Spring Flower Autumn Moon (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019 

Spring Flower Autumn Moon (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Aka: Love Better Than Immortality

Spring Flower Autumn Moon poster

  • Genre: Time Travel, Romance, Love Triangle, Historical Costume Drama Fiction
  • Release Date: 5 July 2019
  • Origin:  China; Adapted from a novel
  • Cdrama: 40 Episodes
  • Ost: Love is Better Than Immortality



  • Li Hongyi as Qiu Yue
  • Zhao Lu Si as Chun Hua
  • Wu Jun Yu as Xiao Bai
  • Jiang Yuan as Feng Cai Cai (Unrequited love with Xiao Bai)
  • Liu Yi Tong as Qin Liu Feng (Xiao Bai best friend)
  • Yao Qing Ren as Xiao Yuan
  • Sheng Yui Shi as Leng Ning
  • Peng Bo as Li Jiang Ling
  • Zhang Wei as Ye Yan (Qiu Yue’s Martial Artist bodyguard)
  • Hu Jian as Valley Lord Fu Lou
  • Ling Jing as You Si

This drama is a return of Li Hongyi and Zhao Lu Si as leads together after their recently finished Prodigy Healer.

Spring Flower Autumn Moon is apparently a story about a girl from the future who time-travel to a fantasy world of semi-Ancient China.

Chun Hua met two gorgeous guys who are the opposite of each other.  One is gentle and kind and the other is arrogant and aggressive.

Who would she choose?  Doesn’t drama romance always favour the devil may care guy?!!!

We will see.

Episode 1

it was the year 2169, humans have become immortals.  The price to pay for immortality was the absence of real love.  They can, of course, simulate a pseudo form of love through a 3d VR headset but some wanted to feel the all-consuming love affair.  One of these was Chun Hua,

Our heroine questioned the point of being immortal without feeling what real love was all about.

She was informed that she can experience real love but she would lose her immortality.

Chun Hua did not think twice, she was willing to accept any consequence.  The monitor was still telling her what to expect in the new life she was going to lead but she was much too excited to listen to the rest of the small print of the real love contract.  She remembered though that the monitor had advised that the first person she sees will be her Mr Rght.  What she did not hear was that….. (yap I did not hear it either LOL)

She was lying down inside a coffin-like compartment and when she woke up, the first person she saw was Xiao Bai in ancient Chinese historical garb.

Actually what she does not remember was that the real person she saw was the headshot of long flowing hair of the departing Qiu Yue.

Xiao Bai was far from friendly.  He had his sword against her neck and was getting irate when Chun Hua did not show any fear but rather she looked like she was excited and falling in love.  🙂

Xiao Bai became more suspicious of her when they found the healer collapsed on the floor and pointing to Chun Hua.

The villa they were currently at was the house of the healer, who Xiao Bai had came to seek for the longevity nut that would cure his ailing father, who was the master of the martial artists.

Apparently, the longevity nut is much sought after as it can bring the dead and weak to good health.

Xiao Bai can see that Chun Hua had a memory loss.  He took her back with him back to his father’s manor.

He treated her indifferently but she was much to cute and irreverent that he was forced to pay attention.

As it is, he asked one of his lady guards to take charge of Chun Hua.

The lady guard took Chun Hua with her to the mountains to gather some herbs.

Chun Hua, however, made all protestation that she can’t go on and that she was so tired.  She promised to stay put where she was.

Left alone, Chun Hua wandered off and came upon a very scenic scene where a young man was resting on a hammock made of a single strand of rope.

She was so fascinated that it was too late to notice that a snake had started wrapping itself on her.

Her scream was heard by the man on the hammock and got to her and helped her with the snake, which he turned into a twig.

He asked her what was his prize for saving her life?  Will she marry him?

I have to admit that Li Hongyi was so sexily gorgeous as a seducing male lead.

Episode 2

Chun Hua realised that the sexy guy was Qi Yue her brother. He was the master of the evil sect of the evil religion.

