Go Go Squid! (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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Go Go Squid! (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Romance, Games, Youth, School, Love at First Sight
  • Release Date: 9 July 2019
  • Original: China; adapted from a novel by Mo Bao Fei Bao called Stewed Squid With Honey
  • Cdrama: 41 Episodes



  • Li Xian as Han Shang Yan/Gun
  • Yang Zi as Tong Nian
  • Lee Hong Chi as Mi Zhao Fei
  • Hu Yi Tian as Wu Bai
  • Wen Yi Fan as Grunt
  • Yu Cheng En as Demo
  • Li Zi Feng as Wang Hao/Solo
  • Li Ming De as 97
  • Wang Zhen Er as Ai Qing/Appledog
  • Xu Yuexiao as one
  • Jiang Pei Yao as Sun Ya Ya (Tong Nian’s friend and Xioa Mi’s no 1 fan)
  • Shi Qingyan as Lan Mei (Tong Nian’s Friend who is also an online singer)
  • Alan Wang as Tong Zheng
  • Sheng Ping as Zhou Shan
  • Qu Xianping as Zheng Hui (Tong Nian’s Senior who has a crush on her)
  • Wang Lejun as Su Cheng (Solo’s Ex-Wife)
  • Wang Ce as Tong Nian’s father
  • Kong Lin as Tong Nian’s mother
  • Aiqi Liang as Shanghan’s Stepmother
  • Zhang Ge as the daughter, Xiao Ai


I have started watching this drama and I absolutely love it.  I also would like to commend the scriptwriter for not making Yan Zi’s character cringe-worthy.

She confessed to Han Shang Yan fairly early in the drama but she did not harass him.  Every time he tells her that it would be their last meeting, she agreed immediately.

So I did not feel embarrassed watching her.  In fact, I love the character, I have become a firm Yan Zi’s fan for life and thinking of actually finishing Ashes of Love soon.

Episode 1

This is about e-sport pertaining to cybertechnology/cybercrime.  Players were strategising, hacking, anything goes really to defeat the opponent.  It is all about coding.

Anyway, the drama started with the K&K losing majorly against SP.

This was pretty bad for Shanghan because this was not just a game, it was more personal for him.

K&K’s team is made up of young boys who were just in their twenties, trained by Shanghan himself.

The loss created such strife within the team, including Wu Bai, (played by Hu Yi Tian, I had forgotten how handsome he was) who was the captain of the team.  He is also a young cousin of Shanghan.

The noise and the temper drove Shanghan to destruction so he decided to get out of the company coach and have a calming walkabout.

He ended up at Tong Nian’s internet cafe.

Tong Nian was dosing at the till when Shanghan called her attention.

Tong Nian fell in love at first sight! She became especially attentive towards him but he was cold and aloof and yet there was a smidgen of attraction from him as well.

Tong Nian was helped by her young cousin to get Shanghan’s wechat.  She then bombarded him with text after text and offers after offers to visit the cafe again or get in touch with her.  This was cute rather than irritating.

Anyway. Shanghan was reasonably calmed and returned to the K&K HQ which is also doubles as a dormitory for the young team.

Shanghan had an attack of nostalgia and decided to return to Shanghai and get in touch with his original team.

Episode 2

Shanghan comes from a monied background and he used to be the lone investor to the original team, Team Solo, where Solo was the captain but Shanghan was the player who was cut above the rest.  He was so popular, he had fans from around the world

After Team Solo disbanded, he went back to Norway, started university and studied Industrial Design and then started K&K.  And now he had opened a branch of K&K in China.

He wanted to recruit his all team but Solo got there first.

Still, Shanghan told them that there were no hard feelings, they will always be his brothers and if they need anything in the future, they just had to get in touch with him.

Solo tried to make up with Shanghan but Shanghan was not interested.  The chasm between them cannot be bridged (for now at least).  Even after 10 years his emotion against. Solo was still raw.

In fact, he started to remember the last time he was a member of Team Solo.  It was another win for the team but somehow Shanghan was absolutely furious.  During the press conference, he announced that he will be retiring from the game, he then threw his team Solo ring into the audience and then walked off.

During the drink-up which was a damp squib, he beat up Solo in front of their teammates,  Solo told his teammates not to interfere and let Shanghan beat him to a pulp if he so wishes.

Shanghan left but later found by Solo at the station.

Solo gave him his passport and reward money.

Shanghan told Solo that he cannot be a captain anymore if wanted to continue playing then do it as an individual.

Solo promised.

