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My Sunshine (Chinese Drama Vs Film) Review

My Sunshine

  • Date Released: January 2015
  • CDrama: 36 episodes (Reduced to 4 episodes as a Director’s Cut in Netflix)


  • Wallace Chung as He Yichen
  • Tiffany Tang as Zhao Mosheng
  • Jian Renzi as He Yimei
  • Tan Kai as Ying Hui
  • Mi Lu as Xiao Xiao
  • Yang Le as Lu Yuanfeng


You Are My Sunshine

  • Date Released: April 2015
  • Film


  • Huang Xiaoming as He Yichen
  • Yang Mi as Zhao Mosheng
  • Tong Dawei as Ying Hui
  • Angelababy as He Yimei
  • Evonne Hsieh as Hua Xianzi
  • Huang Zitao as William
  • Joan Chen as Pei Fangmei
  • Sui He as Xiao Xiao
  • Ma Su as Ms. Wen
  • Hua Shao as Teacher Zhou
  • Eric Tsang as Mr. Lin
  • Yao Anlian as Zhao Qing Yuan
  • Sun Yizhou as Supermarket Manager
  • Kong Lianshun as Supermarket Security officer
  • Shen Tai as Xiang Heng
  • Liu Tianzuo as Mr. Yuan (Lao Yuan)

I saw both of the long version drama and the film before and enjoyed them.  Both the film and drama were based on a novel called Silent Separation by Gu Man.

I saw the director’s cut version in Netflix today.

When I saw the film version after I have seen the drama first, I thought the drama of 36 episode was much better.  Obviously because it has more time to get the audience/viewer to engage more on the story.

It shows why the protagonist male has a love/hate relationship with the gorgeous lead female.

Today, I watched the drama version condensed into four episodes.  Though watchable, you end up not really caring what the story was about.  It cut out all the painful scenes.  Also the second male lead was rob of that feeling from the audience that the female should go for him.

Anyway the story was that, on the first day of Mosheng in the university, she saw a young man who was reading under tree.

She couldn’t help herself, so she took his photograph as he was really handsome.  When he noticed her taking liberties, she apologised immediately and asked him for his name as she will send him a copy of his photo.

The young man was Yichen and Mosheng had fallen for him at first sight.  She found out that he was a second year law student on full scholarship.  Mosheng stalked the poor guy!

Mosheng is lovely looking girl with a winsome personality.  Before you know it, they were in a relationship.

Suddenly there was another girl, Yimaei, who was hanging around Yuchen. They looked really close.  At the same time Yuchen became rather cold towards Mosheng, to the point that he told her that he doesn’t want to see her anymore, to get out of his face. 🙁

At that time, Mosheng was being forced by her parents to study abroad.  So thinking that Yuchen doesn’t love nor need her anymore, she disappeared abroad.

Seven years later…

Mosheng is back in China.  And now a professional photographer.

She was in the supermarket when she saw Yuchen, who was with Yimei.  Yuchen blanked her.

But one day, coming home from work, she was accosted by a drunk Yuchen.  He told her that he lost, she won. He then left.

They had a tentative reconciliation but Mosheng had a major confession to make.

She married someone three years ago while in America.

Yuchen was unsurprisingly very upset.  He told her that he was not going to be playing around with a married woman.  Him being a lawyer and all.   But he loves her too much.

Fortunately Mosheng said that she was actually a divorcee.

Yuchen was not waiting for anything.  He bundled Mosheng to a civil register officer to register their marriage.

Mosheng and Yuchen attended a function in their former university.  Who would they find in there but Mosheng ex-husband, who was not really quite an ex yet.  Musheng is a bigamist!

Her gorgeous  ex-husband is a self-made man, who does not want to let her go.  He wanted to reconcile.

But Mosheng had always belong to Yuchen.  With the help of Yuchen, they went to America to deal with the divorce.

The ex-husband really loves Mosheng and doesn’t want to give her a lot of grief, so he agreed to the divorce.

From this point on, it is happy sweet romance for the leads.



Genghis Khan (Chinese Film) Review

Genghis Khan poster

  • Genre: Adventure, Loosely Biographical, CGI galore, Fantasy, Mystical, Romance
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Chinese: Film


  • William Chan as Temüjin
  • Lin Yun as Börte
  • Hu Jun as Kuchuro
  • Ba Sen as
  • Zhao Lixin
  • Ni Dahong
  • Li Guangjie as Jamukha
  • Zhang Xinyi
  • Tu Men as Jamukha’s father
  • Li Shengda
  • Bayin
  • Yong Mei

Genghis Khan (Chinese Film)


This is a fantasy saga of  romance between Temujin and Borte as well as Kuchuro and Dodai.  This movie is reminiscent of the film Beowulf, King Arthur, 300 and Braveheart, amongst other Hollywood greats and some Chinese ones also.

