Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Put your head on my shoulder


  • Lin Yi as Gu Weiyi
  • Xing Fei as Si Tu Mo
  • Tang Xiaotan as Fu Pei (Si Tu Mo’s pseudo-boyfriend)
  • Zheng Yingchen as  Wang Shan (Si Tu Mo’s dorm room mate)
  • Zhou Zi Xin as Xie Yu Yin (Lab Senior)
  • Yi Sha as Xu Jie Er


The long-awaited drama version of the sister novel to A love So Beautiful is almost upon us.

As I can gather this drama has still that ALSB, where the girl is slightly clueless, meets up a tall genius boy.

They then had a bit of Good Morning Call moment where they accidentally ended up living together.

Nice.  Hope someone would sub this as religiously as they did that iconic A Love So Beautiful.

Episode 1

Yey, it has been subbed as Tencent had issued a couple of episodes with English subtitles.

Anyway, as mentioned above this is a sister novel of Zhao Gan Gan’s A Love So Beautiful, which makes it a cousin🤪 of the television/web drama version,  starring Shen Yue and Hu Yi Tian.

Therefore, it would be impossible not to compare the two.

Whilst Put Your Hand on my Shoulder is so watchable, there is a charm that only A Love So Beautiful has.  There is a naturalness about ALBS.  Probably because of the newbiness of the cast and lack of real acting background, Yue and Yi Tian were able to portray the awkwardness and gawkiness of youth which really was paramount to the story.

Put Your Hand on My Shoulder has beautiful leads but their chemistry is not that apparent yet unlike in ALSB which was so natural from the word go.

But Lin YI and Xing Fei are really good looking and the fact that this was only the first episode, it is really not proper to judge immediately.  We shall see.

What happened in the first episode?!!!

Si Tu Mo has a school friend Fu Pei, who had been with her since they were in high school.  She had had a crush on him for the longest time and hoping now that they were graduating from college that their relationship would move up a notch and be girlfriend and boyfriend finally.

Si Tu Mo, however, is not too sure about Fu Pei.   Sometimes he can be almost romantic and then treat her as a sister or a buddy, a friend he can drop when it suits hi, when there was a better thing on offer.

He would offer to do things for her but he would forget to push through with them.

That was so far is their relationship – nothing serious.

Si Tu Mo was about to graduate from her Accounting course and needed a job or internship.  For some reason, she was not looking for a job in accountancy but rather in advertising and therefore finding it hard to get a placement.

Miraculously she got an interview for one.  She wore her best white lacey dress and was given a lift by Fu Pei on his bike.

Unfortunately, on the way they crashed into another biker.

The biker was Gu Wei Yi, who looked most concerned when he saw that Si Tu Mo was squatted on the ground with her dress caught on the wheel of the fallen bicycle.

Fu Pei seemed to have forgotten her and it took Wei Yi to help.  He asked if she was in a hurry.  When she nodded, he just pulled the hem of her white lacey dress which was caught from the wheel without much ado, causing tear in her dress.

He helped her up and then took his rucksack and went.

Si Tu Mo can’t really do much about repairing her dress because she was due to her job interview.

She was doing well with her interview with the panel when they asked for her CV, she mistakenly gave a test paper research on physics.

The interviewers were not amused, seeing that she lacks experience and background and seemed unprepared for the interview as well.  They told her to not to waste any more of their time and hers.

She realised that the bag she was carrying was that of Wei Yi.

Wei Yi was on a very important examination, where they were selecting an intern for a prestigious much-subscribed professor.

Unfortunately, he was missing his test papers so he had to leave the examination hall.

Wei Yi immediately contacted Fei Pe to get in touch with Si Tu Mo concerning the bags.

Si Tu Mo and Wei Yi just gotten to know each other but he had become her knight in shining armour.

He was there for her when she needed help after she got mugged of her bag, containing her wallet.  He then took her to the hospital to have her bruises and wound seen to by the doctors.

He was even there to change her broken mobile screen for free.

Episode 2

Si Tu Mo used reversed psychology to make Wei Yi complete the exam papers for the professor.  Wei Yi at first would not complete it as it would be unfair to the other exam takers.

