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Soul Mate (Chinese Film Review & Summary)

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Soul Mate (Chinese Film Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Friendship, Romance, Betrayal, Secrets, Love Triangle
  • Date Released: 2016
  • Origin: China
  • Film: 1 hr 50 min



I am excited to watch this film because I have heard a lot of good things about it including both the lead actresses tied for the Best Actress awards in at least a couple of award-giving bodies.

And of course, this film had been made into a television drama which is yet to be shown.  It will star Shen Yue and Chen Du ling.

Having watched the film, I reckon Shen Yue and Chen Du Ling will have a hard time filling the shoes of the original.

Update: Another Me is now showing

The story is about two girls who were the best of friends.

They were more than friends, they were more like sisters and even sometimes almost lovers. 🙂

They first met up when they were only thirteen years old in first-year high school.  They clicked immediately despite being really the opposite of each other.

They know everything about each other that mere words were redundant at times.

Qi Yue was the shy one and often protected and encouraged by An Sheng.

An Sheng was from a very dysfunctional family that most of the times she lived at Qi Yue’s house.

As they grew up, they shared everything, including crushes.

The appearance of Jia Ming tested the friendship of Qi Yue and An Sheng to its very limit.

A reluctant love triangle ensued.  Qi Yue loves him, Su Jiaming loves Qi Yue but attracted to Ansheng as well.  Ansheng loves Jia Ming too but loves Qi Yue more.

Will the friendship survives?

This is really a beautiful film, rather dark at times, cute also and then melodramatic.  It has all the right ingredients for a riveting good watch.

Totally recommend.







I am going to be naughty and give the super ultra major spoiler here……

Li Ansheng wrote the book herself.

Qi Yue was going to marry Su Jiaming but he left her practically on the altar.  But wait, she actually begged Su Jiaming not to turn up because she said she was not ready and wanted to see more of the world.  She wanted to travel and experience what An Sheng had done.

What Su Jiaming did not know was that Qi Yue was already pregnant with his baby.

Qi Yue turned up at Ansheng’s place.  It was like they were before.  Bestest of friends.

Qi Yue left her the baby before she died……