Long time ago the light of the Grey Wolf met the White Deer, together they blessed the vast plain of grassland of Mongolia and soon enough a huge number of nomadic people began to live and breed in this land in relative peace, but not for long.

As always the light is always followed suit by the darkness, in the shape of the king of hell, who loves nothing but to spread chaos, strife. war and battle in view of unifying the three world and him being the master.

There was a hero called the Golden Warrior of Cina, who was a descendant of the Grey Wolf and White Deer.  He ensured that the king of hell do not get too out of control by banishing him back to the pit of the underworld.

He then planted his Soledin, the spiritual flag as a prayer for peace on top of the Burgein Mountain overlooking the grassland.

But the king of hell was a wily creature.  Before too long he targeted those who are most vulnerable to spread discontent.

He instigated wars between clans including those of Kuchuro and his everlasting love, Dodai.  Kuchuro ended up dead but he was brought back to life but without his Dodai by his side.

He made a pact with the king of hell to bring him out of the underworld, and in return he has to have Dodai back.

900 years later.

Temujin was born with a blood clot on his palm.  He was the new Golden Warrior of Cina.

He had a happy childhood with a loving mother and a hands-on father.  He had great friends, including a very pretty girl called Borte.  they had an idyllic childhood until a desperate news reached Temujin that his father had just been killed along with most of his clan by a rival clan.

Years later, Temujin went back to marry Borte because he never forgotten her as well as to continue his bloodline.

Before they can consummate the night of their wedding, Borte was abducted as a sacrifice to the king of hell, who needed blood from a beautiful and pure maiden.  Borte was the ‘it’ girl at that time, ergo the abduction.

The story follows on from this.

I must say, it is watchable and highly recommended to be watch in wide screen, preferably the cinema’s,.

If you are after a historical Genghis Khan, then this movie is not it.  As I have mentioned, this is pure fantasy with lots of amazing CGI.  The action is great as well and William Chan is gorgeously hunky.  Lin Yun is delicately pretty, with not much to do really.  It is a lovely film to watch with the family, just be careful with the much younger viewers.  But then again, children as young as five are used to playing computer games.  This film has that essence.  It is computer game comes alive because of the large amount of CGI.

Birds Without Names (Japanese Film)

Birds Without Names poster

  • Genre: Romance, Violence, Psychological
  • Released Date: 2018
  • Japanese: Film based on the novel by

    Mahokaru Numata


  • Yū Aoi as Towako Kitahara
  • Sadao Abe as Jinji Sano
  • Yutaka Takenouchi as Shunichi Kurosaki
  • Tori Matsuzaka as Makoto Mizushima
  • Eri Murakawa as Kayo Kunieda
  • Shu Nakajima as Kunieda


Birds Without Names (Japanese Film)

I am just about to watch this film.  Apparently this is a twisted kind of a love story of a beautiful girl and a slob. 🙂  Yeah that would happen.

It could actually because this girl, though gorgeous with her long hair and good skin, is a sloth.  She doesn’t do anything but sleep, eat and moan.  Who would put up with her?

This loving slob, who works all the hours to provide for Towako.

Actually this movie is very dark but very watchable film because of the excellent acting from the cast, especially the lead girl, Yu Aoi.  She is very versatile.  She shows feisty character and vulnerability in equal measures.  This film is a good vehicle for her talent.

Anyway Towako was once and innocent and deeply in love young woman with a gorgeous, masculine guy.  He was Kurosaki.

She tasted the good life with Kurosaki. .  They had idyllic romantic holidays together.

But one day, he asked her for a favour.  He said that he was in a lot of debt especially to a man called Kuneida.  Kuneida apparently saw her and had rather taken a fancy to her.  Kuneida was an old man but said that he was willing to write off Kurosaki’s debt if Towako sleeps with him.

Towako was absolutely mesmeried by Kurosaki and would do whatever he asked. Therefore, despite her better judgement, she slept with old Kuneida.

After a week or so, Kurosaki wanted to break-up because he was getting married to Kayo.  Kayo was old Kuneida’s daughter.

She was absolutely broken-hearted and very upset of being used.  They fought but she ended up bruised and battered from the slaps, punches, and kicking from Kurosaki.

Though still battered she started in a new job, where Jinji works.  He was uncouth, short, squat but has the stamina and persistence that can break down walls.

Jinji told her that he does not expect her to sleep with him but he really wanted them to be friends.

Towako started living with Jinji and settled in a one-sided love by Jinji,  He treated her like his princess, his better half but without much fringe benefits.  He does get lucky once in a while:)

After three years, Towako heard from Kurosaki.  He told her that in the last three years he had missed her every day that he can’t really relate with his wife and family.

