Oh! My Emperor (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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Oh! My Emperor (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


  • Genre: Historical, Time Travel, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Date Released: 2018
  • CDrama: 45 Episodes (2 Seasons)
  • OST: Oh! My Emperor


  • Koo Jason as Bei Tang Yi (the Emperor)
  • Zhao Lusi as Luo Fei Fei (the young intern doctor time traveler)
  • Wu Jia Cheng as Bei Tang Tang
  • Xiao Zhan as Bei Tang Mo Ran
  • Guo Zhi Fan as Bei Tang Jing
  • Peng Chu Yue as Bai Wu Chen
  • Chen Emn as Su Xun Xian

A young intern medical doctor time travelled to ancient China and met various young male royals, who could form a boy band with their utter gorgeousness. (oh they are actually from a boyband called X-Nine, the winner from X-Fire)

Luzi Zhao is everywhere at the moment.  I have just finished watching Untouchable Lovers, where she played Rong Zhi’s doomed royal concubine.  I am also watching her now in Cinderella Chef.

Episode 1

It was 4:25 early morning when Fei Fei, who had been on duty for 20 hours as an intern medical doctor, was asked to look at another patient.

It turned out the patient was Jiacheng, who was the current popular pop star.  Fei Fei, from the lethargy of being half-asleep, turned into a young pop idol worshiper.

Jiacheng, to his credit, was all niceness and gave her a couple of VIP tickets to his current concert.

Fei Fei, on her way to the concert, met an accident which coincided with falling meteors.  A tiny spark hit her and before you know it, her spirit was sucked into the vortex of the past and right into the swimming pool where the young emperor was playing water polo.

The first episode is so funny.

Episode 2-4

Bai Tang Yi, is the current emperor of Huang Do kingdom.  He is also a doppelgänger of the pop idol, Jiacheng.

In the kingdom, there are also several drop-dead gorgeous young would-be emperors.  Apparently, the leader or emperor of the Huang Do is a rotation of these men, who have superpowers and masters of their own respective constellation.

For some reasons, their superpower doesn’t really work on FeiFei, whose own superpower in her taser.

With Fei Fei’s  21st century mental attitude and characteristic, she was a hit with everyone, who most of the time do not understand what she was talking about or the language she was talking in.

Episode 5.

The young emperor wanted control of the military as well.  Bei Tang Mo Ran agreed after two conditions are met.

The first is to gather 10,000 signatures in their kingdom and within three days only.  Fei Fei was there of course to help.  She worked night and day gathering the signatures encountering every upheaval there was.

Of course, she did it in the end.  She got so tired she fell asleep inside the emperor’s manor.  The emperor kindly tucked her in bed.  The half-asleep Fei Fei grabbed the emperor by the neck and gave him a kiss.  The emperor was both shocked and excited.

Episode 6

The emperor promised her a reward for all her hard work.

She said she only wanted a tiny weenie request and that is to meet up in the place where they first saw each other.

That was in the pool, where the emperor was playing water polo.

They met up and Fei Fei encouraged the emperor to go home with her to the 21st century.  She noticed that his hand does not bear the scar she sewed.  Finally, it clicked with her that the emperor is not the pop star, Jiacheng.

Episode 7

Fei Fei was too familiar with the young emperor, prodding him and calling him a pervert in front of the people. He ordered his guards to arrest her.

It so happened that Mo Ran was just coming toward them; Fei Fei sought protection from him.

The 12 constellations are to have a martial art contest and one of the prizes will be Fei Fei.  The first duel was won by Mo Ran’s team.  He then took Fei Fei to his manor,  while the contest was to continue thereafter.

At the manor, Fei Fei was treated like a princess and presented with an array of jewels and ornaments.

Episode 8

FeiFei found out the meaning of the birthmark on her left shoulder.  It is the symbol of the 13th sign of the zodiac called Ophiuchus.  She is, therefore, a member of the persecuted Ophiuchus tribe.

Episode 9

Fei Fei chased after a thief who took her bangles.  She overheard their gang planning to assassinate the young emperor, who was at that time on an away day, bonding with his brother, Lord Tang and uncle, Mo ran.

Fei Fei rode a donkey to get to the three eye candy.

During the chaos of fighting with the ninja assassins, Fei Fei got injured and then kidnap.  Jiacheng and Mo Ran ran after her.

