Le Coup de Foudre (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Le Coup de Foudre (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Semi-Autobiographical, Romance, Youth
  • Release Date: 29 April 2019
  • Origin: China; Based on the novel of Qiao Yi
  • Cdrama: 35 Episodes
  • OST: Never Let You Go (Saji)



If you had watched An Oriental Odyssey and was rooting for the characters of Janice Wu and Zhang Yu Jian to get together because they did have lovely sweet chemistry, then the powers that be have granted fans to enjoy a second drama for these two.

I heard the book is a sweet romance.   It is the author’s own love story which started in high school.

Yan Mo apparently was a brilliant student while Qiao Yi may be on the lackadaisical side.  Just before graduation, they promised one another to further pursue their studies abroad but due to Qiao Yi’s family situation, she had to renege on their deal.

Four years later, they are back in touch and Qiao Yi started her sweet assault to get her man back but he was already taken!  Oh No…

So this will be a treat.

Another treat is that it looks like Viki will be subbing this when it finally grace the screen.

Episode 1

Yey the first two episodes are now available in Huace Global Fun site in youtube.

The drama started well, with Wu Qian (Janice Wu) being as adorable as ever.

It began with Qiao Yi and Yan Mo in 2018, now married for four years and recounting that it could have really gone wrong for them but love prevailed.

The episode then jumped to 2013, six years after graduating from university.

Qiao Yi now works for a television company as a scriptwriter and doubling as a director.  She also sometimes appeared as a replacement persona for guests who did not make it to the show.

Despite being busy with her work, she rather looked down at her job, calling it a trifle.

It was the school reunion and Qiao Yi wanted to go but lack the confidence to show up as she heard her ex was going to be attending.

She begged her brother to go with her for moral support.  Though he was reluctant at first as he had history of having many exes at their former school, he went with his sister.

Qiao Yi was on tenterhook the whole time but in the end, Yan Mo was a no-show.

Yan Mo had been studying in Cambridge University in the UK.  He had become popular in their town of Nanshou and he had been asked for an interview.  Though he turned down the offer, his ailing father accepted it on his behalf.

He was visiting his father in the hospital, when the much subscribed morning show, which he found surprising and a little bit shocking, showed a pregnant woman, telling the audience how she works for a living and despite her pregnancy was a victim of domestic violence.  She showed her bruised arms to the audience for their sympathy.

The real pregnant woman could not attend so Qiao Yi had to pretend that she was the woman.  She did cover her face with a beautiful delicate eye mask.

Yan Mo still recognised her and went to the television station to look for Qiao Yi, thinking her fate was so pitiful.  He did not see her but noticed her office desk and put two and two together that she was only role-playing.

On the day of Yan Mo’s interview, Qiao Yi was called by former high school principal asking her to contact Yan Mo on their behalf and asked him to become the guest speaker at the school.

After so much self-debate, she called his number and a woman answered.

Qiao Yi was so shocked that she spilt her Coke into the next corridor causing the morning show presenter and interviewer to slip and be hospitalised.

Qiao Yi had to take over from her.

To her surprise the guest was Yan Mo.

Loving it!!!

Episode 2

Yan Mo was always top of his class.  He was a genius.

As it was another school year, the seating plan was rearranged.  Yan Mo was the first to be seated and Qiao Yi was the last one.

She had three choices left:  sit next to a boy who was hormonal and predisposed to declaring is love, the second was Fei Dachuan, a new boy at the school, he was transferred for beating up a teacher and the third is Yan Mo.

Among the three, Yan Mo was the best but he was rather a loner and keep himself to himself that he even drew a demarcation line on their shared desk.

In her class was also her brother, Guan Chao.  She was annoyed with him for not reserving her a seat.

He said he was not sitting next to no girl even if she happens to be his sister.

But in reality these siblings are very, very close, they are bestest of friends.  They’ve looked after one another since they were young being children of a single parent.  Their father left when they were very young.

They have now a lovely step-father who had taken them under his wing as if they were his own.  He was a police officer who sides with them against their mother’s annoyance.

Yan Mo had both professional parents and often he was left alone to his own devices with just a dog, a beagle, for company.

Guan Chao was a young womaniser and had incurred the wrath of a thuggish ex-girlfriend’s brother.

The brother was taking out his anger with Qiao Yi and her friend Wuyi but Fei Dachuan appeared.

They were so grateful but Fei Dachun cleared them out of their money.

They then saw Yan Mo giving Dachun money as well.

They thought that Dachun was bullying Yan Mo as well.  Actually, Yan Mo and Dachun are related.  Dachun is Yan Mo’s uncle.

Love this drama!😍

Episode 3

It was 2006.

Qiao Yi and Wu Yi led by Fei Dachun tried to steal, for a joke, the new gleaming set of dentures of their high school principal.

But the joke was on them when they noticed the box they took contained the school seals, which meant they were really in trouble.

Their homeroom teacher was a kindly man and helped them asked for an apology from the principal.

In the end, the principal said that he will not ask for their parents’ attendance if they can really fulfil their promised of being in the top 100 of their year.  (There were more than 700 students in their year so this promise is near impossible to fulfil).

In the end, their homeroom teacher was able to lower down the expectation into a passing grade, which is still hard to fulfil as they usually come at the bottom of their class.