They were loving every minute of their reunion until Kurosaki once again was up to his tricks.  He wanted the same favour.  Apparently he owned his now father-in-law, Kuneda, 10 million yen.  It would break his family and him, if he can’t repay the old guy.  Kuneida apparently will forget the loan if Towako would sleep with him once more and he had never forgotten her.

This did not end too well.  They parted ways for good.

But no matter what she do to forget him, she just can’t do it.

One day she got to meet Mishusima, who reminded him so much of Kurosaki.  Before you can blink they are on some gratuitous sex.

Actually forget the gratuitous, Tori Matsuzaka and Yu Aoi were sexy together.

There is a twist ending and it was poignant.

It is a love story of some sort which ends in tragedy like every great love story.


Policeman & Me (P & JK) Japanese Movie Review

P & JK poster


Genre: Romance, Family

Released Date: 2017


  • Kazuya Kamenashi as Kota Sagano
  • Tao Tsuchiya as Kako Motoya
  • Mahiro Takasugi as Heisuke Okami
  • Tina Tamashiro as Mikado Yaguchi
  • Daigo Nishihata as Jiro Nagakura
  • Aya Omasa as Fumi Komori


Policeman & Me (P & JK) Japanese Movie Review

This is a cute but rather sedate on the romantic overtures between leads.   I say this because for a married couple they only had a quick kiss right at the very end of the film, just before the credits rolled in.

I supposed this is because of the nature of the story.  Kako is barely legal at 16 and just in first year in high school, while Kota Sagano is 26 years old policeman.

They first met when Kako and her best friend, Mikado, attended a group blind date to fill in for a couple of college students.

Kako and Mikado had to pretend that they were 22 years old.

Anyway Kako and Kota hit it off immediately after Kota drank the alcohol being offered the underage friends.

When it was time to go home, Kako and Kota decided to run for the last tram but just missed it.

Kota then offered Kako to escort her home via a cab.  They were chatting away when Kako inadvertently admitted that she was in fact only 16 years old.

Kota was annoyed and scolded Kako for her childish prank.  Kako was mortified with embarrassment that she run off.  Unfortunately the street she went into was crowded with a gang of youths.

She was of course accosted; one of the youths was her rather delinquent classmate.

Before she could be hurt, Kota turned up and fought off the gang single-handedly until the police back up arrived.

Okami was just about to strike Kota with a skateboard when Kako stood up and got hurt instead.

She ended up in the hospital.

They had a heart to heart at the hospital and out of the blue Kota asked Kako to marry him if she wanted to continue seeing him.

Kako was surprised at the proposal.  Kota told her that since she was only 16, there will be all sorts of gossips about him and especially about her.  To prevent this they had to get married and he will protect her forever.

Her parents was rather chill about this so they were married immediately but he promised his new father-in-law that he will not make Kako pregnant while still in high school.

Their married life is not a passionate one.  It is more like friends.  He doesn’t share any of his important memories with her and his work and she is busy with school work.  They hardly see one another.

But Kota does make an effort to meet up with her when he can.

There was an incident where Kako was about to be stabbed by a gang member but Kota covered her with his body and almost died in the process.

Kako realised then she’s just too immature to deal with the kind of job Kota does.  She therefore went back to her parents and resumed being just an ordinary high school students.

But this is a love story, so in the end when local police, Kota included, had to give a talk to the students at Kako’s school.  Kota explained that he no longer think of dying for those he loves but rather living with those he loves.  Awwww

They reconciled and promised to live together for a whole lifetime.

Kawaii! 🙂

Though lacking in cute overtly affectionate romance, there is a good chemistry between the leads.  They make a good couple.  And there is a heart to this story.

And the cinematography is fantastic.  Worth watching this film even for just the surrounding environ of the scenery.

Closest To Heaven (Japanese Film)

Closest To Heaven (Japanese Film)

Kyo no Kira-kun poster by Showgate

AKA: Kyo no Kira-kun, Today’s Kira Kun
Genre:  School, Youth, Romance
Date release: February 2017


  • Taishi Nakagawa as Yuiji Kira
  • Marie Iitoyo as Ninon Okamura
  • Shono Hayama as Kazuhiro Yabe
  • Yuna Taira as Mio  Hayagi

This is a touching school romance, which is based on a manga.

Okamura and Yuiji are neighbours but never talk or acknowledge each other although they belong to the same class in school.

Yuiji is handsome and a very popular boy while Ninon Okamura is totally lacking in self-confidence that she grew her fringe so long that they cover her eyes.

Her schoolmates shun her because they found her strange; they can’t see her full facial features and she spends all her free time in school knitting little birds.

At that point, her best friend or only friend is her pet parrot.

One day, one of the bully boys bumped into her.  Though it was his fault he was so annoyed that he told her to just die already.

