Misty – Kdrama Review & Summary

JTBC’s Misty poster

Finally, I have been waiting for this drama to commence since I heard it would be a Ji Jin-hee starer.  I loved him in the I Have a Lover drama

Misty is a 16-episode drama, shown on Fridays and Saturdays.

Genre: Romance, Crime, Mystery


Released Date: February 2018



Highly Recommended!!!

Enjoy the OST:

Painful Love by Lee Seung Chul

To fully get into the moment of Misty, play the OST album in the background.

Misty – Kdrama Review & Summary


  • Kim Nam-Joo as Go Hye-Ran
  • Ji Jin-Hee as Kang Tae-Wook
  • Jeon Hye-Jin as Seo Eun-Joo
  • Jin Ki-Joo as Han Ji-Won
  • Go Joon as Lee Jae-Young/Kevin Lee
  • Im Tae Kyung as Ha Myung-Woo
  • Kim Soo Jin as Yoon Song Yi
  • Lee Kyung Young as Jang Gyu-seok
  • Goo Ja Sung as Kwak Gi-seok

Episodes 1 & 2 

As I have expected, this drama is rather special.  It is classy and the cinematography is outstanding.  A visual pleasure.

Kim Nam-Joo was perfect as a cold, rather calculating, sexy yet lethal anchor woman.

I gather from episodes 1 and 2 that Go Hye-Ran is a popular newscaster, who had clawed her way to the top.  She is married to an affluent lawyer, Kang Tae-Wook, who was a former prosecutor.

From bits and pieces learned from the 2 episodes so far, Go Hye Ran and Kang Tae-Wook’ marriage is on the rocks.  This may be due to Go Hye-Ran having lost their baby, due to her workaholic ethos. Kang Tae-Wook is staying away from her.  These two barely tolerate one another now.

Perhaps due to loneliness, Go Hye Ran has started thinking and fantasising of her first love, Lee Jae-Young.  He was sexy and gorgeous but he was poor with no prospect whatsoever;  in the end, she had to dump him.

Go Hye Ran grew up with a forceful mother who constantly scolded her and told her to aspire for the best.  She was not allowed to eat much as she needed to be as slim as a flower and definitely a poor husband will never do.

Go Hye-Ran has so much on her plate at the moment including her mother being gravely ill, who subsequently passed away.  (She snubbed her husband’s conciliatory effort to go and visit her dying mother; Hye Ran said that she had an important appointment which she can’t cancel and her mother was going to die anyway whether she was there or not.  This only made her husband feeling more disgusted with her.)

There are also attempts to topple her from her lofty position as the lead anchor in a prime time news slot.  An ambitious younger presenter, Han Ji-Won wants her seat. Their scenes are reminiscent of Bette Davis’ All About Eve.

Hye-Ran did not get where she was without her own brand of machination and arsenal of ammunition 🙂 , therefore she was able to halt the younger Han Ji-won’s fruition of her own ambition for now.

Hye-Ran made a deal with the management that she will get an exclusive interview with Kevin Lee, the rather elusive first Korean to win the PGA championship and in return, she would continue on as the host for the 9:00 pm prime time news.

What do you know?!!!  It turned out that dashing Kevin Lee is her first love, the no-hoper, Lee Jae-Young.

Jae Young is also now married to Hye-Ran’s high school best friend, Seo Eun Joo, but Jae Young is either intent on revenge or actually still attracted to Hye Ran as he was flirting with her rather dangerously.

It seems that Jae-Young ended up dead and Hye Ran is the prime suspect.   This was due to her brooch being inside the car that Jae-Young had crashed resulting to his death.

This is all rather confusing as there was a flashback where Hye Ran was wearing the same brooch, which dropped unnoticed to the floor, while in a rather steamy scene with Jae-young while in Thailand.  So someone planted the brooch in the car.

There are a few other suspects as Hye Ran made a few enemies as well as those who were after her job.

Apparently, Kang Tae-Wook will defend her and along the way, they will rediscover their love and affection for one another once again.

It is a really good story.  The only thing that bothers me is the sequences of the story.  Because it was a flashback, you know that there will be a murder, you keep thinking to just get on with it.  Just commit the murder already.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 3

Wow!  Hye Ran is one feisty woman.  She never runs away from any obstacle no matter how complicated it is, because she always wins!

As an example, to further her ambition, she chose to have an abortion seven years ago.  This was the reason why her distraught husband had cool down towards her. She did not miscarry their baby as I thought!

She was on her knees begging her mother-in-law not to permit the divorce her husband was intending to serve her.  With her piteous explanation which was overheard by Tae Wook, he finally had a glimmer of understanding why she had to have the abortion.  He remembered that his elite family did not attend their wedding and refused to welcome Hye Ran into their household.  It was only when she became a newscaster that the father-in-law finally accepted her.

