Wait My Youth (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Wait My Youth (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

  • Aka: Salute to My Youth

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  • Genre: Youth, School, Romance
  • Release Date: 19 March 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes



  • Li Jiaqi as Can Can
  • Zhao Yiqin as Lan Tianye
  • Li Geyang as Lin Jiaze
  • Xu Mengyuan as as Xu Meili
  • Dong Yanlei as Tang Xingyi (Meili’s Boyfriend)
  • Wu Shuangyi as Tao Yating
  • Wei Tianhao as Zhou Lin (Music Teacher)

Episode 1

This drama is so cute, in the same way as A Love So Beautiful.

Su Can Can is a first-year high school student who likes the handsomest and most intelligent boy in their year.

He was Lin Jiaze.

Su Can Can was finding ways to be close to him and confess to him but she seemed to be prevented from doing so by his best friend Lan Tianye.

Lately Can Can seems to get into trouble because of Tianye.

During their New Year’s celebration, she was being helped by her best friend to remove her long underwear, her mother insisted her to wear underneath her jeans.  She just managed to do it under the cover of some trees and decided also to remove her vest when a boy runs into her and they both fell on the ground.

They were immediately caught by a teacher who was running after Tianye.

The teacher said that they were shameless doing those things in the school ground.

Poor Can Can.  No matter what she said the teacher would not listen.

They were taken to the faculty room to write an introspection letter.   Tianye forced her to write his one.  He said that he was going to kill her if she doesn’t.  She was not concerned at first but when he mentioned that he will tell everyone about her long underwear, she back down and proceeded to write his promissory note.

Because of the trouble, she was in, her cousin, Tang Yating, got to read the poem Can Can wrote.  Can Can was supposed to do it.

She got into trouble with her parents when they found out that she did not participate in the poem reading.

There was a new programme at their school where the most intelligent ones are no longer put into their own class but rather assimilated to other sections.

Can Can was so happy to find out that Jiaze was in her class.

Her friend told her to get in there immediately to confess to Jiaze.

Can Can was just about to do it when the boy next to Jiaze woke up.  It was Tianye.  The boy who told her that he will never like a girl like her.

I finished watching this whole drama without any subtitles.  I may not understand fully what went on but I got the gist.

It is a very watchable drama despite lacking of sub for now!

It is a happy ending as well.

Seriously it is worth watching the drama without sub, it just the cutest.

Episode 2 (Unsubbed)

Can Can was so excited because their teacher had decided to completely rearrange the seating plan,  Can Can was hoping that she ends up sitting with Jiaze.

But no such luck as she ended up sitting next to Tianye.

Despite this, she continued to moon over Jiaze and would daydream being with him.  So cute

Tao Yating was playing the cello when a very handsome man interrupted her and told her she was doing very well.

Can Can found out that her mortal enemy wasn’t too bad at all.  He was actually quite considerate.

Episode 3

A small miracle, this episode is actually subbed.

Anyway, Jiaze is a school radio host.  Can Can imagined that it would just be perfect if she can be one as well and see Jiaze all the time.

So Can Can auditioned for the radio co-host.  But she stuttered badly.

Their radio adviser was the handsome man who complimented Tao Yating.

Jiaze had told him that Can Can was very good in literature and would be an asset as a scriptwriter for the show.

Meili, Can Can’s best friend was also recruited and Tao Yating and finally Tianye.

Tianye and Can Can are developing a cute friendship.  Can Can collects candy wrappers and the best provider of them was Tianye who was forever eating sweeties.

Now it was time for the parent-teacher meeting.

Tianye does not want to bring his parents as they will be moaning non-stop.

Jiaze had a brilliant idea of bringing fake parents.

During the meeting, two men attended for Tianye: his real one as well as the fake one.  He is in trouble.

Episode 4 (unsubbed)

It was going to be their sports day and Can Can got recruited for the basketball team.  The thing was aside from being tiny, she can’t really shoot a ball.

She asked Jiaze if he could help her out, Jiaze was also too willing to do it.  He was always very kind and very accommodating to everyone.