Yuiji heard the whole thing and went for the boy. Yuiji’s backstory was that he was a former yankee, a tearaway.

While she was in the park after school, she saw Yuiji holding a little bird that he was encouraging to fly away. She was then startled to note that Yuiji started crying uncontrollably.  She was not altogether surprised as she had heard her parents talking about their neighbour’s son, Yuiji, who has a congenital heart disease and has only a year to live.

Ninon heard Yuiji muttering piteously that he does not want to be all alone.

Slowly she walked into the crying Yuiji.  She was holding a pair of scissors.  She then gently spoke to Yuiji and assured him that he will not be alone because she will be with him 365 days and then she started cutting her overlong fringe.  At last he can see her whole face.

The next day, Ninon was rather self-conscious with her new hair-do.  But she found Yuiji waiting for her near the school gate.  He reminded her that she promised him that she will be with him 365 days, so she must take responsibility.

This started their friendship which is so cute and touching.  It quickly developed into a sweet romance.

It has a lovely ending.

Yuiji wanted to live for Ninon so he changed his mind about not wanting to have a surgery.

And they live happily ever after.

Taishi Nakagawa is so kawaii and Marie is such a good actress with vulnerability written all over her.

Enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.


Tori Girl (2017 Japanese Movie)

Tori Girl (2017 ) promotional film poster

Tori Girl (2017 Japanese Movie)

Tori Girl or Tori Garu is a Tao Tsuchiya film.

If a Japanese movie has Tao in it then I am watching it.  She is such a good and likable actress.

The only problem with this film is that I had to watch this without subtitles as the English sub has not been released yet.  🙁 🙁 🙁

Anyway, here goes…

Main Cast:

  • Tsuchiya Tao as Yukina Toriyama
  • Mamiya Shotaro as Taishi Sakaba
  • Takasugi Mahiro as Kei Takahashi


I just finished watching the film and although I did not understand a word, I found it most exciting and compeling.  I was on edge especially the last 10 minutes of the  film when the rally finally took place.

The story is about a Birdman rally, which I know originated in a Selsey resort in England in 1971.  Bognor Regis is now the new home of this annual international summer competition attended my people around the world bringing with them their ingenious designs, each trying to go against the natural law of physics.

The idea was to be a ‘birdman’ and glide for at least 50m on air through sheer human powered flying machine a la Leonardo da Vinci design.

Yukina has just started at the University of Science, which she found rather underwhelming, especially with the lack of eye candy, until she met Kei.

She thought she saw him cycling before and she really liked him.  He was a handsome and charismatic young man who recruited her and her friend to join the Team Birdman Trial.  As soon as she saw him, it was more or less a foregone conclusion that she joins.

The first time she went into their club house, she was overwhelmed with the numbers of geeky guys, who were mostly sporting a pudding bowl haircut, in one place.  Again she started to have second thought about joining but Kei was there.

Yukina was a bit of a tomboy.  She can do boyish things if she puts her mind to it.  She can cycle like the best of them, she can also run and outshout anyone.

All was going smoothly until Kei introduced her to another member of the team, Taishi.  He was a guy straight from manga.  With sharp unruly hair who shouts rather than talk.  He is also rather anti-social to boot.  But he loves reading manga the girly type and listening to bubblegum music of girl group.  I love his characters, it is well developed.  He shouts and rants and rather crude at times but he has a heart of gold.

He was a brilliant cyclist, faster and with more stamina than Kei.

It was agreed that Kei and Taishi will be the participants for the Birdman rally representing the team.

On the trial run, everything started well but after a couple of minutes, the flying machine crashed, which left Kei with a broken leg.

Everyone was upset, in a doldrum, thinking that it was all over for the team.

Yukina convinced Taishi and the team that she can be a substitute as long as they train her.

After an intensive and extensive training, Yukina and Taishi flew the flying machine, cycling their way across the river.  Everybody was rejoicing as the machine continued on air for an impressive amount of time.

Here where it got complicated for me.  As I don’t understand Japanese, I don’t know whether Taishi confessed to Yukina or Yukina confessed to Taishi.  Or if they confessed to each other at all!  🙂 🙂 🙂  She did find out the boy she saw cycling the first time she went to the university was in fact Taishi rather Kei.

It ended with all of them happy and hugging.

It is a lovely story with or without subtitles.  Enjoyed it thoroughly.


Just watched the subbed movie.

Taishi did confessed to Yukina mid-air.  He told her he loved her again and again and live on tv as well.  But the naughty Yukina said she was not interested with him as he was not her type.  🙂 🙂 🙂  The audience were shocked of Taishi being dumped literally on air.  LOL

As a mini-revenge, Taishi told Yukina that Kei is dating the plain four eyed girl he was with him on the boat below following them.

That was hilarious!



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