Another Me (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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Another Me (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Friendship, Rivalry, Love Triangle, Youth
  • Release Date: 22 July 2019
  • Origin: China, Drama remake of the film, SoulMate
  • Cdrama: 53 Episodes



This drama is a remake of the film Soul Mate where both Sandra Ma as Qi Yue and Zhou Dongyu as An Sheng tied for the Best Actress award.

Chen Du Ling and Shen Yue have big boots to fill.

Looking forward to this drama and to the return of Shen Yue to television drama.

Episode 1

It started well.  Shen Yue and Chen Du Ling look good and they do have chemistry, very believable as friends.

Anyway, An Sheng is a troubled teenager and high schooler.   She is from a single-family, where her mother holds a very hectic job as a television producer.  She had no time for the normal, standard parenting.

This was the reason why Ansheng was acting up at school.  She was always late, playing truant and causing trouble.

One rainy day, Qi Yue was waiting for the rain to stop but it just wouldn’t.  No one wanted to share or lend an umbrella with her.

Then out of nowhere, a rainbow coloured umbrella was given to her unceremoniously but a girl.

Qi Yue noticed that the girl was the infamous An Sheng.

The next day, she was stopped on her track by the vice-principal.  Qi Yue thought he was shouting at her but he was actually telling off An Sheng from being late once again.

Qi Yue went to An Sheng and tried to cover for her but An Sheng told the vice-principal that she did not even know the girl, Qi Yue.

The v-principal told An sheng that she had to prepare a self-analysis/introspection.  He then called An Sheng to deliver her reflection of her behaviour during a flag ceremony.

The self-reflection did not go as planned by the v-principal.  An Sheng was really trying his patience.

Qi Yue discussed this with her family and then concluded that An Sheng wanted the v-principal to call her mother for a meeting.

Qi Yue said that she had a plan on how to make this happen.

She helped An sheng set up a collection of porn videos to sell by the school ground where the vice principal was going to be passing by.

It worked like a dream.  An Sheng’s mother was summoned to the school.

An Sheng could not be happier and told her mother that she wanted to be with her.

Her mother understood her but she needed to work so she can make a living and send An Sheng to school.

In the end, she understood her mother.  Qi Yue helped her a great deal and promised that she will always be with An Sheng forever.

Now it was An Sheng to help Qi Yue with her love life.

Qi Yue has a crush on the school genius,  Jia Ming.

Jia Ming is extremely popular not only for his intellect but because he is gorgeous and courteous as well.

Unfortunately, it was not really easy to get close with him as he was always surrounded by girls.

But An Sheng told Qi Yue not to worry.

Episode 2

An Sheng and Qi Yue had to think of a campaign to make Qi Yue be noticed by Jia Ming.  To make Jia Ming intrigued.

An Sheng proceeded to stalk Jia Ming and compiled his dos and don’ts as well as his habits and schedule.

She then told Qi Yue to write love letters to Jia Ming and she will deliver them herself.

It work too, before too long Jia Ming was going out with Qi Yue.

But there was something about An Sheng that seemed to captivate him.  An Sheng is vibrant compared to the quiet beauty of Qi Yue.

Qi Yue had an inkling about this as well because when she had an argument with An Sheng, she said that Jia Ming is in love with An Sheng not with her.  She realised that the letters were really from An Sheng to Jia Ming as An Sheng used to edit the letters to make them for exciting.

An Sheng though felt sometimes that since Qi Yue had started dating Jia Ming, she had no time for An Sheng anymore.

An Sheng though was not too sad for long as she is a boy magnet.  The son of the vice principal wanted to go out with her (I thought he was quite cute)

But like the film, An Sheng ended up going out with a musician.

Qi Yue’s hardworking dad was having trouble at work.  He was being blamed for fraudulent activities with the monies of the workers.

This drama is really enjoyable.

Episode 3 – 4

Qi Yue’s family life became overly hectic after her father was used by his company as a scapegoat for defrauding their employees.

The employees went to Qi Yue’s house and they started making a scene which turned rather violent and causing Qi Yue’s kindly grandfather to get hit in the head with a brick.

Qi Yue was so stressed and frightened for her grandfather.

An Sheng took matter into her own hands to make sure that Qi Yue sits her National College Entrance Examination.  She edited a force recording of the grandfather, who sadly passed away, wishing Qi Yue to do well in her exam.

With all the coming and going to hospital and back, An Sheng missed the NCEE herself.

Her only option was to repeat a year and then take the exam.

An Sheng did not relish repeating so she said her goodbyes to Qi Yue’s family and decided to go touring with Ah Pan.

Qi Yue and Jia MIng saw An Sheng and Ah Pan to the station.  It was there that Qi Yue noticed that An Sheng was wearing a pendant that belonged to Jia MIng.

An Sheng knew than Qi Yue noticed it but they both said nothing.

Episode 5

Qi Yue went on a holiday with Jia Ming.  The aircon in her hotel room was broken and knocked on Jia Ming which was next room to hers.  She ended up spending the night in his arms but nothing else but they are getting really closer.

An Sheng had another bust-up with Ah Pan.  It got rather physical and she ended up knocking her head against a wall causing some blood spurts all over her face.

She called Qi Yue to inform her that she was on her way to see her.

She ended up staying a few nights in Qi Yue’s dorm.

Whenever Qi Yue was with An Sheng and Jia Ming she becomes rather vigilant in watching Jiaming.

She saw the still fresh wound in An sheng head which made her and Jia Ming rather worried.

But when Ah Pan came to look for An Sheng, An Sheng went back with him.

Episode 6

Qi Yue worked as an assistant in the university library.  And it was here were she was spotted by Xutian who fell in love at first sight with her.

