Tag: Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber (2019 Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre (2019 Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre (2019 Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Wuxia, Martial Arts, Romance, Youth
  • Release Date: 27 February 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 50 Episodes


  • Joseph Zheng as Zhang Wuji
  • Chen Yu Qi as Zhao Min
  • Zhu Xu Dan as Zhao Zhi Ruo
  • Kabby Hui as Xiao Zhao
  • Li Dong Xue as Zhang Cuisan – Fifth Brother (Wuji’s father)
  • Maggie Chen as Yin Susu (Wuji’s Mother)
  • He Gang as Yu Daiyan (Third Brother)
  • Ruan Zhen Wen as Yin Ye Wang (Susu’s Brother)
  • Cao Xi Yue as Yin Li (Wuji’s cousin)
  • Louis Fan as Cheng Kun
  • Weng Deshun as Zhang Sang Feng (Taoist Shifu)
  • Yang MIng Na as Dai Qu Si
  • Kathy Chow as Abbess Mi Jue
  • Zhang Yong Gang as Xie Xun
  • Zong Feng Yan as Feng Yao
  • Xiao Rong Sheng as Yin Tian Zheng (Susu’s father)
  • Gong Daniela as Yin Li Ting

Episode 1

For the first episode, there are just too many to take in.  MInd you, I am not complaining because this reminds me of classic Shaolin Kung Fu dramas we used to watch long ago.

It has the feel of a classic.

Anyway, Third Brother, Yu Daiyan was travelling, gliding by land, sea, and air when noticed a factory being attacked.

As a disciple of the Taoist Shifu of the Wudang Clan, he can’t help but offer assistance to the beleaguered.

The assailant was so good but Daiyan was even better.  While he was fighting this Kung Fu master, the lone survivor of the massacre run off with the Dragon sabre.  He did not get very far as more assailants turned up.  They were from the Sea Sand Clan.

Daiyan eventually rescued the lone survivor and took him to safety.  The man did not trust Daiyan, thinking that he was after the Dragon Sabre as well.

Apparently, this Dragon sabre was the proverbial sword that killed the ferocious mystical dragon and whoever owns the sabre will rule the world.

Daiyan was not impressed with the story.  He thinks that the sabre is a precious metal which hid evil inside.

Daiyan decided to leave after he has given some medicine to the lone survivor.  As soon as he was out of sight the Heavenly Eagle Cult came flying by.

They killed the survivor and proceeded to search for the sabre but they could not find it.  Thank goodness for that because the sabre was just a yard away from Daiyan who was hidden by curtains.

When the Heavenly Eagle Cult left, Daiyan took the sabre and said that the best person to look after it was Shifu.

He was on his way home to the Temple when his boat was attacked by a ship.  In the ship was the Heavenly Eagle Cult leader.

Daiyan was able to defend himself but the HEC leader used three poisonous needles to overcome Daiyan.

The HEC leader was just about to finish him off but a lady came out and stopped her brother.

The lady is Lin Susu.  She paid the Dragon Gate Escort Agency2000 pieces of gold to deliver the ailing Daiyan to the Wujan Sect.

She told them that if something happens to Daiyan during the transport, she will kill every single one of the Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

During the journey, a man pretended to be one of the Seven Brothers of the Wudang Sect and he had come to collect Daiyan.

This man broke all the limbs of Daiyan.

Daiyan, later on, was found by Fifth Brother on a ditch.

The Fifth Brother was Zhang Cuisan, the closest among the brothers to Daiyan.

Shifu was able to remove the needles from Daiyan but Shifu said that it would take a month to find out whether Daiyan will live or die but for certain he will not be able to walk again.

Shifu also found out that the assailant used the Shaolin Gold Steel Finger.

Shifu was also a Shaolin so he said to go find out from the Shaolin Monks who else did they teach the Shaolin Gold Steel Finger move to?

Zhang Cuisan decided to go himself.  And when he got there he was being blamed for killing everyone of the Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

The Shaolin monks believe the man and would not listen to Zhang Cuisan, who they started to fight.  Very unShaolin-like at there were many of them against just one.

But suddenly someone from somewhere was helping Zhang Cuisan by throwing stones at the Shaolin monks.

Zhang Cuisan spied the person leaving and gave chase.

