Kang Ha-neul (South Korean Actor)

South Korean Actor

Kang Ha-neul (South Korean Actor)

Kang Ha Neul poster photo from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


  • First Name: Ha-nuel
  • Surname: Kang
  • DoB: 21 February 1990 (29)
  • PoB:
  • Height: 1.82 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Career: television, Film and stage actor, Singer
  • Work Period: 2006 – Present

Films & Dramas:

  • Angel Eyes
  • Twenty
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Midnight Runners
  • Camellia Blooms (2019)

Facts & Factoids:
  • He was so good in all the roles he has played so far.
  • He was brilliant and memorable in the Kdrama Angel Eyes, playing the younger self of the male lead.  I actually remember him rather than older lead.
  • He was again a standout in the serial drama Scarlet Ryeo where he was one of several historical princes, played by some of the handsomest young South Korean actors.
  • Kang Ha Neul is known to take his role by heart.
  • As an example, he lived on a cup of ramen a day in order to lose around 20 lbs in weight for his role in a drama film called Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet.
  • Aside from being good-looking, good actor, he is also a good singer.  Fall in love with him with his rendition of I Choose to Love You.
  • Unfortunately, we might not see Ha Neul on films and dramas for a while as he is doing his mandatory military service, which lasts for 24 months.
  • 22 May 2019 Update: Camellia Blooms will be his return from the military’s first drama.  He will play opposite the romcom queen, Gong Hyo Jin.


Did you know?
  • Just before a kissing scene, Ha Nuel would chew on an apple flavoured Wow Bubblegum 🙂


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