I don’t really know what Solo did but I like him.  I reckoned Solo did him wrong in such as big way that Shanghan, at the moment, was behaving like a drama queen.:)

Dounan, Tong Nian’s cousin, saw her in such a doldrums so to cheer her up, he found a way to get her in touch with their handsome previous costumer.

Between Tong Nian and Dounan, they found out that the account used by their customer was Grunt.

Tong Nian asked Grunt to accept her as an opponent.

Tong Nian was so happy to be playing with Grunt.

Shanghan was using Grunt’s account because he can’t be bothered to create his own.

Episode 3

Shanghan was protective of the young boy, he thought he accepted in the game.  He did not know that it was Tong Nian, whose ID is Squid.

Tong Nian is actually an internet celebrity.  She was into kawaii music whch.she sings online.  She has hundred of thousands follower online.

She was going to Guangzhou to meet and greet fans.

As fate would have it she saw Shanghan with his team at Guangshou airport.  She thought they were a basketball team.

She almost forgotten her meet and greet but followed the K&K coach instead.  The players saw her and found her cute.  Wu Bai, sort of recognised her. But  Shanghan was completely oblivious to her.

She eventually managed to get to her music meet and greet but right after the event, she asked her friend if there was any major basketball or something competition around.

Her friend mentioned to her that there was the Doppler Summit going on.

Tong Nian dragged her matching pink suitcase into the auditorium but she was turned away for lack of a ticket.

Ai Qing, who was outside felt pity for her an allowed her in.

Shanghan recognised her from the internet cafe and went to say hello, which surprised her and more so his team as he was not known to chat up girls.

The team thought that Tong Nian must be the boss’s secret girlfriend.

Because of this they sort of adopted her as their sister-in-law.

Tong Nian was about to leave when she heard that Grunt was unwell and she wanted to find out for herself.

The team so her and let her see Grunt.

Who was more surprised when Tong Nian finally met the real Grunt was hilarious.

Shanghan asked to see Tong Nian and interrogated her about her intentions.  He was convinced that she was Grunt’s secret girlfriend.

But having said that Shanghan still tried to be accommodating towards her.

Episode 4

Tong Nian was forced to confess that she does not know anything about Grunt.  She does not like him because she doesn’t know him at all.

She then said that she came to the event for one purpose only to see Shanghan, who she thought was Grunt.

She then said that she likes him.  Awww

Shanghan was fluttered but still continued to be cool.

He then sent her back to her hotel by taxi.  He was busy on the phone and did not even look at her as she was being driven away.

Meanwhile, Shanghan got a call from his grandfather who was moaning that Shanghai was still single despite being in his thirties.

His grandpa said that since he won’t come to him, he will come to see him and Wu Bai in the next couple of days.

Episode 5

There was a battle to the death between K&K and SP.  The experience of the newly recruited original members of Team Solo proved catastrophic to the younger team of K&K.  Wu Bai did try to put up a fight to the bitter end but Zhao Fei was too good.

Because of the defeat from SP, Shanghan was particularly melancholic and took some of his frustration off Tong Nian.

He told her that he will not be meeting her again in the future, he doesn’t have time to date, he wanted to concentrate on building up the team.  He told her not to meet anymore and he made her agree to it.  With not much choice, she nodded her compliance.

She tried to delete his photos from her laptop but in the end, she can’t do it.  In the meantime, life goes on and she was back in university for her post-graduate bio-engineering degree. Tong NIan was actually a genius.  She started university at the age of 15 when most students of that age are not even in high school yet.

Episode 6

Tong Yan was giving a talk about how advanced Chinese technology had become that it can compete with anyone in the world.  In fact, China’s facial recognition technology is now the best in the world.  (Actually, I saw a documentary of a BBC journalist reporting about this.  He went to Guiyang in China and he tried to evade the cameras but he was found within seven minutes, he was impressed but rather perturbed.)

It was break time in China to celebrate the new year and spring festival.  The team and crew at K&K were dispatched to their respective family to celebrate.  All except Demo, the youngest and sweetest member of the group.  He did not really have a home to go to as his parents had divorce.

Shangyan took pity on him and took him home.  Demo was so sweet like a puppy.  He took charged of the kitchen and cooked up a feast.

It did not end well because when Demo kindly served Shanghan with a chicken leg, Shanghan went moody again and locked himself in his room remembering the time when they just started in Team Solo, meeting the members the first time, and having chicken drumstick as a reward of the winner when they were still struggling as a team.

