I Have a Lover – Korean Melodrama

I Have a Lover – Korean Melodrama

I love this drama.  There is something about it that pulls me back time and again, so much so that I have watched it several times already.

I told my husband that I love this drama and it is my favourite one.  He did remind me that I said previously that Goblin was my favourite.  Oh yeah.

Well I have a Lover is my second favourite! 🙂

It is a melodrama of marriage, grief and infidelity.

Be prepared to watch it with a lot of hankies as it will tear your heart apart.

The story is about a aesthetically gorgeous couple in their 30s, in the peak of their career, who lost their beloved daughter.  They showed their grief differently.  The wife, Do Hae-gang, played by the stunning actress Kim Hyun Joo, was an ambitious lawyer, who was driven by her grief to focus all her attention to her career.  The husband,Choi Jin-eon, played by the debonair Ji Jin-hee, on the other hand was some sort of a professor in bio-chemistry and was more emotive, sensitive and full of angst.

He felt repelled by his wife’s look of indifference to his grief.  He, of course, found solace with one of his student, Kang Seol-ri, played by Park Han-byul.  He was attracted to her because she reminded him of how his wife was once like.

After Do Hae-gang found out about the affair, even with a broken heart, she did everything she could to get her husband back.  She confronted the young mistress, who cheekily told her that she was not having an illicit love affair with Jin-eon because they are in love.  Love came to her.

The husband was so cruel and was so infatuated with the young mistress that he begged and begged his wife for a divorce.  The wife suffered every kind of humiliation.

Despite emotional blackmail from his wife including trying to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge, Jin-eon knelt down in front of his father, (the patriarch in a typical Korean extended family) begging him piteously to throw Hae-gang out and allow a divorce.

The sight of her husband pathetically beseeching for divorce on his bended knees made Hae-gang finally realised she was defeated and signed and attached her seal to the divorce papers.  If you have not cried over a melodrama, you would on this one.  Jin-eon was so hateful.  By the way, he is obsessed with shoes and shoe laces.  Rather quirky 🙂

In a vast number of Korean dramas, amnesia seems to happen a lot.  This drama is no exception.

Jin-Eon with his young mistress went to America whilst Hae-Gang met an accident and suffered from amnesia and now goes by the name of Dokgo Yong-gi.  She was rescued and cared for by a lawyer.

Four years on, Jin Eon came back from America.  In no time, he met Dokgo/Hae-gang, a more carefree and relax woman who does not recognise him at all.

This is when the fun and romance really begin.  Jin-Eon character had a good and proper redemption.  He stalked Dokgo so lovingly and so dutifully that you forgive his past transgression.  It was very appealing to see how Hae-gang lead Jin-Eon on a merry dance.

His actions were so lovable that this drama goes to your heart and stay there.  It is therefore addicting.

I have watched the drama several times in a month and feels the love of Jin-Eon to Hae-gang.

How can one resist words like:  She was my wife, she is my wife

Another integral part to the drama was the almost subliminal way of playing the sountrack : Years.  You know as soon as it plays, there was a cute or sad moment ahead!  🙂

Love the drama so much. But mind you it has 50 episodes.  There are some side stories that you can fast-forward and still get the whole gist of the story.  It is overlong but all the same enjoyable and high addictive.

Highly recommended.


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