Accidentally In Love (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2018

Accidentally In Love (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Romance, Youth, Idol, School,
  • Release Date: 2018
  • CDrama: 30 Episodes
  • Available in Netflix, fully subbed in English


  • Sun Yi Ning as Cheng Qing Qing
  • Guo Fiction as Si Tu Feng
  • Ma Li as Gu Nan Xi
  • Zhao Yi Qin as Lin Yi Yang
  • Zhou Mo as Zhang Fang Fang
  • Shu Yao – Chen Xiao (Teacher)
  • Cheng Mu Xuan as Lan Xin Ya
  • Yan Hao Yuan as Hua Mu Nian


A popular idol was sent back to school to finish high school, meets an incognito dressed down heiress.

I am now on episode 3 and I am loving this drama.  There are plenty of young eye candy.    What fun!!!



Episode 1

Cheng Qing Qing is a runaway bride.  She feels that she is too young to be tied down with a person she doesn’t love; she refused to agree to a business marriage.

While on the run she found out that her grandfather had to cancel her credit cards, and to add insult to injury she lost her backpack with all of her money.

She ended up begging in the street but found that her grandfather’s bodyguards were on the lookout for her.  To hide from them, she grabs a boy and pretended they were making out.

Another set of bodyguards came running towards them, the boy grabbed her in return and started kissing her.  It turned out that he was Si Tu Feng, an idol superstar doing a runner.

Episode 2

Cheng Qing Qing told Si Tu Feng that she had not eaten as she has got no money.  He has to help her find her bag as he stole her first kiss.

They managed to find her bag, he then dragged her to his father’s wedding as his date.  There he announced that Cheng Qing Qing is his fiancee much to his father’s annoyance.

He told his son that he will cancel his wedding if he cancels his engagement with Cheng Qing Qing in return.

As her usefulness to him had expired, they agreed never to meet again.

Episode 3

They seemed to be fated to meet again as Cheng Qing Qing had transferred to Ming De University, where it so happens that Si Tu Feng studies and they would belong in the same class too and be seatmates.

Ming De University was the same school as Dao Ming Si and Dong Shancai go too.

Anyway, in this school year, they have their on Flower Boys, but only 3 (F3).  Gu Nan Xi is the perfect man, he is an ace student, good at sport, handsome and kind.  The second one was Lin Yi Yang, he is the bad boy.  Scarily gorgeous but popular.  The number 1, is, of course, Si Tu Feng, the idol, every girl’s dream.

Episode 4

A photo of Si Tu Feng kissing Cheng Qing Qing during his father’s wedding party became viral.  As a damage limitation, Si Tu Feng’s manager came to see Cheng Qing Qing and told her to pose as Si Tu Feng’s assistant.

Cheng Qing Qing was not interested as she was busy trying to find ways of searching for her father, who was once a faculty as Ming De.

Episode 5

Cheng Qing Qing and Fang Fang started their errand service, where they go out to buy provisions for their affluent classmates for a fee.

Cheng Qing Qing had also branched out into Love Letter delivering service, mainly love letters to Si Tu Feng from fans and classmates. 🙂

Episode 6

In order for Qing Qing to get to the files of the former faculties of the school, she needed to join a club.

Unfortunately for Qing Qing, the club has the girl she had a run in with. She, therefore, needs to use every resource she’s got to be able to be accepted as a member of the club.

Fortunately, she has Si Tu Feng.

A bit of mystery, Lin Yi Yang seems to be involved in some ways in Si Tu Feng’s life, who had written a song called ‘Breathing’ which seems to upset Lin Yi Yang.

Now Qing Qing thinks she may have fallen in love with Si Tu Feng as her heart has been beating so fast lately wherever he is near.

Episode 7

Qing Qing’s roommate/best friend’s (Fang Fang) father is in the hospital needing a surgery, which cost a lot of money.  Qing Qing wanted to help so she entered the audition for the mysterious girl for the MV of Si Tu Feng new song ‘Breathing’

At first, she was immediately sent home because she does not possess the right aura for the mysterious girl the producers wanted.

She went back as her old self sans black glasses and frizzy hair.  She won the part pretty easily.

This episode also tells what idols have to go through.  Restrictions in their diets, no chocolate, and junk foods, in case they gain weight.

Episode 8

Lin Yi Yang had Qing Qing and Fang Fang kidnapped to make Si Tu Feng come to him.  Apparently, the reason why Lin Ye Yang looks rather delinquent and ferocious is that someone he was close to, got killed accidentally and he blames Si Tu Feng for it.

Si Tu Feng came and rescued Qing Qing.  He is growing really fond of her.  So cute. He actually likes her as the glasses-wearing frizzy-haired girl, rather than the mysterious heiress that Qing Qing really is.

