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Battle Through The Heaven (Chinese Drama Review)


Battle Through The Heaven (Chinese Drama Review)

Fights Break Sphere poster


  • Wu Leo as Xiao Yan
  • Lin Yun as Xiao Xun Er
  • Baron Chen as Yao Chen
  • Li Qian as Xiao Yi Xian
  • Koo Jason as Hu Jia
  • Wu Jia Cheng as Wu Hao
  • Xiao Zhan as Lin Xiu Ya
  • Pen Chu Yue as Han Xian
  • Su Qing as Yan Yan
  • Chen Emn as Ye Lan
  • Li Zi Feng as Gu Yuan
  • Yan Xi as Xiao Li
  • Xin Zhi Lei as Medusa
  • Guo Zi Yu as Fan Ling

Episode 1

I was so tired last night so I was only half awake watching the first episode of this drama.  I have to admit, though I was really knackered, the drama did keep me awake for most of the time but the subtitle was so fast my befuddled brain was extremely challenged.

Anyway what I can gather from the moving pictures rather than the subtitles, 🙂  Xiao Yan lost his mother when he was nine years old.  His mother was a bit of a warrior renegade.  She had to sacrifice herself and commit seppuku to ensure that her interrogator does not get any information from her.

Xiao Yan saw his mother killing herself and this affected him greatly.

Seven years later, Xiao Yan grew up into a rather skittish young man, who often gets bullied for his weak grasp of martial arts.  No matter how much he practices, he can’t just develop enough stamina that would be comparable to the other students in their dojo.

Even his childhood friend Xiao Xun Er (a girl)  was stronger than him.  This was really upsetting for him as he was once upon a time the star pupil of the dojo.

He was in a doldrums as his father, a known martial artist, refuses to teach him a special lethal move. His father thinks it was not right for him; it was too soon.

Xiao Yan then met a mystic man, Yao Chen, who lives within Xiao Yan’s ring.  Yao Chen knew of Xiao Yan’s mother, whom he respected and cared for.   He started showing Xiao Yan some snazzy martial art’s moves.

(I have to say Baron Chen as Yao Chen with purple-gray long hair is still as gorgeous as back when he was lead in Bromance.)

Meanwhile, at home, Xiao Yan’s father had accepted a marriage alliance for Xiao Yan.

Episode 2

Episode 2 got me totally hooked.

Xiao Yan was jilted.  The Clan Nalan refuses to have a closer relationship through marriage with the Xiao clan as they were deemed not worthy enough. T

he beautiful princess of Nalan was the last hope of her clan, Xiao Yan is not good enough for Yan Ran.  He cannot protect her or their clan, he is not fit to lead the clan Nalan.

The engagement celebration came to an embarrassing bloody fight between Yan Ran and Xiao Yan.  She defeated him easily but Xiao Yan kept at it.  In the end he had to surrender after receiving a serious punch from her.

Yan Ran said in three years time they will fight again and if he wins, then she will be at his service.

Xiao Yan told her that they would certainly meet again in three years but only to right the embarrassment the Xiao family suffered that day.  He does not want a marriage with her.  This rather shook the princess which was noticed by Xuao Yun’er.  She told the princess that she will regret her decision she made today.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yan is desperate to learn the special Qi, level 3, whatever that is?!!!  He went to Yao Chen, who was once her mother’s teacher and mentor.

Yao Chen, who lives in the ring, said that he will start training Xiao Yan only if he could defeat a giant scorpion in a mortal combat.

Though Xiao Yan was badly hurt, he killed the scorpion.

Episode 3

As promised Yao Chen has become his mentor.  He taught him the Fighting Qi but in order to strengthen him he allowed Xioa Yan to undergo the dangerous energy bug to open up his drive and bouyancy (or something like that 🙂  )

It was time for enrollment to different academies.  Yao Chen advised Xiao Yan to ensure to Jia Nan Academy.  Xiao Yan told him that was impossible as he has no background in the martial arts yet.

Yao Chen made him practice the impressive 8 points strike.

During the tournament, Xiao Clan was rather the underdog as they had hardly enough candidates to represent their dojo at least until Xiao Yan put himself forward.

Everyone was surprised as it was widely known that Xiao Yan is a weakling.

But everyone was taken aback when Xiao Yan showed extraordinary improvement in so short a time.  His mastery of the 8-point strike was awesome.

Xiao Yan, Xiao Yun’er and two others from their dojo eventually got to Jia Nan academy.

Xiao Yun’er was curious how he managed to improve so quickly and asked his secret.

Xiao Yan asked for advice with Yao Chen how to reply to Yun’er.  He was told by Yao Chen to tell her the truth.  This is another exciting episode.  It is just getting better and better.  Fingers crossed it continues.

The ending OST was so catchy.  It is by XNine

When are they going to appear in this drama?  Remember the XNine from the Oh My Emperor?!!”

Episode 4

Yes in this episode the XNine finally appeared.  They were also some of the students from all over the world to come to learn and polish their martial arts at Jia Nan Academy, reminiscent of Harry Potter and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The trek to the academy is fraught with danger and failure.  They found out that the trail would involve a test of stamina and ability.  They had to undergo smelting trials involving being ‘tortured’ by the senior of the school.  It was a game of cat and mouse.

Here the four members of XNine banded with Xiao Yan and Xiao Yun’er to get pass the trail.  This episode is fun and pretty exciting.

Episode 5

Almost from the first day of school, Xiao Yan became a victim of the martial arts’s instructor’s. bullying.

Episode 6

The instructor would beat up Xiao Yan and then send him to clean up and polish a room.  This went on until it got worst.  He allowed Xiao Yan to be framed as a thief.

He was about to be expelled when one of the big wigs of the school intervened because he was not convinced that Xiao Yan was indeed a thief.

Due to having fought back, he was put into a detention, a solitary confinement for three days.

During his confinement, he overheard some of the senior students discussing joining the Blood Sect.

When he got out he took Lin Xiu Ya with him to investigate the blood sect secret meeting.  It was led by a man with a hidden face and he was helped by an enormous snake, who bit the faceless man finger for bloodletting to make his new followers drink from it.  At least two of the seniors drunk the blood before Xiao Yan interrupted to proceedings.

He told them that once they drink the blood they would be a slave to the blood sect.

He then runs with Lin Xiu Ya but the snake followed them.  Lin Xiu Ya run but Xiao Yan fought back the snake.  It was a long fight but Xiao Yan used his fire Qi which reduces the snake into a cube.

LinXiu Ya, however, met the faceless man.

Xiao Yan reported his exploit to the school.  No one at first preferred to believe him until he gave them the finger, which was the secret sign of the master of the blood sect.

Apparently, those with the blood bugs from the blood sect would turn into a zombie.

Episode 7

The freshmen are fed up being the victims of harassment from their seniors that they decided to form their own gang which they wanted to originally call Yan Gang after their leader Xiao Yan.

Their instructor adviser thought better of it as Xiao Yan seems to attract trouble, which is contrary to what they were trying to sell to the adviser.

So they had to rename their group as the Flame gang.

Episode 8

The newly established Flame Gang was given their own Practice Room, which was rather derelict.  They need funds to rebuild and decorate.

To make money they decided to manufacture Qi drugs.  Within days they have the funds to decorate but by then they attracted the attention of the Medical Clan who they price cut from the market.

The Flame Gang was duly challenged by the Medical Clan.

The Flame Gang had a great difficulty winning the challenge at first but Xiao Yan can through in the end.

Episode 9

The defeated leader of the Medical Clan was rather vengeful.  He would not let things lie low.  He said that every day a challenge will be issued to the Flame Gang from the Medicine Clan.

During the inauguration of the Flame Gang HQ, the leader of the Medicine Clan gatecrashed the celebration.  They ended up fighting which got found out by the teachers.  This meant Xiao Yan and the leader of the Medicine Clan were confined together.

They had a heart to heart and decided to be brothers in arms.

Episode 10

Xiao Yan’s trouble is not over yet.  He was personally challenged to a duel by the leader of the White Clan, who is a know starfighter.

He did not really want to fight and certainly, his gang begged him not to accept the challenge but he does not any choice as the leader of the gang.  The leader of the White group had told him that if he does not accept the challenge he will force his gang to fight him one by one and he would love.  He taunted Xiao Yan that he would especially enjoy a good fight with  Xun Er.

