Something In The Rain (Kdrama Review and Summary)

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Something In The Rain (Kdrama Review and Summary)

  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Noona Love, Epic Misunderstanding
  • Date Released: March 2018
  • KDrama: 16 episodes
  • Network: JTBC
  • Shown in Netflix

OSt: Stand By Your Man by Carla Bruni (Mrs Sarkozy)


  • Son Ye-jin as Yoon Jin-ah
  • Jung Hae-in as Seo Joon-hee
  • Jang So-yeon as Seo Kyung-seon
  • Wi Ha-joon as Yoon Seung-ho

This drama reminds me of another cute and a great favourite Kdrama of 2006 called What’s Up Fox.

It is about a noona love, meaning a cougar love affair.  🙂 Lucky Noona

Just like in What’s Up Fox, the young man developed feelings for his older sister’s best friend.

In this drama Yoon Jin-ah (played by Son Ye-jin) is best friend with Seo Kyung-seon (played by Jang So-yeon).  They used to be neighbours so they knew each very well.

Kyung Seon has a younger brother who went abroad for a while.

Joon hee, the brother, came back, as a very personable and flirty man.  He happened to get employed in the same building as Jin-ah.

He heard that Jin-ah had broken up with her current beau, who told her that she was a konjac, meaning someone unexciting.  The ex-boyfriend thought and said that Jin-ah  was a bit of a dried-up woman at 35 years of age. (what a horrid man)

Joon Hee teased Jin-ah continuously whenever he saw her and that became often. They go out for lunch and became friends.  JIn-ah became his pretty noona who buys him food.  He was there when Jin-ah was accosted by her ex-boyfriend who wanted to reconcile.

Joon hee is beginning to show interest with Jin-ah, who treats him just like an annoying brother.

Episode 2

Joon Hee is so cute, with his boyish smile and clean good looks, he is adorable.  Lucky noona.

Episode two is more flirting which is leading to a more serious feelings between the two,   Joon Hee probably had had a crush on Jin ah  when he was younger. 🙂

Jin ah parents’ invited her ex-boyfriend for dinner, not knowing that they had already broken up.  The dinner ended up in chaos when Jin ah revealed all that she was two-timed by the ex.

The ex said that she was also having it off with someone; at that point Joon Hee arrived on the scene having been invited by Jin ah’s younger brother to their home.  The ex pointed to Joon Hee as the man Jin ah was having an affair with.  Everyone was shock.

Episode 3

Lucky Noona!!!  I think they should retitle this drama into Lucky Noona!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Noona’s flirtation with Joon Hee have culminated in their now tentative man-woman relationship.  The scene where Joon Hee was being teased by workmates about him getting the girls 100 percent but Joon Hee said only 99% while the lucky noona reached out under the table to hold Joon Hee’s hand was just the cutest. Again lucky noona.  🙂

Joon hee is so cute….  Loving them together.

Episode 4

Lucky Noona!!!

I found myself giggling almost throughout this episode. Joon Hee is so boyishly adorable.  They are more adventurous and will be taking their relationship up another level.

Episode 5

Jin-ah went to spend the day at Joon Hee’s flat, taking advantage to the fact that her friend (Joon Hee’s sister) was away overnight.  The two has now fully consummated their relationship.

They were so giddy with their mutual attraction that they try to be together where they are able to.

Episode 6

Despite warnings, the ex-boyfriend continues to harass Jin Ah.

Episode 7

Joon Hee and Seung Ho beat up the ex-boyfriend.  They ended up being arrested and Jin Ah had ot come to the police station as guardian to bail out her brother.

Jin Ah was forced to confess to her brother that Joon Hee was her boyfriend.

Episode 8

Toward the end of the episode, Kyung Seong, Joon Hee’s sister that there is something going on between her brother and best friend.

Episode 9

Kyung Seong was feeling betrayed not only by her brother. whom she reared and cared for but by her best friend who she treated like a family as well.

Jin Ah has the conviction that she has nothing to be shameful.  All she would apologised for was not telling her sooner about her relationship with Joon Hee.

In the end Kyung Seong said she will tolerate the relationship but still not sure about it.

Episode 10

Joon Hee wanted everything in the open, so he confessed to Jin ah’s mother that they are in a relationship.

It did not go very well.  the mother would accept them together.  She is doing everything to separate them, including emotional blackmail.

She tells JIn Ah that Joon Hee was like her own son, she him grow up.

The mother also went to Kyung Seong.  She got upset with the vindictiveness of the mother.

Episode 11

Jin Ah’s mother is turning psychotic with her rage and disapproval of the lovers.

It doesn’t help that Jin Ah kept going to Joon Hee’s flat for quick sex during the night.  The noona is really horny 🙂

One of these nights, her mother decided to go follow her.  Joon Hee protected JIn Ah and sent her home.

The mother then confronted Joon Hee, made him feel very small.  She more or less told him that he was nothing, not good enough for her daughter.

The mother is delusional, her daughter is 35 years old, she over the shelf.  Her ex-boyfriend described her as a konjac!

By the way, why is she still living with her parents.  She is supposed to be an independent woman with a good job.

Talking about her work, there is currently a case of habitual sexual harassments of female employees by their male bosses.  And yet now one was willing to report it officially worrying of the probable negative outcome to them personally if there were not believed.







  1. I AM WRONG!!!, I AM SORRY!!!!!!,, PLZZZ ACCEPT ME THIS TIME!!??????? WHAT IN THE FLYING F**K WAS HE APOLOGISING FOR!!???? Another excellent drama gone down the drain due to very bad ending episodes……. What is with korean writers unable to give a decent ending????? This was simple trash for the last few episodes , not at all comparable to the exc3llence of the first 8-10 episodes…… Really reallllyyyy disappointed. 😢. The writer didn’t do justice for either possibilities…. He either shud hv given a good saperation for both , with each living their own lives , doing the things they wanted…… OR. Shouldn’t have ended epi 15 with a new bf!!!!! And given them a good remeeting and lots of conversation and a happy ending….. The WRITER did neither of these things!!!!
    And why the fuck is JH apologising all the fckng time!!!!! Aaaaarrrggghhhh….. So so disappointed…. Thought this was going to be one of those korean dramas i wud remember with good memories for a looooooong time…. But really really disappointed….. 😢

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