The Ex-Man 2018 (Taiwanese Drama)

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  • Genre: Romance, Mystery, Psychological, Comedy, melodrama, Youth Romance
  • Released Date: May 2018
  • TwDrama: 13 episodes


  • Yang Raine as Li Qin Ai
  • Lan Blue as Dai Hai An
  • Lu Johnny as Zhou Li Yang
  • Li Sophia as Zhong Shu Ying
  • Hai Heaven as Chen Da Fa
  • Simon Hsueh as Xu Sheng Ren
  • Wu Duke as Li Bao Bei

The Ex-Man 2018 (Taiwanese Drama)

Episode 1

I do have soft spot for Taiwanese dramas because of Joe Chen and Lan Blue.  Love them.  I always try to watch all of their dramas.

And here is a new drama starring Lan Blue as Dai Hai An opposite that very pretty actress, Raine Yang as Li Qin Ai.

Li Qin Ai and Dai Hai An were high school sweethearts.  They were so cutely devoted to one another but one day Dai Hai An wanted to break up and that was the end of their relationship.

After 10 years Qin Ai, though she has a boyfriend in a hunky guy Zhou Li Yang, she still thinks about Hai An.  It was made especially hard for her to forget him as he had become famous and his face is all over the social media as well as in television and big screen around Taiwan.

Her boyfriend who runs his own restaurant is about to pop the big question.  He hinted that they should start to look for a place for them together.

In order to really determine whether she was over her ex-boyfriend, she decided to attend her annual school reunion, which she had not done before.

There she came face to face with Hai An.  She looked gorgeous and fresh and she was ok meeting him.  But Hai An was blown away by his feelings for Qin Ai especially when he overheard, he was meant to, that Qin Ai was going to be married soon to a sexy muscly restaurateur.

Anyway life has to go own.  Qin Ai was happy at her work as a on-spot lifestyle news reporter.  She was covering a story about a van one day, when she was spotted by Hai An.  He looked at her and she looks so young and happy.  This only made him introspective and rode his motorbike to a deserted beach, where he took off his shoes, socks and shirt (wow 🙂 lol) which is reminiscent of James Blunt ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and started wading into the sea in his tight denim jeans.  Beautiful cinematography here.  Just like the song, he looks like he was about to commit suicide.  LOL but then again whether he meant to or not is immaterial because he suddenly suffered from cramps in his legs and he was going to ‘drown’

At the same time Qin Ai was hit by a car.  She was dying and the spirit of Hai An was telling her to get up.

Epidose 2

Is he or he isn’t?  Dead?

Anyway, Qin Ai is really suffering from her car accident, despite the doctor saying that nothing’s broken.  However she did have some blood clots which will right themselves naturally.

The recuperating Qin Ai started to see the spirit/ghost of Hai Ai.  A Hai Ai from their high school days where Qin Ai admitted her happiest.

Hai Ai from episode 1 was show to have a 10 year old son, but it seems the ‘son’ was a product of rape from a girl he knew or going out with.

He was supposed to meet the girl, Shu Ying, but he was too distracted playing pool.  The girl’s ex-boyfriend forced her and abused her.  She was then shown trying to get an abortion but Hai Ai showed up and convinced her to keep the baby.

It might be around this time that he broke up with Qin Ai.

Why is his spirit been haunting Qin Ai, if he was not dead?  But he did confirm that he was alive and well and had been in the mountain.  He asked Shu Ying to come to the mountain and fetch him.

Episode 3

Hai Ai is definitely alive.  The question really is that why is his spirit as a high school student is haunting Qin Ai.  Very strange.  The explanation given is that it might be from the trauma of the nodules that have yet to subside in her brain.

Hai Ai has a ‘son’ with Shu Ying.  Though they live apart, Shu Ying is really into Hai Ai.  She was so gutted when she spied Qin Ai visiting Hai Ai in his apartment.  She knew then that Qin Ai is still very much in Hai Ai’s heart.

Qin Ai, on the other hand is being pressured to be with her gorgeous boyfriend. LI Yang.  But she is much to engross with her feelings with Hai Ai.

Hai Ai is also starting to obsess about her, especially when he found out that she was likely to marry her boyfriend.