He gave her a mission to find the mental cultivation method.  He warned her not to let XiaoBai find out her identity.  He then vanished into thin air.

She was still talking when her ladyguard found her.

To get Chunhua out of mischief, the ladyguard tasked her to collect firewood, cut them in manageable strips and file them neatly against the kitchen wall.

Chunhua used QiaoBai to cut the firewood by telling him that he should practise his sword skills more.

QiaoBai was rather grateful to Chunhua for patiently waiting, watching and helping him to enhance his sword skill.

Chunhua had just got home when someone abducted her.

She then woke up in her brother’s manor.

Quiyue told her that she had to find the mental cultivation method but never to use the honeytrap for whatever reason.

Qiuyue wanted to know who she found more handsome? Him or QiaoBai?

Chunhua said that she cannot compare them.

Qiuyue had told her that if she cannot do her mission then she doesn’t have to go back to Fengming Manor.

Chunhua was tempted but she thought that XiaoBai is her Mr Right so she had to get him.

Chunhua wasn’t really Qiuyue’s sister.  In fact, he does not really know who she was.  She might be the missing Hua Xiaolei,

Back with QiaoBai, he found Chunhua rather upset.  He also found out that she had used him and his Fengming sword,which he said was so valuable that it was known around the world, to cut firewoods.

He was scandalised.

But one thing, she does not have to do menial work of cutting firwoods anymore.

A new face came to the scene.  He was Qin Liu Feng.

Episode 3

Xiao Bai had asked Qin Liu Feng to help him ascertain that Chunhua had really lost her memory.

Qin Liu Feng agreed for the price that he would stay at Fengming manor for a while.

Between the two of them, they tested Chunhua and she did not even know what they were doing including watching her pick a piece from the fish they served for lunch.  Apparently, if she picked near the tail, she was from a poor family, in the middle she was from a learned family and from the gills she was from a rich family.

Chunhua took a bit from the gills but she said that her favourite and most delicious part of the fish was the belly.

She then started eating something from every dish on offer so they got more confused.  They know less of her than ever before.

During the course of the evening, Chunhua got seduce by the inviting pool and decided to take a dip.

XiaoBai turned up as it was his private pool.

Chunhua went rather hysterical so Xiao Bai left and Chunhua got dressed helped by XiaoBai’s maid.

ChunHua was curious about the fiancee of Xiao Bai who disappeared. Qin Liu Feng said that her body had not been found but he doubted that she was really dead.

ChunHua was pleasantly surprised to note that her apartment had been cleaned up and some hair accessories had been left for her use.

She was trying on a hairclip when her brother suddenly materialised next to her.

He took the clip out of her hair and deemed it cheap.

He then took off his silver and ivory clip from his own hair and gave it to Chunhua.

Chunhua refused the clip as it was too valuable.

Just a few days ago, she asked him if they were really brother and sister.

He said that they had eaten and slept together since their parents died.

Episode 4

Qi Yue tasked Chun Hua to steal the Xingfa Kungfu wich Fengmin Villa only has.  He gave her three days to find it or else, he was going to kill her.

Chun Hua laughed it off, She said he could kill his own sister.

Quick as a flash Qi Yue had her throttled.

Episode 5


Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Chun Hua as HuaXaoilei met her real brother who begged her not to show her fame in the family manor because she was a disgrace.

Apparently, Hua Xaolei had an affair with Qi Yue, which if it becomes known, their family will be ruined.

Her brother tried to set her alight to make her vanished into thin air.

Qi Yue’s female bodyguard saw what was about to happen so she killed the brother.

Qi Yue went to the Hua family manor and convince the father to let him pretend to be the brother.

So when Xiao Bai brought Chunhua to see her father, she was very surprised to see her Qi Yue.

She was wary of him because her real brother said that she had an affair with Qi Yue.

Qi Yue behaved like a grieving brother who had missed his sister and wanted to with her.

Xiao Bai did not have any choice but to leave her with her family.