And struggled they did as no one wanted to invest in them, the one investor reneged on them.  It was Shanghan who ultimately invested in them with the legacy from his father.

Episode 7

This episode started with Demo leaving food at the outside door of Shanghan’s room.

Seeing that Demo was really sweet and kind, Shanghan ate the food with gusto.

Grandpa came to visit.  He told Shanghan and Wu Bai that they will be going for a new year’s eve meal.

The meal turned out to be an excuse for a matchmaking for Shanghan.

What a big coincidence.  The house that they went to was Tong Nian’s.

Her cousin, Ah Jiao, was Shanghan’s blind date.

Shanghan was not interested in Ah Jiao, more so when Tong Nian showed up in her pyjamas.

Shanghan cheered up but his grandpa said that Tong Nian would be a good match for Wu Bai who was also studying computer technology.

They all went out for a family new year’s meal.

At the restaurant, Grandpa tried to make a matchup between Tong Nian and Wu Bai but Wu Bai let the cat out of the bag.

Wu Bai announced that Tong Nian is his brother’s girlfriend.  That she is well known among the team as the sister-in-law.

Everyone was shocked especially Tong Nian’s mother.  She thought that Shanghan was much too old for her daughter.

Anyway, Shanghan had to pretend that Tong Nian was really his girlfriend for the sake of the spirit of a good new year.

He made an agreement with Tong Nian that they will break up a month after the new year but as she was his girlfriend currently he will treat her nicely.  He will give her whatever she wanted.

Episode 8

This is a cute and funny episode.

It was the new year.  Grandpa ordered Shanghan to fetch Tong Nian from her house so she could celebrate the new year with them.

Shanghan reckoned that it was easier to follow Grandpa’s bidding rather than argue with him.

He took Demo with him to get Tong Nian.

Demo, for his young age, was very intuitive.  He advised Shanghan not to go to Tong Nian’s family empty-handed.  He had to bring gifts.

Shanghan went to buy lots of fruit for Tong Nian’s family.

Tong Nian’s mother allowed Shanghan in rather begrudgingly.

Tong Nian did not know that Shanghan would be coming to her house, so she was almost in a panic to pick what she would wear to go out.

After many minutes of almost dead silence downstairs where Shanghan was waiting for her with her parents and cousin, Tong Nian finally came down.

Shanghan almost dragged her out of the house.

Shanghan took both Tong Nian and Demo to the supermarket to get the ingredients for dumplings.

Demo quickly noticed that whatever Tong Nian wanted, Shanghan would be pleased to buy.  Just to test, Demo asked if he could buy a packet of prawn chips, Shanghan immediately reminded him not to get junkfood.

Seeing the cute young Demo disappointed Tong Nian if she could have the prawn chips, immediately Shanghan acquiesced.

They also went to market for more fresh provision.

When they got back, Tong Nian and Demo were asking one another if they know how to make dumplings.  The both did not know how but Tong Nian asked Demo to find the recipe in Baidu.

Hearing this Shanghan intervened and threw both Tong Nian and Demo out of the kitchen.  He ended up doing the dough himself with the help of Wu Bai.

In the meantime, Tong Nian entertained grandpa with a rendition of a song from the Red Lanter or Red House?!!!

Grandpa loved it and so did Demo.

Grandpa went into the kitchen to give a necklace to Shanghan.  Grandpa said as tradition, he had to put the necklace into one of the dumplings as a surprise to Tong Nian.

Shanghan refused because it was unhygienic but grandpa said that it had been sterilised.

When it came to eating the dumplings, Tong Nian was given a plateful. When Demo tried to get one from the plate, he was told off severely.

Everyone was watching Tong Nian eat the dumplings one by one and she was really enjoying them too.

As she bit into the last piece, grandpa asked if she tasted anything funny.

Tong Nian said no.  Grandpa persisted and asked if she swallowed something strange.

Shanghan can’t take it anymore so he gave the necklace to Tong Nian still in the presentation box.

When she opened it she was charmed.  It was a gold necklace with a pendant of Shanghan’s initial.

As it was still not too late when he took her home, Shanghan invited Tong Nian to stay in the car while they listened to some music.

He also told her that he will be away and won’t be able to see her for a few days.

Their growing camaraderie was interrupted by Douhan, who came bounding by.

Episode 9

Shanghan followed Tong Nian at her page in NetEase.

Shanghan with his select team went to Norway to compete.  He went with a few members of SP including Ai Qing.

