Granting You A Dreamlike Life (Chinese Drama Review)


Granting You A Dreamlike Life (Chinese Drama Review)

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  • Genre: Romance, China Republican Era, Family, Historical
  • Release Date: September 2018
  • Origin: Based on the novel of the same title by Juzi Chen
  • CDrama: 40 Episodes


  • An Yue Xi as Lin Ruo Meng / Duan Tian Ying / Lin Jing Yun
  • Zhu Yi Long as Luo Fu Sheng / Cheng Mu Sheng / Luo Qin Geng
  • Kevin Chu as Xu Xing Chen
  • Leon as Huang Xing Han
  • Alen Fang as Duan Tian Ci
  • Eva Cheng as Hong Lan

I was very pleasantly surprised with this drama.

It is so interesting and charming. An Yue Xi never looked more beautiful than in this drama.

The story started in the modern day where Lin Jing Yun was an expert food critic, who spent her life in France but came to China for a visit.

During her visit, she came to find the most authentic Chinese cuisine.  Her search led her to Luo Qin Geng exclusive restaurant.

Lin Jing Yun barged herself in into the restaurant and refused not to be served seeing that the eatery was empty at lunchtime.

She forced the chef to make her a meal of sweet and sour pork ribs.

She tasted it but despite the delicious taste, she instinctively knew that the shaking of the wok (?) was not enough given that the chef had been drinking.

The chef was impressed by how intuitive she was, when he tasted her food when she left.  He found her hotel key under the table.

The sous chef saw her bad review online which incensed the chef.

With her hotel key, he was bent on make her eat her own review and had taken over her room service order.

A half-drunk Lin Jing Yun enjoyed her pasta meal and drunkenly gave her review about it which was being recorded by the chef.

He then posted this online, which annoyed Lin Jing Yun, who immediately went to the restaurant and demanded that her drunken review is taken down.

The chef said that if she can tell him a love story that can move him, then he might be persuaded to remove the offending drunken review.

Lin Jing Yun was lost for words for a while.

The chef teased her that perhaps she can’t tell a love story because she has never been in love.

Lin Jing Yun started to tell him the story of her grandmother who actually lived and worked in the very restaurant that they were at.

It was Duan Tian Ying and Luo Feng Shen.

Episode 12

Lan Lan (Hong Lan) arranged to have Tian Ying to be kidnapped as part of her plan to get Tian Ying to get together with Xu Xingchen and having Fu Sheng all to herself.

But the fake kidnapping went wrong.  Tian Ying got away from her ‘kidnappers’ but ended up in the forest with Fu Sheng who came to rescue her.

They faced danger together running away from wolves and falling in a ravine and then against torrential rain.  They went to a cave to shelter from the rain.

But there was an earthquake and the cave caved in.

Episode 13

Fu Sheng was digging themselves out of the cave by his bare hands.  He told Tian Ying to just rest as he will get themselves out of the cave in no time.

As an inducement for Fu Sheng, Tian Ying started her Beijing operatic caterwauling 🙂 🙂 🙂 which seemed to please Fu Sheng.

Fu Sheng did manage to dig out an opening but the cave started shaking again.  He was able to push out Tian Ying into the outside but he can’t get out himself.  He was trapped but he shouted “Wǒ xǐhuān nǐ” to a heartbroken Tian Ying.

When Tian Ying came to, she saw a policeman holding her and it was Xu XingChen.  She was so confused which turned into desolation as a body had been found and it was of Fu Sheng.

He was ‘dead’.  Xu XingChen tried everything to resuscitate him but to no avail.

Tian Ying went to Fu Sheng and held his hand asking him to come back as being alone in heaven is lonely.

Fu Sheng started moving and he was alive again.

Back in the hospital, Tian Ying woke up with Xu Xingchen holding her hand.  But Tian Ying was rather cold towards him.

She asked him to take her home.

As soon as she got home, she told him that she wanted to be left alone, making XingChen so upset.

Tian Ying’s was bedridden because of stress and told Tian Ying that he had been so worried.  Her brother told her that since she had been with Fu Sheng and Xu XingChen, they had so much troubles.