Having no real choice, they must do what they must do.

Wu Yi, who comes from an affluent family had her parents hire her the best tutor.  Unfortunately, the tutor who turned up was the boy, Dai Xiong, who was trying to beat her and Qiao Yi previously.

Instead of tutoring her, Dai Xiong took her to a club which would have gone awry if Guanchao did not take her away.

Guanchao, who is second in their class, ended up tutoring Wu Yi for money.

Dachun and Qiao Yi begged Yan Mo to tutor them.  He declined at first but ultimately relented.  Dachun and Qiao Yi were really hardworking.  They suddenly live and breathe studying.

The almost month-long tutoring had an effect on Yan Mo as well.  Though he was quiet and does not say much, he became more caring, especially to Qiao Yi. He had begun to smile more.

He does not drink Coke but for her, he bought a can after she said that they are friends now when he walked her home after he heard the news that there was a pervert on the loose in their community.

During the day of the examination, for added good vibes, the students started praying on the photos of their genius schoolmate, Yan Mo.  They prayed to emulate him.  Qiao Yi was

Wu Yi prayed on the photo of Guanchao, which tickled him to bits.

Yan Mo waited for Qiao Yi to finish the test with a can of coke waiting for her.  She always had trouble opening her coke so Yan Mo considerately opened it for her.  Just the cutest.

I love this drama!  Tender.

Episode 4

Still 2006

I love the OST of this drama.  It is so sad and romantic, sort of nostalgic.

The result of the test was in. Qiao Yi, Wu Yi and Dachun moved up impressively in the rankings.

Yan Mo was shopping at the supermarket when he instinctively reached for a can of Coke.  He then remember the last time he gave a Coke to Qiao Yi.  It was when he was waiting for her after the exam.

Qiao Yi asked him a physic question: if they pour the coke, would it reach to the bottom ground considering that they were on the fifth floor.

Yan Mo poured the Coke and it went down.  Qiao Yi tried it too but there was a teacher passing.

Qiao Yi and Yan Mo run and hid in a classroom.  When the teacher tried to look in the classroom, Yan Mo pulled Qiao Yi down, holding on to her hand for the longest time.  But suddenly Yan Mo pulled his hand and walked away.  So cute.

It was another semester, their sitting plan was changed once again.

This time Qiao Yi had more choices but she saw Yan Mo drawing a demarcation line on the desk and that made her mind to sit with him once again.

Now their class had accumulated funds from penalties of students being tardy.

They have decided to use the money to go on a picnic.

The picnic scenario was just the cutest.

Qiao Yi saw a male school mate who was wearing a tie.  She commented that a shirt and tie make a man at his handsomest.  This was overheard by Yan Mo.

Naughtily delinquent Dachun brought vodka with him concealed in a water bottle.

He was talking to Yan Mo when he got called away, leaving the vodka next to Yan Mo’s water bottle.

Yan Mo had a swig of the vodka.

He went to look for Qiao Yi, who immediately noticed that he was drunk on Dachan’s vodka.

A drunk Yan Mo was so cute.  He agreed to everything that Qiao Yi told him to do including smiling more because he had such cute dimples.

However, he said that he was drunk but not stupid when Qiao Yi told him to do her homework for her for a week.

There was cute filial scene with Guanchao and Li Mioamiao.  Guanchao gifted her with a cute romantic notebook with promises to do together as they get older.

Miaomiao was a bit of a snob, very spoilt being the prettiest girl in their school.  She said that she agreed to be Guanchao’s girlfriend even if he was Qiao Yi’s brother.

This suddenly twanged Guanchao’s radar.  He snatched back the notebook from Miaomiao telling her that he might like her but the bottom line of his life is his sister.  No one insults his sister.  Awww, very heartwarming.

Guanchao and Qiao Yi’s stepfather sat them down for a talk of the birds and bees.  He then presented them with a book “Guidance for High School Students’ Mental Health. He said that in the police station they had a mother bring in a 15-year-old daughter who was made pregnant by a seventeen-year-old.

Qiao Yi and Guanchao were uncomfortable with the talk and told their stepfather that they were both sensible and won’t be caught with a situation like that.

Qiao Yi took Yan Mo shopping for a tie as she promised him when he was drunk; he wanted then to be handsome.

At the shop, they had the minute-long just looking at one another as Qiao Yi does his tie for him.  She was telling him that her stepfather had told them he had never learned to tie his own because he wanted his wife to do it for him.

It then showed later Yan Mo tieing his own tie when he was in Cambridge.

Episode 5

This episode is about friendship, real and true.

Anyway, Yan Mo was going to be alone once again to celebrate his birthday as his mother can’t make it back home.  She suggested to Yan Mo to go out with his friends, go to the movies.

He bought a couple of tickets to the latest Jay Chou movie.  He was hoping to go out with Qiao Yi.  He was about to ask her when his annoying uncle took the tickets away and asked Qiao Yi himself to go to the movies with him.

Qiao Yi agreed as she was known to like Jay Chou.

At the movies, someone put his feet on the back of the seat of Dachan and would kick the seat.  Dachan being Dachan would not let that pass.  He stood up to confront the person, who happened to be Da Xiong on a date with Hao Wuyi.

At this point, Qiao Yi did not know that her best friend was dating the hooligan.