Her company made him remember why their original team broke.  It looked like Solo and Appledog was in a relationship but because Solo made someone else pregnant (the current manager at K&K China), Solo chose to leave the group.  This made Shanghan really bitter, more bitter than Ai Qing strangely enough.

Episode 10

They were jubilant.  Wu Bai won the championship not only for K&K but for China.

Episode 11

The homecoming.  This was rather excruciating.  Tong Nian was waiting at the airport for the K&K team.

Thank goodness, she spotted Wu Bai who took her where the coach for the group was parked.

Shanghan was not very enthusiastic to see her but she was so cute so in the end he was glad she was there.

Tong Nian was invited to dinner with the team and they got talking about speed of their fingers with the keyboard.

Shanghan told the guys that they need to constantly practise.

Tong Yan volunteered to write a program that could enhance finger on the keyboard speed as well as eye coordination.

Solo brought his daughter to be with the mother, who was the manager at K&K.  The daughter was very wary of her mother.

The mother seemed to have ran off and left the daughter to Solo.  The daughter had a hearing impediment.

Episode 12

This is the episode that we have all been waiting for.   There are plenty of skinship between Tong Nian and Shanghan.

Tong Nian was at the K&K HQ showing the apps that she created for the finger speed test.

Shanghan tested the apps.  He gave her a can of beer while she waited for him.

She was not sure about the beer at first but she tasted it and after a few sips, she found she can bear the taste.

Tong Nian quickly drank the whole can.  Within minutes she was out of her mind and before you know it, she was wrapping herself to Shanghan.

He was surprised at first.  Though he was not really encouraging her, it does not look like he was hating it.

Tong Nian was a wicked seductress in the cutest way.

Episode 13

It was the morning after or rather afternoon after.  Slowly Tong Nian remembered what happened the night before as she saw the evidence of a necklace she was given by Shanghan (though really it was not meant for her but for hs auntie)

In utter embarassment, she texted an apology to Shanghan.

He did not reply immediately so Tong NIan got more worried and sick with embarrassment.

She texted again telling Shanghan that they should now break up as it was fake anyway.

Shanghan finally replied to her text, asking her if she really thought it through.

She said “yes”

Her replied back “Ok”

Poor Tong Nian cried her eyes out.  Her mother told her that it was the best to let it all out.

Poor Shanghan was also suffering.  He was listless and cannot concentrate with the training.

He was also scared to face his grandpa but he had to.

Poor Demo was also very upset.  He told Shanghan that his parents are finally divorced and not one wanted him.

Shanghan told Demo that his story is nothing compared to his own.

Shangyan said that his mother died giving birth to him and then just a few years later his father died and his stepmother had to bring him up.

Episode 14

Poor Shanghan!!!  He was actually heartbroken from the break-up with Nian Nian and also broke because the jewellery he gave to Nian Nian was actually for his stepmother, who transferred the money to his account, he had to pay her back.  It was for 950,000 Yuan ($138,000) which cleared his account leaving him 270 Yuan only.

Meanwhile, Nian Nian auditioned to sing the jingle for the CyberSecurityTournament.

One of the judges happened to be Shanghan, who asked her to sing Little Donkey.

Nian Nian got the stint because she was really the obvious choice as she has a huge online follower and she really can sing well.

Episode 15

Tong Nian heard a rumour that  Shanghan has a new girlfriend.

She was obviously upset as it was her birthday as well.

Her university friend, Zheng Hui, who fancied her was walking with her outside the school building and was about to give her a present when she noticed that Shanghan was coming toward her way.

Shanghan asked her to go and play with him but taking her to his house to see his grandpa, who prepared a little birthday celebration for her.

At the last minute, Shanghan opted not to join Tong Nian and his grandpa for a dinner of steak, but went upstairs and eavesdrop on the conversation of Tong Nian and grandpa.

Tong Nian explained in details what Shanghan was doing with the CTF.  It was not just a computer but actually a pride for the nation.  She then recited the last speech Shanghan gave when he retired at the height of his fame.

Shanghan was impressed.

After the dinner, Shanghan told Tong Yan to wait in the garden as he was bringing her some fruits.

It was sliced mangoes, which she was allergic too but she ate it with gusto.

Shanghan told her things about himself that he was born on 14 February in Norway but chose Chinese nationality as soon as he turned 18.

He is socially inept, he would rather be in front of a computer as coding keeps him calm and relax.

He studied industrial engineering after he retired from professional CTF gaming.