Episode 10

Episode 11

Hua Xiaolei’s whole family had been obliterated by Fu Lou, who was looking for the immortal nut.

Xiao Bai immediately offered Xiaolei his protection.  Xiao Bai had also formally declared his intention to marry Chunhua.

Though Chunhua/Xiaolei was beyond ecstatic, she pretended that she would only agree to the marriage when Xiao Bai had asked her in a romantic way.

The cute innocent Xiao Bai went to see her.

Episode 12

His idea of a courtship ritual is to share with her the  Fengming family secret.  The very secret that she had been tasked by Qiu Yue to obtain.

Chunhua was actually taken aback by his foolharded generosity.

Xiao Bai wrote her instruction manual for her to study and momorise.

Chunhua actually loves or rather very touched by Xiao Bai’s trust and does not really want harm to come to him.

So she rewrote the manual she was intending to give Qiu Yue.

Liu Feng had asked Chunhua if she was willing to marry Xiao Bai.  At that moment she was hidden in her room with Qiu Yue, that is why she cannot expound on her answer.

Liu Feng then went back to Xiao Bai and told him that he had to be more romantic.  Give Chunhua flowers and jewels, etc.

Xiao Bai presented Chunhua with a jade bracelet family heirloom.  He said that his mother wore the bracelet until her death.  His father had only ever loved one woman, his mother.

Chunhua appreciated the thoughtfulness of Xiao Bai.  She closed her eyes and puckered up, ready to receive his kiss but he up and left.  He was not tactile, he seemed scared of touching.

Meanwhile, Qiu Yue warned Chunhua that she was not to marry anyone.

Chunhua said that Qiu Yue was not her brother so he doesn’t have a say in her relationships.

She gave him the manual and told him that she hoped he does not visit her anymore.

Qiu Yue was rather hurt so Chunhua relented and started wearing the pearl bracelet he gave her.

Chunhua was trying to hide the real manual when she came across the old Suzerian (Xiao Bai’s father) pouring his medicine into the pond rather than taking it in.

Chunhua realised that there was something amiss with her future father in law.  She went to find Xiao Bai and told him what she saw and thought.

Xiao Bai realised that his father wanted to die that’s why he gave Xiao Bai the increnites lotus charm to pass on his energy to Xiao Bai.

Because of the lotus charm, Xiao Bai had attained the ultimate level of the Fengming sword.

Episode 13

Xiao Bai found his father dead.

Qiu Yue was asked by his assistant if they had to get rid of Chunhua now that they don’t have a use for her anymore.

Qiu Yue ordered not to touch Chunhua.

The wake of Xiao Bai’s father was interrupted by Li Jiang Ling who broadcasted that the dead Suzerain was a terrible untrustworthy man.   Apparently having seduced the siren of Qianyue cavity for the Xuan Bing stone, he left her pinning for him to her death and attacked Qianyue Cavity as well.

To make up for his guilt every 15 of September (?) which is a family festival, the Suzerain (Hegamo Xiao) spent the day standing by the pond where he was with the siren.

Li Jiang Ling had always loved the siren and chose to die as well to be with her through eternity.

Episode 14

Xiao Bai was sad with the passing of his father as well as having known the immensity of his relationship with the siren.  He felt betrayed.

Chun Hua found him and comforted him and gave him a magic pawn.

Meanwhile, Qiu Yue was drinking heavily because he was worried for Chun Hua who might end up as the Shangguan Hui (the siren) who would not be as important to their lovers as the Fengming Swordsmanship.  He vowed that he would not let that happen to his xiao meimei (little sister).

The hunt for the Longevity Nut is heating up.

The elite of the region who laughed at the Longevity Nut had all come in droves to bid for it.  It was up to Xiao Bai as the new Suzerain to control the bidding which could turn bloody.

The romance between Liu Feng and Leng Ning was not going anywhere.

But the romance between Chunhua and Xiao Bai is on the boil.

“In love, the slackness means the regression.”
– Xiao Bai

Episode 15

Xiao Bai was falling in love, even his Fengming sword testifies to his feelings for Chun Hua.

