Rak Kan Panlawan (Thai Lakorn Review & Summary)

Thai Lakorn 2017

Rak Kan Panlawan (Thai Lakorn Review & Summary)


Rak Kan Panlawan poster

  • Aka: Confusedly In Love
  • Genre: Romance, Gender Confusion (by me)
  • Date Released: 2017
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Lakorn: 14 Episodes


  • Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn as Tulyana/Toon
  • Nine Naphat Siangsomboon as Methakawin/Matt
  • Hiranyasap Toon as Matt’s father
  • Deaw Suriyon Arunwattanakul as Suphanut/P’Nat
  • Big Thongpoon Siripipat as Sean
  • Sheranut Yusananda as Sarochinee
  • Gap Chanoksuda Raksanaves as Pimmy

Episode 1

Tulyana or Toon was a lesbian.  She is cute with big eyes and was quite popular with the girls.

But she had been dumped by girlfriends three times so she decided to go straight and try to find a man have a relationship which she hopes would lead to marriage.

With her two best friends, they went to a fortune teller who told  Toon that she will meet a man and get married.

The man has old face, meaning she met him before, he is tall and handsome and would be carrying flowers when she sees him.

They went to the restaurant afterwards and was giggling over the tall and handsome guy, carrying a flower, Toon was fated to meet when in walked in P’Nat, carrying a bunch of white roses tied in pink ribbon.

They were utterly convinced that P’Nat was Toon fated man.

Toon started to fall in love.  She sent her friends away so she could be alone with P

But there was another tall and handsome man carrying a bunch of flowers.  He was Matt, who upset his father so he was sent back to Thailand.

Matt was looking up old acquaintances and both the flowers tied in white ribbon for a female friend.

While chatting Matt and his friend, Sarochinee, noticed that there was going to be a ramble.  Toon and PNat got caught as well.

They ran into Matt and friend.  Toon bumped into Matt and they ended up in the ground.

The bouquet of flowers got switched accidentally.

Toon’s friend found out that P’Nat has a girlfriend already.

They tried to tell her but P’Nat turned up with his girlfriend, Naen.

Poor Toon, she was walking away from P’Nat and his girlfriend when she was accosted by her own ex-girlfriend, who showed off her rich new boyfriend.

It was like end of the world for her.  She was rather out of it and she got run over by Matt but he didn’t but the bike behind his card did.

Matt saw her bumping her head of a tree.  He had a good look at her and realised that he knew her.

She stole his girlfriend from him once.  LOL

Episode 2

Matt is the new CEO of Blue Planet Zoo where Toon works.

Toon was scared that he was going to fire her after she told him to get out of the restricted area not knowing that he was her new boss.

He reminded her as well of the girlfriend stealing.

However, Matt had noticed that she was very hard-working and competent with her job.  He told her not to be so complacent with the job because he could still fire her for insubordination, stealing others’ girlfriends.  He also warned her not to develop any romantic ideas about his younger sister, Pimmy.

Toon had told Pimmy that she had stopped being a tomboy.  Pimmy could not believe her but asked her how to tell if a man is gay.

Pimmy who had a crush on Sean, wanted to know if he was gay as he had ordered a huge amount of designer clothing and accessories.

Toon taught her a few tricks to find out, including Kdrama’s falling into his arm.  Pimmy tried it and she was sure that Sean is straight but then again, looking at her face intently, he asked her what foundation she uses because it was very smooth.  He also then ordered eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara and face powder from her shop.




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