Binay: One Law for Public Servants In the Philippines

Apparently there was an incident last month where Mayor Junjun Binay of Makati and his convoy of cars were prevented by zealous security guards in entering restricted area of Dasmarinas Village, a posh, élite residential area in the Philippines.


Binay: One Law for Public Servants In the Philippines

Bravo for the security guards, you would  think, wouldn’t you?  Right action to prevent terrorism or loitering.  They are doing their job that they are being paid for.  They should be commended for their action.  The residents of Dasma can live in a safe environment knowing that their security guards bulldoggedly guarding them.    You do get what you pay for (for a premium)!  But alas, Mayor Junjun BINAY carted their sorry asses to the nearest police station to answer for their disrespectful attitude and discourtesy.

Under some pretext that the security guards have lapsed licensed guns, they had to go to the police for inspection and humiliation!

No one messes with a Binay!   The public servant Binay is not a servant – certainly not for the people.

Your votes made him earn that special protocol of respect and courtesy whether you think he is a prat, a twat  and rather with delusions of grandeur, which seems to be a family trait.

Senior Binay, Philippines’ VP said that the guards disrespected little Junjun, he is the Mayor of Makati, you know!

Good old sister Nance said the story was old history.  A matter of humiliating security guards who were only doing their jobs is non-news as far as old Nance is concerned.  I suppose that is understandable for Nance to say this, after all she is all new to this public servant malarkey.  Nance is after all a senator, who is still on the job training, wearing her ‘L’Plates.  She is still trying to practise her speeches.  By the way If we leave things to Nance the matter of Philippine national language, I bet without a doubt, it would become  TAGLISH.  Nance seems to have trouble speaking in either Tagalog/Pilipino or English. 😉

Anyway the Binays seem to think that their position in society makes them cut above the rest!  They are public servants with a difference!  It is just a word because they are actually Lords and Ladies of Misrule, along with the other élite family dynasties in positions of power!

Onli in da Pilipins 😉


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