This episode reveals the real deal about Si Tu Mo and Fu Pei’ s relationship.

He was a basketball star in their high school and she had a massive crush on him.

Then it seems to have become mutual as he asked and promised her that once the school was over, he would pursue her and she will be his girlfriend.

Then came high school graduation, the moment she had been waiting did not happen.

Fu Pei had a girlfriend/ex-girlfriend who was crying her eyes out because she knew that Fu Pei will get together with Si Tu Mo.

Fu Pei thought the decent thing to do at that moment was promised the crying girl that he will not  be with Si Tu Mo.

Obviously, Si Tu Mo was upset and disappointed but Fu Pei said he was just making the crying girl not to be too upset.

Now in college, he was behaving like he was really available and takes Si Tu Mo for granted.

Finally he realised that he was not the only fish in the sea when the handsome, low-key genius Wei Yi is beginning to show some interest in Si Tu Mo.

His worry was further exacerbated by the pronouncement of a drunk Si Tu Mo that she had waiting long enough and that it was time to pack up her crush on Fu Pei.

Episode 3

Despite this, Fu Pei was waiting for Si Tu Mo outside her dorm the following morning.

Si Tu Mo seemed to have forgotten what she did when drunk and asked Fu Pei if she embarrassed herself.

He said that she was very frisky and repeatedly kissed and hugged him.

Si Tu Mo did not believe him.

Si Tu Mo had for now given up her wanting to work in advertising.  She got a call from a company where they offered her a training job in accountancy.

The job place was quite far from her dorm which her mother found out.

Her mother then suggested to board on her friend’s house which was nearby where Si Tu Mo now works.

She was reluctant at first but the work commute did take a lot of time and on her physically.

She moved into the house and she quickly made herself comfortable.

So comfortable that one day when the son of her landlady came home, he found the house is such a state.  Unwashed dishes everywhere rotting half-eaten ramens in every table, cola cans scattered on the floor and the place smell.

To save money, Si Tu Mo does not use the heater, and hardly ever shower, whe also buys her food in some suspect places.

She found out that the son of her landlord was none other than Wei Yi.

Wei Yi asked her to help tidy up the house.

After they cleaned up each of them had a shower.

Si Tu Mo resolved to move out as soon as possible.  Her mother can’t understand why because the son of her friend is gorgeous and a genius.  Si Tu Mo was shocked at her mother.

Late that night, Wei Yi can’t sleep because Si Tu Mo had taken his old bedroom.  He went to knock on her door asking if perhaps they can exchange rooms.

He found her in pain with a stomach ache and then collapsed on his feet.

He took her immediately to the hospital and found out that she has gastroenteritis.

At that moment, a father was going berserk in the emergency department.  Wei Yi was so quick and covered her with his body to prevent any debris landing on her prone body.

She was just waking up when she found him almost on top of her.

Episode 4

He was really looking after her.  Buying her breakfast and medicine.

Fu Pei found out that she was in the hospital and raced to where was.

But quickly realised that he may have missed the boat with Si Tu Mo.

He also found out that she had moved out of the dorm without telling him.  She used to tell him every little thing.

He then saw Si Tu Mo and Wei Yi almost being playful under a fallen blanket over them.

During the confrontation of the three, Si Tu Mo did not even bother to explain the real situation to Fu Pei, much to the surprise of Wei Yi.

Fu Pei was in shock.  He realised too late that he may have lost Si Tu Mo.

Episode 5 – 6

Fu Pei went out drinking and saw Wang Shan being accosted by some men.  He went to rescue her.

She liked his drunken knight of shining armour act. She asked him what made him imbibed in alcohol.

He said he failed his exam.

Wang Shan remarked that his exam was not major, there must be something that was really upsetting him.

He said he’s lost Si Tu Mo, he can’t be with her anymore.

Wang Shan said that she will help him see Si Tu Mo as well as tutor him.  She admitted that was a bit of a brain-box.