Xiao Yan prepares for the fight including undergoing some death-defying rituals like being sat on a burning Kiln to burnt off all the impurities in his body.

Finally, he was given the bone spirit ice fire ritual which zapped all his energy and yet he was still determined to fight the White Gang leader.

To begin with, he was beaten up left, right and centre and it seems hopeless.

The even for a fantasy drama, the scene was surreal, he was speaking to his younger self and telling him to love his mother and not let her leave.

Then the most amazing thing.  Rather spectacularly divine, he started to grow huge purple cloud wings.  And then nothing can stop him.  He is unbeatable.

Episode 11

Their first mission as a team was go to the mountains amongst the beast.  There was a truce between the beast kingdom and the human kingdom but each should be wary of each other.

While on their expedition, they were almost assaulted by a purple wing lion with a green hair girl on its back.  The girl is apparently a cannibal.

The students were tasked to go deep into the mountains in groups.  Xiao Yan group encountered a rather ferocious beast giant centipede.

When the centipede was defeated it left a huge chest box from its stomach.  When they opened it, there was a frightened girl inside.

Episode 12

The frightened girl was anything but.  She is a disciple of some sect who forced Xao Yan to accompany her to look for the mountain hidden within a mountain.

The had a bit of a chemistry but they parted ways but the girl said she’ll look for him when she comes out of the mountain.

Episode 13

Xiao Yan had a confrontational fight with his uncle, who killed the master, which Xiao Yan’s mother was blamed of.

Xiao Yan ended up falling in a ravine and meeting the green hair woman and the lion.

Things are getting complicated for Xiao Yan.  He may be creating a harem of his own as he inadvertently promised the green haired girl/poison girl marriage.  Now Nalan Yanran is also showing concern for him.  But his heart is really with Xun Er











Martial Universe (Chinese Drama Review)

Martial Universe (Chinese Drama Review)

Martial Universe poster

  • Genre: Martial Arts, Historical, Fantasy, Romance
  • Origin: based on a novel called Wu Dong Qian Kun by Tiancai Dudou.
  • Date Released: 2 August 2018
  • CDrama: 40 episodes (Season 1) & 20 episodes (Season 2)


    • Yang Yang as Lin Dong
    • Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
    • Wang Likun as Ling ZhingQu
  • Wu Chun as Lin Langtian


Episode 1

When the universe was begun, there was a dimensional gate separating the mortal realm from the alternate dominion.

Over time the dimension gate was opened up allowing the demonic creatures called yimo from the alternate realm to invade the mortal realm.

There was a guardian to the mortal realm and he was the Emblem Ancestor.  He used all his power the aid of the Ancestral Emblem to seal off the demonic yimos.  And to close off the dimensional gate, the price was his death.

As years passed by the demonic force of yimos was gathering strength once again.  They have been searching for the mythical ancestral emblem to unseal the dimension gate once again.

The Yuan Gate’s Three Mentors had a committee meeting with the agenda of finding the reincarnation of the Emblem Ancestor and also to find the Ancestral emblem.

While this was going on,  Lin Dong was entertaining a gambling crowd with his gladiatorial prowess.  He needed to earn money to buy medicine for his ailing father, who’s a martial art expert.

Lin Dong defeated a 20 stone man, who was dragged into the spoliarium.  This gave him confidence and accepted another challenge which would yield him four times the prize.

But his next opponent which really scared him was a ferocious looking Fire Phyton Tiger.  Despite all the odds, he was victorious.

He went home happy but shunned by his Lin clan.

As you can see, I stopped watching this long drama almost from the start.  Don’t get me wrong it was a pretty exciting first episode but it was the small details that really grabs you.   When I saw gorgeous Yang Yang wearing brand new boots as if he just came out of Primark and he was so squeakily clean, this was after he had been fighting to the death and had been traveling back home mostly on foot, I thought the drama was more of a skit as attention to details was minimal.

I supposed when all the historical dramas have dried out a bit, I shall go back watching Martial Universe only for gorgeous Yang Yang.




Ashes of Love (Chinese Drama Review)


Ashes of Love (Chinese Drama Review)

Ashes of Love poster

  • Genre: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy
  • AKA: Heavy Sweetness, Ask-like Frost, a novel by Dian Xian
  • Date Released: August 2018
  • CDrama: 60 Episodes


  • Yang Zi as Jin Mi, the Frost Flower Fairy
  • Deng Lun as Xu Feng, the Fire Immortal also the Demon King
  • Luo Yunxi as Run Yo, Crown Prince, Night Immortal and ultimately the Heavenly king
  • Chen Yuqi as Liu Ying, the Demon Princess
  • Wang Yifei as Sui He, Peacock Immortal
  • Zou Tingwei as Xi Yuan, a reaper
  • Zhang Yan Yan as Zi Fen, Flower deity
  • Wang Renjun as Luo Lin, the Water Immortal
  • He Zhonghua as Heavenly Emperor, Song Wei
  • Kathy Chow as Heavenly Empress, Ruler of the Bird tribe
  • Liao Jingfei as Lord Puchu, Jin Mi’s close friend
  • Du Bella as Kuan Lu, soldier girl
  • Qiang Ho, JIn Mi’s assistant


A love that is beyond dominions.

Episode 1

This is a fantasy drama starting with the creation of the universe, where the marriage of ying and yang created the deities, fairies, humans and the presence of good and evil closely residing together side by side.

Zi Fen, of the Flower realm, is shown giving birth to a baby girl while on the other side of the realm, the water immortal, the father of the child is getting married to another woman, the wind immortal.

Zi Fen was weak and absolutely heartbroken by the betrayal of her lover, Luo Lin, the water immortal.  With her dying breath, Zi Fen instructed that her daughter should not be allowed out of the Flower realm.  She then produces a small flower essence globule that she instructed the other deities to feed to her newborn daughter.  The globule will ensure that her daughter will never feel betrayal from love.  The effect of the globule will be the inability for the daughter eventually named Jin Mi, to feel love or express love.

In the heavenly realm, Xu Feng was currently undergoing some sort of regeneration.  His final ascent was sabotaged by a black force from the demon realm.  This resulted in Xu Feng, in the body of a phoenix, to plunge into the flower realm, right next to where Jin Mi was sitting contemplating her current situation.  She has been an elf and had not progressed to being a fairy.  She wanted to get out of the flower realm and see more of the world outside.

Jin Mi saw the bird all charred and burnt but still alive.  She did everything to revive it.  Of course, she succeeded.

Jin Mi had been nurtured without knowing anything about the birds and bees in their euphemism sense. 🙂

When the bird turned into a man, she tried to touch it everywhere.  The scene where she thought that the bird/man needed healing because of his protuberance in his nether regions, Jin Mi thought he had a tumor that needed cauterising. Luckily Phoenix, Xu Feng became compos mentis, otherwise he would have woken a eunuch! 🙂

Episode 2

Jin Mi said to the handsome Xu Feng that since she had saved his life several times, he should return the favour and take her with him when he leaves the flower realm.

He did just that but their return to the Heaven Realm coincided with an attack by the Demon Realm.

Episode 3

Jin Mi is settling in at Xu Feng’s Qi Wu Palace.

Episode 4

Jin Mi met the rather introspective Night Immortal, Run Yo.  And she is proving popular for her artlessness and naivete.

Episode 5

This episode is strange, funny, cute with a glorious fighting scene at the end.

Jin Mi had a first kiss (on the cheek) by a woman who wanted to marry her, not knowing Jin Mi is a woman.  Apparently, she was dressed like a boy, I did not really notice it LOL.

Anyway, Jin Mi is completely clueless about love and relationship so she did not know how to turn down a proposal of marriage.  It was left to Xu Feng to reveal that she is female.

From then on she started dressing in colourful, flowy garments which brought out her beauty and delicateness, which was noticed by everyone including by Xu Feng himself.

The scene where the viewers are allowed to hear what they were each thinking was hilarious.  Xu Feng thought that Jin Mi was really into him, while Jin Mi thought he was a jerk.

One of Jin Mi’s Flower Realm compatriots finally caught up with her and convinced her to go back as the realm was in danger of being broken up.

Jin Mi was all for going back but the Moon Immortal is convincing otherwise.  He told her that Xu Feng had looked after her well and therefore, deserved a proper goodbye from her.