He said that he established K&K in Norway and had a branch in China.  With these he does not have time to stop, go on holiday, he can’t celebrate festivities, he doesn’t do romance but with all these, he was giving her a second chance to reevaluate breaking up with him.

Tong Nian was so happy.  She said she does not want to break up.

Shanghan went to find Wu Bai to borrow his debit/credit card to get Tong Nian a birthday present.

He took her to get a PSP4 console and dozens of new PSP4 games which he lovingly labelled and numbered according to the order it should be played.

He then took her home and bought her a selection of street food that he could find after she mentioned liking them.

Episode 16

It was a terrible birthday for Little Mi.  On his birthday over a hotpot, Solo told him that their investor for SP had said that if Little Mi does not improve into the top 10 players of the country, he will be demoted to the lower team.

Little Mi was gutted.  Terrible time to tell him the news.

Meanwhile, SF & K&K flew to Sanya to go to a luxurious camp where they can practise as well as relax.

Shanghan told Tong Nian that she can call him from 9pm onwards where he would have his alone time.

At exactly 9pm, Tong Nian called Shanghan and he agreed to ‘facetime’

Shanghan said that he will just leave the video call running as he has other things to do.

Tong Nian saw that a woman came into Shanghan’s room wearing only a bathroom and seemed rather too forward.

Tong Nian got upset and refused to take his call anymore.

Shanghan was annoyed with the woman and bundled her in a blanket and left her outside his room.

He then thought of things that would make Tong Nian calm down.

This was to book her a ticket and a room for Sanya and be with him.

Episode 17

Ai Qing had told Tong Nian that she is 90 per cent sure that she is Shanghan’s first love.

This is a sweet, cute episode.  They were together most of the time.

He worries about her when he cannot see her.  Awww.

He does think of her as a minor and needed protecting… all the time.

Episode 18

It was Tong Nian’s last day at Sanya.  As a treat, the team went to have some sort of relaxation.  They went to the hanging bridge, where everybody found of Shanghan’s fear of heights. He was hysterical when Tong Nian took him to the bridge.

She told him that she wanted them to cross the bridge together because there was a legend that lovers who cross the bridge will stay together for a lifetime.

Midway through the crossing Shangyan had a panic attack and told that the legend was just superstitious hokum and turned back.  This scene was cute.

Episode 19

Tong Nian was back at the dorm.  She confessed to Ya Ya that her boyfriend was Gun.  It was rather hard to convince Ya Ya at first but she believed in the end when Tong Nian logged in and had a conversation with the team including Shanghan in the end.

Ya Ya confessed that her ultimate idol was Little Mi.

As a treat, Tong Nian asked Shanghan, how had returned from Sanya, to arrange for Little Mi to surprise Ya Ya.

Episode 20

Tong Nian gifted Shanghan a cat.  She then kissed him before she left.

Episode 21

Tong Nian aunt tried to cause trouble with Shanghan’s grandpa, telling him the relationship between Tong Nian and Shanghan was fake.

The grandpa went to see Shanghai at the K&K HQ.  He then dragged Shanghan to Tong Nian house.

While the grandfather went into the house, Tong Nian’s mother waylaid Shanghan for some heart to heart.

She told him to leave her daughter alone if his intention is less than stellar.

Shanghan went back into his shell, he did not bother going into the house, instead watched the perplexed Tong Nian looking for him in the street outside her house.

Poor Tong Nian, she does not deserve the hot and cold treatment she was getting from Shanghan.  It seemed they had broken up again.

Tong Nian’s mother was feeling the guilt though of her interference.

Episode 22

Shanghan tried to stay away from Tong Nian.  But he does adore her so he allowed himself to do just stalk her, watch her from afar.

He then went to Norway without telling her.  He went to K&K HQ to raise some cash for K&K China. It also happened to be his stepmother’s third wedding.  His stepmother is gorgeous and adores him and he can see that.  When she asked for a picture of Tong Nina, Shanghan drew a picture instead and the stepmother said that she was just the girl she would like to marry her son.

Anyway, Solo’s daughter ran away from home and went to Tong Nian.  She wanted Tong Nina to convince Shanghan to transfer her mother somewhere else so she does not worry Solo.  The girl then added that Solo was much better looking than Shanghan and Tong Nian should consider going out with her father instead of Shanghan.

Episode 23

Shanghan is backed from Norway and was able to catch the game of SP, which they won but prompted Little Mi to announced his retirement.

Everyone was upset especially Shanghan as he wanted Little Mi to join K&K initially but Solo had assured him that he will look after Little MI.

