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Misbehaviour (South Korean Film)

Misbehaviour (South Korean Film)

Misbehaviour film poster by Filmmaker R&K

Genre: Drama, Crime, Mature

Release Date: 2017


  • Kim Ha-neul as Paek Hyo-joo
  • Yoo In-young as Choo Hae-young
  • Lee Won-keun as Shin Jae-ha

This film drama is the last one Kim Ha Neul made before she went on maternity break.  I hope she comes back soon.  She is such a versatile actress.

Anyway the story is about misbehaviours from the three main leads.

Hyo-joo is a part-time teacher in a boys school.  She was hoping to secure a permanent position but only for it to be taken up by a younger, prettier and more vivacious girl because of her solid connections.

The new girl is Hae Young, daughter of the chairman of the school.  She seemed to have the perfect life.  Rich, young, beautiful, daughter of the chairman and dating a monied handsome tall guy as well.

Hae Young was popular with co-workers and students alike, which only irritated Hyo-joo more.

One of Hyo-joo’s homeroom students, Jae-ha, was into dance, and on several occasions was at the gym practising dance moves rather than attend regular classes.

One night after school, Hyo-joo found Jae -ha doing his balletic moves at the gym.  Hyo joo was entranced with the boy.

One day, Hyo-joo was talking to Jae-ha in the Chemistry room, when Hae young found them and seemed interested in what was going on but Hyo joo rudely dismissed her.

Hyo-joo took and interest with Jae-ha and his dancing and was looking for him as she found a leaflet about a dance competition that she thought Jae Ha should enter.

She went into the gym but was empty but the music was on.  She went looking for him everywhere and found him in flagrante delicto with Hyo joo.  They were having wild sex amongst the games paraphernalia at the school. 🙁

She was both appalled and fascinated with what she saw.  At last she has something to use against Hyo-joo.

Unfortunately all her machination ended with herself sleeping with Jae-ha as well.  She also lost her part-time contract with the school and ultimately the end result was tragedy, a murder most horrid!

It was a good film, well acted and does not bode well for human nature and humanity.  LOL




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