Si Tu Mo’s mother came to stay at Weiye’s house.  She did everything to throw her daughter and Si Tu Mo together.  It was so obvious but Wei Ye was rather excited about it, he did not object!

Sit Tu Mo’s mother told her that Wei Ye seems a very reliable young man, unlike Fu Pei who made Si Tu Mo cried piteously for a whole day and night.

She opined that Fu Pei was nice enough but he was very fickle and unreliable.

Fair Xing has grown really lovely.  I did not find her particularly beautiful in Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me but she is really stunning now.

Si Tu Mo left Wei Ye’s house as soon as her mother departed.  She went back to her old dorm room but got into trouble with the dorm manager because she was always late turning in at night due to her work overtime and commute.

Wei Ye was missing her so much that he called her to say that her mother was coming back for another visit.

Si Tu Mo quickly packed to return at Wei Ye’s house.

Wang Shan said she would like to see Wei Ye’s house and tagged along with her.

When they got there, Wei Ye said that Si Tu Mo’s mother was not coming after all as she decided to play mahjong instead.

Si Tu Mo decided to leave again but Wan Shang said that they had to stay for a while because she has a surprise for her.

The surprise was Fu Pei laden with beers and snacks.

Fu Pei was drinking most of the beers while they were watching a horror movie.

Si Tu Mo was helping Wei Ye in the kitchen and left Wan Shang to look after the drunk Fu Pei.

When they returned to the living room, they found more than they bargained for.  Fu Pei was about to kissin Wang Shan.

They were all shocked!

Episode 7

Wei Ye worries about Si Tu Mo, who has decided to move out once again.

Wei Ye made every possible excuse to delay her going.

As flatmates, they are now behaving like a newly married couple buying things for the fridge and for the house, including a robovac, which they call ‘Circle’.

To get a little discount they had to buy a certain amount, to make up for the shortfall, Si Tu Mo quickly grabbed a little pink box and added to their shopping.

Si Tu Mo’s mother had express delivered the contract signed by Si Tu Mo that she will not move out of the apartment.

Wei Ye then had an excuse to make Si Tu Mo stay.  He said that her mother had already paid for her rent for a year and her mother had to ask his mother for a refund if she wanted to move out, otherwise she had to pay her own rent if she moves somewhere else.

Si Tu Mo visited her dorm and had a very awkward meeting with Wang Shan.  She told her roommate that she had been accepted at an advertising agency.

Wei Ye was helping her move all her things from her dorm to his apartment.  Si Tu Mo asked where his keys were.

He told her that it was on the front pocket of his backpack.  Upon inspection, she found them and the little pink tin, she thought was bubblegums.

When she opened it, it contained pockets of condom.

They were both embarrassed.

Si Tu Mo knew that it was her who added it to their shopping but she asked Wei Ye why it was in his backpack?  Did he have plans for the night?

To which Wei Ye queried back? “Do you want to join?”  Cute.

Episode 8

Si Tu Mo and her friends decided to have a beach overnighter.

Wei Ye and his dormmates went as well including Fu Pei.

Si Tu Mo was finally over Fu Pei.

When Wang Shan asked if they could compete fairly for Fu Pei, Si Tu Mo said that she had no interest in him anymore and Wang Shan should just go for it.

Fu Pei though is pining for Si Tu Mo.  He was also stressed by his father who introduced another PA who looks more like another mistress.

His meeting with his father ended up on the violent side where his dad hit him rather hard.

Si Tu Mo and Wei Ye were having a night-in watching horror film and eating sauced beef sent by package by Si Tu Mo’s mother.  They were then disturbed by a knock on the door.

Episode 9 – 10

As it was pretty late at night, Wei Ye armed Si Tu Mo with a Chinese cleaver.  They opened the door to Fu Pei.

Fu Pei invited Si Tu Mo to go for a walk and talk with him.  Their talk ended up with Fu Pei trying to hug and make up with Si Tu Mo.

But Si Tu Mo said that she was over her crush with him.  She had put up with all his hot and cold treatment for a long time and she just never knew where she was at with him and the last straw was when she found him with Wang Shan.  She realised that she was not upset with him but upset with herself for feeling nothing anymore as if she had wasted all her time.

