Kento Yamazaki (Japanese Actor)

Kento Yamazaki (Japanese Actor)

Yamazaki Kento




  • Nickname: Kento
  • DoB: 7 September 1993 (23)
  • PoB: Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 1.78 m (5’10”)
  • Occupation: Model, Musician, Actor
  • Civil Status: Single


Films and Dramas:


Kento Yamazaki is a young Japanese actor and model.  Despite his age, he has made several films and dramas, where he was the lead actor.

I might say that he is growing into a very charismatic young man as shown on his new drama, Kiss that kills.

He is everywhere at the moment.  Very in demand

Facts & Factoids:

  • Motto:  Be Yourself
  • Dark brown eyes
  • Black hair
  • He was in third-year high school when he started modeling.
  • Ex-Gf: Nikaido Fumi (?)
  • Has a large collection of manga.
  • Plays the guitar





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