Their toing and froing was interrupted by the arrival of Qiong Qi who was all powerful.  He was about to take Jin Mi when Run Yo appeared.  But Qiong Qi was too strong.  Then came Xu Feng and his mini-army.  Qiong Qi easily fought off the army and even Xu Feng.

Episode 6

Xu Feng is beginning to become rather proprietorial towards Jin Min.  They shared another kiss, which Jin Min thought was a natural act of making Xu Feng take his medication.  Really!

Run Yo explained to Jin Min the nature and types of dreams including wet dreams!  Funny!

Episode 7

Xu Feng and Run Yo with Jin Mi went to the Demon Realm to capture Qiong Qi and find out how he got out from the ancient divine artifact.  There they met the Princess of Biangcheng Palace, who assured them that her family had nothing to do with Qiong Qi’s escape from the ancient divine artifact.

This episode also had many funny moments including Xun Feng’s erotic dream of Jin Min being stolen by the beast dreamer.

Episode 8

Xu Feng, Run Yo, the demon princess, and Jin Mi accomplished their mission of defeating Qiong Qi with great difficulty.  Qiong Qi can turn into a ferocious dragon at will.  They return him back into the ancient divine artifact.

While Jin Mi was alone with the artifact, she had a psychological moment with it.  She heard the voice of her dead best friend Rou Rou asking to be let out.  Of course, Jin Mi had to open the artifact and out a weaker Qiong Qi.  Luckily Xu Feng was just returning and quickly perform a damage limitation.  Once again Qiong Qi was back in his bottle after he managed to almost fatally wound Xu Feng.

The only thing that could cure Xu Feng was a night rattan flower which only grows at the Flower Realm.  Jin Mi was forced to return to the realm and begged the flower deity to give her some night rattan.

The flower deity was not sympathetic and grounded Jin Mi for having run away.  But Jin Mi can’t be thwarted, she tried to grow the flower herself.

After numerous attempts, she managed to grow the plant and had Xu Feng healed.

Episode 9

Xu Feng was heartbroken.  Despite telling the flower deities of his clear intention and that he had fallen for Jin Mi, he was turned away.

Jin Mi herself was very sad because she was so looking forward to receiving the 1000 years of magical prowess as a reward from Xu Feng.

Xu Feng later had a much bigger problem with his feelings for Jin Mi.  He ‘found’ out that they can’t morally be together as they could have the same father, the emperor.

This was not the case really as the water immortal is Jin Mi’s father.

Episode 10

Kuan Lu was being recruited by the Heavenly Empress to spy on Run Yo but it seems Kuan Lu is loyal to Run Yo.

Run Yo, being the first born is really next in line to the throne but the Heavenly Empress is doing everything for Xu Feng, who is her son/nephew, to become the crown prince.

Run Yo is also attracted to JIn Mi but also aware that he is already betrothed to yet to be conceived daughter of the water immortal and his wife, who had been trying for a baby for 4000 years. LOL  Run Yo is clueless that Jin Mi is the firstborn of the water immortal.  Jin Mi doesn’t know either that she was the daughter of the Imperial flower deity and the water immortal.

Run Yo came looking for jin Mi at the flower realm.  After having cute meteor garden moment Run Yo helped Jin Mi to escape her confinement at the Water Mirror at the Flower realm and took her to his Xuan Ji Palace.

Episode 11

To hide Jin Mi from the deities of the Flower Realm, Run Yo brought her to the human realm.

Jin Mi had a lot of adventure in the human realm when she happened to meet the wickedly naughty Lord Puchu, her friend.

Jin Mi is once again dressed as a boy and Lord Puchu taught her boy’s pursuits, how to have fun.

Apparently, it is doing all the four activities involving eating, drinking, playing and enjoying.

They had a lot to eat and drink, they went to a gambling den, where Jin Mi showed her prowess at Mahjong.   She was so good because she had been unknowingly cheating by using her magic.

The gambling den owner had to throw them out in the end.

Finally, Lord Puchu brought her to a brothel for enjoying.  Again Jin Mi was popular with the girls.  But finally, Jin Mi had had enough and run off much to the hilarity of Lord Puchu and reminded her again about the four pursuits.  He then brought her to another brothel/theatre with ladyboys as the attraction.  LOL

Jin Mi was intrigued.  She was just inspecting a server when Xu Feng suddenly appeared and then Run Yo also was there.

Xu Feng and Run Yo got drunk.

Xu Feng in an alcoholic haze almost kissed Jin Mi, who was not averse to a bit of ‘cultivation’.  Xu Feng pulled back at the last minute.  He told her that what she feels for him is mutual but the heavens will punish them if they progress their relationship.  Jin Mi does not really understand what he was talking about and promptly went to sleep.

Episode 12

It is the birthday of the Heavenly Empress. Everyone from the six realms was invited except those from the Flower Realm.

Jin Mi feeling alone and lonely, wished she has someone to distract her from her tedium.  Suddenly Lord Puchu materialised.  He said that her wishing and sighing brought him in.  He was on his way to heaven for the Empress celebration.  He invited her to go with him.  At first Jin Mi was not keen but the promise of the hundred of years peaches, which enhances magical powers convinced her to go.

During the start of celebrations, a parade of beautiful immortals was on show.  Lord Puchu started to evaluate the beauties according to his little ‘black book’, the Valuation manual of beauties.

He mentioned that all the beauties on show were nothing compared to Zi Fen.  She was the ‘it’ girl of her time, a true beauty.

The water immortal and wind immortal also attended the celebration.  Jin Mi mentioned that she feels calm looking at Water Immortal.  Puchu mentioned that she’s got a great taste as the Water Immortal was one of the most handsome men of his time.

Though Puchu seemed to care for Jin Mi a lot, he has his own hidden agenda.  He connived with the Rat Immortal to make Jin Mi the centre of attention.

Both the Water Immortal and the Emperor noticed her similarities to Zi Fen, which only annoyed the Empress.

She ordered that Jin Mi be put to death.  Immediately Xu Feng followed by Run Yo went on their knees and beg the empress to change her decision.  They would take the punishment for Jin MI.

As the atmosphere is getting heated, Puchu flew Jin Mi out of the heaven, closely followed by the immortal guards, Xu Feng and Run Yo.

Jin Mi and Puchu ended up being confronted by the Flower deities and then appeared both Xu Feng and Run Yo.  When the flower deities asked Run Yo his intention on Jin Mi, Xu Feng revealed that he knew that there can never be any ‘cultivation’ between any of them as Xu Feng, Run Yo, and Jin Mi are siblings with different mothers.

I am absolutely loving this drama, though I heard it will get darker and with a possible unhappy ending.

Episode 13

The Heavenly Emperor was so taken with Jin Mi as she reminded him so much of his greatest love, Zi Fen, that he can’t help but visit Jin Mi in her dream/mirage.  There he told Jin Mi about his love of Zi Fen and how devastated he was when she passed.

Jin Mi, the ever self-serving elf, asked the emperor to give her mystical prowess, to which the emperor obliged easily.  She got an enormous 5,000 years of a superpower.  LOL  He did make her promised not to get into a relationship with either Xu Feng or Run Yo.

The emperor was not the only one to visit her.  The Water Immortal also came by.  He began to wonder whether she was his daughter as she seemed very confident with water.  She showed him her prowess of making it rain, instead of rain she produced frost.

The superpower she got from the emperor was too much for her body which made her ill.  The Water Immortal stayed and nursed her back to health.

When Jin Mi was awake, he and the flower deities told her about her background.  Her mother was Zi Fen and her father was indeed the Water Immortal.

Episode 14

This episode is about the love triangle between the heavenly Emperor, Zi Fen, and Water Immortal.

Before he became a Heavenly Emperor, he was actually the second son, not the crown prince.  At this time he was in a loving relationship with Zi Fen, the flower deity, who he first saw gliding gracefully on a bed of lotus flowers.

But he was ambitious and wanted the throne so much that he did everything he possibly could including marrying the princess of the powerful and influential Bird Realm.

He thought that he could continue his relationship with Zi Fen after his marriage and would eventually make her his official concubine.

Zi Fen, however, was not interested in married men and at the same time, she had met an even better looking man, the water immortal.

Zi Fen’s relationship with the Water Immortal was so intense that before you know it they were sleeping together.

