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Prince of Wolf (Taiwanse Drama Review & Summary)

Prince of Wolf (Taiwanse Drama Review & Summary)

Prince of Wolf poster

  • Genre: Romance, Adventure, Wilds
  • Release Date: 2016


  • Amber An  as Tian Mi Mi
  • Derek Chang  as Du Zhe Ming(Prince of Wolf)
  • Samuel Gu as Jian Hao Wei/Du Hao Wei
  • Katie Chen as Tian Zi Zi
  • Simon Hsueh as Jiang Ping(John)
  • Min-Chen Lin as Chen Shu Pei

This is a modern day Tarsan.

Du Zhe Ming was the heir to a fortune.  One day his grandfather, mother, uncle, other relatives and helps went camping in the wilds.

But Du Zhe Ming disappeared.  Despite extensive search he cannot be found.  What his grandfather and mother don’t know was that Zhe Ming was deliberately taken to the thick of the forest and left to fend for himself by his uncle.  He was just 5 years old.

In the the forest, the boy, Zhe Ming saved a she-wolf, which was caught in a net trap.  From then on, he became a family of the wolves.

Living with his new family of wolves, Zhe Ming acquired their characteristics including keen eye sight, brilliant hearing and super strength.

Over the years the boy would often see other humans venturing into the forests, some for romantic tours, while plenty more with guns, shooting and hunting anything that moves.

Sometimes Zhe Ming would take bags and things that were left unattended by the people.

I think this was the explanation why he has vests and shorts.  He has tin kettles, flashlights and even a radio and few blankets.

What I find rather strange though is that Zhe Ming has the most flawless skin for a wolf boy.  He has beautiful white teeth as well, I am sure he’s not supposed to have seen a toothbrush or a dentist since he was five.  He has also a trendy haircut with highlights.  I wonder what he used to shave as you can see from HD tv that he was freshly and cleanly shaved.

Mi Mi is an amateur photographer who decided to venture into the Wolf mountain.  There she met Zhe Ming, who rescued her when she was falling down the ravine.

Aside from that Amber and Derek makes a good Tarsan and Jane, the Taiwanse version.



Takeru Satoh (Japanese Actor)

Takeru Satoh (Japanese Actor)


  • DoB: 21 March 1989 (29)
  • PoB: Saitama, Japan
  • Height: 1.70 m
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Civil Status:  Single

Dramas & Films:

(from GG List)

Bloody Monday (Japanese Drama Review & Recap)

Bloody Monday poster

Bloody Monday (Japanese Drama Review & Recap)

Genre: Thriller, Espionage, Sci Fi


  • Haruma Miura as Fujimaru Tagaki
  • Takeru Satoh as Otaya Kujo
  • Hiroki Narimiya as J
  • Michiko Kichise as Maya Orihara
  • Umika Kawashiwa as Haruka Tagaki
  • `yutaka Matsushige as Ikoma Kano
  • Mina Fujii as Aoi Asada
  • Tetsushi Tanaka as Ryunosuke Tagaki

This Monday offering is called Bloody Monday and rather bloody exciting to watch.

It is based on a manga written by Ryu Ryumon.

It centres around a second year high school boy called Fujimaru, who is ace hacker.  He can hacked into anything including the secret Russian files.  His code name is Falcon.

But for the last two years he has retired from his illegal activities as his father works for ThirdI, some sort of MI5.

Japan had information that something cataclysmic form of terrorism is about to happen.  They have therefore recruited Fujimaru for his IT expertise and find out about this which is Russian in origin.

What the Falcon found was a short video of a church Christmas service, where the congregations started to feel unwell and develop nose bleeds, sores and breathlessness.  Some piteously asked for help.

ThirdI then found out that an airborne virus will be released, which will kill most of the population and will remove Japan from the map.

The cat and mouse chase was pretty thrilling.

It was found later that the leader of the terrorists, in which Ryunosuke Tagaki is one, is J.

J is a math genius, who was a former professor.

He found it easy to recruit new members because of a very tantalising hook that he applies.

To join the group is becoming like God.

Otaya Kujo, Fujimaru’s best friend, explained that becoming God is doing whatever you like.

With the virus killing 90 per cent of the population the chosen 10 per cent remaining can control the resources and do what ever they want.