Shanghan had also treated Tong NIan like a stranger and even lied to her that his purpose of going to Norway was for matchmaking because he wanted to get married before reaching 30.

And to make his point even stronger, he told Tong Nian that he does not like her, probably because of their age gap.

This was enough for Tong Nian to leave.

Episode 24

Demo’s mother came to fetch him back because she heard that he won’t really make much money from gaming.

She was corrected by Shanghan.

Shanghan keeps Tong Nian hanging on.  He breaks her heart and then gives her a glimmer of reconciliation by contacting her friends.

But in the end, he really told Tong NIan that her friends gave her the wrong idea.  He does not want to get back together with her.

Episode 25

Little Mi was persuaded by Ya Ya and Tong Nian not to leave the gaming community.

Ya Ya helped him find a place to rent.

Little told Tong Nian and Ya Ya that Shanghan is in love with Tong Nian.  He is 100 per cent sure about it.  He offered to help in getting the couple back together.

During Little Mi’s house warming party, he tried to throw Tong Nian and Shanghan together but Shanghan was still determined to honour his promise to Tong Nian’s mother not to have anything more to do with Tong Nian.

Episode 26

Shanghan rushed to the hospital to be with Tong Nian who was visiting her senior’s mother who was going to have surgery.  The head surgeon was Tong Nian’s father.

Shanghan was jealous of Tong Nian’s easy going relationship with her senior, who has a crush on her.

The senior was just about to confess to Tong Nian but Shanghan interrupted.

Tong Nian was so delighted.  She did say that the senior was from a single family who had a pitiful life but now studying for his PHD.

This was a cute scene.  Shanghai pretended to be upfronted.  He said that he had the life that is pitiful.  He is an orphan, his stepmother had gotten married again so it was only him and his grandpa who was left in the Han family.  He pretended to cry and Tong Nian was mortified.  But Shanghai was smirking in a cute way.

They then had a fine time dancing with an alien. 😝

The latter part of this episode is about Solo, his daughter, and ex-wife.

His ex, K&K manager, wanted to take custody back of their daughter.  Though Solo was grief-stricken, he understood that their daughter is growing up and she needed a mother to help her navigate puberty.  She also suffers from hives and needed cream to apply to them all over her body, which a father cannot really help with.

The daughter was absolutely gutted.  She cannot leave her adored father.  So she ran away to make a point and of course ended up at Tong Nian’s dorm again.

Episode 27

Shanghan took the daughter, Xiao Ai, along his memory lane.  He told her that her father and mother used to be in a relationship before there was even a Team Solo.  They were the three original ones as e-gamers friends.  Then Solo and Su Cheng broke up.

Then two years later, when Team Solo had been formed and started to get recognition, her mother showed up with her.

It was chaos because by that time Solo was dating Appledog.

Su Cheng left Xiao Ai to Solo to rear as she can’t afford to.  Xiao Ai was ill and needed special treatment.

Team Solo was on their way to winning the national championship which the team’s ultimate goal at that time.

It was therefore a shock when their captain, Solo, decided to leave the team to look after his daughter.

This was the reason why Shanghan can’t forgive Solo.  Both of them toiled to get Team Solo to where it was and now with an ultimate goal of winning a world championship to introduce China as a serious e-gamer country.

Solo leaving was such a betrayal.

Su Cheng had married someone else and now wanted Xiao Ai to come live with her in Norway.

The mother and daughter made up as well but she opted to live with her father for now.

Episode 28

Shanghan with his grandpa went with Tong NIan and her family into the rural area where Grandpa used to live.

Shanghan ended up playing chess or Chinese checkers with the local people and ended up winding almost a fridgeful of bf bottled juice.

For someone who is a self-confessed unromantic man, he was actually very romantic.  He used his hand to shade Tong Nian from the sun and even serenaded her while they had a gondola/canal boat ride.

The episode though ended rather poignant.  Grandpa was going back to Norway but on the way to the airport, he had a loo break.

Shanghan had to force the toilet door open when grandpa did not answer.

Episode 29

Su Cheng had left as manager and leader at K&K much to the sadness of the group who were really young boys.  They have lost a kind but firm mother figure.

Su Cheng offered the job to Little Mi.

Just like Shanghan, he did not even think of becoming a manager but after a while, he realised that it might be a natural progression to his career.

It was a bumpy start at K&K as a manager for Little MI.

DT was asked by Shanghan to lend Little Mi some moral support.

Hu Yi Tian is gorgeous.