Hye Ran was forced to go to Thailand with Kevin Lee and his wife Eun Joo for a lifestyle interview to introduce a new program.

Anyway, Kevin Lee is really vengeful but deep down he is still very attracted in a sort of obsessive way to Hye Ran.  It was him who actually picked up the fallen brooch and pocketed it after their torrid tonsils hockey.

His wife is rather suspicious that he was having an affair.  Will, she find the brooch and suspect, though wrongly, that it was Hye Ran, rather than Han Ji Won, who was sleeping with her husband?!!!

During a police interrogation, Hye Ran was cornered into answering why her brooch was in the crashed car.  Fortunately, Tae Wook suddenly materialised and hired himself as her lawyer before she incriminated herself.

Episode 4

it seems I am making my own version of Misty.  🙂 🙂 🙂 Eun Joo did not find the brooch on her husband’s pocket.  Instead, the tit for tat obsessed, Kevin Lee gave the brooch back to Hye Ran via  Tae Wook, with the implication that he and Hye Ran were more than just interviewer and interviewee, to obviously create strife between husband and wife.

Hye Ran’s ambition to be the Press Secretary to the Blue House (South Korea’s version of the USA’s White House or UK’s 10 Downing Street or RP’s Malacanang Palace) is in jeopardy.  Unless she can come out of her latest predicament of being the number one suspect in Kevin Lee’s death.  Yes, finally, it had been confirmed that he is dead. I am actually sad that he is dead.  It has been a pleasure watching his half-naked body with those taut abs 🙂 🙂 🙂

Eun Sol is pregnant and went to meet Han Ji Won.  What have these two women had to say to one another?

And who was that man in jail, who advised Hye Ran to keep moving forward and never look back?

As I have proven, this drama is not the run-of-the-mill story that you can foretell what’s happening.  I have been so incorrect in my assumptions. 🙂  The drama has so many twists and turns and would only pile up as there are more 12 episodes to go.

I have to say that the background music is so good. It leaves a sense of foreboding of what is about to happen.  This drama has a  film noir style.

Episodes 5 & 6

Yes, Eun Sol is pregnant but just lost her husband.  Is she innocent?

Kevin’s autopsy has come out without a solid evidence that he was murdered.  Nevertheless, it can not be ruled out completely as an accident as there were some rather suspicious findings by the pathologist.

Hye Ran was furious and vehemently telling everybody that she had nothing to do with the death of Kevin Lee.  But we later see that she had a bit of abandoned moments with Kevin in her car.  How abandoned, we are yet to find out.  Eun Sol knew as she found Hye Ran’s missing black box sd card on late husband’s jacket! Based on her shocked face, it might be more than just passionate kisses.

As to Tae Wook, it seemed as he had changed from a mild-mannered, circumspect law-abiding gentleman into a rather forceful free-wheeling and dealing kind of a guy.

This is to protect Hye Ran at all cost.  Also when Hye Ran last met Kevin, Tae Wook was tailing them.  Does he know more about Kevin’s death than he lets on?

The bloke in prison has served his time in jail.  He’s just been out after 19 years.  He had been shadowing Hye Ran.  And also went to apply for a job at Tae Wook’s office.

The twists and turns are coming out and fast and I am pretty sure there are plenty more surprises to come.

Roll on Friday for the next instalment.

Episodes 7 & 8

Another dramatic offering from Misty.  I don’t know why but when Ha Myung-Woo, the ex-convict, was standing on the roof-top looking at the traffic below while deep in thought, I just started crying. He was very melancholic.  I really felt for him.  I think Kevin Lee was not Hye Ran’s first love but rather the self-sacrificing Myung-Woo was.  What a tragic love story! 🙁

Hye Ran was raped or going to be raped as a young student while a Bob Dylan’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door was playing in the background.  I think (guessing again 🙂 ) She might have killed her assailant but Myung Woo helped her out by saying he was the killer in order for all the gory details of her rape ordeal doesn’t get revealed to completely ruin her future.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!  Eun Joo was in a very vengeful mood after seeing the torrid kissing between Hye Ran and Kevin Lee in the car.  You can’t really blame this poor woman.

She is now trying to inveigle herself into Tae Wook’s life by pretending to be delicate and weak due to her grief and pregnancy.  She is trying to seduce him with her cooking as well. 🙂  Actually, there is a bit of a frisson between them.  You can see it would not be too hard for Eun Joo to entice Tae Wook, especially with her pregnancy as he really wanted and still grieving for the baby Hye Ran aborted seven years ago.

Hye Ran was shocked to hear Tae Wook playing Bob Dylan’s song.  She told him that she hated the song and never play it again at home.  Tae Wook said that Eun Joo told him that the song was Hye Ran’s favourite while growing up.

Episode 8 doesn’t disappoint.  Hye Ran, despite the controversy surrounding her, has been offered the press secretary role to the Blue House.