Jiaze was just about to teach Can Can to play basketball when he was called out for another commitment.

Can Can, though disappointed understood that he had to go.

Jiaze met Tianye and told him help Can Can practise basketball.

Though Tianye was rather reluctant at first, he went to help Can Can but she would not obey his instruction at first.

This was the episode where Tianye had to pull Can Can towards him to protect her from a flying ball.  So cute.

During the sports day, Tianye was participating in the high jump.  He was so good at it but Can Can was worried that he might hurt his back so she went to look for more thicker mats for him.

Tianye won and quite chuffed that Can Can was looking after him so well.  She was so obedient.

Episode 5 (Unsubbed)

Can Can won the final shootout of the basketball game for her team.  She was so happy and happily watched by Tianye as well.

Can Can gave Tianye a jar of sweets.

Tianye was shocked but excited as well. He thought she was confessing to him but she said it was just because they were friends.

Tianye was so annoyed he refused the sweets.  And then he turned cold towards her again.

Episode 6 (Unsubbed)

Though Tao Yating was Can Can’s cousins (Tao Yating’s father is brother to Can Can’s mother) they were not close.

Now Tao Yating’s mother left her and her father to go abroad.  The usually quiet Tao Yating became even more quiet.

Tianye was friends with Can Can again.

Can Can thought that there might be more between Tao Yating and Jiaze but as she was coming to terms that he was too far off from her, he would be there in her face like in the library, she was reaching a copy of Harry Potter on the top shelf when suddenly a hand got hold the book and gave it to her.  She then saw the smiling face of Jiaze.

Episode 7 (Unsubbed)

It’s Can Can’s birthday.

Tianye was going to give her a book collection of Harry Potter but Jianze got there first with a beautifully boxed complete collection.

Jianze, in the end, did not give her his gift.

As it was her birthday, Jiaze, Tianye, Mei Li and Tao Yating bunk off school.  They climbed a wall and when both Jiaze and Tianye extended a helping hand to her, she had a bit of a hard time choosing whose hand she will take.

In the end, Tianye gave way to Jiaze.

Zhou Lin, their school radio adviser was leaving the school.

Poor Tao Yating has a massive crush on him as he was leaving she gave him a bowl of cactus/succulent while he gave her a CD player.

So cute Tianye and Can Can had their first kiss, although it was just accidental.  He took her notebook where she scribbles everything.  She was trying to reach it from his outstretched arm when he tumbled down.  She tripped on him and fell over him and her lips locked into his.  Awww

Episode 8 (Unsubbed)

Can Can was looking after his dad’s records store when a gang came in.  They demanded money which the frightened Can Can readily give them.

But they also wanted the latest cd of Westlife.

This was just too much for Can Can so she started fighting off the gang but take goodness Tianye turned up just in time and overpowered the goons who eventually run away.

Can Can brought Tianye to her house – into her bedroom to treat his bruises.  It was comedic to watch how she hid Tianye in her wardrobe when her father arrived home.

He found out about it and was very upset with Can Can.  They did manage to explain what happened that her father was so grateful to Tianye and invited him to stay for dinner.

Can Can became so upset towards the end of this episode because she had gotten a very low grade.

Tianye found her crying alone in a near dark corner of the school ground.  He gave her a lollipop to cheer her up.  So cute.

Episode 9 (Unsubbed)

As their high school year is about to end, Meili convinced Can Can to confess to Jiaze so that she will never regret that she did not do it.

She was about to give the confession/love letter to Jiaze but she found him with Tao Yating.

Instead, she put the letter to the book she borrowed from Jiaze and gave the book back to him.

Now the notification for college admittance had been sent to accepted students.

Can Can was so happy to receive hers and hug the bearer fo the letter, which was Tianye.

The five friends buried their most treasured item for posterity under a tree.  Can Can donated her precious lyric notebook, Tianye gave his Tamaguchi, Jiaze gave his walkman, Meili parted with her Little Kitty’s mirror and Tao Yating her cello thingy.

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