Untouchable Lovers (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Betrayal
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Drama: staggering 52 episodes! 🙂


  • Guan Xiaotong as Liu Chu Yu / Liu Chu Xiu / Zhu Que (The Princess)
  • Song Wei Long as Rong Zhi
  • Li Zonglin as Huo Cao (General Huo)
  • Zhao Lusi as Ma Xueyun (Rong Zhi’s concubine)
  • Wu Jin Yan as Feng Tin
  • Merxat Yalkun as Tuoba Yun
  • Bai Lu as General Huo Xuan
  • Wu Jiayi as Qing Yue (Princess maid & best friend)
  • Xu Kai as Shen Yu (Rong Zhi’s bodyguard)
  • Liu Zequn as Tian Rujing (Imperial Astrologer)
  • He Fengtian as Gu Huan (aka as the Pavillon master), doctor

Untouchable Lovers (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

I keep watching Chinese historical dramas and always hoping that it will have a happy ending.  I keep investing time, emotion and health 🙂 to these dramas only to cry buckets in the end because it usually ends in a Shakespearian tragedy.

Anyway, as I never learn though, here once again with full hope of a happy ending, I am going to plough into episode 1 (watch this space!)

Episode 1

Tianji Tower is ruled by the despotic Liu Ziye.  He is only 16 years old and so immature that he is prone to violence and impulsive behaviour.  His people started plotting to dethrone him.

They schemed to get rid of the young’s emperor’s most beloved sister, Liu Chuyu by drowning her, and replaced her with an assassin, who was a doppelganger.

The ‘new’ sister then pretended that she had lost her memory.  She is being taken care of by a posse on 24 menke, led by Rong Zi.

(What is a menke?  Well apparently they were retainers, or like eunuch without the castration bit 🙂 but I think in modern times’ equivalent, they are like butlers or valets)

Episode 2

The princess is weeding out her menke.  Transferring those who are plotting against her and promoting some slimy ones away from her manor.  Rong Zi is surprised how more humanitarian and clever she is becoming.

He is beginning to suspect that she is a fake princess.

Episode 3

The princess went to the mountain of luvvies (artists).  She was in disguise as a man (oh yeah?).  She was told that a beautiful man should be pure and have a skin as white as snow, only then can he be called a dreamy fellow!  🙂 🙂 🙂 Metrosexuality obviously existed even in ancient times.

Episode 4

The princess had taken away all the power of management for her manor from Rong Zi. The only thing left for him to manage are the herbs, spices and royal medicine.

Apparently, the boy emperor suffers from bipolar disorder.  Only the smell of a concoction of certain herbs had a calming and soothing effect to the emperor.  The princess found out that Rong Zi had created the scent for her and that is why she can control the emperor.

Episode 5

The princess just found out that she was a twin to the drowned Lui Chu Yu.  Apparently, the previous emperor (their father) forced the queen to get rid of one of the twin sisters because of the astrologer’s pronouncement that one will bring havoc and chaos to the kingdom.

Episode 6

The Queen Dowager had died but she whispered something to the princess before she passed.

The princess heard from the boy emperor the reason why he turned out how he is.  He was treated like an animal by one of the old emperor’s consorts/concubines.  He was tortured for a month while the king was.

As soon as he had grown a little bit, he strangled the concubine/noble lady and then killed his own father.

The princess did feel sympathy for her brother.  She realised how dysfunctional they are.  Brother killing brother, sister killing sister, uncle killing brother, etc to get to the power.

Episode 7

The most beautiful woman of the land offered herself to the princess when she was disguised as a man.  The princess turned down the offer obviously 🙂 but she lost her upper hand over the land-owning luvvies as they thought that  HE (the princess pretending to be a man) was a sorry example of total manhood. 🙂

Episode 8

The Royal astrologer had gone awol and the princess with Rong Zi was looking for him.  They needed him to convince the superstitious boy emperor to tone down his violence.

Episode 9

All of the princess plans are coming to naught.  She has started thinking that there was someone out there who was purposely thwarting her every move.

Of course, it was Rong Zi.  He is a spy.  However, he can’t help falling for the princess.

Episode 10

The princess’ surrogate sister/childhood friend and ladies maid, Fendai, entered the palace as a concubine to the boy emperor.  She plotted to kill him as the princess was unable to carry out their mission to assassinate him.

Unfortunately for Fendai, her plan went awry and got herself killed instead.  The princess was desolate as she had to carry out the final whipping that eventually killed Fendai, who has been like a sister to her.

Episode 11

The boy emperor found out that the princess uses the scented herbs to calm him down and he felt betrayed by the princess.  He told her that she will be under guard from now on.

Episode 12

Rong Zi is very ill so the princess helped him escape the manor to get treatment.

She has the opportunity to kill the boy emperor.  Will she take it? No, she’s grown rather filial to her brother.

Episode 13

The boy emperor is dead and replaced by the pig prince uncle, who was just as nasty.

The princess confessed to Rong Zhi but was turned down. She bravely said that since he doesn’t like her then she would stop liking him as well.

She then said that they will part ways and hope never to meet again.

This was actually a lovely scene.