The emperor heard about Zi Fen and the Water Immortal.  He went to Zi Fen and had his way with her, violating her, not knowing that she was already pregnant with the Water Immortal’s baby.

The emperor then abducted and imprisoned her in his palace.

To make ensure that the relationship between Zi Fen and Water Immortal is over, he decreed that Water Immortal marries the Wind Immortal, who was Zi Fen’s best friend.

The WI categorically declined the emperor’s decree and hurriedly left.

What just happened was witnessed by Zi Fen.

She was found by the jealous Heavenly Empress in the palace.  Knowing that Zi Fen is the emperor’s true love, she pushed Zi Fen to the brink until she fell into the abyss and ended up broken in the Flower Realm.

Zi Fen knew that she does not have much time to live,

The Water Immortal came to see her to ask her to marry him.

Zi Fen, feeling very ashamed of having been abused by the emperor lied to Water Immortal that she never loved him and that she had only ever loved the emperor.

The Water Immortal was so upset so ended up marrying the Wind Immortal, not knowing that Zi Fen had given birth and died at the same time as his wedding.

Episode 15

Xu Feng is really upset when the engagement between Jun Mi and Run Ho was acknowledged.  He engineered that Jun Mi should return to Xu Feng the very rare Phoenix hairpin back.  Xu Feng told Jun Mi that whatever he gave away, he doesn’t want them back.  But if Jun Mi would insist on returning the hairpin, then he would like everything he lost to her be returned at that instant as well (meaning his heart) but clueless JinMi thought he was talking about the 500 years superpower he gave her and she was reluctant to give it back so she snatch back the hairpin and said that she won’t give back anything he gave her.  So cute.

Episode 16

Lord Puchu visited Jin Mi but was confronted by XuFeng.  They ended up having a mega fight until Lord Puchu was almost defeated by the Rat Immortal came to his rescue.

The Rat Immortal ended up being killed by the emperor despite raising a pertinent question regarding the Heavenly empress abuse of power.  Jin Mi was rather upset that Lord Puchu ended up fighting the two brothers.

Episode 17

The Water Immortal wanted to be near his daughter to make up for lost time.  He, therefore, moved in with his wife, the wind immortal to the Flora real.

I was really surprised when the wind immortal started singing to Jin Mi  It was caterwauling. 🙁

“Difficulty is the nurse of greatness”
-Water Immortal

Episode 18

Jin Mi was officially introduced to the king and the court as the long-lost daughter of the Water Immortal and the Flora Immortal.

During the ceremony, the King proposed that Jin Mi is made as the new Flora Immortal.  But the proposal was opposed by various deities saying that Jin Mi was just a fairy with insufficient magical power.

It was proposed that she needs to do an on-the-job-training in the human realm.

Jin Mi was quite happy to go to earth was looking forward to tasting some roast donkey.

Someone that is not happy was Xu Feng.  Without a second thought, he jumped into the void to follow Jin Mi on Earth.

Sui He quickly jumped in as well to follow Xu Feng.


Episode 19

On Earth, a baby Jin Mi was found my a nun and was brought up as a nun, who will ultimately become a saintess.

On Earth, Xu Feng was born to become King Yi.

He was going hunting with a few of his soldier when they were attacked by a band of renegades.  He was near death when Jin Mi found him.

She took him to a cottage in the mountain to tend to him.

Xu Feng/King Yi started to get better but lost his voice and his hearing.

At first King Yi is suspicious of Jin Mi, who thought he was some kind of a bandit.

Episode 20

King Yi and Jin Mi are beginning to be more comfortable with each other.

While Jin Mi is away, Kuan Lu is trying to seduce Run Yo.  But he remains faithful to Jin MI.

Episode 21

While foraging for herbs, King Yi and Jin Mi spied some soldiers.  King Yi grabbed Jin Mi to lie flat on the ground.

Finally, King Yi is fully recovered after a month’s rest in the mountain.

While JIn Mi was sleeping, he crept out of the cottage and left.

Episode 22

Jin Mi and her assistant were in trouble with the mother superior (head nun) for using the snow ginseng, which was so rare and had been set aside for the King’s use.

Her being told off was interrupted by a messenger that King Yi had requested the presence of the Holy Saintess(Jin Mi) in the palace.

Jin Mi and her assistant got curious about the King.  Her assistant heard that he was very handsome and girls love him but he doesn’t have any concubine.

Jin Mi said that perhaps he has some male illness perhaps impotence.

Jin Mi then was summoned to the King’s manor.

Deng Lun was so adorable as King Yi.  Jin Mi was extremely surprised to find out that the “crow’, the bandit she cared to good health is none other than King YI.


Episode 23

King Yi has turned into a hypochondriac.  He sends for Jin Mi every day for a different illness until he was told that Jin Mi was ill with a cold.

He went to Jin Mi and was determined to look after her.  This tender moment was witnessed by Run Yo true astral projection.

Jin Mi finally diagnosed King Yi’s illness for him.  She told him that he is suffering from lovesickness.  Awww.

The king was not annoyed, he told Jin Mi that the lantern festival was happening soon, he then asked her what lantern she wanted.

She said the Phoenix.

JIm MI almost got killed by the demon reaper but Run Yo materialised just in time to save her.  He then gave her a dragon scale, containing a dragon summoning spell.

Episode 24

Jin Mi diagnosed Xu Feng that he was suffering from erectile dysfunction.  They did then have a flirty exchange about Jin Mi should take responsibility for ruining the prince’s reputation as no one else might want to marry him if he can’t perform.

Deng Lun has the most captivating smile.  Really wicked and sexy.

Episode 25

King Yi asked Jin Mi if she wanted to change her life, like becoming Queen Yi perhaps?  Jin Mi was absolutely flabbergasted.  She was reminded by her assistant that they had have made a vow of chastity.

Episode 26 -28

It the lantern festival.  King Yi invited Jin Mi to make the phoenix lanterns with him.  She was clumsy but the king seemed rather good at it.

I love it when the king asked Jin Mi if he can keep the lantern that they made together, Jin Mi answered with an alacrity that he was welcome to have it.  We can then hear Jin Mi’s thought “Why would I want to keep it, it is such an ugly thing.”

The King then took Jin Mi to his courtyard to see lit phoenix lanterns that he made himself.

He was just about to confess to Jin Mi but left hurriedly.

Episode 29 – 30

Run Yu went to see his birth mother in Lake Li.  She used to be the Princess of Dragonfish. His birth mother was an ex of the Heavenly Emperor.

He seduced her because of her slight resemblance to the Flora Immortal.

Run Yu had a very unhappy childhood.  He was bullied a lot because a pair of horns grew in his forehead is a dragon child by the emperor.

The onslaught of bullying upset his mother and thought that it would make the heavenly emperor and empress to find out about Lin Er/Run Yu that she cut off his horns.

But as fast as his horns are cut off his horns and dragon scales grew quickly as well.

The Empress found out about Lin Er/Run Yu and took upon herself to fetch him from the bottom of the lake and bring him to the high heavens but ensured the Lake Li falls into ruin and the beautiful Princess of Dragonfish was killed.

The Princess though lived but disfigured.  She was helped by the water immortal to relocate to Yun Meng Marsh.

Episode 31

Jin Mi was a bit forward.  She kissed King Yi several times.  But it seems she is not, well as she has been coughing up blood.  Oh good one Jin Mi, you just gave King Yi tuberculosis.  LOL

The Empress found out about Run Yu’s constant trek to the Marsh. She quickly found the Dragonfish princess, who she killed in front of Run Yu.

Run Yu turned into one powerful sexy vengeful son and stopped the empress on her track.

Episode 32-33

Princess Sui He killed her father Prince Nailang, who was to ambush King Yi.

Sui He then said to King Yi and as she is all alone in the world, he had to protect her, marry her.

King Yi Told her that he will laways protect her but he can never marry her.

He then went to Jing Mi to ask her to marry him.

Jing Mi finally agreed and said that would he want to see her face first as she is really ugly.

King Yi said that he would rather leave it to see her face on their wedding night and he could then be his ugly wife, who he will never leave.

She then send King Yi into another of his skirmishes.

Jin Mi was gravely ill.  And the Mu Ci is trying to fast forward her death.  She was saved by Qiong Ho, who was really her best friend Rou Rou.