Lin Ye Yang and Si Tu Feng had their confrontation where Lin Ye Yang told Si Tu Feng to stop playing the song “Breathing”

Episode 9

Qing Qing was so curious about her kidnapping and tried to find out the root cause by interrogating Si Tu Feng, who told her to butt out of it.

Si Tu Feng then arranged a dinner date with Qing Qing in her guise as Mysterious Girl.  Si Tu Feng told the Mysterious girl that he will not be releasing the song ‘Breathing’ anymore because it would cause too much pain to some people.  Si Tu Feng then told her that he wrote the song about a special girl who died accidentally about three years ago.

Qing Qing was so annoyed and jealous that Si Tu Feng would tell the story to the mysterious girl but not to her, although she was the mysterious girl.

She started treated Si Tu Feng coldly.  Si Tu Feng, on the other hand, is trying to be friends with her.

The mean girls of the school attack Qing Qing once again.  They pretended that they wanted to be friends with her and as a token of the friendship, they ordered a large number of cookies from her.

The mean girls then asked everyone to eat the cookies, someone complained immediately of food poisoning and upon inspection of the packaging, they showed their being passed their sell-by date.

This incident ruined Qing Qing delivery business.

Si Tu Feng investigated and found that someone interfered with Qing Qing stocks.  He turned over the video of the culprit to Gu Nan Xi, which made Qing Qing think that her protector was Gu Nan Xi rather than Si Tu Feng.

Qing Qing and Si Tu Feng were locked in the library.  They stayed far apart and Si Tu Feng was looking at Qing Qing regretfully thinking that they have disconnected.

Qing Qing meanwhile was happy to have found a book where she could find information about her parents.

Episode 10

This is such a cute episode.

Thinking that Gu Nan Xi was her CCTV finder hero, Qing Qing invited him to dinner.

At the restaurant, they were seen by Si Tu Feng and Xin Ya.

Because of his jealousy of Qing Qing and Gu Nan Xi being on a date, Si Tu Feng drunk himself silly.

He then showed his prowess in basketball when drunk, afterward, he went to the girls’ dormitory to look for Qing Qing.  He asked her why she was torturing him with Gu Nan Xi and other boys?  She told him that she was not, she had to deal with them purely for her business purposes only, she added that she needed the money.

Si Tu Feng gave her his wallet and all his notes and coins.  He said she was his.  Awww!

Episode 11

Their school is putting up a pantomime of Beauty and the Beast where Qing Qing will be the beast and Si Tu Feng as the Beauty.

Gu Nan Xi finally realised that the mysterious Qing Shen is one and the same as Qing Qing.

There was bad news regarding “Breathing”, Si Tu Feng had promised Yi Yang that the song will never be released but someone hacked the studio computers and the song was suddenly online.

Episode 12

They had a successful show, Si Tu Feng made a lovely Belle.

Chen Xiao, Qing Qing’s teacher had promised to help her look for her father or find out what happened to him.

Episode 13

Qing Qing was invited to Gu Nan Xi’s grandmother’s birthday party but it did not end well.  She was bullied by the host.  Si Tu Feng took her away from the party and they ended up having a good time together playing basketball.

Episode 14

Qing Qing’s grandfather had finally tracked her down to Ming De University.  He was so shocked at Qing Qing’s new look.

He wanted to take her home there and then but Qing Qing told him that she was becoming independent and couldn’t be happier.

Qing Qing bargained with her granddad that if she wins a beauty contest she can stay at Ming De and if she loses, then she would willingly go back home.

Ahhh Si Tu Feng looks so handsome and there was a lot of flirting between him and Qing Qing on the stage during the beauty contest.

Lan Xin Ya eventually won and Qing Qing was gutted at the thought of going back home.  What she didn’t know was that her grandpa had arranged for her to lose.

In the end, he had a second thought and allows her to stay put where she is.

Episode 15

It was a compulsory study tour where they had to commune with nature.  It so happened that the same date is also slated for a making a music video of Si Tu Feng where Qing Chen has a part.

So Qing Qing tired herself out at playing both roles. Gu Nan Xi could not contain himself anymore that he told Chen Qing that he knows that she was also Cheng Qing Qing.

There was a meteor shower where the students were so looking forward to.  They went up the mountain to get a better view.

Chen Qing lost her footing and tumble down closely followed by Si Tu Feng.

While waiting to be rescued, Chen Qing confessed to Si Tu Feng.  Si Tu Feng apologised to her saying that he already like another girl.  He then told her that he liked Chen Qing Qing almost from the first because she is fearless and very true to herself.  With Qing Qing, Si Tu Feng can behave naturally and comfortably, not like an idol.

