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Kissing Bow – Romantic Christmas

Kissing Bow – Romantic Christmas

Let’s make Christmas that extra more fun and I dare say romantic as well.  Forget mistletoe, let’s have a kissing bow.

Making one will bring out the artistic side in you.

Add anything you want like apples, grapes, garland of ivy, tinsels, etc.  You are only constraint by your imagination.  Hold these together with a wire coat hanger.

Blue Peter’s John Noakes with the Advent Crown

If you are familiar with Children BBC’s Blue Peter, then a kissing bow should be a doddle.

Making a kissing bow is pretty similar with building and creating the  Advent Crown.

Another thing to add to this kissing bow to highlight it are lights.  Thank goodness you can have a fire-proof battery operated Christmas lights now widely available in the market for a pound or two.

Love in the Mistletoe

mistletoeLove in the Mistletoe

Apparently there was a time that after Christmas, single ladies would burn the mistletoe in order to predict the state of their marital prospects.

A steady flame would mean a happy union.

By the way, it is a tradition over Christmas that a twig of mistletoe is hung is some strategic places  like the ceiling and in doorways.  Those who are standing directly underneath the twig are free to kiss …  or not LOL … it depends.

It would be rather unsporting to decline a kiss!  It is Christmas!!!

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