Chun Hua, however, realised that while Xiao Bai has butterflies in his stomach, she was feeling unmoved.

Awww Xiao Bai is quite romantic.  He flew Chun Hua near a lake and confessed to her.  He said that he liked her and that his heart had never been moved by anyone before.  He would like her to call him “husband” for the rest of his life.  Awwww

Chun Hua thought that she should be excited as she had waited for his confession a long time but she was not.  However, she accepted his confession.

That night, Qiu Yue came to visit her and put the pearl bracelet back into her arm.  He told her that she must be so excited to become the future Mrs. Xiao.  He warned her thought that she was never going to be on the top of priorities with Xiao Bai.  He is a Suzerain who lives for justice in the martial art world above all else.

The fight for the Longevity Nut (Immortality Nut) had started.  Elite family against elite family.

Xiao Bai, Chun Hua, Liu Feng, Leng Ning and Cai Cai all went to Bushi City for the Longevity Nut auction.

Chun Hua was out and about when she met the beautifully ethereal Lady You Si of the Flower Valley.

Lady You Si invited her to see her valley of flowers created for her by her husband, Lord Fu Lou who had been trying to harm Chun Hua for her knowledge of the Longevity nut.

Chun Hua was assured by Lady You Si that her husband was not at home.  Chun Hua was curious so she went.

She was admiring the sea of flowers when all of a sudden Qiu Yue appeared.

Qi Yue told her that Xiao Bai would not create something as glorious as this because he was only obsessed with his Fengming sword.

Chun Hua said that Xiao Bai is not romantic but she believed in him.  She promised Qiu Yue that she would be a good wife to Xiao Bai.  She will not cause any trouble.

This only made Qiu Yue furious and kissed Chun Hua then bit her lower lip then disappeared.

Chun Hua then heard someone looking for her.  They would bring her to Lord FuLou for interrogation.

As she ran and hid but she was about to be captured but she used her pearl bracelet to summon Qiu Yue, who found her fainted on the ground.

Meanwhile, Xiao Bai and the gang had all been searching for Chun Hua.

Episode 16

Qiu Yue tried to convinced Chun Hua that Xiao Bai does not love her as much as he was into promoting justice within the martial art world.

Qiu Yue said he was going to prove this to her, he was going to test Xiao Bai.

It is the day of the auction of the Longevity nut.

Instead of attending the auction, Xiao Bai went to rescue Chun Hua.

Qiu Yue was rather impressed that Xiao Bai seemed to really value Chun Hua.  And after Xiao Bai was able to prove himself, Qiu Yue gave him back Chun Hua.

When Xiao Bai returned with Chun Hua to Bushi City where the auction was being held, they found that the people had been massacred.

Episode 17

Cai Cai found out that her father had been poisoned to death and it was the ferocious, almost incurable dandelion poison.

Cai Cai contracted the highly infectious poison.

Xiao Bai had called every doctor to find a cure for Cai Cai but no one can treat her.

Because of this, Xiao Bai blamed himself for turning up late for the auction thereby he lost control.

Chun Hua knew why he was late.  He chose to save her rather than proceed to the auction.

As no other can treat Cai Cai, Chun Hua contracted Qui Yue.

She said that she was happiest when she was with him.

Episode 18

Chun Hua was using Qiu Yue to get the antidote for the dandelion poison.  He knew what she was up to but he tolerated because he actually loves her.

She sneaked into his secret cave where he kept every imaginable poison and the antidote.

Because there were just too many Chun Hua couldn’t find the antidote but she saw a three-day drunk drug which she intend to use on Qiu Yue to question him later under the influence of the three-day drunk.

Qiu Yue knew and told her that the three day drunk is actually an aphrodisiac.

In the end she had to confess that she wanted the antidote for the dandelion to use for herself because she was scared she might contract that sickness that was going around at Fengming Villa.

Qiu Yue asked why must she lie constantly to him?