So this Bloody Monday is actually about population explosion control.

I recommend this highly.  It is intelligent and a lot of action.


Plus a big bonus of having Haruma, Takeru and Hiroki in one drama.




Kimberly Ann Voltemas (Thai Actress)

Kimberley Anne Voltemas

Kimberly Ann Voltemas


  • DoB: 22 January 1992 (26)
  • Place of Birth: Berlin (Father is German, mother is Thai)
  • *** Fluent in English, German and Thai
  • Career: Model and actress
  • Height: 1.71 m
  • Civil Status:  Single (in a relationship with Prin Suparat


Kimmy is my favourite Thai actress.  I love her comic timing and of course, she is so lovely to look at.

Kimberly Ann Voltemas (Thai Actress)

Dramas & Films

  • Rang Pratana
  • Punya Chon Kon Krua 2012

  • Ton Rak Rim Rua

  • Ab Ruk Online

  • Nang Rai Tee Ruk


Global Granary in Google

Water Lily, photo by JMorton

Global Granary in Google

Global Granary not in Google


Why is Global Granary not on top of the search list when you type Global Granary?


How to Find Global Granary?


Global Granary is GlobalGranary.org and also GlobalGranary.life
Where is Global Granary?


Just to let you know that if you are searching Global Granary in google, you might find it hard to do so because I did.

when it was the top of the search list, now it has hidden itself or gone away.  Why?  Why google why?

So if you have grown to like Global Granary, these are the things that you can do to be able to find it.

  • Bookmark our site: www.globalgranary.life
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Beast From The East Joined Forces With Emma Storm

Snowing Wednesday, photo by PH Morton

Beast From The East Joined Forces With Emma Storm

For the 31 years I have been living in London, UK, this winter snow 2018 has been one of the most ferocious one I have ever seen.

There have been fatalities due to the freezing weather.  Public transports and the traffics , of course, as always are the first one affected.

Apparently because UK generally gets a mild winter and we do not get many inches of snow, the Government thought it was not worth to invest billions in once in a decade of 6 inches of snow.  We just have to grin and bear it for a few days and hope for the best.

Perhaps a rethink is now needed.

This 2018 winter of discontent is due to the unwelcome beast from the East, which may be a product of global warming.  It is a polar vortex, which is a mass of super extreme cold air which sits on the top of the north and south poles.

What made the beast from the East more ferocious is the 70mph strength of Emma Storm coming from Portugal.  When she met the beast, all snow broke  loose, causing disruptions in many parts in the UK.



Face Off (Chinese Drama)

Face Off Poster byShenzhen TV / IQIYi

Face Off (Chinese Drama)

Woah, another Chinese drama.

I have seen this drama advertised a good few months ago but have not watched it until now.  I am sure you have noticed the amount of Chinese dramas that I have yet to continue summarising.

I did not want another one to be part of that statistic 🙂 ho ho ho  So I waited for all most of the episodes to be subbed before delving into it. I think it is safe now because there are 23 out of 42, which have been translated in English.  So watch this space.

Genre:  Romance


  • Zhang Dan Feng as Wang Yi
  • Tan Song Yun as Chen Zhen
  • Ying Hao Ming as Wang Xiao
  • Dai Chao (代超) as Song Qian Jin
  • Yang Miao (杨淼) as Peng Mei Li
  • Zhang Han (张晗) as Zheng Xian Zi
  • A Nan (阿楠) as Lei Zi Fan
  • Hu Cai Hong (胡彩虹) as Xia Min Zhi
  • Wang Yu (王嵛) as Sha Tian
  • Zhou Zi Yan (周梓言) as Shen Yun

Apparently this drama is about make-up and how a good make-up artist can make someone looks entirely different.

Episode 1

Chen Zhen played by Tan Song Yun of My Mr Mermaid is a bit of a dreamer. She has this complex of wanting to be a superhero.

Unfortunately she is one of life downtrodden.  She works a a sales clerk in a beauty counter in a huge department store.  As a clerk, they have a quote of sale each day, unfortunately for her she is too honest to push forward the products.  She would advice customers to get a good night sleep, procure Chinese medicine or go for plastic surgery for a more immediate results.  🙂

One day, in a doldrum she noticed a man on the rooftop.  She went to him immediately to convince him not to commit suicide,  It turned out he was the general manager and she made him laugh.

