Shen Yue – Chinese Actress

Shen Yue – Chinese Actress

Shen Yue


  • First Name: Yue
  • Surname: Shen
  • DoB: 27 February 1997 (22)
  • PoB: Shaoyang, Hunan, China
  • Height: 1.62 m (5’2″)
  • Civil Status:  Single
  • Education: Hunan Normal University, major Journalism & Communication.

Dramas & Films:

Facts & Factoids:

  • For more of Shen Yue’s photos, go to Global Granary Facebook Page (Click here)
  • I love her. She was so adorable in A Love So Beautiful as Chen Xiao Xi.
  • Hu Yi Tian, as Jiang Chen in A Love so Beautiful, is her first kiss ever.
  • Dylan Wang, as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden 2018, is her second leading man to kiss 🙂
  • She wears contact lenses.
  • She was not allowed to date by her father, who was a history teacher in her high school.
  • She came first place in radio & television programming exam in her province. (pretty intelligent girl)
  • She was an intern at Hunan Tv/Mango Tv in 2016.
  • Her ideal type is in the mould of a young Chen Bolin: Tall, handsome, smart and kind, plus gentle and considerate.
  • She collects strange kinds of dolls.
  • She believes that health awareness must start at a young age.
  • She eats five red dates and a glass of honey water every morning.
  • 100 Yen Love is a favourite movie by Shen Yue.
  • If you are a fan of Shen Yue then you are one of her mooncakes.
  • Shen Yue was so overwhelmed when she won People of the Year 2018.  Congratulations!
  • Wish: to buy a house, a car or an electric bike.
  • Motto:  A calf fears no tiger!

Filming of Meteor Garden is to continue on to London.

I wonder where they would be filming?!!!

I saw some photos of her and cast by the Thames and London Eye backdrop.


According to TrendingWeibo

There are some speculations that Shen Yue is going out with Connor Leong of F4 after a fan said that she saw Yue sleeping on the arms of Connor during a flight!  Woah!!!

27 May 2018

I must admit Shen Yue and Connor Leong have a really good chemistry while re-enacting a scene from Taiwanese drama “Devil Beside You”

A bit of fun:

Someone started a petition for Shen Yue to reunite with Hu Yi Tian in another drama. 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you want to join in please click Petition – Drama for Shen Yue & Hu Yi Tian.

19 August 2018

After the success of her two dramas, A love so beautiful and Meteor Garden 2018, Shen Yue is doing another drama called Another Me with Dylan Xiong.

For a capital idea!  Why not pair Shen Yue with Song Wei Long in a drama.  Even without much interaction on an episode of a Chinese variety show Happy Camp, I felt that Wei Long would be a pretty decent nurturing male lead with Shen Yue.  When she was being dumped like a sack of potatoes during one of the trials in the show, everyone was laughing uproariously except for Wei Long who looked concernedly towards Shen Yue.  I heard he comes from a loving family and grew up with two sisters!

Yes please!!!  SHEN YUE AND SONG WEI LONG next

Update: 22 July 2019

Yes, people, Shen Yue has another drama in the pipeline and it is especially exciting because she will play opposite Jerry Yan, who played Dao Ming Si in 2001 version of Meteor Garden, while of course Shen Yue was the lead girl as Shan Cai in 2018 version of Meteor Garden.  So excited…..


Update 14 August 2019 Shen Yue’s drama with Jerry Yan called The Exchange Luck had been renamed Count Your Lucky Stars.


  1. I really love shen yue… i activate my instagram and twitter account just for her and dylan wang. I also watch Meteor Garden over and over again..

    1. I love Shen Yue as well and Meteor Garden. But my favourite Shen Yue drama was A Love So Beautiful. She was just radiant in that drama.
      Thank goodness they both have dramas coming soon.

    1. I do love her too with all her faults and all. 🙂 She has another drama coming but has not been apparently offered anything after that. I heard she is more popular internationally but not really in China where they have so many new talents sprouting almost every day. Let’s just make more noise for our Shen Yue so she gets more dramas in the offing.

  2. Another most adorable team up would be Shen Yue with Li Wenhan. Can you just imagine how cute these two would be. Please write them a drama! The script should be pure romance, bright and shiny.

  3. There is more rumours for Shen Yue, this time involving another eye candy, tall and gorgeous Johnny Huang. The rumoured drama is called Enthusiatic Cleaning!

    Wow I just love it!

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