Mo Ran was so concerned about FeiFei but Jiacheng was quicker than him.  He had her in his arms before Mo Ran can do anything.

Episode 10

Fei Fei had been ordered to move into the palace so she can be properly protected.  Though Mo Ran was disappointed, he can’t do anything as it was the edict of the emperor.

Fei Fei further found out that she is the owner of the Ophiuchus constellation.

Episode 11

A half-naked MoRan is a sight to behold!  It seems there is a ghost girl, who was spying on MoRan while he was bathing.

Anyway, from being treated like a princess at MoRan’s manor, Fei Fei was transferred to the labour/servant quarters at the palace.

There, she was bullied by the pharmacist Beiling as well as by the other maids, who followed Beillin by example.

Fei Fei had to clean and brush the chamber pots and sweep the ground.

Fei Fei was feeling lonely, isolated and exhausted.

Episode 12

A girl from the Ophiuchus who was an expert in bow and arrow attack the emperor while he was with Fei Fei.  There is a lot of cute rolling around in the bed to escape the arrows.

When the girl had been apprehended, Fei Fei had to treat the bleeding arm of the emperor.  They got too close and were about to kiss when Fei Fei’s tazer got in the way, resulting in the emperor to end up in a dead faint.

The ghost girl was actually princess Yanran of the Cancer constellation, whose superpower is invisibility.  She was engaged to be married to the emperor but she was secretly in love with King Chen/ Mo Ran.

Fei Fei and the princess agreed to help each other.

She found out from the princess that the emperor is quite innocent when it comes to women.

Episode 13

Princess Yanran, the invisible girl, invited Fei Fei to go for a walk with her. She then pushed Fei Fei in a trap hole.  And soon after the young emperor was falling into the hole as well.

Lots of cute imagination here.

They were helped by an old lady from the Ophiuchus clan and taken to their village.

Episode 14

They had so much fun in the village, the people were very warm-hearted.

When they got back to the palace Fei Fei was promoted to be the personal cleaner/servant of the emperor.

The Emperor ended up cleaning his manor himself to show how it should be done. Fei Fei was quite contentedly eating grapes and reading the emperor’s book.

As a punishment to her inactivity, the emperor tasked her to grind the ink.

Episode 15 – 18

Fei Fei and the emperor are getting along fine until the empress dowager gifted the emperor with the conniving pharmacist, Beiling, as his concubine.

Fei Fei saw them hugging, which upset her.  She wanted it to be her.

Not knowing what was upsetting her, the emperor asked Fei Fei what was the deal.

What I love about this drama was that it is very simple, straightforward and there is no long-running misunderstanding.

Fei Fei immediately told the emperor that he was a rascal fooling with the pharmacist.

The emperor immediately said that he declined the offer of the concubine from the empress dowager.  He then elaborated that even if she was not as pretty, as lady-like, and intelligent as Yanran, because she was ordinary, he fell for FeiFei the moment he saw her.

Again this clumsy declaration of love from the emperor was taken more like a slight rather than a romantic declaration.

She left him in a huff!  🙂

Love this drama.

Episode 19

Plenty of skinship between FeiFei and the Emperor in this episode. He told her that he likes her.  🙂

It is also the start of the final battle between the astrological signs.

Crafty Princess Yanran persuaded FeiFei to take her place.

Fei Fei did the masterplan for the battle for their team, but she was reminded that as she was not a master of an astrological sign, she will forfeit even if she wins.  They said that she should not participate at all.  Seeing that she will be disappointed, the Emperor said she can stay at the base camp.

Will she reveal that she was the master of Ophiuchus?

Episode 20

The fight scene between the Emperor and King Chen/ MoRan was stunning.  In the end, the emperor won the test and MoRan gallantly bestowed the military seal to the emperor.

But the emperor was shot with a bow and arrow by the ninjas from the Orion clan, who hijacked the contest.

It was up to Fei Fei to save the emperor with her medical background or I bet she will use her healing power.

Episode 21

Traditional medicine can’t save the emperor so she used her power.  The emperor was so surprised that he quickly looked into Fei Fei left shoulder and found the mark of ownership of the Ophiuchus constellation.

The emperor was very upset and told FeiFei to leave his sight and never come near him again.