The episode ended with Hai Ai commission the whole restaurant of Li Yang so he can dine alone.

Qin Ai showed up and thinking that the Hai Ai before her was the apparition who is haunting her.  She told him to go away and this cause a lot of confusion.

Episode 4

Gorgeous Li Yang popped the question with a huge beautiful diamond ring.  Instead of answering she run off with Hai Ai.

Episode 5

Seriously this drama is becoming rather tedious, especially about Qin Ai.  She is not particularly drop-dead gorgeous, in fact she is rather boring and yet she is playing one man against the other.  she cannot make up her mind whether to marry the boyfriend or remain single. It is not fair on that gorgeous restaurateur, who painstakingly cooks her breakfast everyday.

Really I am beginning to hate her.

Episode 6

She finally agreed to marry Li Yang.  She was quite happy with her decision but not giddily so because in the end she still have some unresolved feelings with Hai Ai.

Episode 7

Her resolve to marry Li Yang did not last. She had changed her mind again.  She lost the ring he gave her, she run off from Li Yang in the wedding dress when they were trying the dress at the shop.  She then told him that she was not really ready to get married and tried to break up with him.

The end hint of a more sinister Li Yang.  He took her to their new house and locked themselves in.

Actually, I don’t really see why two gorgeous men were obsessed with her.  She is pretty but she is a miserable girl.  She is so sulky and depressive!

Episode 8

This episode is the highlight of the whole drama so far, which started very interestingly and then went to boring.

I have no sympathy for Qin Ai at all.  She is winging and humourless.  Her breaking up with Li Yang was a blessing in disguise for him.  He doesn’t need her depressive, unmotivated personality.  Be gone Li Yang, find someone better.

Yes episode 8 had that psycho vibe to it at first.  I thought Li Yang will imprison her, beat her up to change her mind, instead he cooked her a feast.  What a man!

Li Yang being gone, this drama will continue on being angsty with no real reason to.

Apparently her not trusting in marriage has to do with her father running off with another woman.

Duh, her parents were not the first or only couple who had separated!

Episode 9

Shen Ren and Da Fa had a massive fight.  She wanted him but he is gay.

Episode 10

Shen Ren and Da Fa reconciled and even moved in together.  Qin Ai and Hai An continue to play it safe.

Shu Ying confessed to Hai An but she knew he can never love her the way a man loves a woman as Qin Ai will always be the one in Hai An’s heart.  Shu Ying and her son decided to leave the company Dollars and the country.

Episode 11

Despite reconnecting, Qin Ai and Hai An cannot find the balance that would anchor them into a loving relationship.  Qin Ai is much to busy with work and there was that niggling trust issue.

Hai An is doing everything to get Qin Ai closer to him but he is feeling awkward because he is scared of upsetting her in any way.

Episode 12 -13

These episodes tie up all the loose ends in such a way that you are left reeling.  The ex-man continued on being at the periphery of being one as there was no full-blown happy ever after for them.  It was very anti-climax.

I supposed from episode 3 onwards was a bit of an anti-climax from the original storyline.  It became rather tedious with characters, who were hard to sympathise with.

Anyway, it is all over. Hai An finally gave his best friend, who had been a source of jealousy for young and older Qin Ai, the push.

Qin Ai had to interview Li Yang for her work and they had some sort of closure, where they parted in an amicable way.

A major character, who is actually the most likeable of the lot, Xu Sheng Ren ended up lost, presumed dead along the English Channel.

Everyone was devastated, especially Chen Da Fa, who was living with Sheng Ren.  She was so upset that she fainted into the arms of a stranger along a flight of stairs leading to her high rise flat.  She had a happy ending with the stranger and she ended up married and with a baby after four years.

As to Qin Ai and Hai An, they ended up sleeping together after the death of Sheng Reng to console one another.  Qin Ai woke up alone with Hai An having run off and not be seen for four long years.

Now at 35, Qin Ai is happy with her lot and who would be there waiting to be interviewed?  Hai An, who had become a bit of a beach bum, having open a surfing shop/cafe along a quite a deserted beach.

At this time though the story had lost its way, you are just happy to see it on its way!  LOL

The End



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