The Tornado Girl – Chinese Drama Review & Summary

The Tornado Girl poster

The Tornado Girl is also known as The Whirlwind Girl which was based on a novel.

Genre: School, Youth, Sports, Taekwando, Romance

Release Date: July 2015

Drama: 32 episodes



The Tornado Girl – Chinese Drama Review & Summary

The Tornado Girl was widely received in China when it was shown garnering number one slot throughout its whole season.

I can understand why because of Yang Yang and his chemistry with the lead girl, Hu Bingqing, was really sizzling hot.

I was ready to watch the second season but I just can’t make myself face it.  Tornado Girl without Yang Yang was just unthinkable even if the replacement was the gorgeous Korean actor Ji Chang-Wook.  Strangely the lead girl was also replaced by An Yuexi.

Anyway, Tornado Girl is about the coming of age of an orphan girl, whose parents died in a fire.  She was ‘adopted’ by a fallen Taekwando hero, who taught her the basics of the sport.

There are three gorgeous guys vying for her attention.  There was the medic, Yu Chuyuan, and the playboy and rich Fang Tinghao plus the heartstoppingly good-looking Ruo Bai, who supported her throughout her growth as the Tornado Girl.


RuoBai collapsed in the end because of congenital heart disease.  He might have died but Baicao is convinced that he was flown to the States for medical surgery.

So be prepared to be heartbroken towards the end.

However, don’t let this put you off from watching this excellent drama.  The Taekwando stunts were really amazing.  It is very encouraging to take the sports up after watching this drama. 🙂  The romance was the cutest, well Yang yang force is undeniable.

21 August 2018

What marvelous news if it is true!  I heard that there will be Whirlwind/Tornado Girl 3 and guess what Ruo Bai is coming back.  He is not dead.  Also, the original actress for season 1 will be coming back as well.  Yang Yang as Ruo Bai is alive and well.  Apparently filming will start this September!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  1. It’s mid 2019 and nothing so far… what gives I’m dying to see it where all the main lead guys (Yu Chuyuan, Fang Tinghao, Ruo Bai, and Chang An) from seasons 1 & 2 are in season 3. That would make for an interesting plot twist seeings how all 4 main guys really love Qu BaiCao in their own way.

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