10 March

sunset at Manila Bay, photo by PH Morton

10 March

Happy Birthday to:-




There was once a spiritual guru who taught his followers various spiritual practices and method of prayers and meditations.  They, in turn, spent much time trying to put into practice the techniques they were learning from him.

One day, one of the students asked the guru “What can I do to achieve enlightenment?”

The guru replied with another question “What can you do to make the sun rise?”

The student, taken off guard in this unexpected response, admitted, “There is nothing I can do to make the sun rise.”

The guru smiled, “And there is nothing you can do to achieve enlightenment”

Frustrated now, the student asked, a touch querulously, “So why are you asking us to practice all these meditation techniques?”

“So that you will be awake when the sun rises.” replied the guru.

This an interesting reflection from the New Daylight for January to April 2019 by Margaret Silf.

My take on of this little parable is that sometimes we are just too focused on some things that we disregard other things equally or more important and beneficial.

We just have to learn to wait and be prepared when it comes to shine upon us.


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