The next time Xu XingChen came to the house, he was not allowed to see Tian Ying. The only way he can usually see Tian Ying was to climb through the electric pole next to her bedroom window.  But this time the window was firmly shut though he knew that Tian Ying was on her bedroom.  He told her that he was worried about her and wanted to see her.

Tian Ying said that she does not want to see him because he had changed in one day and one night.  He was a doctor before she was kidnapped and now a policeman after the one-day kidnapping. 🙂 What happened to his idealism, which she admired.

What Xu XingChen did not tell her is that in order for his father and the police to help in the search for her and Fu Sheng, he had to promise to become an overnight policeman.  And he did.

Tian Ying’s father started thinking about her.  Apparently, she was not his biological father.  His wife and son, Tian Ci where gathering herbs when they found a wounded girl, who had lost her memory.  He and his wife decided to adopt her.

Episode 14

It is becoming more probable that Tian Ying is the beloved missing daughter of the Lin Family.  She is really Ruo Meng.

Tian Ying visited Fu Sheng, who was recuperating at Hongs’ mansion.  Lan Lan is keeping him fully guarded so no one can see him especially Tian Ying.

But Tian Ying was helped by Xu Xingchen, who took Lan Lan away from the mansion.

Tian Ying and Fu Sheng had a heart to heart.  He wanted to know her answer to his confession towards her.

Tian Ying said that they can only be friends.

Episode 15

Tian Ying finally found out that she was the main reason why Xu Xingchen was doctor who turned into a policeman the next day.

Seeing that it was really hard work to even keep a friendship with Fu Sheng, who was well guarded, Tian Ying accepted a surprised proposal from Xu Xingchen inside a cinema witnessed by so many included a very aggrieved Fu Sheng.

Episode 16

Fu Sheng was so depressed at the relationship of Tian Ying and  Xingchen.  But the two persevered in convincing him to bless their relationship, which he did in the end, though his heart was breaking.

Now they need to convince her father and brother to approve of their relationship.

Episode 17

Tian Ying and Xingchen were so love up.  She even gave him her most valuable possession, her necklace that he promised he wear next to his heart.

Sadly their happiness did not last.

While on the verge of having their first proper snog, Tian Ci appeared to tell her that their father was the father ill.

She was then told that she was not his real daughter and the shock did not stop there, he wanted her then to marry Tian Ci for the shake of their theatrical troupe.

The poor girl was so shocked.

Then another news is waiting for her, it was announced on the newspaper the engagement of Lan Lan to Xingchen.

Epidose 18

Lan Lan run away from home, she does not want to marry Xingchen as she has always been in love with Fu Sheng.

Tian Ying was being pressured to marry Tain Ci, her father and the whole troupe knelt down to beg for her agreement.

To bide for time, she said that she will go to the temple to ask the spirits of her parents for advice.

This episode ended in such a tearjerker scene.

Tian Ying really doesn’t have much choice than to agree to her father’s wishes after he made her aware how ill he was and that the only thing he wanted when he closes his eyes whe dies was to know that his theatrical troupe is in safe hands of both Tian Ci and Tian Ying.

Tian Ying then went to see Xingchen to officially break up.  It was such a sad, sad moment, brilliant acting.

Episode 19

Another sad episode!

It is the day of Tian Ying’s wedding.

Fu Sheng went to check on the progress of the nuptial, only to find that the house was in a state of chaos.

Apparently, Xingchen abducted Tian Ying while brandishing a gun.  They drove off to the pier in their Rolls Royce to catch a ferry and elope.

While Xingchen was buying tickets, Fu Sheng showed up and took Tian Ying with him as her father has only a few hours to live.

At the hospital, the father wanted to speak alone to Tian Ying and to the very end he made her promised to marry her brother.

Then he died.

Xingchen then arrived and forcing Tian Ying to go with him.  He was near breaking point.  He told everyone that the father was not dead and that it was all a hoax just to ensure Tian Ying stays with them.

Poor Tian Ying was forced to slap Xingchen to get him to calm down.





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