The Demon princess has been protecting Jin Mi and warned Mu Ci if he touches Jin Mi again then they are mortal enemy.

Poor King Yi came back from battle to the dead body of Jin Mi who eventually died from coughing out blood due to poison and over-medicating, just right after Rou Rou’s death from saving Jing Mi from an arrow by Mu Ci.

Episode 34

King Yi loved Jing Mi so much he married her posthumously.  They were dressed in their red silk wedding garb and carried her in his arm and went to the family catacomb and drunk poisoned wine to be with her even in death.

Really very Romeo and Juliet!

They are safely back at Heavenly Realm.

30 October 2018

Makers of Ashes of Love had confirmed that they will be shooting Season 2 of Ashes of Love.

However, there is a big BUT!  Season 2 will have a new recast as it will centre on the children from the characters in the original season.

Episode 35

Jing Mi confessed to her father that she wanted to break off her engagement with Run Yu.

Episode 36

Jing Mi had a date with Xu Feng.  It ended up them sleeping together.

Once again Jing Mi tried to tell her father that she wanted to break her engagement but her father told her that what she felt of King YI as Xu Feng in the mortal world is different from what the situation is in the heavenly realm.

The water immortal was thinking that the King did love Jing Mi’s mother very much but in the end he married someone else.

Episode 37



Long For You (Chinese Drama Review)


Long For You (Chinese Drama Review)

Long for you poster

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy
  • Date Released: February 2017
  • CDrama: 20 episodes


  • Song Wei Long as Gu Shi Yi
  • Zhou Yu Tong as Xue Ji
  • Wang Riley as Li Zhe
  • Wang Xu Dong as  Shun Shan
  • Gao Xi Er as Jiang Huai
  • Zhang Nan as Lin Bei La
  • Zhao Yao Ke as Lisa



It is about an immortal looking for the boy/man of her dreams.

I have to admit that I am watching this drama because of Song Wei long.  But having just seen the first couple of episodes, I like the lead girl immediately.  She is strong and feisty and pretty.

Episode 1

The story started in France.

A billionaire who has a harem of wives dies leaving the bulk of his fortune to his daughter who had been banished in a remote island.

This legacy became a contention among the family especially to the current young wife who expected to get everything.

This young wife has a French lover.  Between them they arranged the murder of the daughter.

Episode 2

The assailants shoot the girl pointblank in the chest.  They took photo of her dying and sent it to the young wife.

The daughter had previously engaged the butler of her father.  He became very anxious when the girl did not come home.

He suspected foul play immediately as the signing of documents was about to happen.

Back in the forest, the dead girl started to come alive.  She found her mobile phone and called the butler to pick her up.

The butler was half aware of the secret as he was the father’s most trusted personnel. 🙂

The girl is actully badass.

She called the young wife for a talk.  Over dinner, she had it confirmed that her ‘death’ was the young wife’s machination.

With a gun, the daughter played Russian roulette with the frightened wife.  The girl made her promised not to do it again, not to touch her, come near her in the future.

Listening to this was the adopted son, Li Zhe.

Episode 3

Li Zhe interrogated Xue Ji who she was. She told him that she’s looking for a man in her dreams.  He said that could it be him the man she dreams?

He told her that he doesn’t want the money from the inheritance.  He wanted her to be safe.

Xue Ji has gone back to China and promptly drove a Lamborghini which Gu Shi Yi with his friend, Jiang Huai had crashed into.

Gu Shi Yi is a newbie driver without insurance and together with Jiang Huai are just students.  They begged Xue Ji to give them a discount with the repair of the car.

Xue Jin contacted Jiang Huai with the amount of the repair which was 200,000 Yuan, more than she and Gu Shi Yan can afford to pay.

Xue Jin proposed that Jiang Huai becomes her butler for a year to pay off the money.  Jiang can’t really refuse and in a way, it was a blessing as she needed to look for a cheaper place to stay at.  Xue Jin told her that they knew each other from a long time ago.  Their mothers were friends.

Gu Shi Yi was rather skeptical and he said that he was the one who crashed the car and therefore he should pay.

Song Wei Long looked so young.

Episode 4

Gu Shi Yi is a budding pop star and had just been recently signed it by an agency and one of the rules was not to have a girlfriend.

Gu Shi Yi met up with Xue Jin and Jiang Huai.  He later gave Xue Jin a lift to her place.  In the car, Xue Jin said that they are fated which surprised Gu Shi Yi.  Xue Jin then asked him if he doesn’t dream about her.  If he doesn’t then he was not the man she was looking for.

Li Zhe has gone back to China himself as well and went to see Gu Shi Yi.  Again he asked her whether he was the man of her dreams.  When she told him that she already found the man, he became very sad.

Xue Jin moved in Jiang Huai but they ended up moving in with Gu Shi Yi because Jiang Huai has only a week to stay at her place.

Episode 5

The progress was very quick.  Gu Shi Yi ashed Xue Jin why not become his girlfriend.  He also a bit perturbed that she likes the man in her dreams who looks like him rather than him now.

Xue Jin is popular with the housemates because she buys them loads of presents.

Li Zhe came to visit her in the house and was jealous so he ended up staying the night and slept with Gu Shi Yin on the floor and woke in each other’s arms.  So cute.

Episode 6

Gu Shi Yi dreamt that was in ancient China and being married to Xue Jin.  But it looked like he was very emotional, shedding a few tears.

He told Xue Jin of having dreamt about her but he said probably it was because she was stressing him too much talking about dreams.

Xue Jin and Jang Huai moved into the mansion.  To create a reason to visit the girls or rather Xue Jin, Gu Shi Yi put his phone charger into Jiang Huai’s bag.

He then later went to collect the charger but had a lovely cute moment with Xue Jin, carrying her to her upstairs to her bedroom while she slept in his arms.

Jang Huai asked Xue Jin if her mother can stay with them for one night.

Episode 7

Xue Jin’s brother died in an accident,so she had to go back to France.

Gu Shi Yi called her to commiserate with her but she said that she was not sad.  Gu Shi Yi ended up saying that if something happens to him she will be far from being sad and then he hang up.

A new girl, Chairman Lin appeared in the agency.

Episode 8

Xue Jin has come back from France.

An elderly woman also came back from France.  She has been tracking Xue Jin.

Episode 9

Gu Shi Yi had another instalment of dreams.  It was on his wedding night with Xue Jin 1000 years ago.  They were about to consummate their marriage when from under a pillow Gu Shi Yi pulled a knife and stabbed Xue Jin.

The elderly woman was dying of cancer and for some reason, she had Jiang Huai abducted in order to force Xue Jin to meet with her.

Gu Shi Yi is being stalked by President Lin, who appears to be another immortal as she killed Li Zhe’s mother when he was still very young.

Episode 10

Jiang Huai’s mother approached her again because she needed money as their investment including their house have been lost.  She wanted Jiang Huai to borrow money from Xue Jin.

The Elderly Lady appeared and said that she will pay all the money her mother had lost as long as Jiang Huai’s convinces Xue Jin to donate blood to her.

Episode 11

Xue Jin promised Jiang Huai that she can have anything she wishes for her birthday.

It was her 21st and she wishes that Xue Jin donate blood to the Elderly Lady.


Sweet Combat (Chinese Drama Review)

Sweet Combat poster


Sweet Combat (Chinese Drama Review)

  • Genre: Youth, Romance, Sport, School
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • CDrama: 38 Episodes


  • Guan Xiaotong as Fang Yu
  • Lu Han as Ming Tian
  • Shao Ivy as Song Xiao Mi
  • Pei Zitian as Sun Hao
  • Li Mengmeng as Cheng Yanan
  • Zhao Yue as Luo Guan Yuan
  • Ding Cheng Xin as Fang Zhou

This drama stars real life sweethearts Guan Xiaotong and Lu Han.  It is a poor boy meets rich girl kind of thing and they kick and box into a romance. 🙂

Episode 1

Ming Tian did not finish high school because he was left to take care of his two young siblings, who are twins, when his mother up and left because she got fed up with her husband, three years ago.

The husband ended up dead after a while, therefore a teenage Ming Tian had to shoulder the burden of looking after his two young siblings by eking out a living any which way he can.

While on a work errand, he came across a rather arrogant girl, who thought that money is enough to solve everything.  This girl was Fang Yu.

