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Binasuan – Philippine Folk Dance

I remember as a child when I was about 10 years old at Marag Elementary School, selected girls from our class, including me as the star dancer, LOL, learned a folk dance called Binasuan.

Binasuan is a lively and colourful dance originating from Pangasinan, a province on the island of Luzon. It is often danced at weddings and fiestas. Or in our case as a school – end of year presentation.

The word binasuan means “with the use of drinking glasses” The performers balance glasses on their heads and hands while gracefully dancing. This is especially tricky because the glasses are filled with rice wine or some other form of liquid again in our case, tea candles.

The dance was very intricate as it involves rotating the arms in different direction whilst carefully balancing, not holding, glasses in the palms of our hands and another glass on our head.  To top that we had to get down on the floor onto our stomach and roll around still balancing the glasses. Whoever invented the dance was a bit of a sadist! 😉
However, it is a good way to learn good posture.

We did practise quite a lot, and after so many broken glasses and nervous fits of giggles, we perfected it on the night!

My father cut beer bottles to make glasses for me.  I must say he did have to make quite a lot. LOL

I do remember the experience fondly.

glass bottle cutting

Glass bottle cutting

Binasuan – Philippine Folk Dance



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