FeiFei was also upset and did what she was told.  As she was in the forest, she was muttering about not knowing at all that she was the owner of Ophiuchus.  She was overheard by the leader of the Orion clan and smacked her in the head senseless.  They then forced her to drink a controlling potion.

She was flying high senseless but she was giving off a lot of energy to the zombie-like Ophiuchus clan fighting the emperor’s men.  FeiFei’s energy was unstoppable.

It was only when the emperor noticed her floating body that her energy giving power halted.  She came down under the influence of the controlling drug.

Before she could do harm to the leaders of the constellation, she was stabbed with a sword by the emperor.

Everyone was very upset.

I thought FeiFei was dead but the trailer for the next episodes showed that she was tied up…

Season 2

Episode 1 (22)

The Emperor kept Fei Fei in prison because he knew that the Empress Dowager would have had her executed in a heartbeat.

But the Empress dowager was sneaky.  She had Fei Fei secretly taken from prison in order to execute her.

Thank goodness, MoRan appeared suddenly and beg his mother, the Empress, to let Fei Fei go.  He said that FeiFei is his wife, his consort.

All at once the emperor was there too with his brother to plead for Fei Fei.  So the Dowager gave FeiFei to Moran.

Fei Fei was very ill because of her stab wound and the torture of being tied up almost spread eagle.

The Emperor sneaked in to see the sleeping FeiFei.  He was interrupted with his contemplation of FeiFei by a little girl from the Ophiuchus clan who also had healing power.

The emperor left while the girl started her healing of FeiFei.

Episode 2 (24)

MoRan hired the best healer to for Fei Fei, who did recover because of the young girl, Chong Chong’s healing power.

As much as he wants to not see Fei Fei again, the emperor can’t help himself.  He had been stalking FeiFei, day and night.

Episode 3 – 8 (25 -29)

There was a lot of progress for Fei Fei in these episodes.  And lots of dining in lobsters.  Yummy!

She has now been fully accepted as the master of Ophiuchus constellation.

The story behind the rift of the Ophiuchus from the rest of the constellation masters was all due to the machination of the Orion side of the constellations.

They infected the former emperor with a mind-controlling bug.

This was noticed by the then master of Ophiuchus so he had no other choice but to kill the old emperor.

The master of Ophiuchus was then killed immediately and his clan were banished from the land or treated as third rate citizens, the lowest of the low as a consequence of their master’s having committed regicide.

The elder of the Ophiuchus died trying to cure his people of the zombie-like state due to the mind control bug.  A healer loses a bit of himself/herself when curing death-defying illness, hence the elder’s eventual death.  But before he passed on, he made the young emperor promised to investigate the matter about the old emperor and the 13th master from Ophiuchus.

And he investigated all right.

FeiFei had a grand and happy investiture as the new master of the 13th constellation.  And as a treat to her audience, FeiFei sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Chinese version, of course. 🙂 Omigod and she went on and on, out of tune!

Episode 9 (30)

The emperor commented to FeiFei that she has so many secrets, including her admiration of Jiacheng.  He wanted to know if they were really lookalike.

There are a lot of kissing between them in this episode but Fei Fei is not satisfied, being a modern woman.  🙂

She complained to Yanran that all they did all night was lie together in bed.  He did not make a move.

This episode is really about pairing up of the various characters.  But poor MoRan.  He had a bit of a cry while watching the emperor tenderly kissing FeiFei!

Episode 10-11 (31-32)

The pharmacist Baillin was so jealous of Fei Fei and the emperor’s relationship that she put a poison from the black pearl bug that can turn anyone into maniac/vampire/zombie into Feifei’s porridge.

FeiFei did not eat the porridge but the emperor had a mouthful.  He immediately turned into a blood-sucking zombie.

Pharmacist Beillin took advantage of the situation by insisting that she’s the only one that can heal the emperor.

The emperor woke just in time to prevent Baillin touching him up!  He beat her up for her trouble! 🙂

Fei Fei used her power to help him but she is unable to fully cure him.

Episode 12 (33)

The emperor, possessed by the zombie bug, bit into FeiFei.  It turned out that FeiFei’s blood was his antidote.  Seeing that her blood made him better but not completely healed, Fei Fei insisted that she exchanged blood with the emperor through the help from the power of Bei Ting Jing.

MoRan was completely against the idea, worrying for FeiFei’s wellbeing.  But she made up her mind.