Episode 14

Rong Zhi had a change of heart.  He wanted the princess after all.  This time he was rebuffed.  The princess intimated that they are like ships in the night; their moment had passed.

Episode 15

Rong Zhi was about to kill the pig prince/emperor when the royal astrologer intervened.  Rong Zhi was further halted by the appearance of the princess taken as a prisoner by Hua Cuo, who was once Rong Zhi friend but now turned foe.

Episode 16

YouLan, the one remaining ladies maid of the princess, betrayed her.

Rong Zhi had plunged to his ‘death’ in a cliff.  But is he really dead? 🙂

It turned out everyone is in love with the princess.  She is Helen of Troy.  She is the face that caused a thousand deaths.  🙂

Rong Zhi is not dead but an insect got to his brain and ate his memory.  LOL

The princess thinking that Rong Zhi was dead was absolutely devastated.  She is now being taken cared of by the Imperial astrologer, who had developed feelings towards her.

Episode 17

Rong Zhi is now back in the Northern Wei and had asked a minister’s daughter to marry him.  But there is another woman on the scene.  A fighting machine called General Hao.  She was also fond of Rong Zhi, She said that Rong Zhi can marry as many women as he likes but he had to promised that he would only stand side by side in the battlefield with her.

Episode 18

Wow! Rong Zhi married both Ma Xueyun and the princess (who has lost her memory) Amnesia is catching!!!

Rong Zhi is now the regent and therefore it was left to him to forge an alliance between the Songs of Tianji Towers and the Weis. So he had to marry the Song Princess. But he had already promised to marry the minister’s daughter, Xueyun.

Rong Zhi spent the first night (wedding night) with Xueyun.

The princess is altogether different from before.  She is more playful and doesn’t give a damn.

The Weis think she is a bit uncouth and therefore they have been teaching her etiquette and manners like in the proper way of drinking tea.

Your hands must not be higher than your nose.

Despite having no memory of each other, Rong Zhi and the Princess have subtle flirting.

Episode 19

Northern Wei does not have money to compensate the citizens suffering from flooding and to pay the soldiers.  It was left to Rong Zhi to think of a plan to pay the soldiers without increasing taxes.

Xueyun and the princess do not get on.  Xueyun plays at being a pure and innocent little beauty but she is bullying the princess in small ways.  Of course, the princess is having none of it. 🙂

Episode 20

The princess has been framed as the one who caused the poisoning of the young 8th prince.  This episode touched on migration and how immigrants are treated. 🙂

Episode 21

The stolen military provisions have been found hidden at the temple.  The Pavillon master was behind the theft.

Xueyun is pregnant but she is really too weak to carry a child.

The episode ended cutely.  Rong Zhi wanted to sleep with the princess.  He meant it literally.  He slept soundly. 🙂

Episode 22

Due to Rong Zhi sleeping at the Regent’s consort (the Princess), Xueyun framed the princess for trying to poison her.  Because of the poisoning, she can’t carry the baby full term.  It was Rong Zhi who spoon-fed Xueyun the abortion soup and in essence, he ‘killed’ his first child.

Episode 23

The highlight of this episode is the sword dance by Rong Zhi.  Gorgeous!!! 🙂

Episode 24

Rong Zhi is very sick, someone tried to poison him.  The assailant runs into the manor of Prince Kang.

Episode 25

Rong Zhi is still very ill and Xueyun had to beg the princess to allow her to look after him.  Rong Zhi, however, is slowly extricating himself away from her.

The love story between Shen Yu, the prince regent’s bodyguard, and Larou, the princess ladies’maid, is slowly unfolding.

The princess has become a patron of an orphanage and she had been pawning her jades to fund her mission.

Episode 26

Rong Zhi is recuperating slowly but strong enough to play budaqiu, a sort of polo without the horse, with a team including the princess.  It was quite an exciting game.  Rong Zhi did a Beckham kick and won the game for the team.

Episode 27

Xueyun arranged for someone to bring a philter scent dish to prevent insect flying around the princess. But the scent is poisonous.  It was lucky Rong Zhi was there to save the day.

Rong Zhi finally realised how far Xueyun can go with her jealousy.

Also, Huo Cao almost got assassinated.  She was stabbed with poisoned blade luckily Guan ho was a doctor and saved her.  He was the masked Pavillon Master and new love interest for Huo Cao.

Rong Zhi is ill again.

Episode 28

Xueyun came in with a bowl of medicine soup.  Rong Zhi found its taste rather weird.  Xueyun then said that it has meat.  Meat from her arms.  yukkkk

While the princess was giving an impassioned speech during a festival to Buddha, the lamps and lanterns burst into flames.

With other issues such as the Songs attacking people from Wei, it was deemed that the princess is working as a spy and was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment,  then beheaded and her blood to be offered to the heavens to appease the Buddha.

Episode 29

The princess has also been blamed for the murder of the high priest.

She is about to be beheaded.

Episode 30

Awww The princess and General Huo had a drunken sisterhood bonding.  It was so cute.  While still inebriated, the princess confessed to Rong Zhi, who gave her a tight hug.

