Let’s Shake It Season 1 & 2 (Chinese Review & Summary)


Let’s Shake It Season 1 & 2 (Chinese Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Historical Fiction, Comedy
  • Origin: China, Based on Shake It, ET by Zifeng Diuzi

Season 1

  • Date Release: 2017

Episode 1

Abu Cha Cha is a space alien whose business was trafficking primitive life form when their ship was attacked by a phantom black smoke.

The spaceship broke and debris fell into the earth.

Abu Cha Cha quickly realised that the oxygen was too high and she can’t live on Earth as she was.

As luck would have it she witnessed the murder of Tang Qingye from ninja assassins.

Tang Qingye was the second daughter of a general.  She was in a romance with the crown prince and they were to announce their intention to marry imminently.

Unfortunately for Tang Qingye, she was a daughter of a concubine and deemed not suitable to become a prince consort.

In connivance with the imperial palace, her stepmother sent her own daughter, the first daughter of the family, to be engaged to the crown prince.

To prevent any obstacle to the marriage and Tang Qingye was poisoned.

Her trusted lady’s maid took her out of the manor, but they were chased by the assassins who ultimately stabbed her to death.

Then came Abu Cha Cha.  She tried to heal the poor girl but Tang Qingye’s brother, Tang Qingfeng suddenly appeared.  Thinking that Abu Cha Cha was harming his sister, he cut off one of Abu Cha Cha’s cute blue antennae and then stabbed her until her molecules evaporated into thin air.

Episode 2

Tang Qingfeng carried the body of his sister back to the manor and promised to give her a decent burial.

He was thinking things through outside in the garden when one of the slaves shouted that Tang Qingye had risen as a ghost with blue eyes.

Tang Qingfeng immediately knew that she is not really his sister but possessed by an alien.

Nevertheless, he looked after her as there are moments when the new Tang Qingye turns into his sister.

The Crown Prince initially wanted to go to Tang Qingye to protest that the proposed marriage with her sister was none of his doing. But he was waylaid by one of the eunuchs, who told him that if he wanted to get to the throne, he must forget about Tang Qingye.  That quickly stopped the crown prince from his tracks.

Episode 3

Tang Qingfeng took his sister to a remote cottage by the mountains and had her guarded.

She is being gossiped as a monster.  Tang Qingye was upset that her transponder is broken and can no longer communicate with her species.

In the end, she uses science to experiment with lightning.  She ended up charcoal black with frizzy static hair.  Her brother is most concerned as he saw her free falling from the balcony into the ground.

Episode 4

Abu Cha Cha was doing everything to make a new transponder.

There was a party at the palace for the Crown Prince and his consort.  Tang Qingye went and felt really upset when she touched the crown prince.  Abu Cha Cha can’t understand the feeling in her human heart.

Her cat has now metamorphosed into a human.  He was upset with Abu Cha Cha because he lost his virginity inside the cattery.  🙂

Episode 5

Abu Cha Cha thought that the Buddha was an alien as well.  She went to the temple to investigate and found a transponder.

Episode 6

The crown prince found Abu Cha Cha looking at the transponder and he became a casualty of it when he turned it on.  He turned into a baby.

The Tang family were aghast thinking that Tang Qingfeng had fathered a baby.

The palace was also in an uproar as the crown prince was missing.

Fortunately, Abu Cha Cha and the cat were able to reverse the effect of the transponder.  The Crown Prince was back to his normal self.

Episode 7

Tang Qingfeng found out that he was not a son of the Tang family and that Qingye is not his sister.  Thank goodness for that.  I was very surprised when I started this drama because the leads are brother and sister. Eecckkk

Anyway there is someone pretending to be Qing Feng’s double who has been committing atrocities.




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