Love Rerun (Japanese Drama Review and Summary)

Love Rerun Poster

Love Rerun (Japanese Drama Review and Summary)

Genre: Romance

Released Date: April 2018


  • Anne Nakamura as Sayaka Minami
  • Yuki Furukawa as Shohei Machida
  • Ryohei Otani as Ryosuke Sagisawa
  • Tomoshiro Ichikawa as Hayato Fujisaki
  • Nana Katase as Mizuki Aoyama
  • Aimi Satsukawa as Yumi Uno
  • Aya Omasa as Kyoko Ogasawara

I’ve just seen the first episode in Japanese.  Of course I did not understand a word as there is no English sub available yet.

But it did look very engaging and interesting.

It is about a girl, who is prim and proper in her 30s and works as a designer.  She had been in a one-sided love with a gorgeous man, who she knew for many, many years.

It looks like her dream of getting together with him was finally going to be rewarded.

But she woke up one morning, dazed and looking different from her norm.  She was modern and rather lovely.  And there was a man in her apartment.  She doesn’t know him and totally confused of what was going on.

She found out later that she actually lived with him.  They are in a relationship.  She also found out that it was three months later from the last time she can remember.

It did really look good.  Please Japanese subbers.  Kindly help us out with this drama.

Okay, I have just seen the subbed first episode.

At 29, Sayaka has experienced zero love life.  She had been busy concentrating on a one sided love with a childhood friend, Ryosuke.

She loved him when she was in her teens and followed him in Tokyo when she could.  He was there to celebrate her 20th and bought her a lovely red winter duffle coat, which she treasures more than anything.  It became her comforter, whatever the weather.

Anyway, she works at Olivia Lab as one of the designers or something.  Their project has to do with the 30s women and their love life.  She was rather embarrassed as she doesn’t have the experience to speak of.

Her best friend, who she shares a flat with encouraged her to let out her 15 years of longing to Ryosuke.  So she gave Ryosuke a call to meet up.  I can understand why she was longing for him, he is so masculinely gorgeous. 🙂

Ryosuke said that he will take her out on her 30th birthday.  She was so happy, she is going for a date and she will confess to him.

The next ‘day’ she woke up dazed and confused in an unfamiliar house. She noticed herself in the mirror looking decidedly different from usual. For starter she was not wearing her glasses, she also has her hair untethered.  And she was wearing an off the shoulder blouse.

Then came a young man, asking her if she had finished packing.

It turned out he was Machida, her lived in younger boyfriend.  He was quite matter of factly in telling her that he was her first, He took her virginity and now they have broken up.  And she has to move out.

She was so confused.

She has nowhere to go as her best friend is now married with a baby and even Ryosuke is living with another woman.

The doctor said that she has memory displacement or something and could be temporary.

She begged Machida if she could stay with him until her memory is back.  He agreed but he said she has to go as soon as she remembers.

Love this drama.

Episode 2

Apparently there were a lot of things that happened during the last three months that she can’t remember including having a friends with benefits with Hayato.

Minami was utterly confused as she of course can’t remember as well as it was not in her nature to sleep around, having been a virgin until the age of 30.

It turned out that Hayato was lying because he is more than just a high school friend of Machida.  He is in fact in love with Machida himself.  Hayato thinks that Minami does not deserve Machida as she is not completely over with her one-sided love with Ryosuke.

Episode 3

MInami was convinced by Hayato and Yumi to let it all out.  She should confess to Ryosuke.

And she did.

And found out that she actually confessed to him three months ago and got turned down.  Ryosuke only see her as a family member, a younger sister to protect.

She said that she was happy despite being turned down, at least she can start over and not hang up on a one-sided love for the rest of her life.

Love this drama.

Episode 6

Minami’s mother had come to town to visit her because her mom was worried about her.  The mother said that Minami was rather tearful when they last spoke over the phone.

The mother met Machida and liked him.  They were getting along fine when Minami confessed that she  and Machida were only pretending to be a couple.  They have already broken up.

The mother understood and advised her to look at Machida and see how he makes her feel.

She followed her mother’s advised.  She looked at Machida and she was overwhelmed with love and tenderness for him.  Awwww

Actually it is more OUCH!

After Minami confessed to Machida, he  told her that he was kicking her out of the flat.  He can’t live with her if she’s in love with him!


Episode 7-8

I have to say these two episodes are all about confessions.  The five-way relationships are still in chaos and just going round in round.

Machida likes Minami but when she confessed to him, he literally told her to shove off.  Leave the flat.

Minami then was confessed to by Ryosuke, who was confessed to by Mizuki.

Kyoko confessed to Machida that she wanted them to get back together.

With all the confessions, there is no confirmed relationship yet with any of them.

Episode 9

Same old story.  Machida was wavering to get back with Minami but Minami said she is now ok on her own.

Then Minami went to wait for him at their landmark place on his birthday but the texts she sent Machina were seen by Kyoko, who deleted them.

In the end Minami felt upset that Machida did not show up but Ryo was there to comfort her.

Machina on the other hand felt aggrieved that Minami did not even send him a text on his birthday.  He found Kyoko waiting for him.  There and then he decided to start over with Kyoko.

Episode 10

Machida was on his way to the UK.  At the last minute Minami got to see him at the airport. She confessed her guts out to Machida, who in turn was really moved.  Awwww

One year later, Machida returns to Japan and a gorgeous Minami was waiting for him at the airport.  They were so happy to see one another and were really lovey dovey.

The End


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