Women on the Breadfruit Tree (Chinese Drama)

Women on the breadfruit Tree poster

  • Genre: Romance, Friendship, Drama, Comedy
  • Date Released: December 2015
  • CDrama: 38 Episodes
  • Netflix: Available


  • Tiffany Tang as Cheng Yun
  • Bosco Wong as Lin Fang Wen
  • Sonia Sui as Zhu Di Zhi
  • Chris Wang as An Shao Lu
  • Liu Jocelin as Shen Guan Hui


This drama is rather addictive.  I am currently watching it at Netflix.  The story is about three best friends and their experiences in love, at work and family.

Women on the Breadfruit Tree (Chinese Drama)

Episode 1-9

The story begins with the three girls in their early teens becoming best of friends.  Over the years they have encountered different situations and these started to shape their life and personality.

Cheng Yun lives with her older brother and his pregnant wife. And she goes to the same university as the mysterious Lin Fang Wen, an up and coming lyricist.

Cheng Yun overheard her brother talking to his mistress on the phone.  She doesn’t know whether to confront her borther or tell her sister-in-law what was going on.

In the end she went to meet the mistress at a cafe and pretended that she was her sister-in-law.  She did not know that Fang Wen was also at the cafe who overheard what they were talking about.  Cheng Yun begged the mistress to leave her ‘husband’ as she’s pregnant and all.  The mistress said that she understood.  But it will cost her 100,000 as her lover is in the middle of funding a house for her.

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