Episode 30

Shanghan and Tong Nian had a reconciliation ceremony.  They kissed for the longest time.  They are so cute.

Little Mi had finally been accepted as K&K Manager.

It was their first match under Little Mi, which they won but rather sad for the opposing team as their leader, Buff took it too personally.  He was the only had beaten Shanghan previously.

Episode 31

Shanghan is a bit of a stalker.  LOL  He could not bear to be too far away from Tong Nian so slept in his jeep by Tong Nian’s gate.

They had a lovely morning lovey dovey.

Episode 32

Shanghan recruited Buff for K&K as he reckoned that Buff would be an asset being 4th in ranking.

This is so cute episode. The two had a misunderstanding.  Shanghan thought that what Tong Nian wanted was to get married when she said she never ever want to break up. What she meant was not another break up after the two had had already.

But because Shanghan said the word, married, Tong Nian thought he wanted to get married.

Tong Nian did not really want to get married but she thought Shanghan did and vice versa.

But they had their first domestic because Tong Nian said he should understand her more.

Shanghan left Tong Nian in a huff in his bedroom.

Tong Nian fell asleep on his bed and he just went awww when he saw her angelic face in repose.

He tucked her in bed and then he went sat down on the floor to sleep next to her in bed.

He was aching when he woke in the morning.

Tong Nian had not moved at all during the night.  She was still on the same position.

Shanghan can’t helped himself.  He gave her a superman kiss, the upside down LOL.

He went to the supermarket to get her breakfast.  He just bought her everything.

He found her later all smiley, forgotten their little disagreement the previous night.

He then sat down next to her on the settee.

Tong Nian went into his arms which took him aback a bit.  Tong Nian then took all his lips into her mouth to bite-kiss.

Episode 33

Yap the cutest, sexiest episode so far.  They do have such good chemistry and Yang Zi is so adorable and Li Xian is just so appealing.

Anyway, Tong Nian had drank a whole bottle of ale/beer and of course was quite inebriated.  And when she gets drunk all her latent inhibitions get out of the window.

Poor Shanghan did not stand a chance.  But then again he quite adores why Tong Nian turns into a little vixen when she’s under the influence of alcohol.

After she rained kisses on him, she fell asleep and also woken by the call from her mother on her mobile phone.

Sleepily she confessed to her mother that she was sleeping next to Shanghan, who was trying her to stop talking.

Shanghan had to take the phone from Tong Nian to tell the mother that he would bring home Tong Nian later on and will explain everything.

And he did.  He took Tong NIan home in a suit and looks so handsome and dignified.

Tong Nian’s mother was having none of it but Tong Nian’s father was a little romantic.  He kept telling his wife that Shanghan is a good decent boy and would make their daughter happy.  But the mother would rather Tong Nian marry her Senior who was studying for his PHD.  The father had always said that he was too boring for their adored daughter.

Shanghan was a master of fakery, so he created a more elaborate story of his relationship with Tong Nian, which Tong Nian herself did not recognise.

In the end, Shanghan had half-convinced the parents and more or less been tried to a future marriage to Tong Nian.

He called his stepmother to meet Tong Nian’s parents.

I really love the characters in this drama.  They all adorable,  No nastiness so you can watch this over and over again for a bit of rest and relaxation in the future.

Episode 34

It was meet the parents which Tong NIan can’t attend due to traffick.

Tong Nian’s parents vetoed the idea of engagement as to soon.

But Shanghan said he does not like the idea of an engagement.  He would rather be married straight away.

His stepmother was shocked as well as the parents.  The stepmother that they had to follow a traditional order.

Tong Nian’s man had a quiet word with Shanghan and told him that he had not known Tong Nian that long.

Shanghan said that he loved Tong Nian more and more each time he saw her and would like to be with her forever.

Tong NIan’s mother realised how serious Shanghan was so she agreed eventually.

Episode 35

Tong Nian’s parents allowed her to follow her hearts as she is grown up.  As her father said, they don’t live a feudal China.

Tong Nian also met Shanghan’s stepmother and they got on like a house on fire.  She gave Tong Nian advice about Shanghan.  He has a pathological fear of losing out in relationship so never tell him to break up or leaving him.

Tong Nian went to Beijing with the team to support them.  On the plane, Shanghan took out all the snacks he prepared for Tong Nian.  He is super romantic, an outstanding boyfriend.

Shanghan and Solo made up after they had a drunken emotional heart to heart in the bathtub. They are the best of friends again.