Qiao Yi was so annoyed especially when Dachan and Da Xiong started brawling inside the cinema and ended at the police station.

The friendship between Qiao Yi and Wuji had fractured, so much so that they ended up beating one another during PE.

Their homeroom teacher, who was such a nice man, remarked that they had been friends for so long that it was unthinkable to end up as enemies.

The teacher told them to write down at least 5 of each other’s good and bad points.  Again this ended with the girls saying there were more than 5 bad points of each other.  One says she can think of 84 bad points.

When Qiao Yi started writing her list, all she could think of was the good things she appreciated from her best friend.  awww.

The next day, it was a blue uniform day.  The principal was rather strict with the dress code at that day because they were due a school evaluation.

Anyway among a sea of blue, Wu Yi came to the school with her maroon tracksuit.

During the morning ceremony, the principal made her stand next to him to humiliate her.  Qiao Yi, seeing this quickly went back to change her blue uniform to maroon and run back and shouted Wu Yi name.

The principal called Qiao Yi to stand next to Wu Yi and started his monologue of bad students.

Qiao Yi and Wu Yi reconciled and be best friends for life.

Episode 6

It was Yan Mo’s birthday and once again he thought he was going to be alone.  But his mom was at home with a birthday cake.

His mom is lovely.  She was putting away her son’s shirts in his closet when she found a t-shirt printed with a cartoon character.  Obviously, it does not belong there as she knew her son only wears plain white shirts.

She asked her son where it came from and should she get rid of it?

Yan Mo told her not to as it was a good quality shirt.

His mother persisted until she found out the truth.  She asked Dachan who would have given Yan Mo the shirt.

Dachan readily said that it could only be Qiao Yi.

Yan Mo’s mother was ecstatic.  Finally, her sign is becoming more normal with a girlfriend.

Qiao Yi was asked by her classmates what shoes does she wear?  Does she like Adidas or Nike?

Qiao Yi’s family is a simple one, they cannot afford branded goods and would make do with what they can buy without going into debt.

But peer pressure got the better of Qiao Yi and asked her mother if she can have a new pair of shows.

Her mother took her shopping but when Qiao Yi showed that she likes a pair of Adidas, her mother said that they can go somewhere where they were selling discounted shoes.

Qiao Yi, in the end, said she doesn’t need a new pair of shoes after all.  She then mopped around.

It was nearing the new year and Qiao Yi and Wu Yi were busy writing their New Year cards.

Wu Yi gave a card to her homeroom teacher, which was really meant for her boyfriend, Da Xiong.

Mr Gao, her teacher, thought that Wu Yi has a crush on him and told Wu Yi’s mother during the Teacher/Parents meeting.

Wu Yi’s mother was concerned about her daughter and showed Wu Yi her letter she gave her teacher, which he returned to the mother.

Wu Yi run to Da Xiong and apologised for giving him the wrong letter.  He pretended to be upset when he read the letter but really, in reality, he did not even read it.

Yan Mo’s mother also attended the P/TM and was curious about Qiao Yi’s father who sat next to her during the meeting.

Episode 7 & 8

Love these episodes.  Not much cute scenes between Yan Mo and Qiao Yi but there were plenty of the background story about their family.

I have always wondered why Qiao Yi and Guanchao were in the same class.  If the reason was mentioned in previous episodes, then missed it because I was blindsided by the cuteness of Yan MO and Qiao Yi.

Anyway, Qiao Yi and Guanchao are twins.  Guanchao is older.  These two are so devoted to one another, they always have each other’s back.

In episode 7, Zhao Lei, the twin’s biological father got in contact.  He wanted to have dinner with the twins.

Guanchao very categorically said that he was not interested and can never forgive him for what he did to Qiao Yi when they were little.

Their father was a drunk.  when they were 5 or 6, their father was drinking and asked little Qiao Yi to pour me more drink.  The little girl accidentally knocked the bottle and the drunk father got totally pissed off and took belt off and beat his daughter.

Young Qiao YI needed a major operation to correct her spine afterwards which cost a lot of money.  Their father was unwilling to get the money.

Their mother divorced her husband and sold their house to pay for the operation.

While their mother worked her fingers to the bone to make a living the twins looked after each other.

Guanchao was a boy genius.  He found a couple of broken walkie talkies which he fixed and gave one to his sister.  They were playing with it when it became out of range because his sister went a little too far.

Guanchao was inconsolable to have lost his sister.

At that moment a kindly policeman noticed the crying boy, who he immediately reassured that he will find his sister for him.

The policeman was Tian, who eventually became their stepfather.

Back to 2006

Yan Mo was surprised to have both his mother and father in the house at the same time and there was a girl as well who was on holiday from school in Britain.  The girl was his childhood ‘sweetheart’.

Anyway, Yan Mo was just going to get his father from the study when he heard him talking rather furtively on the phone to someone.

He then noticed that his father sleep in the study rather than share a bedroom with his mother.

He started following his father but he was so obvious that even a passing Qiao Yi recognised him at once and almost gave the game away to his father.

He told Yan Mo his suspicion.  They made a deal for Qiao Yi to follow his father instead while he will convince Guanchao to meet Zhaolei.

In the end, Qiao Yi found out that Yan Mo’s father was meeting a woman and there was a little boy as well as calling his father, ‘dad’.