Ming Tian really wanted to go to college and as luck would have it he was accepted into sports university in the Shenzhen City in the Guandong Province of China.

His little family left Macau to be able for him to  enrol at Zhengze University where coincidentally is where Fang Yu is the queen.

The university used to be an all girl school but the director and headmaster were rather sexist.  There were not contented with the trophies and awards won by their excellent sportswomen nurtured by their school.  They reckoned that girls/women’s career in sport are rather fleeting.  They have romance and get married and move on.  They wanted men that would make sport their lifetime career.

For the first time the school offered 10 lucky male students places in the college.  Only one took the place and it was Ming Tian.

Ming Tian was rather self-conscious being the only boy in the school especially when he found out that the school is not really ready for boys in terms of amenities, like boy’s toilet, locker room, etc.

Ming Tian being tall and good-looking became a prize for the girls to fight over.

While escaping from all the girls, he bumped into Fang Yu,who accidentally scratched his arm with her backpack.

Instead of apologising to him, she gave him a wad of cash, which infuriated Ming Tian.   He ended up calling her a monster.

Unbeknown to Ming Tian, the word has a deeper psychological meaning to Fang Yu.

She was six years old before she found out she was a girl.

Being the heir of a conglomerate, when she was  born, her authoritarian grandfather had told her parents that she was to be brought up as a boy, dressed up as a boy.  Even in her primary school she was believed to be a boy.

But her parents had another baby and this time it was a boy.

Suddenly Fang Yu is unceremoniously treated as a girl again.  This did not only confuse the young Fang Yu but also her young classmates, who bullied her and called her monster.

Episode 2

Ming Tian cannot bear to be at the same school as the Queen so he applied for a transfer.  But it was proving impossible to get out of the school, which is determined to hold on to the first boy in their enrolment at all cost.

Ming Tian was working for KFC as a delivery boy.  He has a record to keep of being able to deliver at the shortest possible time.

But during one of his deliveries, he came to the rescue of a young boy being bullied by hooligans.  They then turned on him and brought him to playing field to beat him senseless.

Luckily the three friends, the Queen, Yanan and Xiao Mi were passing through the park and saw what was happening.

Episode 3

The Queen, Fang Yu, finally realised the sad life Ming Tian leads.  He was a poor boy, who needs to work every hour available to be able to bring up his brother and sister and himself.

He thought that if he cannot transfer schools then he would just drop out.  He felt guilty not being able to provide his siblings with better life.

It seems there is a connection between Fang Yu and Ming Tian.  They both love and respect the dead Mr Ji.

Mr Ji was Fang Yu’s uncle.  The only one who understood and supported her transition from a boy to girl in her young mind.

Episode 8

Ming Tian was sent a poisoned cake which his young brother ate and ended up in hospital.  Ming Tian then found out who sent the cake.  It was the bully boy from the rival university to Zhenze.  He went to confront the bully but he ended up almost getting expelled.

Episode 9

This episode is the cutest so far.  Ming Tian and Fang Yu are very tentatively getting closer.

Fang Zhou, Fang Yu’s brother, is the 15 year old CEO of their family business.  He had been trained to take over almost before he could walk.  He is ably assisted by Ming Tian.   Brother and sister have a very filial to one another.

Ming Tian’s problem with the bully has given him the push to seriously learn self defence and he is now being trained by the three lead girls.

Episode 18

Fang Yu and Ming Tian had a really cute ‘date’ at the funfair.  Yanan and Guan Yuan romance is so sweet and romantic but is still yet to end up in misunderstanding as Guan Yuan had been asked by Yanan’s father as one of the three conditions in teaching him the death strike/blow was to date his daughter, Yanan.   The cutest scene so far of the drama was when he told her that she is the apple of his eye.

Episode 19

I have to say the romance between Fang Yu and Ming Tian is very slow boiling.  But at least in this episode, we know that Ming Tian is really into Fang Yu.

Episode 22

Yanan had a confrontation with Luo Guan Yuan about her being just one of the conditions for him to train under her father to learn the death strike.  Yanan broke off from her budding romance with Guan Yuan despite his protestation that he was only humouring her father that he really like her himself.

Episode 23

Yanan, Ming Tian,  Xiao Mi and Sun Huo went to Macau to represent their school and to hopefully recruit more students to attend their school.

While in Macau, Ming Tian was surprised with a visit from Fang Yu, who was on her way to Dubai.

Episode 24

Fang Yu’s grandfather found out her detour to Macau and the reason why.  He categorically told her to break any relationship with him as they were not compatible in any way.

Fang Yu rebelled and run away with her personal chef to Yanan’s house.

Her grandfather withdrew her from the university.

Episode 34-37

Fang Yu’s grandfather cannot allow her to end up with a no-hoper, poor boy so he did everything to separate them.

Knowing that Fang Yu’s weakness is her Uncle Ji, her grandfather used him to drive a wedge between Fang Yu and Ming Tian.

He paid Uncle Ji’s widow to lie to Fang Yu about the circumstances of her husband’s death.  She made it sound as if the accidental death from boxing was premeditated.  She said that Ming Tian’s Dad was a dirty fighter, who hired people to rough up Uncle Ji before the fight.  Then he used the death strike to finish off Uncle Ji.

Fang Yu was so upset and cannot get over the fact.  It seems she loves Uncle Ji more than she cares for Ming Tian.

Ming Tian himself was heartbroken.  His beloved father, he thought, was just a fake.

In the end Fang Yu succumbed to her grandfather’s wishes for her to break up with Ming Tian and study abroad.

A year had passed….

The case of Mr Ji is not an isolated one.  Mr Car also died from boxing but the insurance company found out that it was a fraud.  Mr Car had a brain complication before the fight which he did not declare when he took out an insurance.

This case made Xiao Mi remember that she actually overhead a conversation between Mrs Car’s wife with another woman, who mentioned her husband had the same illness before he had a fight.  He knew he was likely to die but he decided that the insurance money would support his wife and daughter.  This was Uncle JI.

In the end everything was revealed.

Fang Yu came back from studying abroad.  Though she misses Ming Tian, she refused his offer of starting over.  He accepted his decision afterall he really have nothing to offer her.

But Fang Yu’s brother had other ideas.  He persuaded Ming Tian to go look for Fang Yu before it was too late.

They met up by the fountain in Macau and reconciled.

The End….

I have to say that this drama is rather lackluster despite having superstar leads in Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong. Though they are in a relationship in real life, they did not have that sizzling chemistry in this drama.  It was so sedated, they may as well be brother and sister.

The story/script is all over the place.  The story is repetitive.

How many times do we need to see the leads and they friends washing cars?

How many times do we need Luhan dressed in a rabbit suit giving away flyers?

The romance between Fang Yu and Ming Tian was slow boiling, it was almost already on two-digits episodes before that got together.

The saving grace though was the clothes worn by Guan Xiaotong.  She looked lovely in all of them.  And Lu han is of course an absolute eye-candy.



Legend of Yun Xi (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Legend of Yun Xi poster


Chinese Drama 2018


  • Ju Jing Yi as Han Yun Xi
  • Zhang Zhe Han as Long Fei Ye
  • Yalkun Merxat as Gu Xi Xhao
  • Lin Si Yi as Ouyang Ning Jing
  • Wang Youshou as Tang Li
  • Li Rui Chao as Gu Bei Yue
  • Xu Jia Qi as Chu Ching Ge
  • Zhao Yi Xin as Chu Xi Feng
  • Lu Xing Yu as Han Cong’an
  • Hu Bing as Tian Hui Di
  • Shao Xuecong as Baili Mingxiang
  • Li Yaoquan as Poison Master


Legend of Yun Xi (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Episode 1- 8

Han Yun Xi is a very talented doctor. She is very skilled in Chinese medicine.

She inherited this aptitude from her father, who is an imperial doctor.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi does not have a loving relationship with her father.

After her mother’s gone her father remarried and had another daughter with his new wife.

The father ignored her most of her life and allowed his new family to maltreat her.

He was embarrassed by Yun Xi because she grew up with an unsightly facial skin disease.  It became well-known in the land that the imperial doctor’s first daughter was ugly with a sore/boil on her face.

Despite her facial affliction, Yun Xi is a feisty, cheerful and a go-getter kind of girl.

When her step-sister fights with her, she fights back.  She was no downtrodden Cinderella.  She blamed her father for her situation with his new family for not doing anything to prevent their cruelty towards her.

