Kiss That Kills (Japanese Drama Review & Recap)

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A new Kento Yamazaki drama.

This boy is certainly a busy boy and growing into a very fine actor with a varied theme of work.Kiss

That Kills (Japanese Drama Review & Recap)


  • Kento Yamazaki as Otaro Dojima
  • Mugi Kadowaki as kissing woman
  • Mackenyu as Takauji Namiki
  • Yuko Araki as Mikoto Namiki
  • Hayato Sano as Hiroyuki Hasebe
  • Jun Shison as Kazuma Osanai
  • Masaki Suda as Kazunori Harumi
  • Hio Miyazawa as Michinari Hotei
  • Akane Hotta as Nao Mori
  •  Erika Karata as Marin Aota
  • Ai Yamamoto as Nanako Koyanagi
  • Yoshinori Okada as Koichi Nezu
  • Ken Mitsuishi as Akira Dojima
  • Kaoru Okunuki as Mitsuyo Dojima
  • Tomohisa Yuge as Tsuji
  • Meikyo Yamada as Takeru Namiki
  • Hitomi Takahashi as Kyoko Namiki
  • Mantaro Koichi as Gunji Arai

Todome no Kiso, roughly translated in English as Kiss of Death or Kiss that Kills is a drama, which is more mature in nature for Kento.  He plays the role of a Otaro Dojima, who works as a host in a club, which provide companionship (including sex) to women, who are prepared to pay for it.

He is fairly satisfied with his lot until he met a mysterious woman with red lips over a very pale face.  This woman is the kiss of death.

Every time she kisses Dojima who is also known as Eight, he dies and then promptly come alive again and travel back a few days in time. Apparently this is called a time slip where only the consciousness travels back in time in the form of a deja vu!

Episode 2

The sinister kissing girl is actually there to save Eight who is being targeted by a love obsessed cross-dresser Kazuma.

Episode 3

(Dojima’s back story is that he was an elder brother.  He was in a ship that sunk, which was captained (?) by his father.  During this time, he was with his younger brother.  When the water started getting inside the ship, he tried to get his young brother to safety but along the way they saw a little girl collapsed on the floor.

Dojima half carried the girl and let go of his brother’s hand.  The young brother stopped to pick his shoes but the cabin door burst open and the water sweeping his young brother away.

Dojima grew up very handsome and uses his looks to make money with whatever means, to pay for his dead father’s  debts and penalty for the sinking of ship.  Added to this, his mother is half demented with worry and continued to look for her younger son she believed did not die.  She hired successions of private investigator and expected her older son to always foot the bill.

No wonder Dojima is always thinking of making money.)

Anyway in this episode, Dojima found out that the kissing woman is not his enemy, in fact it was the opposite.  She was always trying to save him.

The reason was that, she was the girl found collapsed in the ship.

For some reason, during her middle school, she get to find out that any boy who kisses her collapses and foamed in the mouth.  She became a bit of a pariah, which is not good when you are young and in high school.

Yuko, the billion dollar girl, is Dojima’s target.  He thought that with her money, she can solve all of his problem.



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