She ended up running away from Fu Pei and into the waiting Wei Ye, who wanted to know everything that had taken place between her and Fu Pei.

Fu Pei was devastated but consoled by Wang Shan.

Fu Pei said that people think he was fickle but he was actually quite timid.  He hates confrontation and would not say ‘no’ to girls most especially.  He runs away at any sign of trouble.  It was probably the effect of the beating from his father.

Wei Ye got upset with Si Tu Mo when they met up at school.  Wei Ye was with his senior at the lab and Si Tu Mo was with Wang Shan.  When the senior said remarked that Si Tu Mo was Wei Ye’s girlfriend, Si Tu Mo could not be more firm in denying it, which made Wei Ye sad.

He started ignoring her, but not for long as he had to invite Si Tu Mo to dine with him and his mother.

Wei Ye was very cold towards his mother and as far as Si Tu Mo was concerned it was a good thing and jokingly asked his secret in turning his mother in someone so docile.

Si Tu Mo’s friends surprised her with an impromptu birthday party.  They ended up playing Jenga where there were consequences for those losers.

Si Tu Mo lost once and her penalty was to stare unceasing at Wei Ye for three minutes.  They did and they ended up being in a world of their own.

Wei Ye also lost and he had to take a selfie with the person he liked.  He took a photo of himself with Si Tu Mo was just in the background.

The friends ended up drunk including Wei Ye.  Si Tu Mo was sober and cleaned up the mess.  She tried to lift Wei Ye to escort him to his bedroom but he was too heavy.

She was looking at him and then he opened his eyes and kissed her.

The next morning he can’t remember anything.  This annoyed Si Tu Mo.

Wei Ye was confused by her mercurial attitude that he asked his professor and lab mate how to get into the good book of the girl he like.

The professor gave him a booklet of how to court a girl.

These made for hilarious and cute scenes when Wei Ye had to leave the room to consult the book and apply the advice.

Episode 11

Another cute episode.

Wei Ye wanted help in how to confess to Si Tu Mo.  The other boy genius said to just come out with it and say I love you to Si Tu Mo.  But the Prof’s wife said that was just too prosaic.  Add more a little romance.

They brain-stormed and come out with composing a poem for Si Tu Mo.

Wei Ye proudly and excitedly gave the poem to Si Tu Mo, who could not understand what it was about.  She thought he mistakenly gave her his science note.  The poem is rather scientific.

He rewrote the poem and yet she just doesn’t get it.

The other boy genius said probably she just not into Wei Ye.

Poor Wei Ye came out with a flu, after staying in the snow making a mini snowman for Si Tu Mo, who confessed that she had never seen a real snowman.

Xie Yu Yin, Wei Ye’s lab senior, who seemed to have developed a one-sided love for Wei Ye came to visit to check on the poorly Wei Ye.

She took it upon herself to open the door when Si Tu Mo knocked as she had forgotten her keys in the office.

Si Tu Mo and Xie Yu Yin were both surprised to find the other at that moment.

Anyway, Si Tu Mo said that she was renting with Wei Ye as their mothers were friends and former classmates.

Xie Yu Yin encouraged Wei Ye to take his flu medication but he ignored her.

Si Tu Mo took the medicine and ordered Wei Ye to take them which he did willingly. Awww

Xie Yu Yin announced that she was living and found that Wei Ye was rather hurriedly ushering her out.

Wei Ye told Si Tu Mo to put the juices in the freezer.

When she opened the freezer, she found a leaf and some twigs.

Wei Ye quickly announced that he was going to bed to the puzzled Si Tu Mo.

The bonus scene was Wei Ye was in the hair salon having a haircut that would make girls swoon.

The hairdresser tried to dissuade him from having a perm but he was adamant.  He wanted a haircut just like Dao Ming Si complete with the headband.

Episode 12

Si Tu Mo finally sees Wei Ye under a different light.  There is nothing like a bit of jealousy to appreciate what or who is near you who is potentially can be taken away from you.

Fu Pei is now officially going out with Wang Shan.