Anyway, during that time, the land was divided into three kingdoms:  Tian Ning, Western Zhou, and Northern Li.

Yun Xi and her family are from the Tian Ning kingdom.

The emperor of Tian Ning is very cunning and crafty.    He noted that Long Fei Ye, Duke of Qin, was doing very well with the military.  FeiYe’s popularity is growing.

Instead of rewarding Fei Ye for his bravery and being an excellent general, the emperor deviously devised a way to pull Fei Ye down a peg or two.  He decreed that Feiye should get married and to add insult to injury the emperor chose a wife for him as well.  He decreed that the new Duchess of Qin will be the infamous ‘ugly’ daughter of the imperial doctor.

Yun Xi is not really ugly.  She just had a minor skin blemish that can be easily overlooked.  (But then again, during those times, the Royals were expected to have perfect skin with no visible scars)  And this was the case when she came upon  Gu QiShao while she was foraging for medicinal herbs in the mountains.  He noticed her skin but he did not find it abhorrent.  What he saw was a girl with a lovely personality.  He quite like her.

Anyway, Yun Xi was informed that she will be married to the Duke.  Her father told her that she did not have to.  He can refuse the order.

To his surprise, Yun Xi was all for it.  He continuously begged his daughter not to go through with the wedding.

Yun Xi told her father that she can’t live another minute with him and his new family.  She put up with a lot of things from them and that had to stop.  Marrying the Duke is her way out.

Her father was actually nervous for her but it was just too late for their father-daughter relationship, which had broken down a long time ago. 🙂

On her way to the palace for her wedding, due to stress, she had a nosebleed.  Blood dripped onto her jade bracelet.  The bracelet was magical.

She then had an out of body experience and ended up in another dimension, where there is a library of books encased in bubbles, floating.  The first book was how to cure the carbuncle in her face.

There was also a book, a legendary book written by the Poison Master.  This book shows how poison can be used to cure ailments.

Miraculously she was cured of her skin blemish and was radiant and beautiful when she got to the palace.  But she was told that the Duke was indisposed and she had to return another day.

Yun Xi got out of her jiao (sedan chair) and refused to go saying that her marriage was an edict from the emperor.  They can’t go against his decree.  Whether the Duke is ill or not she’s married to him.

By episode 8, the romance between Yun Xi and the Duke is heating up.

Episode 9-10

The duke knew that Yun Xi had been tasked by the Empress Dowager to spy on him.

Yun Xi doesn’t have much choice because apparently her mother is not dead and the Empress Dowager knows where the mother is.  Yun Xi is desperate to find her mother.

The duke is somewhat reassured that Yun Xi is not seriously spying on him because the missive she sends the Empress D are all made up and innocuous.  It made him giggle reading them.

Episode 11

From Episode 10, the duke caught the courtesan, Yu Ze, who had poisoned soldiers and ministers with fatal bee stings.

They put Yu Ze under heavy guard in a dungeon but she seemed to have been poisoned.

It took Yun Xi to determine what kind of poison she took or given to her.  Apparently it was a very rare rice poison.

BTW Yu Ze works for Gu Xi Xhao, who had been looking for her to rescue.

Episode 12 – 16

I absolutely adore this drama.  It is about 45 minutes each episode but it’s so watchable it feels shorter.

I like the love triangle developing between the Duke, Yun Xi and Xi Xhao.

To add to this love triangle is the Duke’s childhood’s sweetheart, who came to stay at the palace much to the jealousy of Yun Xi, who went to Xi Xhao’s herb mountain for some comfort and friendly relaxation. And to ask for forgiveness for blowing him out of their date.

Poor Xi Xhao waited all day and most of the evening at the noodle shop for her.  He had such cute adorable scenes in the noodle shop.  His character is so good.  One minute a romantic man in love, the next a lethal strategies, and spy.

After months of being married, Yun Xi finally went to visit her family without the Duke.

Her family was excited at first thinking that the Duke would be coming, but started bullying Yun Xi when they found out she was alone.

They were in the middle of being nasty towards Yun Xi when the Duke came riding down.

He told them off severely and would have put them to death (as being disrespectful to elders and those in the royal family is punishable by death) if Yun Xi did not intervene.

Her father tried to make amends with her but so far he was very clumsy and saying all the wrong words.  He said that he was cold and strict with her because this would make his concubine and younger daughter to be less evil towards her.  ehhh?

The Duke noticed the large painting in Yun Xi’s old bedroom.  He was so humbled as he realised that the woman in the portrait was the one who gave her life for him.  She protected him to the end.

The Duke is actually the crown prince of Qin Xi, a fallen dynasty as his family was hunted down and killed.

The Duke promised Yun Xi to build a medical hall for her but since the coming of his beautiful young cousin, Yun Xi felt sidelined.

Yap love this drama.  Can’t wait for the next episode, where naughty Yun Xin offered to cook for Xi Xhao.

Episode 17

The Duke, as promised, is organising the medical hall but Yun Xi was nowhere to be found.  He found out that she was visiting Xi Xhao.

She came back later very drunk.  She then told the young cousin to stay away from the Duke because he was hers.  She then flew into the duke’s arms and told him she wanted to make a baby with him.  So cute.

Yun Xi slept at the Duke’s Manor.  Her maids transferred all their belongings to this manor.  The duke did not complain, so Yun Xi was very happy.

The Princess of Wei, the newest concubine of the king has been poisoned and Yun Xi had been summoned to enter the palace.

Yun Xi was rather upset because she has a date with the Duke to see the Lantern Festival.

Episode 18

The Duke did not show up at the lantern festival where Yun Xi waited for him for a long time.

The Duke seemed to be ailing and in the constant company of his childhood sweetheart.  He also told YunXi to move out of his manor.

The duke seemed to be metamorphosing into something else.  He is the Poison Zombie! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 19

Yun Xi is trying to counter-cure the poisoned blood from Mingxiang being given to the Duke.  But there is more to this as apparently the blood really cures the Duke.

Yun Xi unknowingly became an accomplish to Chu Qingge, the Princess of Wei, who was spying for Gu Xi Xhao.

Gu warned her not to get close to chu Qingge as Yun Xi might get caught up with all the intrigues with the other consorts in the palace.  He really cares for Yun Xi.

Episode 20

Yun Xi is banished into the woodshed because she innocently gave the Duke an antidote for the beauty poison, he was being given by MIngxiang to cure his poison gu which turns him into a poison zombie.  (Seriously, I giggle typing this!)

This was the day that the poison master is transferred to a different location.  The Duke and his men were just in time to hijack the proceeding and kidnap the poison master.

It was not an easy mission and the Duke and his men barely got away with their task.  Excessive martial arts turned the poison gu afflicted Duke into a poison zombie with red eyes and platinum blonde hair, who was all powerful.  Because of the Duke persona as the poison zombie, he defeated the Emperor’s army and got away with the abduction of the poison master.

But after he had calm down and went back to his normal self, he became very week but still had to go back to the palace to pretend that he never left at all.

The emperor learned of the unsuccessful mission he tasked his second son.  He suspected the Duke as the one being behind the abduction of the poison master.  He tested him of his martial art prowess which as nerve-racking as he might turn into a poison zombie once again.

Thankfully it ended well and then he was escorted by Yun Xi back to the manor.

Mingxiang had gone to the Imperial Grand concubine, the adopted mother of the duke, to complain about Yun Xi.  The mother ordered the Yunxi be confined in the woodshed.

Episode 21-22

There is a tantalising clue that the poison master may have a closer tie to Yun Xi as first thought.

Yun Xi noticed that the madman poison master shares the same abhorrence of carrots and parsley.  He may be her real father.

Once again the Duke saved Yun xi from another disastrous event.  Yun Xi was just about to be divorced from the Duke by the Imperial Grand concubine when the duke intervened saying that Yun Xi is a double agent, working for him.

The Duke also got jealous of the close friendship between Yun Xi and Gu Qishao.

To show proprietorial rights over his wife, the duke kissed Yun Xi, which was seen by Gu Qishao.

The Duke told Yun Xi that she is grounded and can’t get out of the manor without his permission.  She has been trying to find an antidote to his affliction of his poison gu, which is apparently incurable but can be controlled.

Episode 23-28

Yunxi has been trying to cure the Poison Master, who has been revealed as her true father.

