Love Alert (KDrama Review & Summary)


Love Alert (KDrama Review & Summary)

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  • AKA: Fluttering Warning; Seollemjuuibo
  • Genre: Romance, Celebrity, Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Release Date: 31 October 2018
  • Origin: South Korea; Viki Original
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Yoon Eun Hye as Yoon Yoo Jung
  • Chun Jung Myung as Cha Woo Hyun
  • Choi Jung Won as Hwang Jae Min (Love Rat)
  • Pyo Ji Hoon as Yoon Yoo Joon (YYJ’s Brother)
  • Lee Hye Ran as Joo Min Ah (Reporter/paps)
  • Han Go Eun as Han Jae Kyung (Manager/CEO)
  • Joo Woo Jae as Sung Hoon (YYJ’s Friend)
  • Kang Seo Yeon  as Kang Hye Joo (Heiress)
  • Kim Ye Rong as Na Hwa Jung (CWH’s Mother)
  • Kim Byung Gi as Cha Tae Soo (CWH’s Father)


This is a comeback vehicle for Yoon Eun Hye after having been away from Kdramas for five years.  Coincidentally this is also a return to the small screen for Chun Jung Myung after two years hiatus.

Did you know?  Chun Jung Myung was offered the role of Choi Han Gyul that went to Gong Yoo as the Coffee Prince.  Chun Jung Myung had apparently said that he has always regretted not taking the part.

Now he is making the most of being finally paired with Yoon Eun Hye.  They do have a love rather poignant chemistry.  I am really rooting for them.


Episode 1

Yoon Yoo Jung was fresh from receiving a trophy from a foreign award-giving body.   After years of slogging, she is now at the pinnacle of success.

She seems to be unconsciously meeting Cha Woo Hyun almost everywhere she goes.  First at the airport when she was having a rather romantic moment with her boyfriend of almost 100 days, Jae Min.

Then when she went to a beauty clinic regarding the bruises at her back caused by a stunt from the film she was shooting, Cha Woo Hyun was a dermatologist doctor in the clinic.

Again, when she was at Jae Min’s apartment. Cha Woo Hyun just turned up to view the apartment.

A then the next day, she got into his car by mistake.

Cha Woo Hyun is a very good looking doctor with a conscience.  But he is saddled by parents who both wanted him off as a business transaction.

At the moment, Woo Hyun is resisting all their efforts.

Yoo Jung, on the other hand, is currently very popular as the nation’s sweetheart and the magic word there was sweet.  She had projected a sweet, pure and innocent image throughout her career, but she is finding it rather lonely.  She wanted to be in love, in a relationship and Jae Min seems to fit the bill of a boyfriend.

Despite her management warning her that Jae Min can’t be trusted, she was determined to reveal all to the public that they were in a relationship, perhaps then they could date in the open.

During the press conference, she was just about to reveal that she had finally found the one, her fated when the press got distracted by breaking news.  A known fashion personality had just announced her forthcoming wedding to Jae Min.

Episode 2

Yoo Jung was understandably heartbroken.  This is just the latest of far from stellar love life.  She had been so unlucky.

She went to the bottle and get herself inebriated.  Under the influence of alcohol, Yoo Jung went to Jae Min’s apartment to implore him to undump her.

Unfortunately or actually quite, fortunately, Jae Min had moved out as he had sold the flat to Woo Hyun.

Woo Hyun asked Yoo Jung if she thinks she hadn’t suffered enough humiliation?!!  He advised her to move on, forget about Jae Min.

Jae Min was a total bas***d to Yoo Jung.  He readily admitted that he used her to get himself as a lead actor.  He further said that she was a rubbish girlfriend who was so prissy and won’t let him get into third base.  She was also so tight with her money and gave cheap gifts.

Yoo Jung was consumed with anger and hurt at the same time and her popularity is also suffering because she was coming out as rather pathetic for being dumped.

She was told that she needs someone to save her ego, a stand-in boyfriend.

Woo Hyun had all the positive characters of the perfect boyfriend.  The management got to work and asked him if he was willing to pretend as the boyfriend?  He said he was having no part of the circus.

Yoo Jung was desperate, he begged him to be her fake boyfriend for three months.

Episode 3

Woo Hyun turned her down.  He was not interested.

Yoo Jung does not really know what to do.  She was on top of trending news and it was getting worse.  She was even rumoured to be a girlfriend of a son of a CEO of Suzaki Group (or something) who was actually the half-brother of Woo Hyun.

With all the stress and worries, she had an accident during a photo shoot that would mean going to the hospital.

Fearing the news would blow out, she chose to go to Woo Hyun’s clinic, where he treated her very carefully and almost lovingly.

Woo Hyun is having some stress of his own.  His mother who was on her fourth marriage had decided to leave her latest and moved in with Woo Hyun.