This happened when Si Tu Mo asked Fu Pei point blank if he likes Wang Shan.

Poor Fu Pei cannot deny that he likes Wang Shan.   He is confused about his feelings for Wang

Anyway, knowing in his heart that he had lost Si Tu Mo, he confessed to Wang Shan and now they are going out together.

Wu Yei got sick and had to stay home.  He was visited by Yu-Yen, his lab senior, which did not really go down well with Si Tu Mo, who became stroppy.

Wu Yei wanted to know why she was angry with him.  He asked his Prof, who found out that Yu Wen to Wei Ye’s house and met Si Tu Mo.

The Professor put two and two together and came up with Si Tu Mo was jealous.

Episode 13

Yu-Yen is trying to befriend Si Tu Mo.  She was asking Si Tu Mo if it was possible to live with a guy and have a platonic relationship?

Si Tu Mo assured Yu-Yen that she does not have any relationship with Wu Yei aside from being flatmates.

Wu Yei was waiting for Si Tu Mo outside her dorm when he saw Fu Pei and Wang Shan looking all lovey dovey.

He went to speak with Fu Pei alone and asked advice about Si Tu Mo who was on a jealousy overdrive when she visited the science lab and overheard Yu-Yen asking Wu Yei is she was cute, to which he said that she was very cute.

To cheer up and to clear the misunderstanding with Si Tu Mo, Wu Yei brought home a kitten.

He showed the kitten to Si Tu Mo and said that it was the kitten he agreed that was cute not his senior.

Si Tu Mo was embarrassed.

It was unfortunate for Wu Yei to have brought home the kitten because he was seriously allergic to the feline.

Si Tu Mo was teasing him with the kitten when he said that if she does not stop, he would kiss her.

Si Tu Mo said it would not be the first time as he kissed her when he was drunk.

They were both surprised.

Episode 14

Poor Wu Yei initially could not remember having kissed Si Tu Mo.

To jog his memory, the fed-up Si Tu Mo pour drinks on his throat (figuratively speaking).

The drink made him finally remember and was going for a second-time kiss with Si Tu Mo but she pushed him away.

Again he went for advice from the men at his science lab.  They told him to take Si Tu Mo where they can be disturbed and then he can then confess.

He took her to a fairground and they went to ride the dodgems.  His planned confession did not happen instead he had a rather annoyed Si Tu Mo who did not appreciate being bumped again and again with the dodgems.

Wu Yei blessed him, continued to persevere.  He really likes Si Tu Mo despite finding a boyfriend material scorecard on him.  He scored a -10, which made Fu Pei giggled like a girl.

In the end, Si To Mu took pity on him and asked him point-blank if he likes her after cooking her a dish of river snail noodles which was really smelly.

Episode 15

I see a girl’s true colour now ;the more you love them the more they doubt you.
– Fu Pei

“Do you like me?”, asked Si tu Mo to Wu Yei.

After a rather strained interval, Si Tu Mo changed the subject.

“Yes” replied by Wu Yei. “Yes… I like you.”

So cute.

But their relationship is not going the cute lovey-dovey way as Wu Yei was a geek and not really sure how to go about with the romantic way.

Si Tu Mo put on make-up and was excited to see with Wu Yei in the morning but he was rather perfunctory and told her that she was going to be late.

It was a hit and miss with him.

He made up for it in the evening when he was waiting for her at the bus stop.  He extended his hand towards her but she tried to take his hand, he took it away.

Their awkwardness was not helped by Wang Shan who interrupted their evening calling about her gripes with Fu Pei.

Episode 16

This episode is a gem.

Wu Yei is learning fast.  He has found his romance mojo and applying it with impunity.

To start it, he was disappointed that Si Tu Mo had to work on a weekend.  But he supported her anyway.

He got jealous though when he found out that she was an assistant to a handsome young actor who was doing a commercial for orange juice.

When the actor asked a daydreaming Si Tu Mo is she had seen a handsomer guy that him, Si Tu Mo quickly said quietly that her boyfriend was better looking.

