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We Love (Japanese Movie)


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  • Genre: Teen, Youth, School, First Love, Manga
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: Japan, Adapted from a Manga series
  • Film: 1hr 40 min


  • Sho Hirano as Rin izumi
  • Sakurai Hinako as Yuu Haruna
  • Ito Kentaro as Saeki Kazuma
  • Isomura Hayato as Keita Fuji
  • Tamashiro Tina as Koyomi Sakashita
  • Hiyori Sakashida as Mika

This film is being subbed by rjgman56, thank you for the kindness.

Anyway, I fell in love with the movie within minutes.  It was so cute.

First Part:

I have to admit that initially I really love this film because I thought it was just the cutest but as it progress, I found it rather disturbing.  The male lead role was absolutely out of order.  He was a sadist and made a masochist of the young Yuu.

Rin and Yuu leave next door to each other and had been friends since they were little.

But Rin had love Yuu like forever and to show his love and ownership of Yuu, he had systematically broken down her confidence until she was a scared, almost mute girl.

She totally lacks confidence and often hides her pretty face with the long strands of her hair.  She would not say boo to a goose.

Rin And Yuu had another childhood friends in Keita and Koyomi who often told off Rin of maltreating Yuu.

They also talk to Yuu about Rin.  They encourage her to stand up on Rin but Yuu cannot do it.

Because Yuu actually loves Rin as well but she does not have the confidence to tell him.

Rin is an absolute nutter.  He calls Yuu a trash and she believes him.

She was not allowed to speak to boys and they approached her to join a project, she was like a scared little rabbit.

This reaction makes Rin ecstatic because he can have Rin forever.

Part 2

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