JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Japanese movie)

JoJo Bizarre Adventure poster

Genre: Film, School, fantasy, Bizarre, Manga

Released Date: 2017



  • Kento Yamazaki as Jōsuke Higashikata
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki as Kōichi Hirose
  • Nana Komatsu as Yukako Yamagishi
  • Masaki Okada as Keichō Nijimura
  • Mackenyu as Okuyasu Nijimura
  • Takayuki Yamada as Anjūrō Katagiri
  • Yusuke Iseya as Jōtarō Kūjō
  • Alisa Mizuki as Tomoko Higashikata
  • Jun Kunimura as Ryōhei Higashikata

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Japanese movie)

I am really not into this kind of genre but surprisingly enough I really enjoyed the film, probably helped by the couple of glasses of red wine, I imbibed with my supper.

A little tipsy,  I found the whole film made sense. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I watched this movie because of Yamazaki Kento, Nana Kotmatsu, Mackenyu and the perennially gorgeous Masaki Okada.

Okey let me see, if I can now make sense of what the film was all about.

Kento played Josuke, who was a descendant of a family with superpowers.  He did not really know about this family as he grew up with his mother and his maternal grandfather, who was an exemplary police officer.

Josuke is quite popular at school, not only because of his strength and agility but also due to his good looks, especially with his retro goth (lucille ball’s donut hairstyle, see above photo) hairstyle. 🙂

No one was allowed to negatively comment on his hair or there will be hell to pay. 🙂

A new transfer student, Koichi, having been saved by Josuke from bullies, promptly attached himself to Josuke.  But by doing so he put his life in peril as Josuke was being hunted by the evil forces of their town.  These evil forces were lead by Keicho Nijimura and his brother, Okuyasu.

There is something common amongst Josuke, Keicho and Okuyasu.  They all have a ‘stand’, which is a spiritual guiding fighting element that they can exude, these stands are their luminous robot-like doubles who does their fighting for them.  CGI was quite good.

Only those with stands can see these spiritual beings.  That is why Josuke was popular with his classmates for his quickness in fighting, they don’t actually see his stand doing most of the fighting for him; they thought it was him.

Keicho has a bow and arrow that can make a ‘chosen one’ dead but come alive complete with a stand, who he then put under his  control.   This is all about gravity apparently, according to him.

A person that Keicho used his bow and arrow on was a crazed murderer.  The murderer and his stand ended up killing  Josuke’s grandfather, the kindly policeman.

Though Josuke has the power to heal anyone, his grandfather was a lost cause.

With vengeful wrath, Josuke vanquished the crazed killer.

He then went to have his final confrontation with the Nijamura brothers.  Koichi tagged along with him but got shot with an arrow by Keicho.

During the fight Josuke saved Okuyasu and in return Okuyasu helped Josuke to save Koichi.

Keicho’s stands were those toy soldiers and helicopters and tanks which came alive in their hundreds of miniatures.  The vast numbers of the toys soldiers had almost defeated Josuke and his stand but his stand has a power of unbreakable diamond.

The end was an atonement of Keicho to his younger brother Okuyasu.  He took a flying killing evil toy car that would have gone for Okuyasu.

The end was Josuke, Keicho and Okuyasu going back to school rather chummy.

The film feels like it would spore a sequel because the talented Nana was not use much.

I enjoyed the film though rather bizarre.

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