Qiao Yi at first hid what she found out but in the end, she decided to tell Yan Mo.

Yan Mo was given an envelope, which got tucked in with Dachuan’s thing when he went to Yan Mo’s house.  Dachan said to return to Yan Mo’s mother.

When Yan Mo got home, he found his father just about to leave with a suitcase and his mother telling him that she works and will be leaving as well in the morning.

Yan Mo cannot stand the stilted atmosphere between his parents so he told him that he knew the farce that has been going on. He gave the envelope to his mother, which has her visa and showed that she was a divorced woman.  Yan Mo asked them how long they had been pretending to be still married.

The mother said that they had been divorced for seven years and because Yan Mo is still so young they thought it would be best that he does not find out that his parents are divorced.

It was going to be their stepfather 40th birthday.  He wanted to have a big party and then changed his mind as all his workmates had prior things/events to go or do.

So he took his wife to a fancy restaurant instead.  This was a cute funny scene between the husband and wife.

Tian then confirmed with his wife that the children had gone to dinner with their biological father.

Guanchao went rather half-heartedly having been convinced by his sister, who said that he had a deeper emotion about their father, probably he can have closure to all the anger and angst he felt with their father.

Qiao Yi, herself, said that she does not love their father, nor hate him.  She doesn’t feel anything for him.

When Guanchao arrived at the restaurant, his father did not even ask if Qiao Yi was coming.  He then said to Guanchao to go with him to Canada.

Guanchao asked what about Qiao Yi, their father was not concern about a mere girl.  He had remarried and had another daughter so what he wanted was a son, Guanchao, who would carry on with his name.

What he did not realise was that Guanchao loved Qiao Yi more than anyone.

Qiao Yi was waiting for Guanchao.  This scene is so tender and so lovely and so sweet and will bring tears to your eyes.

In fact, these two episodes will surely bring you to tears.

Guanchao gave Qiao Yi white lies.  He told her that their father loves her and that he hopes she grows healthy and happy.  Awww.

Guanchao and Qiao Yi got talking about the time she was having her operation.  Qiao Yi teased him that he cried so much and it was not very manly.  But she said that at that time holding his hand was the most reassuring thing and she knew was going to be alright.  As long as Guanchao is in her life everything will be ok.  Awww

Love these siblings.  Love this drama.

Episode 9

The intro to this episode is hilarious.  Yan Mo and Qiao Yi were on a date to see a movie.  Yan Mo wanted to see Jurassic Park while Qiao Yi wanted to see a comedy.

As there was only one ticket left for Jurassic Park, Yan Mo took it with a qualm and told Qiao Yi that he will wait for her later as his movie finishes ten minutes earlier.

Qiao Yi was doing badly at school and even got zero for a multiple choice quiz.

Guanchao always comes second to Yan Mo which was irking him since he used to be first when he was at primary school.  To nudge Yan Mo off the first place, Guanchao tried to improve his basketball skill to gain extra ten-points as an extra-curricular activity.

Qiao Yi asked Wu Yi, who was an ace basketball player for the girls’ team to help her brother.

Meanwhile, Qiao Yi tried to help herself as well buy getting extra private tutoring to improve her school work.

Yan Mo dropped hints that he was willing to tutor her but Qiao Yi does not get the hint.

Instead, she went to a tutoring school, which Yan Mo later exposed as a fake and not licenced by the Education Bureau.

Yan Mo forcefully told Qiao Yi that he was there and he was better at tutoring her, why doesn’t she asked him?  They were so cute in this scene.

Episode 10

It is now the time to choose their major in college.  Liberal Arts or the Sciences.

Mr Gao had told Guanchao that Yan Mo will continue his studies in the UK.

Yan Mo was going to Beijing and his friends tagged along with him.  Being the most reliable member of their core group, they all gave their pocket money to Yan Mo to look after.

But when they tried to pay for their hotel room, the money can’t be found as they left the jacket they put the money on the train.

They all ended up staying in Yan Mo’s aunt.

Guanchao took the opportunity one night to have a talk with Yan Mo.  He told him that he should tell his sister that he will be going to UK to study.

WuYi has a crush on Guanchao and acted on it,  She invited him to spend the day with her, which he agreed to.

Yan Mo was really in love with Qiao Yi that he told his mother that he had changed his mind.  He doesn’t want to go to Cambridge anymore.

Dachuan, however, told Qiao Yi that Yan Mo is going to the UK to study.  She was crying in the park when Yan Mo found her.

To cheer Qiao Yi up, he took her to Beijing Television Station to watch his mother being interviewed as the chief dancer of the English Royal Ballet.

Yan Mo asked Qiao Yi to go with him to the UK.  He told her that he will help her get into one of the universities or colleges near Cambridge.

Guanchao made Wu Yi confessed what she feels about him.

Episode 11

WuYi did not lose time to tell Qiao Yi that she was not going out with Guanchao.

Qiao Yi found it weird that her brother is dating her best friend.  She warned her brother not to make Wu Yi sad.

Qiao Yi became an exceptional caring daughter to her parents.  Then she asked them if she can study in the UK.

Surprisingly, they agreed with her immediately.

Poot Guanchao, his trick had bounced back on him big time.  He made a bet with Dachuan that he can make Wu Yi his girlfriend.