So sweet.

Towards the end of the episode, the princess was abducted by the nephew of the Pavillon master.

Episode 31

Xueyun spread the news that the princess was raped by the abductor.  Rong Zhi was so annoyed, he told her he doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore.

In revenge for the treatment of his daughter, Minister Ma humiliated Rong Zhi during an audience with the emperor.

Episode 32

Rong Zhi and the princess are more understanding towards each other.

Episode 33

Rong Zhi and the princess are back being cold to each other after the Daughter festival.

Episode 34

The princess was suspected, again, as a spy.  Prince Kang found evidence that she was sending information via the floating light during the daughter festival.

Episode 35

The princess was bored so she dragged Qing Yue to the temple festival.  She then instructed Shen Yu to advise Rong Zhi that she has gone missing.   This move actually was a good one as Rong Zhi saved her from a falling structure.

Episode 36

Xueyun consulted a doctor outside the palace because she has now started to spit blood. She doesn’t want the palace to know how gravely ill she was.

She asked Rong Zhi to hug her but he refused.  She was upset and humiliated.

She plotted to kill the princess before she dies.  She took the princess to the tower after giving her, through the leaf cards they were playing a bone-softening powder.

But at the last minute, Xueyun plunged into her own death but making sure that the princess gets the blame for her death.

Episode 37

The princess was arrested and tried.  She was forced to sign a confession after her friend and maid, Qing Yue was tortured by the officials.  She will be executed on the day of the funeral of Xueyun.

Episode 38

The princess is going to be executed and the person tasked to do it was Rong Zhi.

He cut off her chains rather than her throat. Awww

The Imperial astrologer was also present, ready to stop time, so you know that the princess will not die.  (actually, you know she won’t die as there are still the rest of the 56 episodes to go 😉 lol)

A rudimentary forensic procedure was done by the doctor which proved that Xueyun killed herself.

Episode 45

General Hua won in the competition against the princess to become the one true Princess Regent.

Episode 46

Rong Zhi told the princess that he will always protect her.  He then turned down General Huo as his princess regent.  He said that they are so much alike that they would be like two porcupines rubbing against each other.

That is not the end of his women’s trouble.  Upon entering his man cave, another concubine, naked, was waiting for him in his bed.  Apparently, she was a gift from the king!

Episode 47

General Huo resigned from her post but the king won’t accept it.  His ministers concocted some embezzlement to force her to stay.  And more heartbreaking was that her right-hand man, Wang Ze, completely betrayed her saying that she misappropriated a fund of 300,000.

Wang Ze did redeem himself in the end by dying to save her.

This is the best episode yet.  It is reminiscent of Kill Bill.  The fighting scene was amazing.  The lone female general against all the soldiers.

Episode 48

Rong Zhi saved General Huo from a massacre but in the end, they parted ways as frenemies, which saddened them both but can’t be helped.

The new concubine continues to seduce Rong Zhi but he was just not interested.  But she was persistent that Rong Zhi literally throttled her 🙂

Rong Zhi went to the princess for a bit of comfort but she snubbed him dead.  She was still upset when she heard that he was busy in bed with the new concubine.  She did not wait long enough to find that he was indeed busy in bed bundling the concubine to throw her out of his manor. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 49

Guiran, the king’s concubine is not the innocent, warmhearted woman she purported to be.  She has a hidden agenda.  She is mentally influencing the king with his decisions, which are going against their laws and traditions.

The princess has decided to leave the palace by whatever means.

Episode 50

Rong Zhi had gone against the king which led to him being confined to the manor.  He is miserable not because of his confinement but of the princess’s lack of attention and coldness towards him.

The princess asked for the new concubine’s help of getting a drug that would induce deep sleep.

She used this on Rong Zhi as she scaped the palace.

General Huo married Gu Huan.  They live a simple life but she often misses what goes on with the people she knew especially her clan.

Gu huan encouraged her to visit but it all ended up in a chaos of fighting which resulted in her losing her baby.

The episode ended with Rong Zhi having found the princess.  He told her that the Songs married her off to the Weis to unify the clans was all a ruse. And she saw her clan ready to battle the Weis.

Episode 51

This episode is quite an exciting one.

It saw the death of many main characters led by General Huo with Gu huan.  They had a violent but tender 🙂 ‘Romeo & Juliet’ kind of demise.  They died together promising to be together as a married couple through eternity.

The king of Wei is more paranoid than ever.  He wanted Rong Zhi dead.  Instead of feeling indebted to Rong Zhi for saving and protecting Northern Wei, the king is afraid that Rong Zhi is becoming more popular and powerful. The king’s army follows Rong Zhi’s lead.

The Princess returned to Song and was used as a bait to get Rong Zhi to come to Tianji Tower.  Their assassination against Rong Zhi failed.  He rode off with the princess but he got hit by an arrow.

The fighting scenes are well executed.  Exciting to watch.  I have really enjoyed this drama.

Episode 52

Abrupt ending but a happy one.

Rong Zi is living happily with the Princess away from Wei palace.

The Wei king had died and his young son with Guiran is now the young king under the care of the Queen Dowager.




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