Episode 36

Shanghan was very touched when Tong Nian loyally presented her debit card to him.  Her unerring devotion was so overwhelmingly sweet to him.

Tong Nian fell asleep waiting for Shanghan.  When she woke up, she was in bed with him and got really worried that something had happened between them.  They had then a sweet light fumbling in bed. LOL

Shanghan told her that they have all the time in the world for all the things in her ‘dirty’ mind because he was hers, one day soon.  So cute.  Seriously cute.

It was the National Finals.  Fans were canvassed how they rank e-Gamers.  Gun was top of the leaderboard, followed by Solo, then Appledog, All, Little Mi, DT, Grunt, 97, Inin & Buff.   All the members of Team Solo were in the top 5 and they are being requested to do a celebrity match.

The national championship was between SP and K&K and the former won it.

Episode 37

This is all about team Solo and their tearful reunion.

High on emotion, Shanghan took Tong Nian outside and in front of the Beijing Station, he asked her to marry him.  It was so sweet.

But she turned him down.  eeekkk


Shanghan was gutted and Tong Nian was upset as well, worried that Shanghan will never ask to marry her again.

They had a brief cold war.

Very brief.

Because in the end, they had the cutest making up.

Episode 38

They are just getting cuter and cuter.  Li Xian and Yang Zi had such a great chemistry, they should go out in real life.  LOL

Anyway, their awkwardness had gone.  They are even closer and this was witnessed by Tong Nian’s mother and told her daughter that Shanghan really loves her daughter.

Buff officially joined and started training with K&K.  Not everyone was happy with the new guy at first but Shanghan asked 97 to pave the way for Buff.  They need cooperation and skill to win the championship as SP had moved on another level.

Zheng Hui went to Tong Nian’s dorm to confess to her.  It got a bit scary for Tong Nian as Zheng Hui was behaving rather erratic.  He said that he could love her more than Shanghan could.  He had loved her for the last two years.  He will get a good job soon and would get a lot of money and make her happy.

Tong Yan said that it was not about the money.  She loves Shangyan with all her heart.  She was happy being with Shangyan.

In the end, she told Zheng Hui that you can’t force how you feel but she knows that one day a better woman would come along in Zheng Hui’s life.

The pressure of the championship is gripping Team K&K

Episode 39

Shanghan tested the six major competitors in team K&K, himself.  There was some sadness but  they knew that they had to do their best and accept consequences for Team K&K.

Tong Nian bought an expensive coffee machine for team K&K.  She is their goddess.

It is now the Pro League Season Eight competition.

DT said that they ‘must win”

There was a poignant scene where Solo was taking his daughter to Norway to live with her mother.  He remembered that his daughter refused to eat because she was missing her mother but now she refuses to grow up so she could stay with her dad.

It was the Asia Pacific semi-finals.  The first game would be China vs China, i.e, Team SP vs Team K&K.

Both teams did not want this to happen because they wanted to take the first and the second place.

SP’s higher management had warned Solo that if SP does not win, his job is on the line.

Team K&K won over SP.

It would be between K&K and VIPO for the finals.

So exciting!

Episode 40

It was an exciting game.

Poor Grunt had an attack of his old ulcer and can’t compete.  He was so upset as he apparently had waited for this time for three years practicing every single day.  He was replaced by One.

The atmosphere got to Tong Nian, she asked Shanghan to marry her.

He was ecstatic and told her quickly that they would get married after the competition, which they won.

SP got the third place.

They had a combined celebration at K&K.

Episode 41

Shanghan took Tong Nian to see her parents to get their permission to marry and get Tong Nian’s residence permit.

Shanghan and Tong Nian registered their marriage. ahhhhh

I love, love this drama.  It was just sweetness.

The End

BTW compliments to Yang Zi, despite the ugliest wardrobe, I have ever seen in a drama, Yang Zi was made to wear in this drama, she still shown as an adorable beauty.


  1. Tong Nian is good in coding and making programmes but she is a lousy game player when she doesnt even know how to use keyboard for gaming

  2. Love this light happy drama. Very enjoyable. Similar to Le Coup de Foudre drama. The more you watch, the more you are drawn in to all the characters. Enjoy ep 7 family dinner and the real reason how both leads could gel up together…since both so different personalities. Love the flashbacks too of the founders. Solo seems to be a great compassionate leader. The only fault I could possibly see why Han left was because Solo probably sold out his team for some not so honest reasons.

    1. I agree with you. But I really do like Solo. I would like to know whether Tong Nian would also be joining the team as she was an excellent coder as well.

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