Now he can’t get away from her.  Wu Yi was everywhere he turned.

Including when he was collecting his win from his bet with Dachuan.

Wu Yi heard everything that Guanchao was never serious about her.

Awww Yan Mo joined a contest to win a Tippin ware for Qiao Yi.

By the way, Mr Gao is adorable!

Episode 12

Dachuan was eating some prawns he bought from a street market.  He invited Yan Mo to have some, he further added that Qiao Yi and Wu Yi loved them.

This was enough incentive for Yan Mo to try some.  Unfortunately, it did not agree with him as he ended up in the hospital with gastroenteritis.

There is a new girl at Qiao Yi class.  They call the girl the goddess.  She was very pretty, elegant, tall and willowy with amazing straight hair.  She was Yan Ran.

The boys in their class wanted Yan Ran including the bully of the class.

They later found out that Yan Ran is a daughter of a lowly street vendor and she often helps her father in his stall.

From a goddess, she became a pariah and bullied.

The bullying extended to her father.  The class bully ordered noodle soup of the class.

He then made a point to order the father to distributed the bowl of noodles to each of the students but midway, he opened one of the sealed bowls and said that they were spoilt.  He made the students return the noodle to the man.

The in walked in Yan Ran who would not let her beloved father be belittled by anyone.  She also said that she was dropping off the class.

Mr Gao was just coming into the class and overheard the tail-end of what happened.  He was absolutely furious.

Qiao Yi was feeling guilty.  She confessed to Yan Mo that she knew that Yan Ran was being bullied but she did not do anything.

Episode 13

This is a sad episode and yet heart-warming.  It made me cry a few times, especially when Qiao Yi was remembering the first time her stepfather became a part of their family.

To start with, she did not trust him, she was standoffish towards him and called him uncle rather than dad.  But her stepfather was a good, caring bloke and made every effort to break down her barrier.

Now she seems him laid down in the hospital bed in a coma and likely never to walk again.  He got run over while on duty running after some thieves.

Due to her dad’s accident, Qiao Yi started being cold to Yan Mo, who was doing everything to collate all the information for her to be able to study in the UK, at the University of East Anglia, in fact.

But for reasons, I really cannot fathom, Qiao Yi, kept her dad’s accident a secret from Yan Mo, who was totally confused when she finally said that she cannot go to the UK with him and that they were from different strata in life.

There was also a scene that was so lovely it made me tearful.  It was with her brother who gave her a bankbook for her study abroad.  She realised that all the rackets he was doing were all for her, her brother had always thought of her, when she was sad about their dad, Guanchao reassured her not to worry because he was there to look after her.  He was such a good brother.

But poor Wu Yi finally let go of her crush on Guanchao.  She told him that they should be a best friend through thick and thin instead.

Dachuan knew about Qiao Yi’s accident but she made him promised not to tell Yan Mo.

Yan Mo found out eventually after using emotional blackmail towards Dachuan.  “I am your relative, how can you lie to me?”

Episode 14

Awww Qiao Yi and Yan Mo broke up before they can even begin to get together.

Yan Mo went to the Uk to study electronic engineering in Cambridge.

Her father came out of his coma and was out of the hospital after 2 months.

Guanchao did not enter the military but change the course of his life by studying medicine in Beijing.

Dachuan is in college but spending his time in the golf course.

As to Qiao Yi, she did badly in her final exam that she could only enroll in a second rate college, but she changed, she became studious and joined in many curricular activities.  She became known as the busiest in their department.

Now and again she still misses Yan Mo.

She might get a chance to see him because she was offered by her professor to become an exchange student at the University of Nottingham.

However, she did turn it down but she had another thought, will she be too late?

Episode 15

It was 2010, Qiao Yi went to the UK as an exchange student to the University of Nottingham but frist stop was a walk-around at Cambridge to find Yan Mo.

As luck or bad luck would have it,  Qiao Yi and Yan Mo got too near and yet so far.  They were within feet of each other but they kept missing each other until Qiao Yi time had run out and had to go to Nottingham.

Episode 16

Her television station boss asked Qiao Yi to get Yan Mo back whatever she does.  He wanted Yan Mo interviewed in their program.

Qiao Yi went to beg Yan Mo. She even tried to seduce him but when he asked was she doing it for work, Qiao Yi immediately agreed which only put out Yan Mo.

Yan Mo finally agreed but on the condition that the host will be a different one.  The new host had the hots for Yan Mo but he was not interested even a little bit.

In fact, he crashed Qiao Yi’s blind date.  He does not want to see her with any other man.

Episode 17

Guanchao had moved to Beijing and as luck would have it had rented the new door apartment to Wu Yi.

During his housewarming party which became rowdy with loud music and dancing and drinking, Wu Yi knocked on his door.

They were both surprised that they now live next door to each other.  Wu Yi joined the party and got merry.  Towards the end of the evening, she was reluctant to return to her apartment because she can’t face writing more novels of all and the same as her previous ones.  She wanted to change her genre to something slightly science fiction but her agent had told her that they prefer if she could just continue on writing romantic, slightly risque, stories.

Now drunk and alone with Guanchao in his apartment, she playfully kissed Guanchao.  She said she does not feel anything anymore.

This was a challenge to Guanchao, who kissed her deeply and one thing led to another…

The next morning they both woke up naked on his bed.