Li Hong Yi is such a good actor and so sexy as Qiu Yue.  I hope they do a modern drama together.

Episode 19

Qiu Yue gave her the real antidote and told her to go.  He was really thinking about her that he made the antidote available in every pharmacy to remove any suspicious about where she got the antidote.  The scene when he selflessly gave the antidote to Chun Hua made me slightly tearful.  You can feel how lonely he was.

She went back to Fengming Villa with the antidote.  At first, they were suspicious of her but they allowed her to give the antidote to Cai Cai.

After a few hours, Leng NIng found that Cai Cai was waking up.

Everyone was happy and it was contagious that Xiao Bai was inspired to propose marriage to Chun Hua.

Poor Qi Yue found out about the wedding which was to take place in 10 days time.  He was absolutely gutted and heartbroken.  He was throwing a strop because Chun Hua did not ask his permission to marry.

Meanwhile, the Fengming group had decided to make their version of the Longevity Nut which they will reveal on the wedding day.  This was to stop the bloodshed connected to the nut.

Episode 20

Xiao Bai tried several times to tell Chun Hua of his plan to use their wedding day to highlight that he has got the longevity nut but in the end, he could not do it.

So on their wedding day, Chun Hua was perturbed to see that Xiao Bai had to practically stop the wedding ceremony to tell their visitors that the accidentally found the longevity nut and on this day he was going to pulp the nut to prevent further bloodshed to those who wanted to acquire it.

Qiu Yue suddenly flew in and declared the wedding as hilarious.

Xiao Bai thought that Qiu Yue was after the nut but on the contrary he used his magic silk thread to grab Chun Hua.  He then said that Chun Hua was really Hua Xiaolei, who was known as the lover of Qiu Yue.

Qiu Yue said that Xiao Bai might have married Chun Hua but  Qiu Yue had already consummated it with Chun Hua.

Chun Hua denied it of course but did not have much time to say more as Qiu Yue flew her out of Fengming Villa.

Xiao Bai was never been so angry that those who wanted to talk about the nut were flattened on their back on the ground.

Episode 21

Xiao Bai had to be reminded who or what is more important to him, saving Chun Hua or the Longevity Nut.  Even Cai Cai encouraged him to look for Chun Hua and not to believe what Qiu Yue said at the wedding.

But he does take his being a Suzerain to heart but finally, they were able to convince him that Chun Hua was his priority.

Some of the elite family though had taken turns to search for the longevity nut inside Fengming Villa.

Lord FuLou who desperately needed the nut as SiSi was getting worse by the day overheard Xiao Bai telling Liu Feng that they don’t have the nut with them.

Liu Feng told Xiao Bai that he was able to get a message to Chun Hua that they intend to rescue her.

Episode 22

Xiao Bai wanted to rescue Chun Hua and went so far as to enter Qianyue Cavity with Liu Feng.  But the complex terrain defeated them.

Also, their spy within Qianyue tried to kill Chun Hua but killed by Qiu Yue instead.

But more than ever, Xiao Bai wanted to rescue Chun Hua, who was confused to how she really feels.  She dreamt that Xiao Bai came to rescue her but ended up killing Qiu Yue.  She woke up crying her eyes out.

Episode 23

Qiu Yue finally let Chun Hua go after she tried to give him back the silk pearl to him.  He finally realised that she was really choosing to be with Xiao Bai.

The reunion with Xiao Bai was not was she expected.  She felt alien, uneasy.  She took him to task for having Antelope to kill her.

He denied trying to have her killed.  He said he even went to Qianyu Cavity to rescue her.

No before too long she wanted to see Qiu Yue to help her with Lord Fulou to convince him to allow her to see the terminal Lady SiSi.

Qiu Yue returned the silk pearl bracelet to her and warned her if she gives it back again, she will never see him again.

They were talking about Lord Fulou’s weakness which was his beloved wife.  Chun Hua turned to Qiu Yue to say that he doesn’t have any weakness but he said she was his weakness.



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