird dreams, she said she was sleeping like a baby.  She declined to exchange the bracelet.

She wanted to remain as Queen Mary to BoHai’s Prince Jack 🙂

Episode 4

Bo Hai and QiQi finally met but he doesn’t remember her from the dream.

Episode 5-7

Qi Qi ended up as PA to Bo Hai because her flower decorating style echoes his instructions.

But their relationship is not an easy one.,  Bo Hai is a hard task-maker.

Also the flow of work is further subjected to a sabotage.  There was a fire in their main exhibition.  Fire seems to have a catastrophic effect of Bo Hai psyche as it left him almost catatonic in shock.  His manager secretly hired someone to continue with the flower designs while Bo Hai was indisposed.

This was misunderstood by Qi Qi but not helped by Bo Hai who let her carry on with her misconception that his works were not really wholy his own.

Qi Qi resigned on the spot and threatened to divulge to everyone how fake Bo Hai was.

Bo Hai threated her parents with a lawsuit of plagiarising Flowerplus design because they are selling plastic version in their shop.

Qi Qi then unresigned herself and continued working for Bo Hai.

Episode 8-10

Qi Qi started working as a Special Assistant to Bo Hai.  They seemed to make each other’s life harder than it should.

There was a funny scene where Bo Hai got drunk and he turned into a mischievous child, whom Qi Qi had to control.  They almost had a kiss but ended at the minute.

Poor Bo Hai had to keep it secret that he is suffering from a serious colour blindness.

He was guesting in a live telecast when out of the blue he was asked to have a contest with another guest in flower arranging.  Somehow he can see colour through a glass reflection so he was saved from humiliation.

Episode 11

Zhou Zin Yan, business manager of Flowerplus, got drunk and confessed to Bo Hai of her long standing feelings for him.

This episode reveals the sweet and caring Mo Nan is actually cold and ambitious, who works for a merger & acquisition company, which is after the Bo Hai’s Flowerplus.

Episode 12

Qi Qi was suspected of spying and as a punishment, she had to copy out by hand several times over the employee’s manual as the photocopier was out of order.

Miraculously the photocopier was fixed and of course it was the doing or order of Bo Hai.

But her troubles did not stop there as Zhou Zin Yan locked her inside the plant nursery and turned off the lights.

It was lucky for her that Bo Hai was passing and Mo Nan found out Zhou Zin Yan dastardly deeds.

Episode 13

Qi Qi is being bullied by Zhou Zin Yan into helping the company to spy for Wen, otherwise she had to pay 100M for giving away company secrets.

A cctv footage was finally unearth to prove that QiQi was not the culprit.  She should sue Zhou Zin Yan and the company for how they treated her and actually bullied and molested her.  But this is drama and just part of some boring episodes. 🙂

Episode 14

Bo Hai told QiQi that she would never be a florist.  But towards the end of the episode he enjoyed helping her doing flower arrangement for a old lady flower seller.

Episode 15

It seems QiQi  took after her father; they are both as thick as two planks.

QiQi said that she can’t take it anymore and confessed that she was only staying at her job because she was scared that Bo Hai will take her father to court for selling counterfeit Flowerplus flowers.

The father had a reduced sale at his shop immediately.


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