QiaoYi had resigned from her job at the television station after listening to the advice of her father (step) who told her to get out of her comfort zone for the last six years.  She needs to seek her true love rather than waiting for it.

So she packed her bag and went to Beijing to search for Yan Mo.


Episode 18

Yan Mo is playing hard to get but he can’t really help himself.  Qiao Yi is his first love and remains his only love.

No matter how much he denies himself, he is magnetised towards Qiao Yi.

She was now working as an intern in his company, Panda, which makes a health bracelet.

He asked Qiao Yi to go shopping with him, she thought he was buying her clothes but it was the opposite, he was buying himself a new wardrobe and he wanted her to help him choose.

Yan Mo would wake up early to take Qiao Yi to work or stay and wait for her outside and take her home after her overtime.

He’s a very devoted ‘boss’.

Episode 19

Qiao Yi’s good fortune of finding work at Panda did not last long because Cheng Youme/Alicia had come to work at Panda.

Alicia decided that Qiao Yi’s was her full time assistant who does all her personal business such as buying coffees, getting her clothes at the dry cleaner, going to the vet for Alicia’s pet, etc.

Poor Qiao Yi was run rugged that she did not have time to change clothes for the next day.

This was noticed by Yan Mo who asked Qiao Yi to come to his office and purposely made her read him a rather ‘dry’ book.  In no time, Qiao Yi fell fast asleep.

Yan Mo tenderly laid her in his office sette and covered her with his long coat and then quietly sat down next to her watching over her.  So cute.

Alicia had been telling everyone that she was Yan Mo’s fiancee.

Yan Mo had a talk with Alicia.  Telling her that Qiao Yi was not her PA and to lay off mistreating Qiao Yi.

Alicia said that she grew up with him and she was the only one who knew how much he suffered in the UK because of Qiao Yi.

Episode 20

Qiao Yi’s parents are obsessing with her move to Beijing and would research everything about her location, whether it was going to rain, the numbers of crime, the smog, etc and would call her to warn Qiao Yi’s about it.

One day her mother caught her when she was most busy and told her mother not to bother about little things like the weather.

Her poor mother was upset with how little Qiao Yi though of their caring and promised Qiao Yi that she will not bother her anymore.

Alicia heard the conversation between Qiao Yi and her mother and was rather affected.  She asked her all father if he could make her pickle and her father thought that she had gone mad.

Yan Mo was looking at his things from UK and remembered all the times that he ended up crying thinking and missing Qiao Yi.

Qiao Yi tried to make it up to her parents and ‘facetime’ but her mother was still very hurt and ignored Qiao Yi’s call.

Qiao Yi was really bothered that she upset her parents, especially her mother.  She went to her brother for some advice but he just laughed it off saying she just continue to apologise and their mother would forgive her.

She was walking from the hospital when she tried speaking to her mother again.  It started raining and suddenly missed her mother so much, she ended up doubled in the street in the pouring rain.

She realised that her mother loved her more than she loved her mother.

The soaking gave her a bad cold.   Fortuitously, Yan Mo was visiting and looked after her and went to buy her medicine, seeing that she felt so sorry for herself.

WuYi has been feeling sick and lethargic.  She googled her symptoms and it said that she was pregnant.  She had a pregnancy test and it came out positive.

She was going to tell Qiao Yi about it but Qiao Yi was distracted trying to buy a ticket for Jay Chou’s concert.

Episode 21

Guanchao misunderstood his sister’s visit to an obstetrician in the hospital.

Thinking that Qiao Yi was pregnant, he went to Yan Mo and proceeded to beat him up.  Yan Mo fought back and then when they both calmed down, they decided to get the truth from the horse’s mouth.

They went to Qiao Yi to ask about the father of her baby?

Qiao Yi was cornered.  She runs into her bedroom and quickly texted Yan Mo for help that it was not her who was pregnant but it was Wu Yi who was pregnant and thatGuanchao was the father but Wu Yi would not want them to tell Guanchao.

When Qiao Yi and Yan Mo were alone together, she asked Yan Mo if it had been her who was pregnant… Yan Mo said, ‘Don’t you dare.”

More of misunderstanding was cleared up between Qiao Yi and Yan Mo.  She told him that she did not have a boyfriend in college.  He thought she had one after reading her blog when he was still in England. The boyfriend turned out to be a dog her dorm called Boyfriend.

Episode 22

Guanchao finally found out that Wu Yi was pregnant with his baby.

Yan Mo’s health bracelet was copied by another company.  It was Chengye, the son from the company Dachun used to work for.

Episode 23

Poor Wu Yi is in a pickle.  She found out that she had phantom pregnancy but did not know how to tell Guanchao about it.

Guanchao had turned into the perfect boyfriend, very attentive and supportive. And Wu Yi was more in love with him than ever before.  She told Qiao Yi that perhaps she could marry Guanchao and then tells him later that she had a fall and lost the baby.

Qiao Yi told her that she cannot cover a lie with another lie.

Chengye and Dachuan’s confrontation ended in a brawl.

Episode 24

Dachuan started falling in love with Alicia as she tended to her cuts and bruises.

Qiao Yi was a victim of a scammer.  She rented her place with a tenant and when his contract ended, Qiao Yi was thrown out of the apartment despite having paid her rent in full with the tenant rather than the landlord.

