If I Can Love You So (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

If I Can Love You So (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Romance, Marriage, Infidelity, Depression, Mature, Family
  • Date Released: 9 April 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 46 Episodes


  • Liu Shishi as Bai Kao’er
  • Tong Dawei as Geng Mochi
  • Bao Jianfeng as Qi Shuli,
  • Yang Yitong as Mi Lan
  • Qi Huan as Ying Zhi
  • Guo Xiaoxiao as Wei Minglun
  • Zhu Tie as Zhang Qianshan
  • Lai Jin as Jin Yi
  • Sun Zhihong as Luo Hao
  • Tao Hai as Huang Zhong, a lawyer.
  • Yang Kaihan as Doctor Cai.
  • Pu Chaoying as Mi Lan’s mother.
  • Ru Ping as Bai Kao’er’s mother.
  • Xie Yuan as Bai Kao’er’s father

Episode 1

This drama reminded me of that old Harrison Ford/Kristine Thomas Scott’s ‘Random Heart’ where their respective spouses died in a plane crash and then found later to be having an affair.

I have to admit that I did not like the film.  I did not like Harrison Ford’s character, he was too full on pursuing the grieving widow.

This time around the romance between the shell-shocked widow and widower was more sedate.

It was the widow, Bai Kao’er who was pursuing Geng Mochi.

Anyway, it started with Geng Mochi feeling that there was something that was not quite right.  This was just before he went on stage to give a piano concerto.

His audience included Bai Kao’er.

As his piano crescendo came into fruition, in the background a couple was holding hands and did a Thelma & Louise kind of thing and their car plunged into the lake.

Bai Kao’er found out that her husband had committed suicide with his mistress.

Geng Mochi found out that his wife committed suicide with her lover.

Bai Kao’er was devastated not only because her gentle husband was dead and was having an affair but because she was being driven to be homeless by her mother-in-law, who wanted all the assets of her dead son.

Bai Kao’er’s home she shared with her husband was in his name, despite her helping to pay the mortgage.

She started to look for the deeds of the house when she found more than she bargained for.  She found depression medicine from a locked cupboard of her husband.

She then later found out that he had been seeing a psychiatrist for the last ten years.

It was in the clinic that he met his mistress.

I must admit I don’t like Bai Kao’er’s character.

Her mother-in-law should be the centre of her anger but she was instead obsessing with Geng Mochi.  She was only a widow for five minutes and she was moving. LOL

I supposed Bai Kao’er is aggrieved because Bai Kao’er was trying to hide by suppressing information from the clinic of the relationship between her husband and his wife.

Actually, Geng Mochi was quietly separated by his wife, who was a popular composer.  They have been uncoupled for at least five years but have remained friends and were working together to finish a love Sonata.

Episode 2

Bai Kao’er found a key to her husband belongings which was given back to her from the police.  She knew the key was a hotel room’s.

She went to the hotel and realised it was her husband’s mistress’.  She found a diary which she quickly hid, and a letter which was address to the woman’s husband.  The husband, Geng Mochi, arrived before she can read what was on the letter.

They ended fighting for the letter and Geng Mochi swallowing the paper.

Bai Kao’er was now being harassed by loan sharks because he had borrowed 200,000 yen to put into his ailing business without telling his wife.

Her mother-in-law had already taken her husband asset without a fight from Bai Kao’er.

Now Bai Kao’er got fed up because the mother-in-law won’t pay the loan shark and she might have to lose her house.

Episode 3

Of all coincidences, this takes the biscuit, the plot that Bai Kao’er for her husband was next to Geng Mochi’s wife.😭

So she would meet Geng Mochi again, and again.

He saw her visiting the grave and was quite out of it and almost got run over by a car.  She was a danger to drivers.  Geng Mochi felt compelled to see that she was alright and followed her as she walked like a zombie.

Bai Kao’er could not bear to read the diary of her husband’s dead mistress, so she asked her best friend who was a journalist to return the diary to Geng Mochi.

As drama would go, this would turn bad and it did because the friend left the diary on her desk which could be seen by anybody and this anybody was a paparazzi who was hungry for a good expose’.  He took the diary and made copies of the entries.

But in the end the drama queen Bai Kao’er decided to return the diary to Geng Mochi herself and told him that she did not read it and apologised for having taken it in the first place.

They met in the restaurant but had to have a swift get-away as the paparazzi were waiting for Geng Mochi by the door.

In their escape, Bai Kao’er lost one of her shoes.  Geng Mochi took her shoe shopping and had their flirty Cinderella moment where he had to put high heels on her.

Apparently, according to Geng Mochi, you should be ashamed as woman if you can’t walk on high heels.

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