He ended up in a boat owned by a beautiful woman, Yin Susu.

Woah that was long.  LOL

Episode 2

Susu confirmed that she killed the whole clan of the Dragon Gate Escort Agency for not looking after Third Brother Daiyan and blinded the Shaolin monks in order to save Zhang Cuisan.

She then related the story of how she became involved with Yu Daiyan.  It was her who tried to send him back through the Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

The mysterious man who ambushed the Agency had injured Susu by throwing Shaolin Plum Flower darts on her which are now embedded in her arm.

She showed this to Zhang Cuisan who said that he will remove them before the poison set in all over her internal organs.

After much flirting, the two parted ways but Susu told him till they meet again.

Yin Susu was a powerful martial artist and she was now in possession of the Dragon Saber.

She demonstrated the power of the Dragon sabre to her audience composed of three clans.

She told them that she was disbanding their clans because from now on they would be only loyal to the Heavenly Eagle Cult, otherwise, she would slay every single one of them using the Dragon sabre.

The newly arrived Zhang Cuisan witnessed Yin Susu’s proclamation.

The discontent of the clans was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Elder Xie Xun.

Elder Xie Xun was the best fighter in the world, some would say.  He easily took the Dragon sabre from Yin Susu.

Zhang Cuisan intervened and was challenged by Elder Xie in a duel.   Zhang Cuisan said that he will do the duel but one condition.

Elder Xie said to Zhang Cuisan to choose the form of a duel he wanted.

Will it be Shaolin Kung Fu? Sword fight? Archery?

Nope much more cerebral!

The challenge was to compose the better poem!  LOL 🙂 🙂

As soon as Zhang Cuisan wrote the last word of his poem, Elder Xie surrendered as he can never write a poem as good as what Zhang Cuisan had just written. 🙂 🙂 🙂

As to the condition, Zhang Cuisan said that Elder Xie had the Dragon Sabre, then could he let all the people go.

Elder Xie said, “no”.  But he would let Zhang Cuisan and Susu live.

He then told them that he does not like anyone to be a witness that he has the Dragon sabre with him.  He does not trust anyone.

He then recounted that his most trusted friend raped his wife and killed every single member of his family.

So without further ado, he Kung Fu flicked Zhang Cuisan and Susu so they would remain immobile.  Elder Xie used the Dragon sabre to create magnetic energy to fell the people.

Episode 3

Elder Xie had taken Zhang Cuisan and Susu to his barge.  He told them that they should come and live with him in total isolation.

He said that Zhang Cuisan and Susu that they have that sizzling chemistry and should be together and beget children on his island.

Susu was tickled by the idea but Zhang Cuisan told Susu that they should join forces to get away from the mad Xie Xun.

Xie Xun had a very good hearing.  He heard what they were planning so then ended up having a fight.  This fight quickly escalated.

Zhang Cuisan was a good martial artist but Xie Xun was even better.

Xie Xun was just about to finish off Zhang Cuisan but Susu used some magic balls to blind Xie Xun.

The barge began to sink.  Zhang Cuisan helped Susu get into some debris to hold into so she will not drown.  Their situation was only getting worse but the devout and spiritual Zhang Cuisan assured Susu that they will be alright.  The Heavens will look after them.

Before long, they spotted an iceberg where they can hop in away from the freezing water.  They then saw an island on the horizon.

The Yin clan was looking for Susu.

Yin Ye Wang was being hunted by the Abbess Mi Jue as he was going overboard with his violence.

Zhang Cuisan and Susu have resigned themselves into being trapped in the island for the rest of their lives.  Susu was very happy about the idea though that she promised fervently that from now on she will never ever kill another person.  In fact she will turn a new leaf and help those in need.

Zhang Cuisan was so happy about this change that he decided there and then that they should be married.  They then proceeded to perform a marriage ceremony.

Looking at the island, they found that they can easily live within it.  Though it was covered in snow, there was a volcano nearby spewing hot lava so making the island rather temperate.

They started living fairly contentedly when one day they spied upon Xie Xun stumbling down but still clutching the dragon sabre.

Susu was all for just leaving him to rot but Zhang Cuisan said that notion goes against their promise of never to kill anyone anymore.  Leaving Xie Xun to die is a form of killing him.

They took him to their cave.

When Xie Xun was better he went berserk once again.