She then connives with her Woo Hyun’s father to force Woo Hyun into a business marriage with Kang Hye Joo, who was so an opportunist.

Like Woo Hyun, Kang Hye Joo was also born on the wrong side of the blanket.  Her father had promised to make her claim to the family fortune legitimate if she can marry a chaebol.

Woon Hyun despite being only the son of his father’s mistress was told by his father that he would make him his heir instead of his brother, who had lost his father’s trust.

He has also found out that his mother has ovarian cancer.  She wanted to spend the day with him to bond and told him to meet her at her favourite restaurant, which happens to be within his father’s company/hotel.

He went there to indulge his mother that he found out that his father was going to hold a press conference to announce Woo Hyun engagement to Kang Hye Joo.

It so happens that he runs to Yoon Yoo Jung on the same hotel.  Yoon Yoo Jung had told him that she was having a movie press and she was likely to announce the name of her boyfriend.

Anyway, while Woo Hyun’s father started the conference and about to announce something major, Yoon Yoo Jung also ready with the microphone to name her beloved.

Then the door opened and Woo Hyun approached the stage and whispered to Yoon Yoo Jung was ready to be her fake boyfriend, and in fact, she was doing him the favour.


Episode 4

Awww Woo Hyun revealed to the gathered audience that he was the mysterious boyfriend of Yoon Yoo Jung.

Unfortunately, despite the big reveal, the lives of Yoon Yoo Jung and Woo Hyun refuse to settle down into a more sedate state where everyone can have a  sigh of relief.

Hye Joo is doing everything she can to make sure the two cannot get comfortable.  She has already promised that she will have Woo Hyun all to herself whatever it takes.

Woo Hyun’s mother had joined forces with Woo Hyun’s father to force Woo Hyun to marry Hye Joo for a business deal.  The mother went really low and pretended that she has cancer, much to her son’s worry.

Despite the many worries that almost coming all at once, Woo Hyun and Yoon Yoo Jung continued with their pretend relationship.

They went to a glamping holiday.  They are really getting closer because they seems so compatible and shares many of life vagaries like being both victims fo fire and having the same fear of fire.

But what do you have, during their glamping, the tent caught on fire.

Episode 5

Despite his almost pathological scare of fire, Woo Hyun braved the heat and rescued Yoon Yoo Jung.

I reckon the fire is also something contrived by Hye Joo.

She is using all the resources from the family company to ensure that Yoon Yoo Jung loses her comfortable leaving.  She had other companies pull out from sponsoring Yoon Yoo Jung.

She also had tried to have a bank renege from a deal of lending Woo Hyun $1.5M for machinery for his new.

Thank goodness everything Hye Joo has been doing is counteracted by Woo Hyun and Yoo Jung.

But in the end of this episode Kang Hye Joo is becoming more evil.  She sent someone to stab Yoo Jung but wounded Woo Hyun instead, who ended up in the hospital.

Here, Yoon Yoo Jung and Woo Hyun shared their first kiss.


Episode 8


Kang Hye Joo is unstoppable.  She asked Yoon Yoo Jung to come to see her.

Episode 9

Kang Hye Joo advised Yoon Yoo Jung to break up with Woo Hyun as she is not good enough for him.

Woo Hyun appeared just in time to take Yoon Yoo Jung away.

Kang Hye Joo reminded him that their engagement is to be announced soon.

He told her that she was fearless and has no self-respect.

Knowing that there was a strong bond between Woo Hyun and Yoo Jung, Kang Hye Joo went to Woo Hyun’s father to complain.  But on her way to the office, she met Woo Hyun’s stepmother who told her to not interfere with Woo Hyun and Yoo Jung, to let them be.  She then asked Kang Hye Joo how her mother was? She knew Kang Hye Joo’s used to be a porn actress who set her claw to Kang Hye Joo’s father.

Though Kang Hye Joo was visibly upset she said that that kind of talk would only make her more determined to get what she wanted.

She then told Woo Hyun what had happened with the deputy chairman (stepmother).  The chairman said that he will let her marry his son but it is all up to her to deal with the deputy chairman.  If at this stage she is already unhappy, then she will always be unhappy.

Woo Hyun and Yoo Jung escaped for a few days together.  They went to the beach and had a sweet carefree time.  They do have lovely chemistry.  I wanted these leads to be romancing also in real life.  LOL  They are that cute.

They stayed in a single room in the inn and had a lovely heart to heart.  Yoo Jung gave him a ring from the wedding ring set of her parents and they promised one another to always believe at each other.

Woo Hyun was just about to tell her his innermost secret but she told him to leave it for the next day as tonight is was all about being happy and having fun.

Episode 10

Kang Hye Joo is a caricature of wickedness.

Despite the countless denial from Woo Jun that he will never marry her, she went ahead had their official engagement announced.

This of course upset Yoo Jung.  It was rather shocking to read on social media that the man you are away for a few days with is getting engaged with someone else.



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