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Long Ri Yi, You Are (Dead Dragon Day, You’re Dead )

Long Ri Yi, You Are (Dead Dragon Day, You’re Dead )

I have to admit this drama is hard to review and even harder to give a recap or summary.  The reason is because is not subtitled.  Can’t understand what they were saying.

But watching it based solely on actions, I had that feeling at the start of the drama that it has similarities to the Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango where the gorgeous elite of the school bait and torture the poor lead girl.

The similarities though ended pretty soon.  The male lead is not as bad as Domyouji Tsukasa of Hana Yori Dongo or Go Jun-Pyo of Boys Over Flowers.

Long Ri Yi is the devil at school.  He does whatever he wants.  His bad boy attitude only made him more popular with the girls.

Zhang Jingmei is an honour student who transferred to Ri Yi’s school.

On her first day, she witnessed one of the girls seeming to about to jump off the rooftop of the school building.

But as soon as Ri Yi arrived in his sports car, the girl came down running to Ri YI.  Ri Yi pushed her to the ground which annoyed Jingmei.  No one gets annoyed or shows annoyance with Ri Yi.  They are not allowed.

Ri Yi noticed her then.  And before she knew what had hit her, Jingmei had signed a slave contract with Ri Yi.  To be fair, Ri Yi protected her from the jealousy and envy of the mean girls of the school.

Jingmei also ended up tutoring Ri Yi.

I really, really wish someone would add English subtitle to this drama.

It is so cute.

And apparently there is a season two in the offing.






I Cannot Hug You; Touch Me 无法拥抱的你 Chinese Drama Review

I Cannot Hug You; Touch Me 无法拥抱的你 Chinese Drama Review

I started watching this drama last night and I must admit I was hooked immediately. Probably it was because it starts rather familiar Chinese actors. Zhang Yuxi from Dear Prince, Zhing Zhaolin from Eternal Love and the cute Dai Jing Yao from the recently finished drama The Big Boss.

Apparently this drama was based from a Korean webtoon UnTouchable, which is about a modern day vampire story.  Gone are the days when vampire suck the blood out of human.  They are more cultured now, they get their energy from simply touching a human.  Human exude their own distinct ‘touch taste’.


  • Xing Zhao Lin as Jiang Zhi Hao
  • Zhang Yu Xi as Li Shi Ya
  • Dai Jing Yao as Xin Ba
  • Xin Rui Qi as Xu Qing Ran
  • Xu Kai Cheng as Cui Jun He
  • Gao Junjie
  • Wang Ruo Xue as Li Lan Xi
  • Kele Sun as Yin Shi Huan

Our heroine Li Shi ya (Zhang Yuxi) is a 21st century vampire. She is a celebrity, a model.  She is a bit capricious who ran away from home thinking that her father, who is also a vampire, is much too controlling.

She was out buying magazines one day when she bumped into Jiang Zhi Hao, the male lead, who suffers from OCD in the form of being germaphobic.  Anyway Li Shi ya accidentally touched Zhi Hao’s hand and they had an immediate connection.  She found his touch tasty or delicious while Zhi Hao was confused and does not trust Li shi ya, so much so that he accused her of being a stalker and perverted at that.

By sheer coincidence the flat Li Shi ya had just rented was next door to Zhi Hao, who again accused her of being a stalker.

One day a delivery meant for Jiang Zhi Hao was mistakenly drop off at Li Shi Ya address.  When Li Shi Ya tried to bring the package next door, Zhi Hao refuses it and told her to keep it.

A few days later Zhi Hao asked Li Shi Ya to give him back the package but Li Shi Ya said there are conditions before she hands it over.

And this is the start of their awkward interaction.  In the background is Xin Ba, another vampire, who is a popular pop star.  He had been in-love with Li Shi Ya since they were kids.


Must See Chinese Dramas (CDramas)

Destined to Love You

Must See Chinese Dramas (CDrama)

I love Chinese drama.  Of all Asian dramas, Chinese dramas have the most ‘feel’ of its Western counterpart.

My list is of course a work in progress and not in any order:


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