Wang Yi (Zhang Dan Feng) is a leading prosthetic make-up artist, who was tasked to produced a stunning but unique fashion show.  The show was indeed fantastical and yet so real that there was audience participation.

Chen Zhen and her friend Qian Jin climb up the stage to help the leading supermodel being attack.  It was later found out that it was all part of the show.

Chen Zhen was being berated by the store manager for almost ruining the show but Wang Yi (aka as Master Ian) was there to say that the two did not ruin the say but actually it was the reaction he wanted to get.

Chen Zhen got fired anyway by her boss.

Episode 2

Tori Girl (2017 Japanese Movie)

Tori Girl (2017 ) promotional film poster

Tori Girl (2017 Japanese Movie)

Tori Girl or Tori Garu is a Tao Tsuchiya film.

If a Japanese movie has Tao in it then I am watching it.  She is such a good and likable actress.

The only problem with this film is that I had to watch this without subtitles as the English sub has not been released yet.  🙁 🙁 🙁

Anyway, here goes…

Main Cast:

  • Tsuchiya Tao as Yukina Toriyama
  • Mamiya Shotaro as Taishi Sakaba
  • Takasugi Mahiro as Kei Takahashi


I just finished watching the film and although I did not understand a word, I found it most exciting and compeling.  I was on edge especially the last 10 minutes of the  film when the rally finally took place.

The story is about a Birdman rally, which I know originated in a Selsey resort in England in 1971.  Bognor Regis is now the new home of this annual international summer competition attended my people around the world bringing with them their ingenious designs, each trying to go against the natural law of physics.

The idea was to be a ‘birdman’ and glide for at least 50m on air through sheer human powered flying machine a la Leonardo da Vinci design.

Yukina has just started at the University of Science, which she found rather underwhelming, especially with the lack of eye candy, until she met Kei.

She thought she saw him cycling before and she really liked him.  He was a handsome and charismatic young man who recruited her and her friend to join the Team Birdman Trial.  As soon as she saw him, it was more or less a foregone conclusion that she joins.

The first time she went into their club house, she was overwhelmed with the numbers of geeky guys, who were mostly sporting a pudding bowl haircut, in one place.  Again she started to have second thought about joining but Kei was there.

Yukina was a bit of a tomboy.  She can do boyish things if she puts her mind to it.  She can cycle like the best of them, she can also run and outshout anyone.

All was going smoothly until Kei introduced her to another member of the team, Taishi.  He was a guy straight from manga.  With sharp unruly hair who shouts rather than talk.  He is also rather anti-social to boot.  But he loves reading manga the girly type and listening to bubblegum music of girl group.  I love his characters, it is well developed.  He shouts and rants and rather crude at times but he has a heart of gold.

He was a brilliant cyclist, faster and with more stamina than Kei.

It was agreed that Kei and Taishi will be the participants for the Birdman rally representing the team.

On the trial run, everything started well but after a couple of minutes, the flying machine crashed, which left Kei with a broken leg.

Everyone was upset, in a doldrum, thinking that it was all over for the team.

Yukina convinced Taishi and the team that she can be a substitute as long as they train her.

After an intensive and extensive training, Yukina and Taishi flew the flying machine, cycling their way across the river.  Everybody was rejoicing as the machine continued on air for an impressive amount of time.

Here where it got complicated for me.  As I don’t understand Japanese, I don’t know whether Taishi confessed to Yukina or Yukina confessed to Taishi.  Or if they confessed to each other at all!  🙂 🙂 🙂  She did find out the boy she saw cycling the first time she went to the university was in fact Taishi rather Kei.

It ended with all of them happy and hugging.

It is a lovely story with or without subtitles.  Enjoyed it thoroughly.


Just watched the subbed movie.

Taishi did confessed to Yukina mid-air.  He told her he loved her again and again and live on tv as well.  But the naughty Yukina said she was not interested with him as he was not her type.  🙂 🙂 🙂  The audience were shocked of Taishi being dumped literally on air.  LOL

As a mini-revenge, Taishi told Yukina that Kei is dating the plain four eyed girl he was with him on the boat below following them.

That was hilarious!



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