But Hye Ran being Hye Ran let a juicy scandal to be reported on her last week of prime news broadcast.  The scandal involved higher-ups in business and politics.

Because of this, she was thrown to the wolves.  She has been arrested for the murder of Kevin Lee.

This is an hour packed with so much intrigues and thrill.  Best drama so far of 2018.

Episode 9 & 10

Hye Ran was arrested without much evidence and it was an arrest without a warrant, therefore she can only be kept for questioning for 48 hours unless a solid evidence is presented against her.

Instead, the evidence the police got was from Eun-joo, who said that the last call her husband got was from Hye Ran.  The police now got the call records and cctv on the night Kevin Lee died.  His last caller was Han ji-won.

This episode is all about the old boy network.  A group of men use their position of influence to help each other.  Unfortunately for Hye Ran, she became the sacrificial lamb to cover up the corruption of power.

Hye Ran was let out by the police after the unwarranted arrest.  She went back to KBC, but her position at the 9 pm news has been given to Han Ji Won.  Hye Ran was not visibly bothered but rather used Han Ji won to begin exacting her revenge against the men controlling society.

The first one was a politician who wanted re-election.  Hye Ran, through Han JI Won, revealed to the nation the politician’s appetite for teenage prostitutes.

Eun-Joo is turning into a sad and pathetic character. She has miscarried her baby and tried to stab Hye with a fork, not the garden variety one but the one which goes with a knife or spoon. 🙂

Thank goodness, Myung Woo was there to stop Eun Joo and Tae Wook for covering Hye Ran.

Tae Wook noticed how Hye Ran stared at Myung Woo in utter and complete fascination.

Next scene was Eun Joo telling Tae Wook that she believes that Hye Ran killed her husband because Hye Ran has a history.  She had killed before and Myung Woo who had a massive crush on Hye Ran took the blame.

Hye Ran met up with Myung woo…

Episodes 11 & 12

The flashback showed how much the young Myung Woo was so devoted to Hye Ran.  She owed him so much.  He even asked his mother to give his tuition to Hye Ran so she can go to university after he was sent to prison.

Hye Ran said that she was not assaulted by the jeweller/pawnbroker.  (He was not her teacher as I thought).  But Myung woo went ahead and stabbed the man, who died.

Hye Ran said that if only Myung Woo had listened, it would have been a different life for her.

Hye Ran had a loving moment with Tae Wook but sadly did not last long as she asked him to break up.  Hye Ran said that she loving Tae Wook is hurting her.  (Drama Queen)

Episode 12 is the start of the trial.  There was a witness Tae Wook did not know about.

The witness said that he saw Kevin Lee in his car fighting with someone, and it was with a man.

It looks like Tae Wook might be the last one to see Kevin Lee alive.  It looks like story might be repeating itself.  Tae Wook killed someone for ‘touching’ Hye Ran just like in the case of Myung Woo.  Handle Hye Ran with care.

Episodes 13 & 14

I have to say these two episodes are so exciting and thrilling.  In fact, I had to pause in some scenes because they were just so heart-racing.

It was funny when the witness had to name the person he saw giving someone money out of the car, it was a woman, the spectators in the courtroom were leaning forward to better hear and I was doing the same towards the telly.  🙂 🙂 🙂

it is both exciting and tormenting to note that next week will be the penultimate and concluding episodes.

It has been so fantastic to look forward to every week.

Again during the course of these two episodes, I thought Hye Ran fainted because she was finally pregnant.

No, she was just overly fatigued.

It was also lovely to watch that her comrades or colleagues at work were really happy that Hye Ran was acquitted.  That was really something to see.  I do like happy selfless moments in dramas, scenes where the people were happy about someone else’s good fortune.

Tae Wook did give a very impassioned closing statement, something to go back to and replay. 🙂

The bumbling policeman was doing his impression of Columbo.  Sometimes, he is really keen and then sometimes rather dumb.  He really got it in for Hye Ran.  His actions also encourage the vengeful Eun Joo to obsess more rather than move on.

Now he suspects Tae Wook to be the real murderer.

Poor Eun Joo!  I do have some sympathy for her but she was going way overboard.  Kevin Lee was a horrid husband to her.  She said that she did everything to make him the champion that he was and yet, he slept around and quite easily removed his wedding ring during their confrontation prior to his demise.  Just get over him and move on.  But it seems it might be a lethal ending for her as she won’t stop with her obsession that Hye Ran was the root cause of her marital woes and who ended her husband’s life.

Myung woo seemed to have been put on this earth for the sole purpose of protecting Hye Ran.

Eun Joo is causing Hye Ran more problems, therefore she might have to be eliminated… by Myung woo. Oh oh Murder is easy in this scene.  They met up at a train station.  A little push or little shove and it will be all over for Eun Joo.