After the CF shoot, Wu Yei came to get Si Tu Mo and took her for a date in a shopping mall.  To start with they tried on fashionable clothes.  Wu Yei looked goregeous in everything he tried.

Si Tu Mo looked cute as well but Wu Yei did not like the first ones she tried as it was off the shoulder,  showing too much skin, the other was missing a sleeve on one shoulder, thus revealing a shoulder, the short was too short and the blouse was sleeveless.

It was only when she wore a jumper and trousers, her normal outfit, that it was acceptable.

Next, Si Tu Mo commented that she always wanted to play in a ball pit.

Wu Yei asked why not?  Si To Mo said they don’t have a child.

Wu Yei begged a cleaner to borrow her child to take to the ball pit as his girlfriend wanted to go.  At first, the cleaning lady was rather horrified but he said he was single and would leave his wallet with her for safe-keeping.

But the woman seeing the excited Si Tu Mo waiting at the other side of the ball pit allowed her child to play.

Si Tu Mo and Wu Yei had a great time.  They were so sweet and really into each other.

They planned to go home early and watch a horror film under a blanket with a few beers.

This sweet plan was scuppered by the selfish Wang Shan, who showed up and won’t take any hint that she was a surplus.

Si Tu Mo was equally gutted of her aborted night-in with Wu Yei but she was too nice to throw Wang Shan out.

Episode 17

Wang Shan just refused to read the situation at first that she was superfluous.  Si Tu Mo and Wei Ye wanted to be alone.

Wang Shan even stayed the night and Wei Ye said that he was starting to get annoyed.

At the middle of the night both Si Tu Mo and Wei Ye called Fu Pei to come and collect his girlfriend but in the end, Si Tu Mo said perhaps he could come in the morning.

Si Tu Mo went into the kitchen leaving a sleeping Wang Shan in her bedroom.

Si Tu Mo found Wei Ye in the kitchen.  He saved her from slipping on the floor and had her back of the open fridge kissing her passionately.

The next day, Wang Shan was still with them but Wu Yei just could not take it anymore and signalled to Si Tu Mo to do something.

Fortunately, Wang Shan did have to go to attend a graduation final exam.

Si Tu Mo and Wei Ye finally had time and space all to themselves.

Si Tu Mo was able to convince the geeky Wei Ye to do some exercise.  However, Wei Ye is not the sporty type and was so bad at ping pong.

Si Tu Mo admired someone skate-boarding.  Wei Ye observed the dynamics of physics behind skateboarding.  He then tried it and it was a fail.  He concluded that theory and practical application are two different things.

Sister Su, the exchange student from Heidelberg had been given leave to supervise new students to go to Germany and she things Wei Ye is very suitable.

Episode 18

It was the Spring Festival.  They have two weeks holiday which they have been forced by their family to spend at their respective home.

At the station, Si Tu Mo misses Wei Ye already before they had even parted.  She was blowing kisses at Wei Ye, which made him smile so much.

Wei Ye’s mother inadvertently divulged that Wei Ye was living with Si Tu Mo in the apartment.

Wei Ye’s father was not happy but his wife quickly explained that it was an apartment share, then she said that it was not like that Wei Ye and Si Tu Mo are in love.

Wei Ye, who was so much like his father, actually said that he and Si Tu Mo are in love.

After the two weeks holiday, Si Tu Mo came back and was surprised by Wei Ye’s new skateboarding skill.

Wei Ye is becoming more romantic.

Episode 19

Wang Shan and Fu Pei both passed their graduation examinations.

Si Tu Mo is getting busier with her intern job and was asked to submit her own proposal for an ad.

However, their entry should be in a CDR form, which Si Tu Mo did not know how to do.

She asked Wei Ye for help, who was gladly accepted her request but he wanted her to sit where he can see her as he was missing her for being busy with her project.

Si Tu Mo sat on his bed.  It got late but Wei Ye was still tinkering with the report that Si Tu Mo laid on the bed.

They ended up sharing his bed.  They woke in the morning. Si Tu Mo was disorientated but the sound of both their parents calling from the living room sent them awake immediately.