Episode 16

Qing Qing was in mourning.  She found out that her parents died in a car accident and she blames her grandfather for the way he treated them that lead to their ultimate death.

Episode 17

Qing Qing had an accident partly caused by Yi Yang, which annoyed Si Tu Feng.

Si Tu Feng was a revelation, he was a very good fighter.  But the fight caused Fang Fang to be hospitalised.

Episode 18

The fight and hospitalisation of Fang Fang and the presence of helium from a tank that broke open reminded him of his accident with Yunxu which caused him to have a phobia of water.

Yunxu is XinYa’s older sister.  She was Si Tu Feng’s first love as well as Yi Yang’s.  A group of them were out and about one day when Si Tu Feng got XinYa to his car much to the disgust of Yi Yang.

Si Tu Feng was driving his car very fast at a hairpin road by the mountains when suddenly he lost the breaks.  His car plunged into the sea.  Yun Xu died but Si Tu Feng got rescued.

In this episode, Qing Qing helped Si Tu Feng to overcome his aquaphobia.

Episode 19

This episode is the funniest.

Qing Qing left suddenly to look after her sick grandfather (he was only ill with a cold).

Si Tu Feng was so worried that he took the first flight of the day to go to her.

Qing Qing was so worried that he will find out that she was from a mega-rich background but her grandfather helped her out by getting a derelict little cottage to looked like their house.

Si Tu Feng impressed her grandfather because he was not a spoiled and demanding pop star.  He worked hard and even enjoyed the farming he was tasked to do.

Episode 20

Si Tu Feng confessed to Qing Qing and gave her time to think about it.

Unfortunately, Yi Yang could not forgive Si Tu Feng of the accidental death of YunXu so he was making every effort to create problems for Si Tu Feng including copying a song yet to be released by Si Tu Feng and giving it to someone else to sing.  He then spread rumours that Si Tu Feng plagiarised someone else’s work.  Yi Yang also emotionally blackmailed Qing Qing to stay away from Si Tu Feng.

Yi Yang had found out that Qing Qing was an heiress and threatened to reveal all to Si Tu Feng as well as to his fans and he would make Si Tu Feng looks like a fraud.

Episode 21

Qing Qing turned Si Tu Feng down.

Si Tu Feng was suffering not only from being turned down but also for being accused of the plagiarism.

Episode 22

Si Tu Feng and Yi Yang made up and even agreed to be each other’s tutor.  Si Tu Feng will teach Yi Yang English while Yi Yang will tutor Si Tu Feng in Maths.

Qing Qing asked Gu Nan Xi’s advice how to reveal her true identity to Si Tu Feng.  Qing Qing ended up drunk. Someone took her photo in the arms of Gu Nanxi.

Episode 23

The relationship between Qing Qing and Si Tu Feng had fractured.  Si Tu Feng felt let down for being treated like a fool.  He still does not know that Qing Qing is an heiress but he knew that she was Chen Qing, her alter ego.

Poor Gu Nan Xi is caught up in the middle of the fight and misunderstanding between Si Tu Fen and Qing Qing.

Episode 24

If it is not bad enough Qing Qing under her guise as  Hebianco, the cartoonist had been invited to be a part of the new album Si Tu Feng was releasing.  So Si Tu Feng was confused who she really was.

Episode 25

Qing Qing and Fang Fang got invited by Si Tu Feng to his friends’ reunion at the beach.  His old friend Lintang had arrived back from abroad.

At the beach, they played dodgeball, where Qing Qing got hurt and lost.  Si Tu Feng was all concerned.

When it got dark they sat around a bonfire and gave out penalties for the loser.

Si Tu Feng volunteered to hand out the punishment to the loser, which was Qing Qing.  He said, “Be my girlfriend” to her which devastated Xinya to the extent that she locked herself in her bedroom much to everyone’s concern.

Yun Xia took some sleeping pills and was taken to the hospital.

Qing Qing received a call from home.  Her grandfather was gravely ill.  She had to go back.

Episode 26

Lanting was forcing Si Tu Feng to take responsibility for Xin Ya.  She then advised Xin Ya to try to harm herself again to make Si Tu Feng feels doubly guilty.

Qing Qing was concerned with her grandfather’s ailments that she had taken over the management of their business.

Si Tu Feng contacted Qing Qing.  They had a very heartbreaking talk about not being together anymore because they are hurting those around them.

Qing Qing said if that was what he really wanted then she said goodbye to him.

Si Tu Feng then went to promise to Xin Ya that he will always be with her.

His father had a talk with him to not get pressured into doing something he really does not want.