Myung Woo might end up dead or back to prison after disposing of Kevin Lee ex-manager.

And the saddest thing is that Tae Wook seems to be that one that might have led Kevin Lee to his fatal car crash as Hye Ran found the traffic tickets detailing his traffic violations on the same time and the same area, where Kevin Lee died.

The policeman now thinks so too.

I am still wishing for a happy ending!

So much had happened.  The cast is excellent.  They made this drama the best yet for 2018.

Episode 15

Myung Woo has no compunction in killing or assaulting anyone, who hurts Hye Ran.

Hye Ran must be quite a girl/woman!

Anyway, Myung Woo gave Eun Joo a final warning.  If she continues on with her harassment of Hye Ran, she might not live to regret it.

But the one that is the most creepily scary was Tae Wook.  His gentle precise manner is really daunting.  That sharp letter opener scene was so spooky.

I don’t think he meant to implicate Hye Ran in the murder of Kevin Lee.  He just accidentally dropped the brooch from his pocket whilst having a fight with nasty Kevin.

And I thought this drama will be a romantic one, where they pull all their resources together and find love again while acquitting Hye Ran from the murder.  How wrong was that premise?!!!

This is a chilling thriller!  Is a happy ending still possible?

Final part tonight.

WARNING:  The most stressful ending.

I don’t know but this episode would leave you feeling like you are going to have a flu, light-headed and slightly confused.

omigod!  I was expecting and hoping for a romantic happy ending not a final voice-over to Hye Ran by the presumably dead Tae Wook!

Hye Ran, so, are you happy now?

No, I am not happy, never mind Hye Ran.  I am so gutted.

Poor Myung Woo.  He carried the can for the murder of Kevin Lee, and his ex-manager and ultimately all for nothing.  Poor Myung Woo.  I cried for him.  His stillness and calmness are so dramatic.

Apparently, happiness is impossible to attain.  I supposed it is if you rely on others for that happiness.

Anyway, despite feeling really sad, I shall give the final synopsis.  It might not make any sense as I am truly overwrought with sorrow.  It is 11:49pm here in the UK (actually it should be 12;49 but British Summer Time had just kicked in 🙂 ) and I have to put my thoughts in print or I shall not be able to sleep.  And there is church tomorrow for Palm Sunday 🙂 lol

Episode 16 finally confirmed the real killer of Kevin Lee and it was Tae Wook.

It was really an accident. Tae Wook pushed Kevin a little too hard against a wall and that is the end of Kevin Lee.

Tae Wook bundled up Kevin into the latter’s car and drove speedily.  It was actually a suicide mission for Tae Wook but he lived however during that car crash,  he mislaid Hye Ran’s brooch.  He transferred Kevin into the driver’s seat to make it look like an accident.

Hye Ran’s reporter friend confronted Tae Wook of what Eun Joo said regarding the black box Sd card.

Tae Wook said that he will just spend a little time with Hye Ran and then he will turn himself in.

Hye Ran did not know this at first and treated Tae Wook coldly.

Tae Wook said that his goal and dream in life is to love and be the perfect husband for Hye Ran, feeling that this is a lost cause,  he decided to turn himself in sooner rather than later.

But Myung Woo was a tad faster than him.  He went to the police station and admitted that he was the killer.  This was after leaving a letter to Tae Wook saying that Tae Wook’s own punishment will be to stay forever at Hye Ran’s side.

A few weeks later, Hye Ran became a presenter for South Korea’s Oprah Winfrey show version called Hye Ran Interviews…  The second guest was to be Tae Wook who at that moment was crashing in a foggy MISTY afternoon … DEAD (but can still do voice over hahahaha)

Many would be disappointed with the ending, including me, but deep down I think it is only right that a message is sent out that

Crime does not pay

Excellent drama!  Excellent first class actors.  Beautiful elegant wardrobe and the script is well written and very taut.  Best drama yet of 2018

Awards are coming in.

Kim Nam Joo (Hye Ran) won the Best actress during the recent 54th Baeksang Arts Awards’ 2018. And she is very deserving too.

Congratulations.  I am sure this is just the first of many.


  1. I am obsessed with the soundtrack of this drama. I have been playing Painful Love all morning. It is most perfect song for this drama. It is making me miss Tae Wook and Hye Ran

  2. I’m on episode 4. I don’t usually like spoiler. But I’m getting so stressed about the show but can’t give up watching. So
    Now I can watch this with less baited breath. I have to. It’s Ji Jin Hee. Have you seen him in I HAVE A LOVER?

    1. Good choice of drama. Very stylish!
      Yes I have seen I have a Lover. That is where I fell in love with Ji Jin Hee. That drama was so addictive. After I watched it the first time, I immediately rewatched it the second time and then again a third time and jut fast forwarded to bits with the main leads scenes.

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