The parents started arranging their wedding as it looked so obvious that Si Tu Mo and Wei Ye were intimate.

But Wei Ye said that they don’t have plans of getting married.  Though Si Tu Mo did not think of marriage just yet, she felt let down by the categorical way that Wei Ye said about not getting married.

Both parents left them alone but they were rather concerned.

Si Tu Mo later asked Wei Ye if he was going to marry her.

Wei Ye playfully flicked her on the forehead, as if saying, of course, he will.

Si Tu Mo was minding the ads for Zhu Can, the idol and a popular actress, who was so patronising and was treating Si Tu Mo as a slave.

Zhu Can told the actress to pipe it down and warned her that she might get a reputation of being hard to work with.

The actress did tone down her attitude but she still tried to make Si Tu Mo pay in the end for being told off by Zhu Can.

The actress invited everyone to a meal.  She made Si Tu Mo drink glasses of red wine, until Si Tu Mo was so drunk.  She then asked Zhu Can to bring Si Tu Mo home.

Zhu Can was developing a nice friendship with Si Tu Mo and was quite happy to bring her home.

But suddenly Wei Ye appeared and taken control of Si Tu Mo.

Episode 20 – Pre Graduation

Wei Ye piggy-backed the drunk Si Tu Mo, who started blowing on his ear. Suddenly his libido was awakened.

He was seeing her in a more mature light.

Si Tu Mo, however, said that he was just like her brother, which did not go down well with Wei Ye.

He wanted for Si Tu Mo to see him as a red-blooded man.  So cute.

Anyway, it was pre-graduation and everyone was busy doing last minute requirements to graduate, like presenting their theses.

The girls then asked Si Tu Mo to have Wei Ye treat them to a graduation meal.

Episode 21 – Graduation Day

It’s the graduation day.

It almost turned disappointing for Si Tu Mo because her friends had flowers from their boyfriends.  She went to find Wei Ye, who was still at the science lab.

His laboratory senior, Xie Yu Yin was almost forcibly trying to fix Wei Ye’s tie for him.  Si Tu Mo saw this and got upset.

Wei Ye run after Si Tu Mo with a bunch of flowers.  She found out that the flowers were from Xie Yu Yin for Wei Ye.

Wei Ye did everything to make amends but Si Tu Mo was in a strop.

But young love prevails.  He cornered her at the football ground. He hefted her on top of the mini-goal bar and then gave her a longing kiss.

Si Tu Mo miraculously cheered up and all is well again in the world.

Everyone is moving out of the dorm into their own real life.

Fu Pei is going to be an entrepreneur, establishing his own business.

Wang Shang will be helping him.

Si Tu Mo found hidden money among her things which she had forgotten, this came in handy after Wei Ye spent all his allowance on treating Si Tu Mo’s friends to a lavish graduation dinner.

He was so broke later that he did not have money to pay for utilities like water and electricity at their apartment.

With Si Tu Mo’s unexpected money, they went shopping for things for the house.  At the shop they tried to make pottery and Si Tu Mo started imaging that she was with Wei Ye in a scene a la Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost.

Episode 22 – Human Sex Behaviour: A fail 🙂

This episode is hilarious in a relatable sort of way.  How would two virgins go about the issue of sex?

Well in the case of Si Tu Mo and Wei Ye, it was a fail.

But this did not stop Wei Ye.  He went into his computer as soon as he could to research the physiology of the female reproductive body.

He was so into it that he failed to notice at first that Si Tu Mo was not in the mood as she had a beastly day at work.

Her submitted artwork was taken over by the company completely obliterating her name and connection to it.

And when she finds that Wei Ye seemed only interested in resuming where they left off last night, she had a thing or two to say to him.

They ended up both with hurt feelings.

But in the end, Wei Ye did everything to initiate good mood between them again.  And they made up.

But it would not be smooth sailing for long as Wei Ye passed the exam and he was the one to go to Germany as an exchange student.

The thing is that Si Tu Mo has no inkling whatsoever of his plan of going to Germany.