Thank goodness it worked.

They were both healed.

Episode 13 (34)

This episode started really funny.  Drama queen FeiFei pretended she was in some sort of comatose state.

The Emperor was really worried.  He was advised of several ways to make FeiFei awake again.  These included shaking her hard, slapping her hard, drenching her with water and tickling her.  It was only when the emperor kissed her that she woke up.

Prince Tang Tang promised to marry the princess of Orion, the same princess who saved him in the desert.

It was rather poignant the goodbyes between Yanran and MoRan.  They would both to travel but separately.

Episode 14 (35)

Dali and Wuchen decided to consummate their relationship and this was so hilarious.  Wu Chen was a virgin whilst Dali was a tomboyish ninja warrior.  So funny.

The emperor declared FeiFei as the first woman in his harem.  This did not impress Fei Fei as she wanted to be the empress so she can eat all day whatever she wanted.

Episode 15 (36)

Bailin the pharmacist tried to assassinate Fei Fei with a poisoned dart but luckily the emperor was so quick he caught the dart and threw it back to Bailin who died from the poison.

Dali is pregnant.

Episode 16 (37)

They were planning the wedding for the three couples: the emperor and FeiFei, Dali and Wuchen, Master Tang and the princess of Orion.  But Master Su foresaw something dark that was about to happen.  This darkness might have to do with the Empress Dowager who had been possessed by the evil spirit of the state preceptor of the Orion clan.

Episode 17 (38)

It took Feifei’s protection for the Princess of Orion to be accepted by the rest of the constellation masters.

Then FeiFei almost got killed by the possessed Empress Dowager, the Princess of Orion was quick to save Fei Fei from harm.

She then confronted the assassin only to find out it was the the state preceptor in the body of the Empress Dowager.  Though Princess Xia Bing pledged her allegiance to the evil state preceptor, she was worried about Lord Tang.

Episode 19 (40)

Bloody episode!!!

In the midst of the wedding ceremony,  MoRan and a few of the other masters found the body of Shang Yu, the master with the power of speed.

Bai Wuchen and Dali were next to be killed, together with their unborn baby.

Lie and XunXian came to the rescue of both Wuchen and Dali but they were too late.  They were also killed.

Moran was too late to do anything as the wine for the wedding festivities have been poisoned and being drunk.

Episode 20 (41)

Lord Tang felt betrayed by his new wife, Xia Bing.  He tried to kill her but he just can’t do it.

Instead, he was killed by the Empress Dowager.  Xia Bing then killed her.

Oh no!  The state preceptor in the Empress Dowager’s body transferred into the dead body of Lord Tang and killed Xia Bing.

Everyone was falling over dead as they drank the wine.  Fei Fei was also affected and Yanran.  MoRan was late to warn them.

Lord Tang Stabbed Bai Tang, the emperor and Moran.

Fei Fei walked through the carnage of dead bodies, including her new husband.

Omigod!  What bloody violent ending to an otherwise fluffy comedic drama.

Episode 21 Final Epidose (42)

The weakened FeiFei used her healing power to bring her husband back to life.  She then did the same with Lord Tang and MoRan.  She was all used up.

Fortunately, her clan came to the rescue and healed the rest of the people, including the masters of the constellation.

Fei Fei turned into spirit.  She said her goodbyes to everyone and then she disintegrated into thin air.

Now back to her present time.  She was so confused whether everything that happened in the otherworld was just a figment of her imagination.

But she can’t let go of her memory.  She remembers all the people in it.

She was pining for Bei Tang Yi.  It was really good acting by Lusi.   You can almost feel Fei Fei’;s desolation of missing someone, she doesn’t know where to find.  Someone as real to her and yet unknown.

This drama really caught me off guard.  It was so good.

And the ost was brilliant,  sang by the actors themselves.

Thank goodness it is a happy ending.

Fei Fei heard that Ophiuchus stars are due to appear at Mt Jianlong.  Apparently, this is a rare event.

Fei Fei raced to the mountain.

She looked for Bei Tang Yi.  Then she saw Jiacheng.  She went to him but he doesn’t know her at all.  What he did was give her an autograph and then he walked away.

She was in despair, mortified.

Then out of the blue, someone was calling her name.  And then said “Did I not tell you. I will punish you, if you said another man’s name again?”

It was Bei Tang Yi.



The End




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