Gu Nan Xi also advised him not to abandon Qing Qing but Si Tu Feng said that he does not want a repeat of another suicide from Xin Ya.

Episode 27

Si Tu Feng released his album ‘Breakthrough’ which comes with a voucher entitling the holder to shake hands with Si Tu Feng for five seconds.

Xin Ya had tried out wedding dresses.

Si Tu Feng made a final call to Qing Qing telling her that it was really over between them that he was going to get engaged with Xin Ya.

He apologised to Qing Qing so many times but Qing Qing cut him off telling him not to apologise because if he continues it means he has not matured.  He should take responsibility for his decision.

Strangely the engagement ceremony was the western version of a wedding ceremony in church complete with priest and wedding dresses.

The proceeding was interrupted by Qing Qing who said that she was Si Tu Feng’s fiancee.  She then handed him her handshake voucher.

Xin Ya then said that the 5 seconds handshake was over but Qing Qing presented a lot more and then from out of the ceiling decoration, thousands came falling down like a confetti.

Si Tu Feng told Qing Qing that he will never let her go from then on and run out with her living a desolate Xinya.

Episode 28

This episode gives a look at the mindset of rabid/avid fans of a pop idol.  They were at first concerned that their idol is going out with someone.  But since they approve of Hebianco they will tolerate it.  (In reality, the management of pop idols in Asia make them sign a contract not to be seen having boyfriend/girlfriend as it may upset their fans.  That is why there is a high rate of depression and suicide in Asian POPworld)

Qing Qing had decided to go back to her real self and removed her freckles (make-up) glasses and freezy hair.

Episode 29

Si Tu Feng was not happy with a prettier Qing Qing.

Suddenly he is not the centre of attention anymore.  Qing Qing was.  He also found out that Qing Qing is extremely talented as a pianist, ballet dancer, and a cartoonist.  She was being called as a goddess my her minions.

He begged her to go back to how she was, he really liked her that way.

Episode 30

The ending is not really that good, I have to admit.  It was all over the place and turned rather bland.

Si Tu Feng was offered a recording contract that would make him known internationally but it would mean he has to leave China and more or less permanently based himself in America.

This was his dream coming true but there is Qing Qing to consider.

Qing Qing, on the other hand, was being encouraged by her company to go to Japan for more experience to hone her skills and talents as a comic/manga illustrator.

Qing Qing and Si Tu Feng met up to discuss their news with one another.  It did end badly with Qing Qing screaming at Si Tu Feng for being selfish and had not thought of her.

But in the end Qing Qing had told Si Tu Feng to go as it was his dream.

Si Tu Feng wanted Qing Qing to see him off at the airport but Qing Qing did not want and used the excuses that she has maths exam.

But in the end she run to the airport with four pieces of Toblerone to give to Si Tu Feng as a make u/going away present.

At that same time, Si Tu Feng realised that he can’t leave China because of Qing Qing.  He then got off the car and run back to Ming De University but missed Qing Qing.

Qing Qing was feeling so glum having missed Si Tu Feng at the airport. She was walking back to her dorm when someone started serenading her.  It was Si Tu Feng and her friends.

Qing Qing then had a voice over giving updates on her friends’ relationship.

Most of her friends have paired up except for NanXian, until that is Qing Qing’s best friend from her village came to study at Ming De.  Within three seconds Nan Xian was in love.

Si Tu Feng had become a househusband looking after their baby as his fame had plummeted leaving Qing Qing to become the main breadwinner.

Actually this last bit was just a part of the comic story Qing Qing was writing.  Si Tu Feng was half annoyed that he was reduced to being a househusband and seemed dependent on Qing Qing.

So to the end, they were bickering.

~The End~

23 November 2018

Accidentally In Love is apparently returning for a second season.  It wa also mentioned that filming for this next season will commence in January 2019.  But listen to this… the second season will be WITHOUT SUN Yi NING and GUO FICTION!!!  Whattttttt?



30 December 2018


Season 2 of Accidentally in love is now currently shooting with different cast.   Actually this new drama is more of a sister.  It will be called To Get Her and it has a historical genre.


  1. Someone please tell me if Ma Li (Gu nanxi) has social media or other dramas!! I’ve been looking for him but there’s no information in google, so sad, he’s really good though. Please help me!!

  2. seems like a really bs ending… i loved the first 10 episodes, but i spent so much time watching it i wanted to make sure it was worth it. but thank you for writing this summary of the episodes because it helped me make my decision: it’s really not worth watching the rest.
    but thank you so much for this review!

    1. Please do continue watching it. The ending was rather weird but prior to that Guo Fiction showed his acting ability when he was torn between guilt and his love for Qing Qing. He can really act.

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