Xutian comes from a well off family.  He became rather devoted to Qi Yue, buying her breakfast, lunch and snacks and gifts.

He was truly devoted to her.

When Qi Yue got sicked, her dorm roommate, Xunlei, contacted Xutian to take Qi Yue to the hospital instead of Jia Ming who can’t be contacted.

He was always at Qi Yue’s beck and call that Jia Ming started to get jealous.

Jia MIng had been secretly checking on An Sheng.  He got worried when he found Ah Pan had deleted his Weibo account.

They tried to contact An Sheng but she was incommunicado.

An Sheng was back again and this time she was dumped by Ah Pan.

Ah Pan saw how much An Sheng was working for both of them.  He had an attack of conscience so without telling her he packed his bags and just up and left.

Episode 7

An Sheng felt uneasy being with Qi Yue and her friends as she feels she was a poor relative, depending on everything from Qi Yue.

To make some cash, An Sheng got herself a job as an art model, which involved being nude or partially clothed.

Qi Yue went mental when she found out and forced An Sheng to give it up.

Then ended up having a massive fight which drove An Sheng to leave.

She called Jia MIng to get her a train ticket back to Xi’an, where she feels more comfortable as the place had become familiar to her.

Before she left, Jia Mng asked her if she ever went to his house back when they were in high school.

An Sheng denied it but of course she did to deliver the love letters from Qi Yue.  At one time, she was almost caught by Jiaming.  He just saw her retreating back but it was enough for him to develop something for her.

Anyway, Jiaming was asked by his professor to work with his seniors who were already doing their post-graduate studies.  This was actually what he wanted to do and what his mom instructed him to achieve.

He asked Qi Yue for her permission which she gave but she was not told how busy he would get.

He became too busy to see much of Qi Yu.

Xunlei started planting doubts ito Qi Yue regarding whether Jiaming was really busy in the school lab or somewhere else.

Anyway, Ansheng had found herself a job as a billboard painter as well a night work as a bar hostess complete with a platinum blonde wig.

Episode 8

Jiaming was really pushing it with Qi Yue.  He would cancel their plans at the last minute or just leave suddenly during a date.

Qi Yue became suspicious when she received a text from Jiaming which was meant for his female senior.

Qi Yue went to the lab to see if Jiaming was indeed working hard or somewhere else.

Jiaming was in the lab.  He was forced to call his senior to allay Qi Yu’s suspicion.

Despite the senior calmly saying that Jiaming was really busy in the lab and that there was nothing between them, Qi Yue still walked out in a huff.

Jiaming had had enough and tried to unload his burden to An Sheng.  He told her that his relationship with Qi Yue was a mistake from the beginning.

An Sheng went mad.  She told off Jiaming.  She told him to kiss and make up with Qi Yue.

Episode 9

Xunlei, Qi Yue’s dorm roommate was inciting her to take action against Jiaming and An Sheng who she believed was doing the dirty on Qi Yue behind her back.

Han Dong had taken the habit of going to the bar to have a drink with An Sheng.  On time. An Sheng took a photo of their hands together.

An Sheng sent the photo to Qi Yue with a caption that she had a new boyfriend.

This seemed to have worked as Qi Yue and Jia Ming made up.

An Sheng was surprised by somebody following her late at night from work.  It turned out that it was the seventeen-year-old  Jiu Yue who came to seek her support to convince his parents to allow him to study art.

In the end, the parents were mollified when Ansheng told him to say that he wanted to study architecture.

Episode 10

Jiamiang wanted to buy Qi Yue an engagement ring but was shocked with how much they cost.

He was ecstatic when he finished his apps for snatching tickets, which allow procurement tickets for concerts, films, travel, etc.

It was a popular apps which got the attention of a travel agency.  They offered to buy it off from Jiaming for 60K yen.

He sold it immediately without researching the buyer or any possible repercussion towards him.

With the money, he told Qi Yue to prepare for a family holiday in Sanya.

They were just about to travel when a carload of police officers came to arrest Jiaming for use of the illegal network.

Apparently the agency he sold his software to, had exploited the apps, which is against society.

The end result was that Jiaming parents had to beg the university not to expel Jiaming.  But the even bigger problem was that he got excluded from the computer research he was originally part of.

Jiaming’s future suddenly became bleak.  All his anchor at university had suddenly been taken away.

An Sheng went back to Ningbo to see her mother, whom she heard had taken ill.

Jiaming heard about it too and asked An Sheng if she wanted him to go with her to see her mother.

An Sheng turned him down rather aggressively, telling him that she was nothing to him and he to her.

At home, An Sheng met her mother, who she found collapsed the next morning near the kitchen.

When her mother came to, she quickly assured An Sheng that she was ok.

Wint Qi Yue, who was also back at Ningbo, Ansheng and her mother did some extreme sport..

Paragliding, at first, frightened An Sheng but she quickly got used to it.

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Jiu Yue is all grown up.  He is studying architecture but chose to intern in the press agency of Heilongyan to work alongside his sister, Qi Yue and An Sheng.

Their first project is a fashion show highlighting the jewellery of Love & Love.

The preparation was hectic and it became almost chaotic on the day of the show when a paparazzi got in pretending to be the building cleaner.

The papz was able to take photos of a top model who was having an affair with a married high-end manager of Love & Love.

Staff including Ansheng, Qi Yue and Han Dong were scrabbling to find the papz.

In the end Qi Yue found the man and was having a fight with him when Han Dong appeared.  They managed to get the photos and also put the fear of god at the papz.

For the first time, Qi Yue had a real look at Han Dong and like what she saw.

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25



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