She can’t call Wu Yi nor her brother as she left her mobile phone at Yan Mo’s car.

Fortunately, Yan Mo having noticed her mobile phone in his car went in search of her and he found her at her nearest bus stop with her suitcases and a mutty mongrel.

Qiao Yi asked if she can take the dog with them but Yan Mo said no.

Qiao Yi told him about her travails that she paid her rent to the wrong person.

Yan Mo after lecturing her asked her why she came to Beijing and chucking a pretty good job at Nanchuan.

Qiao Yi querulously said that it was became of him, she just wanted to see him everyday.

Yan Mo was shocked but happy.  He stopped the car and kissed her for the first time and quite a long one too.  So cute.

When they got to his house, he again asked Qiao Yi if what she said in the car was the truth.

Qiao Yi said yes.

He then asked her if she likes him and since when?

Qiao Yi said yes and for a long time.

That night Yan Mo was so happy he could not fall asleep.  He felt magnanimous that he went back to the bus stop where he picked up Qiao Yi and fetch the mutted dog with him.

The next morning, Qioa Yi was shy while Yan Mo was lethargic for lack of sleep.

After work that day, he took her to the vet to get the mutt.

Qiao Yi was so happy that she can take home the dog, which she named Dollar.  When the vet asked him Yan Mo is her boyfriend, Yan Mo himself replied “Yes”

Outside, Qiao Yi asked him if he was serious and he said he’s always been serious.

Dachuan found out about Qiao Yi’s housing situation and offered Yan Mo to look for a new place for her.

Yan Mo said that there was no need as Qiao Yi was now his girlfriend.

This conversation was also being echoed at the next room as Wu Yi was visiting Qiao YI.

Wu Yi said that it seemed Yan Mo had finally confessed but Qiao Yi said it was the other way around, she confessed to Yan Mo who returned it with a blazingly exciting kiss.  Awww

Episode 25

Wu Yi finally confessed to Guanchao that she was not pregnant, she really thought she was.

Guanchao was actually very upset about it but can’t somehow tell Wu Yi about it instead he said that he was so relieved and liken it too a person being diagnosed with cancer and to find out later that it was a misdiagnosis.

Wu Yi was genuinely embarrassed so she went on a prolonged holiday abroad.  Guanchao was missing her and can’t get the energy anymore to party….

Episode 26

DaChuan was seriously pursuing Alicia/Cheng You Mei.

Wu Yi had come back from her holiday.  She is now being courted by Yan Mo’s former flatmate while in the UK.

The Panda group decided to hold a new year’s party and as there were no places available to hire, Yan Mo volunteered his house as the venue.

Qiao Yi had to collect all her things together and hid them though Yan Mo can’t really understand why she does not just tell them that she is his girlfriend and that they live together as housemates.

But in the end, Qiao Yi gave the game away when she got drunk.  Yan Mo clarified that Qiao Yi lives with him and that she is his girlfriend.  He made his staff promised not to give Qiao Yi special treatment at work but not to ostracise her either.

Yan Mo took Qiao Yi with him to a business trip where Da Chuan booked them in the honeymoon suite for 3 days and two nights.

Episode 27

Zhou Zhao is avidly pursuing Wu Yi, he sent her flowers and goes looking for her which was noticed by Guanzhou who tailed them to a restaurant.

Wu Yi told Zhou Zhao that she was in a one-sided love with someone which she still needs to get over with so she is not really looking for a relationship.

Zhou Zhao told her that they have only known each other for a short time so who knows what might develop.

Guanzhou saw Wu Yi burnt her hand on the hot bowl of beef bibimbap, so he was there immediately taking wu Yi away to soothe her hand.

They then made up, Guanzhou confessing that he had fallen in love with her.

Panda is in trouble of meeting a delivery as the warehouse factory had caught fire and damaged hundreds of the wrist watches.  Now they are lacking the raw material for the sensor chips,

Da chuan made a decision to substitute something else which would look almost exactly the same.

Yan Mo’s mother surprised him with a visit at the hotel he was staying in.  She saying that she was getting married and moving permanently to the UK.

Yan Mo gave her his blessings.

A sensible child wasn’t born a sensible child.
– Guanchao

Qiao Yi tried to seduce Yan Mo.  (This was that rather passionate sofa kiss).  Though he passionately kissed her on the sofa, he stopped himself and told her that they will come back to the room on their honeymoon.

Episode 28

Wu Yi and Guanchao were having a love-up time when her mother turned up in her apartment.  Guanchao had to pretend to be the cleaner.

The mother found out though that he was really a doctor.

Da chuan confessed to Yan Mo that he had to make an executive decision to use another type of raw material for the sensor chips for their health wristwatch.

Yan Mo ordered Da Chuan to recall all the watches that had been sent out.

It was too late, a man using the wristwatch suffered a heart attack without being warned by his supposed health watch.

Episode 29

This episode is about relationships in chaos.

Alicia started to look at Da Chuan in a more positive light but he was just too temperamental and created havoc to an already sensitive environment at Panda.  Alicia let him stew in prison to calm down.

Wu Yi found out that Guanchao was not ‘conscripted’ to do medical work in the province but actually volunteered to go for three months.  This was because he got scared with Wu Yi’s mother talking about him marrying her daughter.

