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Soft, Beautiful Hands

4323565-dwie-ręce-kobietThere are many movie stars who are so unbelievably gorgeous but only to be let down by their hands.  The hands can tell on you.

Soft, Beautiful Hands

Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker have bony and veiny hands.  These probably have to do with their fluctuating weight and in Madonna’s case, her over-exercising.

At a certain age, the  hands become naturally drier and liver spots also known as age spots start to appear at the back of the hands.

Look after your hands and it will look after you.  We owe it to our hands that they are properly cared for.  Often we take them for granted; forgetting how versatile they are, that they complete us as human beings. No other species have”hands’ that are wonderfully made and perfectly formed.  😉

There are many secrets to beautiful hands.  Some of these secrets were regimen practised by many previous generations.  Some are old wives tales and yet some are so obvious, it is overlooked.

Hands that Warm the Heart

Here are my favourites:

1. Wearing of rubber gloves to do the housework, especially washing up, scrubbing surfaces, polishing using the hand, etc.

2. Have some oatmeals at the ready.  Once or twice a day, your hands should be rubbed with oatmeals.  It will whiten the hands as well as make them soft and flexible.

3. Roughened hands can be made softer by rubbing then with almond oil or olive oil before going to bed.

4. To moisturise the hands, generously apply a good moisturising cream in bed, wear glove overnight.  The next morning, the hands will be soft, smooth and moisturised.

5. The length and shape of the nails  should exactly correspond with the tips of the fingers.

6. Biting the nails should be avoided as a dirty and disagreeable habit, and one utterly destructive to their beauty, strength, and usefulness.

7. To remove stains and discolorations of the nails, a little lemon juice or vinegar and water is the best application.

8. The skin, as a rule, should never be cut, pared, picked or torn off, as is commonly done, and the less it is meddled with, otherwise than in the way just mentioned, the better.

Hairstyle: On Trend Side Plait

Plaiting Your Hair

Pepita Jones

Pepita Jones


Summer is here.  Hot! Hot! Hot!

Fashionistas and alikes will be sporting on-trend side braids to cope with the heat! (Don’t go away, Sun!)

One must remember that there is plaiting and there is PLAITING.  It is not just a matter of dividing your treasured long tresses into three parts and start braiding.  No sireee.  Braiding and plaiting  are complicated business! 😉  So many things to consider.

Do you want it a loose braid?

Do you want to look as if you did not take much effort in doing your plait?

Do you want it carefree but will hold all day long?

Do you want to show some neck action?

And of course, will it go with what you are wearing?  But this is another ball game altogether! 😉

Make-up artist, James McMahon has these tips for an elegant romantic plait:

  • If you are aiming for a loose side plait, first spritz your clean hair with texturising spray to add body and hold.  Then sweep your hair into one side.
  • Take a section of hair and start braiding loosely but close to the hairline.
  • When you reach your ear, start to incorporate the rest of your hair to finish the plait.
  • Tie the end with a hair band and hiding it with a wisp of hair.
  • To make the hair look effortless, try to pull out a few stand around your face.