Yunxi has part succeeded in curing the Poison Master but during a chaos of factions trying to kidnap the Poison Master, Yunxi got caught in the middle of it and suffered from poisoned gas which made her faint. At this point, the Poison Master was abducted by his loyal imperial doctor.

Episode 29

The Princess of Wei secretly poisoned the Crown Prince with the unwitting help of the Emperor.

Despite all the care, potions and investigations by the imperial doctors, it was diagnosed that the poison was new of its kind and there was presently no known cure for it.

The chief imperial doctor was Doctor Han and as a punishment for his inability to cure the crown prince, he was thrown to prison awaiting his punishment of death for his entire family.  Dr Han is Yunxi’s father.

Episode 30

Yunxi stepmother, stepsister, stepbrother, and aunts came to see her begging her to help her father.

Episode 31 – 32

At last Yun Xi relented and she saw how sincere her family was in begging her to help her father by healing the crown prince.

She also found out that Dr Han is not really her father but really loved her but not showed it to prevent his new wife to take her jealousy out of Yun Xi (She did anyway)

With her research and meditation, Yun xi realised that the blood from a poison gu ( a red squirrel) was the ingredients for the medicine to heal the crown prince.

Yunxi also found out that the poison master, who turned the Duke into poison zombie and the one who killed his entire family.

Episode 33

Finally the crown prince was cured and the emperor had to pardon all of Yunxi family.  The doctor had a heart to heart with YunXi telling her how much he loved her mother and also her.  He would always have her in his heart as she was her mother’s daughter. ahhh

YunXi and the Poison Master moved in with Gu Qishao was she cannot really expect the Duke to be friendly with her real father, the poison master.

The Crown Prince was recovered well enough to exact his revenge against his your brother., who disappointed their father and now under house arrest.  He gave his brother a bottle of wine which he poisoned.  He then hangs him to look like his brother committed suicide.

Episode 34

Yunxi arranged to meet the Duke to give him information about spying, etc.  During their meeting Yunxi begged the Duke not to kill her father, to which the Duke said he was her father, so he won’t will him but he will never forgive him.

Gu Qishao finally told Yunxi his family background.  His imperial father is a bit of a henpecked who allowed the Imperial wife to maltreat Gu Qiahao’s mother, who was only a palace made.

She died a pauper, which made Gu Qishao to work hard and be his own man.  He is now the master of Gu Yao Valley where he plays host to Yunxi and her father.

Yunxi and her father hardly had time to sleep or eat as both being to busy to the point of being obsessed in finding the cure of the Duke poison zombie condition.

In the end, Yunxi collapsed.

Episode 35

The cure has been found.  The poison master realised that the blood flowing directly from his heart is the cure.  For his beloved daughter, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save the Duke.

Episode 36

Ming Xiang overheard that the cure was the Poison Master’s blood.  She followed the Poison Master when he went to see the Duke.

Ming Xiang killed the poison master because if he is dead, YungXi had to sacrifice herself for the Duke.  YunXi having the same blood as the Poison Master.

The Duke was next to the body of the Poison Master when YunXi arrived at the scene.  She thought that the Duke was the one who killed her father.

He refused to deny it for the sake of Ming Xiang, who he thinks, he owes a lot.

Yunxi found out that Gu Qishao was a spy from the Northern Li.

Episode 37

A poison plague was killing the people of the Southern Border, even Northen Li was affected.  Yunxi went to help and she caught the plague herself.

Episode 38

Thanks to Gu Qishao, YinXi recovered from the plague.  But she also found out that the Duke had divorced her.

She told the Duke that they should never meet in the future as they don’t have anything to do or owe with each other.

Episode 39

The Crown Prince staged a coup against the Emperor. But then realised that he was a puppet of the Duke of Qin.

Episode 40

The Grand Imperial Consort was kidnapped by the Emperor to use as a bargaining tool with the Duke of Qin.  The Duke of Qin decided to turn back but the Grand Imperial Consort told him to proceed and not to mind about her.  She then jumped off the palace balcony to her death.  The Duke of Qin turned to the Poison Gu due to extreme emotion which zapped his energy and made him incapacitated.

The coup succeeded and the Imperial Dowager, feeling guilty for having killed the real Long Fei Ye and thinking that what was happening was all retribution, poisoned herself.

The Crown Prince was arrested by the guards of the Emperor.  The emperor said that he can’t understand why the crown prince was so unfilial.  The Crown Prince said that the emperor made him that way.  He remembered that he was on death door and the only ones who could help him were Ha Yun Xi and Long Fei Ye but the emperor said people to assassinate them.

The crown prince said that the emperor had to justify why his son had started a coup against the emperor.  The crown prince then poisoned himself, much to the distress of the emperor.

Episode 41

Gu Qishao and Yung Xi are back as friends again.  Love this two together as friends.

Episode 42

Gu Qishao got hurt saving Yung Xi.

Episode 43

Yunxi was abducted by Ming Xiang but in the end, she saved Yunxi from Eunuch Li, the emperor’s man.

Ming Xiang ended up dead but made YunXi promised that she would cure the Duke of his poison Gu.

The cute love story of Tang Li and Nanjing finally happened.  They got married after promising her that she will be the boss in their family.  Whatever she says go. 🙂

YunXi and the duke reconciled.  When the duke intimated that he wants to make a baby with her YunXi was shy.  Aww



Episode 47- 48


All the episodes have been released and it is slowly being subbed by 4udrama at 2 episodes at a time.

Anyway, I love this drama so much that I started watching them even without the subs.

The last two episodes are the saddest.

Spoiler, do not read on!!!

Anyway, the duke is on his deathbed but they are also in the middle of a counter-coup from the emperor.  BTW I have to say that Hu Bing makes such a drop-dead gorgeous emperor.  That cheese-cutter cheekbones are to die for.

In Episode 47, Yun Xi and the Duke had a traditional red-veil wedding and finally consummated their marriage.  At last…

After the happy event, the poor cute poison beast, red squirrel, has been providing the Duke with health elixir but is no longer enough especially during the middle of a war against the emperor’s side.

The only thing that could save him is the blood flowing directly from the heart of Yun Xi.

There is no other choice for our adorable heroine really but to sacrifice herself.

She called Qishao to meet up.  Qishao told her not to kill herself for the Duke because he will end up hating himself anyway.

YunXi said that she was doing it mainly for the Duke but also for the people.  They need to depose the despotic emperor once and for all.

Cruelly, YunXi arranged for soldiers to catch and imprison Qishao .

Huhuhu yes I am afraid she killed herself, by drinking poison and then stabbed herself in the heart, in the arms of a grief-stricken Gu Qishao!  This scene was really traumatically sad.  As she lay dying in his arms she promised him that she will be his maid/helper in the next lifetime.  She also said that she will marry his highness.  Does it mean she will still marry the Duke in the next life or Qishao because he is also a ‘highness’ being a prince of Northern Li?

Anyway, with the blood concoction from YunXi’s heart, the duke got better and successfully defeated the emperor.

In the end, Tian Li, the duke’s younger brother became the new Emperor.

The Duke took a long leave of absence and spent his days at the Plum garden manor (?), which he specially built for Yunxi.

He was reminiscing about YunXi, when he suddenly saw her in the middle of her herb garden.

But is she dead?!!!

Her legend continues on…


There are two epilogues in episodes 49 & 50.  They are just under 11 minutes each.

In episode 49, Yun Xi is truly alive.  The poison bracelet, which has been passed down to generations, has the power to bring life as well as to serve as an encyclopedia of poisons as a cure.

As Yunxi lay dying in Gu Qishao’s arms, she gave the bracelet to Qishao for safe-keeping but the essence of the bracelet began to envelop her.

Presumably, she remained in a catatonic state, until the bracelet was put on her arm once again.

As Gu Qishao was injured during the final battle, someone, who looks like the spirit of Yunxi took out the bracelet from Gu Qishao, who intoned “Yunxi”

At the end of episode 49, Yunxi was hale and hearty once again and tending to her herb garden much to the delight of Long Fei Ye, who runs to her in wonder.


Epidose 50

This is another version of the epilogue.  This time Long Fei Ye is reminiscing about his happy times with YunXi.

He was more upbeat and finally let go of Yunxi and their memories together.  Meaning YunXi remains dead and gone!