Wu Yi then confronted him about it and he was forced to say that he wanted to live a happy life with her but he was never going to get married.  Wu Yi broke up with him.

Yan Mo was forced to break up the company as there was so many bad press that was going on.  To be able to think things through he told Qiao Yi that he wanted to break up with her for a while.

Episode 30

Wu Yi’s mother is dying.

Qiao Yi found out that the family who caused Panda to fold down had been economical with the truth.  The daughter had signed up for the health wristwatch and then promptly gave it to her father who lived in the countryside, which was out of reach of the parameter of the location she inputted when she applied.

Episode 31

Wu Yi mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Wu Yi was beside herself with worry and grief because her mother had given up.  She no longer take her medication and that she used her remaining energy to plan for her own funeral.

Wu Yi had told Qiao Yi not to tell Gaunzhou about her ailing mother.

Qiao Yi tried her best for a while but in the end she can’t help but tell Guanchao what was happening to Wu Yi.

Guanchao did not waste any time.  He packed his bag and went to be with Wu Yi, who was needing comfort at that time.

Guanchao had a heart to heart with his sister.  He confessed that he does love Wu Yi and that she was the only women he would spend the rest of his life with but as to marriage, it scares the living daylight out of him.

He was worried that he had inherited the genes from their father, who used to beat up both their mother and Qiao Yi with compunction.

Qiao Yi quickly told him that she was lucky that she had Guanzhou with her, growing up.  These siblings are just adorable.

Meanwhile, Yan Mo was playing it really cool.  Dachuan advised him that if he was being too apathetic with Qiao Yi, she must just decide that she had enough and live just like what happened to Alice.

Episode 32

This episode was heartbreaking.  Wu Yi and her mother completely made up whatever differences they had.

Then the mother passed away, and there was a really poignant poem read at her tomb

Something like this:

“Since the moment you forget me, I will forget you.

I’ll be by your side … silently

Till the day when you forget me.

My tears were free-falling at this scene.

Anyway, Yan Mo and Qiao Yi went to find the recalcitrant Professor Li in the countryside.  Professor Li was the foremost nutritionist of the country.

Episode 33

Poor Wu Yi cannot find a publisher willing enough to put her book out.  Apparently, she had gained a reputation of being hard to work with and had been blacklisted.  It was the work of her former editor who spread malicious rumours about her because Wi Ye would not want to continue writing the same fluffy stories they wanted her to do.

Meanwhile Yan Mo and Qiao Yi were assimilating into the rural life in Professor Lin’s town.  But it does not mean they are getting it easy.

The Professor was hard to get along with but with their careful treatment of him, he was beginning to thaw.

Poor Yan Mo was stressed because he heard that most of their investors had pulled out because of the recent controversy.

Da Chuan managed to get a firm agreement with Alicia’s brother to collaborate with the health watch as they have got the technology for it.

Professor Li also jumped in on board to create nutrition apps for the health watch.

Episode 34

Guanzhou went with Qiao Yi jewellery shopping.  He bought an engagement ring for Wu Yi which surprised Qiao Yi as he had always said that he was never going to get married.

Guanzhou said that he had changed his mind because he wanted to be with Wu Yi for the rest of his life and wanted to look after her.

Wu YI had found a small agency willing to pubish her work.  I must say I am a little confused with this as Wu Yi should have a lot of money inherited from her mother.

Guanzhou arranged a very sweet proposal to the pleasantly surprised Wu Yi.  It was really cute.

Poor Qiao Yi was hoping for her own proposal from Yan Mo as well.  She was so desperate for it that she mistook a dinner date in a fancy restaurant as going to be the proposal night.

She kept going to the toilet to give Yan Mo time to arrange the proposal.  She called her brother, Wu Yi and Duchan that Yan Mo was going to propose.  They came immediately with their cameras to record the event.

When her dessert came, she delicately prod it with her fork to feel a hidden ring on it but nothing.

Then Yan Mo produced a little box the size of ring box.  She was so excited and opened it and it did not contain a ring but a little bottle, which Yan Mo said was an essential oil from a friend in England that would induce sleep.

Poor Qiao Yi.  Guanzhou, Wu Yi and Duchuan were killing themselves laughing.

Yan Mo realised that Qiao Yi was hurt.

The next morning he spoke to a half-asleep Qiao Yi and told her to free her afternoon as they were going to register their marriage.

Qiao Yi woke up immediately asking the departing back of Yan Mo if that was a proposal. 🙂

Episode 35 – The Finale

Qiao Yi made a lovely bride.  It was a beautiful wedding.

Guanzhou and Wu Ye had twin babies and were quite happy and contented together.

Qiao Yi’s mom and dad could not be any happier about their grandchildren but they wanted one from Qiao Yi and Yan Mo as well.

The half part of this episode chronicles the first four years of Qiao Yi and Yan Mo.

Their honeymoon was postponed for two years and when they finally took it, they went to the UK where Qiao Yi let it slipped that she had a photo posing in front of Cambridge.

Yan Mo was surprised and wanted to know the exact date.  It dawned at him that he was a few feet away from her at that time and it made him angry and sad at it could have made a difference if they had met at that time.

He tenderly hugged Qiao Yi in front of Cambridge and said never to fight again.












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