Episode 23 – Germany

Wei Ye never told Si Tu Mo that he had plans to go to Germany at all.  He realised that this might be a problem.  Si Tu Mo might get upset for being kept in the dark.

So in the earliest possible time that he can manage, he told Si Tu Mo that he got a good score in the test and had qualified to go to Germany.

Si Tu Mo was, of course, upset especially knowing that it was months since Wei Ye knew the possibility that he was going abroad.

Wei Ye and Si Tu Mo had a heart to heart.  He told her that not that he did not want to say that he was going to Germany to her.

He just got used from his parents to do his decisions and act on it.

Si Tu Mo understood.

Wei Ye said that if she really doesn’t want him to go then he wouldn’t go.

Si Tu Mo knew that she could not really ask him to give up on his dream. So she said that he can go, it would be for six months, minimum.

They had many cute funny moments when Wei Ye had to do his medical compliance.  He can’t stand the sight of blood and Si Tu Mo had to cover his eyes while his blood was being drawn.

They were so cute.  I finally feel the authenticity of the drama.  You can almost feel that they were really going to miss one another.

The bonus ending to this episode what Wei Ye wearing dark sunglasses to hide his falling tears at the airport.  Awww

Episode 24 – Finale – The Wedding

Six months later…

There was a western girl, who was a daughter of  Wei Ye’s professor who had been pestering him to go out with her.

Wei Ye told her to go away but she was really resistant.

Anyway, Si Tu Mo resigned from her job because their manipulative horrid boss had asked her and her high-school friend, who she now worked with to submit another ad project.

Si Tu Mo said she would resign rather than having another work stolen from her.

She was in the apartment with her mother who was nagging her about her marriage with Wei Ye.  She was warning Si Tu Mo that she might lose him if she was not careful.

Her mother did go on about this.

Si Tu Mo was sitting on the floor looking at Circle when she saw an envelope pasted on the underside of her desk.

It was the contract her mother and Wei Ye signed together to prevent Si Tu Mo moving out.

Si Tu Mo realised how much Wei Ye loved her even before she knew herself.

She quickly packed her bag against her mother’s way of thinking. But when Si Tu Mo told her mother that she was going to get Wei Ye to marry her, her mother took over her packing.

In Germany, Wei Ye found her asleep on his bed and he could not be anymore happier.  He was so cute.

Wei Ye could not help himself, he just had to ask the sleepy Si Tu Mo the reason for her coming to Germany.

She told him “to marry him”.

Si Tu Mo was woken later by the voices of Wei Ye and a girl, who wanted proof that he has a girlfriend.

Si Tu Mo quickly went downstairs to show herself.  She said she was Si Tu Mo’s girlfriend.

Wei Ye removed himself from the clutches of the girl and went to Si Tu Mo to introduce her as his wife rather than his girlfriend.

Si Tu Mo said that ‘Yes, I am his wife and I am pregnant.”

The girl finally gave up but Wei Ye was intrigued about the pregnant bit.

They had a shy exchange and then Wei Ye took her to a surprise church wedding.  (this bit is so unbelievable random because you really can just turn up in a church to get married.  Banns are usually read during ten church services to announce the decision of a couple to get married and those who are opposing the union will have the chance to object or lodge their case up.)

Anyway, it was all romantic and they had their honeymoon.  Yes, they finally did the business and they seemed both ecstatic, unlike the first time they tried.  LOL

Sadly, it was time for Si Tu Mo to return to China. She was just about to say her goodbyes to Wei Ye when he told her to hold her thoughts first as he was sure she had forgotten something.

That something was him and his suitcase.  He was ready and packed to go home with her.  They were just the cutest.

When they got back to China, they had their photos for their wedding registrations and then Si Tu Mo finally wore her white wedding dress to beautiful suited and booted Wei Ye.

Not quite the end because a few years later…

There was a poor little boy sitting all alone in their living room, watching tv all by himself while his parents ignored him as they go about their business.

They finally remembered that they had a child and they both looked rather insanely 🙂 at the child.

I recommend this drama!  Cute

11 May 2019 Update!

Apparently there will be a bonus episode which is coming soon.
















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