Bloody Romance (Chinese Drama Review)


Bloody Romance (Chinese Drama Review)

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  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Thriller, Action, Martial Arts
  • Period: Tang Dynasty
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • CDrama: 32 Episodes
  • Based on the novel, Mei Zhe Wu Jiang, by Ban Ming Ban Mei


  • Li Yi Tong as Wan Mei / Qi Xue
  • Qu Chu Qiao as Chang An / Xie Huan
  • Wang Duo as Gong Zi
  • Puff Guo as Liu Guang
  • Jill Hsu as Cha Luo
  • Li Zi Feng as Xing Feng


As stated above this drama is apparently based on a rather mature in nature of a novel called Mei Zhe Wu Jiang.  The lead girl, Chang An, was sold by her father to a brothel and forced to work as a prostitute.  She was used by four different men before she was rescued from the abuse.

She was then recruited and trained to be an assassin.

Sounds really rather interesting.

Episode 1 & 2

This started very excitingly and has a feel of a movie.  Qi Xue comes from a dirt poor family.  She does everything to make money, including burying the dead.

One of these deads was a woman who was holding an amber-like ball.  Q i Xue was entranced with the ball that she kept it.

When Qi Xue got home, she found her father cooking porridge for once while her young brother looked on.  She was not allowed to even taste the hot dish.  Instead, her father sent her on an errand to deliver a package of herbs to a nearby inn.

She found out later that the package was nothing but dried straw.  She had been sold to the brothel by her cold-hearted father.

Though she looked malnourished, she has a pretty face and being a virgin, she was a fine commodity.

Qi Xue would not submit without a fight but she was overpowered by the brothel owner.  She woke up with her wrist cut up and blood was being collected from her.  Apparently, virgin blood is quite something.

With all her might, she hit the owner’s head with a vase and then she runs off onto the stage without thinking.  There a blood-thirsty commander was choosing the girl for his night.  Seeing that she looks innocent and unwilling he instructed his men to tie her up.

She was just a few minutes away from being abused when a beautiful woman with an umbrella materialised.

She killed the commander and untied Qi Xue.  The woman was Liu Guang.  She told Qi Xue that she would take her to Gua Hua City if she managed to arrive at a location before the sun sets.  She then vanished quickly as she appeared.

Qi Xue was more resourceful than she looks.  She wore the commander’s armour and went out, but along the way, she fainted from the amount of blood taken from her malnourished body.  Liu Guang, who was waiting for her was rather disappointed that Qi Xue was a no show.

Qi Xue woke up from the rain and stumbled upon a massacre between ninjas and someone from a covered cart.

The man, seemed like a blind man.  He instructed his female assistance that if the weakened girl, Qi Xue, survived the night, she can be brought to Gua Hua City.

There Qi Xue woke up in a strange place with billowing curtains.  She was finding it hard to find where the male voice was coming from.

The voice was of Chang An, who was her guard/protector.  Gua Hua City is a place where female assassins are trained.  Each assassin is given a choice to pick their own male butler/assistant/guard/protector.  Qi Xue immediately choice Chang An as her permanent assistant.

Qi Xue was brought in to meet the Leader of the female assassins, Cha Luo, who seemed to have taken a dislike to her.

She made Qi Xue sit on her throne.  Thankfully Chang An was a quick thinker and on bended knees asked Cha Luo to forgive the naivety of Qi Xue.  Qi Xue was further helped by Cha Ru, who was the Prince, the blind man, assistant.

Qi Xue is mentored by Chang An how Gua Hua City is run.  Each assassin starts from the bottom.  The assassins are a beautiful female who heavily relies on their looks rather than Kung Fu.  It is when they progress to the top that they can opt to learn Kung Fu and by doing so they get more freedom and privileges.

Qi Xue finally realised that Chang An and herself have to rely on each other for survival.




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